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29th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 231) Pia gets suspicious of Panchi’s relationship with Abhay Raichand

Jeh asks Pia what is happening as Abhay watches on
Episode 231 starts with Chand Raichand standing and talking to the Mount College Principal. Hasina is also standing beside him. Abhay and Pia are also in the room.
Chand: Have you taken the decision on the basis of a student gossip? I would like to know. Who was the caller? The anonymous caller? Are you saying that I don't know my son? Or are you saying that I do not know Piya Dobriyal? A best student of this College and that girl is the daughter of a respectful person in this city... She comes to do these things at College? I am little confused. Please try and explain it to me.
Hasina: You are new here. You don't know this place Mr...
Principal: Mr Sharma...
Hasina: Sharma... Have you given Pia and Abhay a chance to explain? No...You just took your decision. Pia... tell us all what happened. I want to hear it from you.
Pia: Actually Aunty I went to the library and Abhay also was there. Suddenly the library got closed. We called the Peon a lot but he did not hear. And after that when the Peon came he opened the door and we both came out. That's it!
Hasina: That's all... happy?
Principal: No mam! The Peon has seen them in such a condition that I am ashamed to even tell about it.
Pia: Actuallly nothing like that happened. Actually there was 2-3 pigeons there and I got scared in the darkness. I started running and my top got torn by a nail.
Abhay: And Pia was about to fall and I saved her. And when I went to save Pia the Peon came inside. Peon was half asleep and obviously he would feel everything wrong.
Hasina: Mr Sharma... Perhaps you should verify your story. And you should ask the Peon why he was sleeping on duty. If something would have happened to Pia who would be responsible?
Principal: Look Sir...
Chand: Excuse me Mr Sharma...Do you know what it means to accuse these children? You are accusing the respectful families they belong to - the Raichands and Dobriyals ( Arnab and Panchi comes to the Principal's Office door. The Mount College Students and the Press Reporters are standing at the door over hearing the conversation at the Principal's Office. Arnab stops when he hears Chand Raichand talking). Pia Dobriyal is the daughter of a big and respectful Businessman. So hereafter if you want to say anything think before you speak carelessly.
Principal: Look Mr Raichand. Maybe there was a misunderstanding... I will question the Peon properly.
Haseena: You do that! And after that you will issue a statement in which it would be written that the accusations on Pia and Abhay are false. Is that clear? Abhay, we will see you at home.

The students are standing outside the Principal's office door.
Ruhi: This is really rubbish... I don't believe it!
Kabir: I don't understand it... why people spread false rumors. Tanushree is unhappy that her plan backfired. She thinks, 'I need to make this lie a truth. I won't let this go so easily'.
Hasina Raichand suggest Arnab Dobriyal that they should take legal action against the Principal
Chand Raichand and Hasina comes out of the Principal's office.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... Thank you so much. Thank you for talking for Pia to the Principal. It was very nice of you.
Chand: It is alright! I was only telling what was the truth. I was not doing any favor on you...(The Raichands walk from there. Arnab and Panchi also walks along with them)
Arnab: Of course! But you know this Principal... Is it not very strange on his part that without any proof he has put the allegations... and these are very serious allegations... And here what is see is that the press people are been called... This does not suit the Principal of Mount College.
Haseena: You are right! We have to take legal action against this Principal... together!
Arnab: I agree! We shall... ( Arnab, Chand, Hasina and Panchi goes towards their Cars parked at the Car parking lot. The Press people surround them trying to get a statement but the Raichand's and Dobriyal's drive away from there. The students also go from there one by one).

T's friends make fun of her
T is walking through the Campus with her friends Barbie and Skipper. Barbie says, 'Babe this time T's Gossip turned to be a full waste'. Skipper responds, ' Really! Made a mountain out of a molehill...Silly! I thought that will make a very hot video of Pia and Abhay... T, don't become a journalist!' Tanushree thinks, 'Oh No! Everyone is making fun of me instead'
T: No Babes I saw them... I am telling you! If I had a camera... Damn! Oh my phone had a camera... I did not record it... otherwise I would have shown you. You know what? Abhay and Pia are hiding the truth and lying. I am telling you... Abhay pulled her shirt so hard that it torn... (The girls are shocked) It was so wild! I saw them with my own eyes... I saw them kissing... and then they put the blame on someone else... Barbie asks, 'Really T? I mean... wild and all?'
T: I swear babe... I am telling you! Pia removed Abhay's jacket in a pull... and then the watchman came there. That Guy was so embarrassed... If it would have been 1-2 minute here and there... you know what... Let's go!  (T's friends laugh. T and friends go from there)
Jeh asks Pia if she is alright
Jeh who overhears the entire conversation between Tanushree and her friends is confused. He sees Abhay and Pia walking towards Abhay's Car. He sees Pia's top torn on the back. He calls Pia by her name. Pia stops and turns to face him. Jeh goes near Pia.
Jeh: What is all this?
Pia: Jeh... Nothing at all! Somebody made a small thing a big issue... and blew it out of proportions. It was just nothing you know. I think it is just somebody who wanted some gossip. I was in the library and nothing happened Jeh... I and Abhay was at the Library and we got trapped...nothing happened Jeh...
Jeh: Relax! Why are you giving so many explanations?
Pia: Sorry?
Jeh: You said once nothing happened means nothing happened. I won't listen to other people's talk (Jeh looks at Abhay) and not trust you. I trust you that much, okay? (Pia nods. Jeh keeps his hand on Pia's shoulder) You okay?
Pia: Yeah!
Abhay: Pia... Anyways, we had a bad day... Let's go home?
Jeh: It's okay! I will drop Pia home... (Pia looks at Jeh... Abhay looks at Pia. Abhay thinks, 'Pia... You won't go home with him. Trust me Pia...'. Pia thinks, 'Whom to trust and who not to. What will I do?' Jeh snaps his finger in front of Pia bringing her out of her thoughts). Let's go!
Pia: Jeh actually...
Abhay: Pia is my responsibility. I will drop her home. Pia... Shall we? (Jeh and Pia look at each other)
Pia: I'll see you! (Jay nods with disappointment clearly written on his face)
Jeh: Okay!
Pia: Bye!
Jeh: Okay (Pia gets into the Car. Abhay drives the Car from there. Jeh walks through the empty Mount College Campus looking unhappy. He recalls Abhay and Piya coming together to the Car and Pia going with Abhay in his Car).

Danish makes a call to a Guy at St Theresa Orphanage and asks him details of an adoption which happened 20 years ago. At first the Guy mocks at him but when Danish offers him bribe for the information he tells Danish to meet him the next day during the mass time. He tells Danish that if anyone asks him he can say that he is a relative of him. The Guy tells Danish that his name is Ramesh Mishra. Danish thanks the Guy and cuts the phone. He thinks, ' I will get this information of the Khuranas at a cheap price...because whatever price is not more valuable than this information'.
Tanushree talks bad of Pia to Jeh
Jay warns Tanushree
Jeh Khurana is walking through the Mount College Campus. Tanushree comes there.
T: Jeh... (T comes near Jeh) You might have heard this hot news... I am so shocked...
Jeh: T... Not interested! Please... (Jeh tries to go away from there. T stops him)
T: One second darling! T is also not interested in talking to you. But I was just wondering how long will you run away from the truth... How long will you ignore? The truth is that Pia Dobriyal is a very cunning girl... You were not here... But I was here. I know her for a long time. She looks very innocent from outside but inside she is something else... I use to feel that she was only interested in others boyfriends... Now now she has started a new hobby... Interesting! First she dated Kabir...and then when I was with Abhay she started with him also... and now... Now it's you! Along with others boyfriend she is playing with own boyfriend also. Interesting! ehh? (Jeh turns to walk from there) He caught your hand (Jeh turns to face T again) because she wanted to make Abhay jealous...(Jeh is irritated and is about to walk from there again) It is amazing who all she plays with (Jeh walks two steps away from there. T stops him again). One second Jeh. If you wish you can ignore me... But how long will you ignore what Pia does? Run if you want Jay Khurana because the truth will not run behind you. And Pia Dobriyal...
Jeh: Shut up T... Enough! One more word and you will regret! If your delicate image is important to you...Out! Stay away from me! And Pia's name should not come in your dirty mouth... Get it?
T: Oh! Scary... ehh? But don't coming running to me the day you would be convinced that your precious princess Pia is some other type of girl... Good luck! (T goes from there. Jeh looks confused and angry. He thinks, ' In this War the Raichands are bringing Pia in between. In the fight between the Khuranas and Raichands... Pia is in the middle. I am ready for it!')
Piya sees Panchi and Abhay picture on Mobile
Panchi is sitting on a cot and reading some magazine. She looks at Pia who is standing in front of the mirror and smiles.
Pia: What are you reading Panchi?
Panchi: Nothing... Just like that... time pass... reading a magazine...
Pia: I was thinking... Last time when did you and Abhay go on a date?
Panchi: We went recently...
Pia: Where?
Panchi: Just for Coffee... Just around the corner...
Pia: Okay... You and Abhay like each other so much... I mean... you guys are in love...But I have not seen you going out with him and I never see you chat with him on the phone or net... Or going on drives... I mean is it not a little weird? Isn't it odd?
Panchi: No Pia... Relax! You are thinking too much. There is nothing like that. We both are not teens... We are adults. He is busy and I am also busy with the and most are forgetting Pia that I have a fake Fiance... (Pia goes and sits on the Cot)
Pia: Really? Panchi... Abhay dropped me from the College till here and he did not talk about you even once. and you came back from the College with Papa... when your boyfriend dropped me... I mean... How strange is it that your boyfriend who loves you so much does not even talk much to you... It's so weird... I don't understand...
Panchi: Pia if you don't believe... here (Panchi gives her phone to Pia) Dial Abhay... Speed dial 2. (Pia takes the phone and dials. She sees a picture of Abhay and Panchi together on the mobile screen. Panchi seizes the phone from Pia)

Abhay's mobile phone rings. He sits on a chair and picks up the call from Panchi.
Panchi: Hello!
Abhay: Yes Panchi!
Panchi: Hi Babe... How are you?
Abhay: What happened to you?
Panchi: Nothing! Pia and I were just sitting at the house... Pia felt that you dropped her at the house and could not meet me... so she was getting a little suspicious.
Abhay: Alright! I understand! She is near by... What you want to tell, you tell... But don't expect me to participate... (Panchi laughs)
Panchi: Oh! You are so cute! I love you too... 3, 4, 5...infinite! Anyways... I am going... You keep the phone down...No no no you keep... You keep... (Pia is irritated. She seizes the phone and disconnects the call) What?
Pia: I felt that you asked me to disconnect the call... (Pia goes from there)
Danish bribes Orphanage Clerk to extract Information about Khurana's adoption
Danish is sitting and talking to the Orphanage Clerk.
Clerk: There is lot of information. But it depends on you what you want and how urgently you want it. (The Clerk signals Danish for Money using his fingers. Danish takes 2000 Rupees from his shirt pocket and keeps in front of the Guy who looks unhappy with the amount) Sir... Are you making fun of me? (Danish takes a bunch of notes from his Jeans pocket and keeps it in front of the Guy. The Clerk looks around and then takes the money. He then gets up and fetches a file. He gives the file to Danish and sits down on his chair again). Sir... All the information is here... which child was adopted by whom... when the adoption happened...etc etc... You look into it... (Danish turns the pages of the file one by one and comes across an application form of Jeh. Danish looks at it and thinks, 'So my doubt was right!' Danish thanks the Clerk and goes from there).
Chand tells Abhay that the werewolves does not get wounded above the neck
Abhay is about to climb the stairs down. Chand calls him from behind and they walk down together.
Chand: Abhay, What happened? You did not go to college?
Abhay: No!
Chand: Why? Don't worry! I have spoken to the Principal... Everything will be alright!
Abhay: That is not it... Dad, I am doing a research. Is it possible for a werewolf to get an injury on the head?
Chand: Why you are asking?
Abhay: It is just a research. I have read it. I just want to clear the doubt. (Chand faces Abhay)
Chand: Vampires... Werewolves... are ancient creatures. They are ancient creatures. In today's world this is only in books and stories. You have read right. Werewolves cannot be injured above neck. This is the truth! (Chand goes from there. Abhay remembers Neil's injuries above the neck. Abhay then realizes and says in mind, 'So Neil is not that werewolf... That means that werewolf is Jeh. I was right! I have to keep Pia away from Jeh at any condition') Episode ends.

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