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26th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 228) Panchi tells Pia that she is dating Abhay Raichand

Pia says thanks to Jeh
Episode 228 starts with Dipanita Khurana looking at the Coffin and saying, 'My Child... It is now time for you to come back. Your killer's death has revived the hopes of a Mother. You will live again and I am so happy'. Dipanita gets out of the room and locks the door from outside. She then says, 'Your story has ended Abhay Raichand...'
Jeh Khurana with Arnab and the Dobriyal Sisters
The Door bell rings at the Dobriyal House and Arnab goes and opens the door. He says to Pia and Misha, 'Come inside! You got time to come home?' He then sees Jeh.
Arnab: Jeh... Come in... come in... (Jeh, Misha and Pia gets inside the house) How come you are late?
Jeh: Uncle... Some one attacked Neil at the Jungle.
Arnab: What?
Jay: yeah...
Arnab: If there was any such matter you could have phoned me and I would have come there.
Jeh: No...no... Uncle! Everything is fine. The Doctors have asked him to take rest. In fact Misha got him at the house at the right time so everything was just fine...
Arnab: Oh Thank God Misha...But Jeh I hope he is okay. I mean...Neil is our to be son in law...amd if there is anything we could do, please tell us!
Jeh: Thank you... Thank you so much Uncle... I know. But everything is just under control. He is just going to be fine...
Arnab: I hope he is going to be okay (Jay nods. Panchi comes there)
Panchi: What happened? Is he okay? (Everyone looks at her)
Jeh: Panchi, Just relax! Actually I did not tell you earlier because you would get tensed up unnecessarily.
Panchi: But you could have told me. I will come and meet him tomorrow. What happened? Is it an attack?
Pia: Panchi...I will tell you the full matter later. Actually Jeh needs to go home. His Mom is alone at home. So I will go and drop him.
Jeh: Just take care Panchi and come and see Neil tomorrow. Yeah? He is going to be fine! I will see you Uncle... (Jeh shake hands with Arnab Dobriyal) Bye Misha! (Jeh and Piya goes out of the house)
Arnab: You people go and sleep... It's very late... (Misha and Panchi goes from there. Arnab thinks, ' What is this? Someone attacked Neel? Once again why is there ups and downs in Panchi's life? Why? No Panchi! This time I will not let anything happen to you. I am going to be there for you dear. I will protect you!')
Abhay threatens Dipanita Khurana
Dipanita attends the phone call from Abhay
Dipanita Khurana is walking through the Jungle. She thinks, 'One year Abhay! For one year I have wanted to take revenge for my son's death. One year I have waited for this moment. And today...today that moment has come....' Dipannita suddenly sees the dead bodies of the wolves on the ground.She says, 'What is this?' She kneels beside them and touches them. She says, 'Oh No! No... Such a big cheating...Abhay Raichand...'. Dipanita's mobile phone rings and she picks up the call from Abhay.
Dipanita: hello...
Abhay: How are you? (Dipanita gets up) How are you doing? (Abhay is at the Raichand House talking to Dipanita over phone) By now you would have understood that who is responsible for the plight of your hired wolves. That so sad... Not even one survived... Listen Dipanita! You can never make me lose. I will kill you all one by one. Each and every one of you will be dead!' (Abhay cuts the Call. Dipanita is angry. She shouts, 'Abhay Raichand! You did not do good by challenging me. You took away my last hope of my son's life Abhay! You will have to pay for this... You will have to pay a price for this Abhay! You wait and watch Abhay!'
Chand tells Abhay and Hasina that defeating Werewolves is not easy
At the Raichand House Chand and Hasina comes near Abhay.
Chand: I don't know how much you know about werewolves. All I can tell you is that they are dangerous. With a wolf face they are that humans who has the strength of wolves, their strategical mind and swiftness. They are our enemies for ages. Hot blood and our cold blood! This is a battle of power... supremacy...
Abhay: No Dad! This is not the fight between a vampire and a werewolf. It is personal. It's about me! The werewolf I killed while fighting with Siddharth belong to that family. He belongs to the family of Dipanita Khurana. He is Dipannita Khurana's son! That means this fight is not between their clan and our clan. This fight and plan are made by them. Just for me! She wants to take revenge for her son's blood by my blood. She wants to give her son whom I killed while fighting with Siddharth a new life with my blood...
Hasina: She won't do that! Before she does anything we will kill her!
Chand: It is just not going to be easy... If we are swift...they are powerful!
Abhay: I have it in me to be victorious over them. I alone is enough for all of them. Dipanita Khurana will have to face me. And I promise that it would be her biggest defeat in her life. I will kill them!
Ruhi hugs Angad
Ruhi is running out of the Jungle and reaches the spot where she had left Angad after telling, 'statue!'. She comes running to Angad calling his name and hugs Angad. She tells him not to leave her alone and kisses him. Angad wonders what happened to Ruhi.
Piya tells Jeh that she wants to talk to him
Pia sees Jeh off
  Jeh and Pia are coming out of the Dobriyal's gate to the Car.
Piya: Jeh... I want to talk something to you...
Jeh: Hmm... Tell me... what happened?
Pia: Jeh...Actually I heard Misha talking on the phone and she was telling that she was playing a girlfriend boyfriend drama with Abhay. And you know she is trying to save me...
Jeh: What? When did this happen? When?
Pia: Today Jeh! And from what she is trying to save me? I mean what is she trying to prove? Jeh... All my memories are gone... i don't remember anything. I don't know anything about my past life. What is that in my past that they are all trying to hide it from me? What are they trying to save me from? I don't understand anything... This is... (Jeh keeps his hands on Pia's shoulders)
Jeh: hey... relax... relax! I think I can help you.
Pia: meaning?
Jeh: Okay...all your memories... your past life questions... everything!
Pia: But how?
Jeh: Okay! Have you heard about past life regression?
Pia: Yeah!
Jeh: Good! It is quite tricky...What they do is that after hypnotizing you they will ask you some questions and answers of your questions would be found out.
Pia: You mean they will hypnotize me and command them and I could try to bring back my forgotten memories? Is that possible?
Jeh: Well, yes... And you just have to try...And I think I know one such Guy who can help you with that (Pia smiles)
Pia: Really?
Jeh: yeah!
Pia: Wow! This is so good...
Jeh: Anyways, for now you just go back home and have a nice sleep. We will look into your memories tomorrow. (Piya nods. Jey turns to go)
Pia: Jay... (Jay turns and faces her again)
Jeh: Hmm?
Pia: Jeh... You are a very good friend.
Jeh: ha thanks! Everyone knows! I am so cool... Am I not?
Pia: yeah... And fool also... a big bloody fool... self loving fool!
Jeh: Hey Come on... I am fool? Girls come and tell me that they love me... I love me too... I am so cool! Thank you God! (Jeh sends flying kisses upwards)
Pia: Jeh... That's enough! Bye... Goodnight! (Pia turns and walks back to the house. Jeh is leaning to his Car)
Jeh: Pia... (Piya turns and looks at him) Thanks!
Pia: Not at all Jeh! I need to thank you... Thanks!
Jeh: No! I meant thanks for trusting in me. You told me that I am a good friend and I am really happy...
Pia: Goodnight! Bye! (Pia turns and walks towards the house)
Jeh: Happy... and I am super cool!
Piya: yeah yeah...fool...you are a bloody fool... Bye!
Jeh: Good night! (He gets into the driving seat of his Car)

Misha is lying on her Cot. She tells, 'Misha baby sleep... If Pia comes she will take you to task... Come on sleep sleep...' Misha closes her eyes. She suddenly hears Pia calling her name. She pulls the blanket over the body and ptetends to sleep. Piya comes to the room.
Pia: Misha... just get up okay? I know that you are not sleeping. Just get up right now! (Pia goes and stands near the Cot)
Misha: Oh God Pia... Please allow me to sleep...there is class in the morning!
Pia: Since when you have started attending classes? Just get up! You know what I am asking... I want my answers right now... (Misha pushes her blanket aside and sits upright on the cot)
Misha: You know what Pia...I don't want to answer your silly questions. What will you do? I mean... You need to be set up as exam paper... Miss Question Mark...
Pia: You don't want to fail, right? Start answering...
Misha: Is it some compulsion? I am not telling... What will you do?
Pia: Misha you know what... (Pia lifts her hand to hit Misha but stops)
Misha: Oh my God! Now you will hit me? You know nothing is solved by violence...
Pia: Misha... Answer straight... Why are you doing all these? Who are you protecting? Him or me? (Misha gets up from the bed and faces Pia)
Misha: You are playing the games... and that too alone... He is not interested... it's broken. And you know what? You can't stand it that the Guy left you and went away. Pia the truth is that Abhay does not love you. It does not make a difference if I or anyone else interferes. Why are you behind him? Just leave him alone and I mean... Just leave him!
Pia: Misha! (Pia slaps her. Misha pushes Pia aside and walks out of the room)

Panchi is walking to and fro in her room. She thinks, ' I was about to break the relationship with Neil and he became a victim on his own. How will I leave him at this time? I need to play the role of a good fiancee. No Panchi... He is a horrible man who only has hurt you in life. So chill out and work on the plan. You have to get rid off Neel... and he himself has to dump you. May be you can show that you are with someone else...But who? With whom?' Piya comes to the room in a hurry.
Pia: Panchi... listen! Misha and I had a fight and she left the house and gone... I don't know where... Please help!
Panchi: what? What is this childishness?
Pia: If Papa comes to know he will...
Panchi: Okay come... let's go fast! (Panchi and Pia gets out of the room)
Pia tells that she is happy for Panchi if she is in a relationship with Abhay
Panchi is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front passenger seat.
Panchi: Pia... What is this between the two of you?
Pia: Misha is hiding something from me. She wants to keep Abhay away from me. And from the time I cam back she has been trying to poison my mind against Abhay. She has told everyone that she and Abhay are boyfriend girlfriend...
Panchi: What? No way!
Pia: yeah Panchi...You know that they two are in a fake relationship... to make me jealous...They show in front of me that they are together. You know what? Today I heard her talking on phone... She was telling somebody that she can't do all this love stuff. I heard her... Panchi... What is she trying to protect me off? What is she trying to prove? What is she trying to save her sister from? I really want to know... I need some answers! (Panchi thinks, 'Piya does not know that Misha was talking to me'.)
Panchi: Don't worry Pia! I promise you that you will get the answers to your questions today, okay? (They see Misha walking through the middle of the road) Misha... Misha listen! Misha...
Pia: Misha, please stop! (Misha stops. Pia and Panchi gets out of the Car and comes near her)
Panchi: What are you doing?
Pia: Stop okay? You listen to me... (Pia turns Misha towards her)
Panchi: Misha, listen! Please... Enough of these games and enough of all these lies... It is time to tell the truth!
Pia: Exactly! The truth... Now come on tell me...Why are you doing all this Misha? What are you doing/ What are you protecting your sister from? What is all this drama... Just tell me...
Panchi: Pia... Misha is not protecting you... but me...(Misha and Pia looks at Panchi) I am that sister!
Pia: But what... Panchi you...
Panchi: Pia you know that I did the engagement with Neil because of the pressure from Mom and Dad. You know how Neel is... and I don't love him... I do not wish to get married to him. And that time Abhay supported me... He made my life worth it... otherwise I would have gone to depression by now. I love Abhay ( Misha silently says, 'What?') And Misha did all these drama for me so that we both get an excuse to meet. She was protecting me... not you! I am dating Abhay Raichand! (Pia looks shocked and unable to believe what she is hearing) Yes! I am with Abhay...
Pia: Panchi, How did this happen?
Panchi: Pia you know that 2 of my engagements have broken and after that my reputation in this city became bad. And how sad was Mom and Dad. And when my engagement with Neel happened I was in a very bad situation. And I know how Neel is...and what all problems happened between us...
Pia: yeah... I know Panchi but... How did Abhay come in between this? Why did you not tell me earlier?
Panchi: How would I have told you and what would I have told you? This all happened suddenly. I needed a companion and Abhay was there for me. When I had so much pressure on me... and Neel's behavior...Mom and Dad's pressure... I could not handle it. And Abhay gave me the courage to live. And Misha helped me because she knew that I am very serious about Abhay. And in fact she has been helping me from the time my engagement happened with Neil. And Pia you know how much tension is there between the Khuranas and the Raichands. So I felt that it is not the right time to come out with everything. And Pia... How would I have told you... You and Abhay has a past... which he is still trying to forget... Yours and Abhay's relationship was over more than a year ago. So we had to hide... we were not sure how you would react. Because of that Abhay had to stay away from the college and city. But when he came back we thought that we will use some other strategy. You know even now there are some questions the answers of which are not clear. We need time... (Pia walks to Panchi and holds her hand)
Pia: Panchi... You know what? I understand! If Abhay and you are together then I am happy for you... I am with you, okay? In everything... what ever you need... I am with you! Alright?
Panchi: Thank you so much Pia... I knew that you would understand... I love you! (Pia and Panchi shares a hug) Come! (The Dobriyal sisters go back to their Car)

Panchi is driving the Car with Misha sitting and sleeping on the front seat and Pia seated on the back. Panchi sees Misha sleeping and pinches her. Misha opens her eyes wide and yawns. Pia thinks, ' Panchi and Abhay... I am not able to believe this. Panchi is so good... so perfect... She is lovely! Guys would stand on line for her. I can understand why Abhay loves Panchi. I should be happy for Panchi. And I am happy...' . Pia looks sad and lost. Pia thinks, 'But why am I feeling that my heart is aching? Why am I feeling so bad? Panchi is my sister and I should be happy (Pia recalls moments with Abhay) Why am I thinking of Abhay now? Piya... Just stop it! There is no relationship between you and Abhay. You have lost him! What ever it is... It is all for Panchi') Episode ends

PreCap: Abhay and Pia are in the Mount college Library. Pia walks to the door and suddenly the door opens and papers fly in. Pia gets scared and runs to Abhay. They look at each other and moves closer.

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