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18th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 222) Abhay Raichand gets arrested for the attempt to murder of Chirag Doshi

Abhay looks at the blood in his hand
Episode 222 starts with Abhay Raichand staring at the wall clock and seeing that it would be 12:30 any moment. He gives a shout of agony and disappointment. Panchi looks at Neel and calls his name. Misha, Pia, T and Tracker comes near Jeh and calls his name.
Pia: Oh my God Jeh...(Kabir and Angad also comes there. Jeh steadies himself using the ropes on the side of the Boxing ring. Jeh Khurana straightens and charges at Abhay Raichand from behind. Abhay uses one hand on Jeh's mouth to pry him off. Abhay succeeds in loosening the grip and throwing Jay away. Jeh falls on the ropes of the ring again. The girls are shocked seeing it. Hasina tells Abhay, 'Abhay, Let's go. We have only 50 seconds...let's go please! Abhay, look at your hands...What we wanted we got...Let's go, please Abhay let's go!' Abhay looks at the blood on his hands.Jai who is steadying himself at the side of the ring looks at Abhay in anger. Abhay jumps out of the Boxing Ring to the ground below and vanishes from there along with Hasina as the students look spellbound)
Neil tells Jey that he is okay
Jeh steadies himself and jumps from the boxing ring to the ground near Neel.
Jeh: Neel, You okay? Neil...(The students around rush to Neil. Jay keeps Neil's head on his lap) Neel...hey come on! You are fine? (Neel tells him that he is okay. Jeh thinks in mind, 'This time you are dead Abhay Raichand!')
Hasina asks Abhay to hurry up as they have only 10 seconds to save Chand
Abhay and Hasina comes into the Raichand's Home running. Abhay pushes the front door open and rushes upstairs to Chand's bedroom closely followed by Hasina. They climb the stairs and reaches the room. Abhay throws the white cloth on top of Chand and places his blood soaked hand on Chand's heart.
Hasina: There is just 10 seconds. Hurry up Abhay! (Abhay closes his eyes trying to heal Chand with the blood in his hands) Chand... nothing will happen to you...We got that werewolf's blood. You will be fine Chand you will be fine! (Abhay thinks, 'No Mom! Everything has ended! I could not save Dad. I was behind the wrong person. Chirag is not what we thought of him. It's all over!'. Abhay recalls tearing Chirag's T Shirt to look at the wound on his chest and finding none. Hasina notices that the wound on Chand's face has vanished) Abhay, Chand is becoming alright! We did it Abhay... we did it! (Abhay is startled and looks at Hasina and then at Chand. Abhay thinks, 'How it is possible? I am happy...but how did this happen?')

Chirag Doshi is lying inside the Boxing Ring unconscious. The referee comes near him and shakes him. Jeh, Kabir, Pia, Misha and other students also comes there. They all call Chirag's name and tries to bring him to consciousness. Chirag does not respond. Jeh shouts, 'What the hell is wrong with Abhay Raichand? Has he killed him? (Jeh checks by keeping his fingers under Chirag's nose) Somebody call an Ambulance!' ( Kabir and Jeh tries continuously but Chirag does not give any response. They even sprinkle water on his face. The medical Team then comes there and takes Chirag Doshi from there in a stretcher. Jeh is angry).
Jeh: That Abhay is such a #$%^&#$ yaar...Should not leave him...He almost killed the Guy man...(Kabir keeps his hand on Jay's shoulder)
Kabir: Jeh... Nothing will happen! You see... no one can do anything to these Raichand's. These #$%^& are so influential. they have so much contacts that he will escape in no time.
T: Not this time (All the students look at Tanushree) He will not be able to escape...
Jeh: But how T? (T shows her Blackberry Phone)
T: Technology does wonders...
Jeh: Now that's a solid let's see how Abhay Raichand escapes. (Angad is happy) Thanks T!

At the Raichand's Home, Chand Raichand opens his eyes and looks at Abhay.
Chand: Abhay!
Abhay: Yes Dad! I am here... (Chand looks at Hasina who smiles and then looks back at Abhay again)
Chand: You saved my life!
Hasina: Enough Chand...You need rest... you can talk later. Just know this that today Abhay did his duty as a son...He played with his life to save your life.
Chand: Hasina... (Chand extends his hands and interlock his fingers with her. They then remove their hands. Hasina keeps her hand on Abhay's shoulder)
Hasina: Abhay, I am so happy! (Abhay walks from there. He thinks, 'Who is he? Whose blood is this? If his blood has saved dad then I should recognize him. And now he is there...and I have to find him')

Danish is walking through the empty College corridor. Panchi follows him and calls from behind.
Panchi: Danish! Danish... wait! (Danish stops and turns to face Panchi who comes near her) You saw that? You were taking the side of that Abhay Raichand... You saw what he did?
Danish: Just leave... you won't understand! (Danish turns to walk but stops when Panchi talks)
Panchi: Really? Then you make me understand. Show me how much you care for me...But who told you to care for me? Don't interfere in my life. This is my life and you don't have any rights on me. And about Neil...this time you are wrong Danish.
Danish: Fine! I will go away...But remember one thing. No one has the right to break your heart...even I. And this will see...You will know who he is...and from where he has come. (Danish turns and walks away from there. Panchi thinks, 'Don't worry about my heart Danish...You broke it very well. And now it has become a habit to my heart...I can bear anything. And don't even know him. Today he put his life at risk to save someone else life. He is a nice Guy! He is not a coward like you Danish'. Panchi turns and walk away from there)
Pia asks Misha to keep away from Abhay
Pia comes near the Mount College Canteen. She sees Misha standing silently near a pillar. Piya walks towards Misha. Pia goes and stands in front of Misha crossing her hands as if she is about to demand an explanation)
Pia: You have something to say? About whatever happened... (Misha just looks at her and do not answer) Misha, You know what? You should stop this drama...It's enough!
Misha: What are you talking about?
Pia: Misha... Did you not see how Abhay beaten that Guy...His anger was out of control. He was dangerous. You should stay away from him. Misha, You are listening...right? Abhay tried to kill Chirag in front of everyone, okay? And then he hit Jeh and Neel. Are you listening to me?
Misha: Look! I just don't understand...I did not understand what happened there and why it happened...I just did not get it...
Piya: Misha, What is in it to understand? Whatever you told about me about is all true, okay? That Guy...his anger is out of control. He is dangerous and you should stay away from him. Whatever you told me about him is true...I get it now okay? I now understand why I broke up with him. I don't remember... but I know! But after now I will not forgive him... (Misha did not like the way Pia talks to her about Abhay and walks from there. Pia thinks, 'Misha... What happened to you? Abhay has put you on some spell. I have to keep you away from that Abhay before it becomes too late...'

The mysterious Werewolf is standing behind the bush with his back on viewers and talking to someone on mobile phone. He says, ' I now understand why he kept the Boxing Match...because he feels that Chirag Doshi is a werewolf. But he does not know that Chirag Doshi does not have any connection with us. He felt that he could save his Dad with the blood' A woman speaks from the other end, 'So...'
Mysterious Werewolf: So now we have to just wait and see what he does.
Woman: No! We have to talk about this...It is very essential that we end the story of the Raichand's as soon as possible. Otherwise it would not be right for us...
Mysterious Werewolf:Okay!

The Police comes to the Mount College Campus to make inquiries. The students give statement against Chirag. Jeh tells the Inspector to ask the Principal regarding the boxing match. Kabir informs the Inspector that Chirag was attacked before also by Abhay. T gives her Blackberry phone to the Inspector as proof.

The Principal is walking through the College Corridor along with the Inspector and Constables. The Inspector questions the Principal .Dipanita comes there and speaks against the Principal also. The Inspector tells the Principal, 'Why did you do like that? This is a conspiracy. You know what could be the punishment for this?'
Principal: Look Inspector... I don't know anything. This all was done by Abhay Raichand. I did not know that he would use this boxing match to settle his personal enmity or blood shed.
Inspector: We will deal with you later. First we have to deal with Abhay Raichand. Get a warrant against Abhay Raichand. let's go! (The Inspector and Constables walk from there. Dipanita looks at the Principal who turns and walk from there)

At the Raichand's home Abhay Raichand is climbing down the stairs. He thinks, 'If Chirag is not that werewolf... who else it is? How did his blood come in my hands...because that was the only way Dad could be saved. The blood of that werewolf who attacked Dad. So that means he is in the College. He is a student. I have to go there and I have to find out who is that werewolf'. Abhay goes to the door and opens it to go out. When he opens the door he sees an Inspector and 2 constables standing at the door step.
Inspector: Mr Abhay Raichand...
Abhay: Yes!
Inspector: We are taking you into custody...Your arrest warrant (Inspector shows the warrant)
Abhay: For what? (Pia comes from behind)
Pia: To injure a human badly...(Pia comes and stands in front of Abhay) for attempting murder... You know what Abhay? I had heard that you were an abusive boyfriend...but I was not willing to accept it. But today...after what I have seen...I have no doubts. You hit the guy so badly that he would have lost his life... and you think you are going to get away with this?
Inspector: You are being arrested! (Abhay looks at Pia)
Abhay: let's go!
Neel walks away from Panchi
Panchi is walking through the College corridor. She sees Neil Khurana who goes and sits on a concrete bench at the campus wiping his face. Panchi runs to him.
Panchi: Neil... Neel, Are you fine? (She goes and sits next to him)
Neel: Yeah, I am okay...
Panchi: Are you sure?
Neil: Yeah, yeah... (Panchi sees the wound mark on Neel's chest)
Panchi: Neel... How did you get that wound? You got it while fighting? (Neel looks at the wound and then looks at her. Panchi lowers her eyes)
Neil: It's there from childhood... Don't worry!
Panchi: Neil... I was thinking something. I thought I will tell you.
Neel: What?
Panchi: Let's end all this.
Neil: What to end Panchi?
Panchi: I mean... these tensions...these fights...I don't want to fight with you. Can't we not have a fresh start?
Neel: Wow! A new drama...or is it some new move from you? I think you have come after seeing some new daily soap.Panchi... I have no interest in your useless drama. Take it easy babe! (Neel gets up and wears his jacket. He then turns to face Panchi) And by the way Panchi... Nice try! You felt that once more you can make me emotional and impress me. You thought you could make me a fool by looking with those innocent eyes, right Panchi? Panchi... I have become fool once...but not this time! I have no interest in making up with you Panchi. I will do what I want to do! Deal with it... (Neel turns and walks away from her. He says in mind, ' Sorry Panchi! I love you... I love you so much! But you have given me so much sorrow... so much wounds that it would take a lot of time to heal (Panchi gets up and looks at Neel's direction) I can't trust you Panchi! Not now...' Panchi turns and walks from there)

At the Police Station Abhay Raichand is sitting on a chair opposite the Inspector.
Inspector: Why did you attack Chirag Doshi?
Abhay: I was playing at the Boxing Ring and not drinking at any Party.
Inspector: Oh! But the other students say that you were not playing with him... you were injuring him badly...It was personal?
Abhay: I don't have an answer to this question.
Inspector: Is it your old enmity with Chirag? What do you think? If you don't answer the will escape? Mr Raichand... We have a lot of proof against you. Look! (Inspector keeps the laptop in front of Abhay. Abhay looks at the video recording of the match between him and Chirag. He sees Neil interfering and been thrown by him to the ground. Abhay sees the wound mark on Neil's chest and the realization hits him that Neil is the werewolf who attacked him and Chand. The inspector takes back the laptop which he had kept in front of Abhay. Abhay asks the Inspector to show the recording again. When the Inspector talks sarcastically Abhay orders to show the video. Inspector keeps the laptop in front of Abhay and he watches the scenes again. He looks at the injury on Neels chest and recalls injuring the wolf who fought him at the jungle. He recognizes the injury marks on Neel as the once which he gave the werewolf during the fight. He thinks, 'That means Neel is that werewolf? It is Neel' ). Episode ends.

PreCap: Abhay visits Chirag Doshi at his room. He sits near him on the bed and talks to an unconscious Chirag, ' Chirag... I made a big mistake... If possible please forgive me!' Abhay runs his hand over Chirag's face. Chirag regains consciousness and looks at Abhay.

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