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7th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 214) Abhay tells Hasina that he will kill the Werewolf after getting the blood to save Chand’s life

Abhay refuses to help Pia and Misha with their Car
Episode 214 starts with Abhay talking to Hasina.
Abhay: I found about the Werewolf. Now no one can stop us from getting his blood. And yeah... as soon as I get his blood, I will kill him. He will have to  pay a big price for attacking Dad.He will regret.
Hasina: I am so glad Abhay. I had such a bad day.I met Dipannita Khurana. She is so happy that our construction work has stopped because of the protest and she was showing sympathy towards our family...false sympathy...that I am attending meetings there and here my husband is sick. (Abhay gets suspicious)
Abhay:One minute...hold on! How does she know that your Husband is sick? How?
Hasina: I don't know Abhay... But she was saying something like... you have left your sick husband at home and come to attend the meetings here...
Abhay: But how is that possible. Only we both know that Dad is sick.
Hasina: You are right! Dipannita Khurana...What are you hiding?

Kabir is sleeping on his bed. His phone rings. He sits upright on the bed and looks into the mobile and then at his watch. He thinks, 'How can I forget this? Today is T's Birthday. Oh my God...And I am sure that she would be expecting a lot of surprises from me. And if I don't do anything for her then...hey son you are gone... drink more liquor...I have to do something. Think...think...think...Will phone Pia...'

Pia is sitting on a Chair and reading some Book. Her mobile rings and she picks up the call from Kabir.
Pia: Hi kabir! What's up?
Kabir: Hey Piya...I need your help. Today is T's Birthday and I need to plan a surprise for her. Please help me yaar...
Pia: Oh that's great...tell me what I have to do.
Kabir: We will do one thing... we will invite some no we will invite whole college... Pia, I am asking your help and you are asking me? Help me yaar.. (Pia laughs)
Pia: Meaning...there is no plan. Let's do this...let's keep a theme party...
Kabir: That's a nice idea...
Pia: Okay...So now we will have to think of a theme... What theme to keep?
Kabir: Pia... What about the 'Go green' theme? I mean we will give it some cool name like Green Events Theme... So that we will have a Party also and our Campaign also will continue... What say?
Pia: Oh wow! Tell me what is the plan?
Kabir: So you do one thing. Send invites to people...because I don't know whom to call...
Pia: Don't worry! Usual suspects...I will phone everyone and call them.
Kabir: Not like that Baby...You forget that this is T's Birthday. And if people does not get fancy invites she herself will not come to the party, Okay? So you do one thing... I will send invites with the just need to make sure that the people get the invites. For me...Please...
Pia: Oh! Someone's girlfriend is demanding... (Pia laughs)
Kabir: After all, It's whose girlfriend?
Pia:Don't worry Kabir! I will do it, Okay? I am on it...Bye! See you...
Kabir: Okay yaar...See you soon! (Kabir cuts the Call)

Kabir's Driver comes to Dobriyal house and gives the invites to Pia. Once the Driver goes Pia looks at the invites. She sees an invite with the name of Abhay Raichand. She thinks, ' Abhay Raichand? Kabir gave invitation for Abhay also? He does not know that I don't want to see his face. Let me ask him...'Pia dials the number.

Kabir is sitting on his Cot tying his shoe lace. His mobile rings and he picks up the call from Pia.
Kabir: Yeah Pia...tell me...
Pia: Hello... Yeah Kabir... I got the Cards but I did not understand one thing that you gave an invite for Abhay also...You know that he he against the campaign...
Kabir: That's why we are calling Pia... so that he comes to know how serious we are about our campaign. And as you know, We need to keep friends close and enemies even more closer...Understood? (Piya smiles)
Pia: Right thinking Kabir!Okay... I will do this, Okay? Bye!
Kabir: Alright! I will see you...Bye!

T's House. T is happy. She stands in front of the mirror and says, 'Happy Birthday Princess! Today is your special day...and today is K's special day also. Because today I am going to take a love test for K. I want to see where he takes me. May be there I should wear a ball gown...or maybe a skirt and my chic Jacket...One second... So many choices...But I have to call K. T dials Kabir's number and goes and lies down on her Cot.

Kabir is driving his Car. His mobile rings. Kabir picks up the call from T smiling.
T: Hey baby!
Kabir: Hey my love...What's up? Baby, I am driving...I am a little busy...Shall I call you later? (T thinks, 'Oh busy busy... I am sure he is buying presents for me') Baby, It is just that today is a big day for our campaign and I am protesting along with the full student body. You forgot?
T: What? Oh my God... How can you forget K... (Kabir is smiling)You forgot? What day is today?
Kabir: Where did I forget Baby? That is what I am is a big day for our campaign...I am going there.
T: Campaign? And what happens on first?
Kabir: First? Oh Baby... How can I forget it is the first? I am so lost that I don't remember anything. Today is first and I need to pay all my phone bills. Thank you so much for reminding Baby. Okay Baby talk to you later...Cops are near. I will talk to you tomorrow...maybe the day after... Alright? Okay,okay Bye! Bye bye bye (Kabir cuts the phone and smiles)

T gets up from her Cot. She is angry. She says, 'He forgot my Birthday! How can he forget? What does he think of himself? Know what? I don't care...My friends and fans will celebrate my Birthday. And I am going to throw a super Party'.

Piya rings the calling bell at Ruhi's house. Ruhi opens the door and is surprised to see Pia. Pia gives the invite to Tracker and invites her to T's surprise Birthday Party. She warns Ruhi not to tell T and goes from there. Next Piya goes to Angad's House and invites him also. Pia also goes to T's friend's house and invites her.

T comes to Trackers house and rings the bell. T tells Tracker that it is her Birthday holding an invite and sweet box. Ruhi does not take the invite. She tells T that she and Angad are not talking and that she cannot come. T goes sadly from there. T goes to Angad's House and gives him the invitation and sweet box. Angad takes the invite acting surprised that it's T's Birthday. He tells T that he want to study and won't be able to come for the party. T is angry and seizes the invite and sweet box from Angad's hand and goes from there. T goes to her friend's house who is very happy to see her. T tells her that it is her Birthday and gives the sweet box and invite to her. But she also gives an excuse to T, ' Sorry babes! I can't come. My Mom has kept me on house arrest...So sorry!'T is angry and goes from there.
Pia gives T's Birthday invite for Abhay to Hasina Raichand
Pia comes to the Raichand's House. She gets into the House through the door which was open. She asks, 'Hello...anybody home? (She walks forward) Anybody home? (She looks around) Strange people... the door is open...but no one is here... The House is classy... I don't know what happened to Abhay. Anyone home?' Pia climbs the stairs upwards. Hasina sees her.
Hasina: Yes!
Pia: Hi Auntie...Actually we all are giving a friend a surprise Birthday Party. So we also want to invite Abhay. (Hasina smiles and takes the invite. She thinks, 'Why these people are inviting Abhay?)
Hasina: Thank you! Actually Abhay is not at home now. I will keep this. When he comes I will give him this. And I will make sure that he comes for the Party.
Pia: No Aunty! No need to force him. I am inviting everyone so I am inviting him as well. It is his wish. Thank you! (Pia goes from there. She by mistake drop her mobile phone on the floor instead of her bag as she goes. Pia climbs down the stairs. Hasina thinks, 'Abhay has erased Pia's memories so well that she really does not remember anything'. Piya reaches the door. She thinks, 'Thank God! Abhay was not at home. I will call Kabir and tell him that I have distributed all the invites'. Pia searches her bag for the mobile phone but does not find it. She walks back to the house thinking she might have dropped it inside. She climbs the stairs and comes up. She is happy to see her phone on the floor and picks it up. Suddenly her eyes falls on the room through the door. Pia goes closer and sees Chand Raichand lying on a Cot. She is scared and moves backwards bumping into Abhay who comes up then. Pia screams. Abhay moves closer to her and asks angrily, 'What are you doing here?' Pia tells him that she came to pick up the phone which fell down and runs off from there. Hasina come there.
Hasina: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: What is Pia doing here? (Hasina gives the invite to Abhay)
Hasina: She came to give this invite. But Pia had gone...Why did she come back?
Abhay: I need to find what she saw here
Kabir takes T to her surprise Birthday Party
Scene moves to a beautiful Birthday decoration on which it is written T is the Superstar. T is sitting on the floor with a Birthday cake on the Table singing 'happy Birthday to me...happy birthday to me' She is angry. She tells, 'This is so bad...I hate everyone. But K... K is my Boyfriend. How can he forget my Birthday? I am so angry. Know what I will do? Tomorrow I will bring a dog and keep his name Kabir. And then I will torture the dog. I am so angry with Kabir. I hate him. I am so done with this'. T then goes and changes into the nightgown to go to sleep. She switches of the lights. She is about to go to bed when someone rings the door bell of the House. T switches on the light. She sees someone standing outside with flowers. She tells, 'No body stays here...The Party is over!' She turns and is about to go. Kabir is shocked. He waves and shouts, 'Baby... It's me!'She angrily opens the door. Kabir has a big bouquet in hand.
Kabir: Baby, Wish you many many happy returns of the day Baby... (T does not take the Bouquet and walks inside)
T: Whatever K... You are coming now? I don't want to talk to you... (kabir follows her)
Kabir: T... (He keeps the Bouquet on the Chair) Actually Baby... (T grumbles telling that he was saving the stupid trees and paying the phone bill)
T: I am less important than your phone bills, right? Just get lost! You are a loser! You know...You are not my Boyfriend anymore! You are finished! (T turns her face)
Kabir: T... T Baby please trust me...I said I am sorry... Now Go...Get ready fast. I am taking you out somewhere.
T: I am not going anywhere.
Kabir: T...Please baby ... dress up... for me...
T: Oh really? If you care for me this much then take me like this only
Kabir: Are you sure?
T: yes!
Kabir: Okay! (T is shocked and runs to her room)
T: K...Please go away! (Kabir follows T and picks her up and rushes out. T screams.)

Misha is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front passenger seat. The Car stops suddenly. Misha and Pia gets out of the Car. Pia is worried thinking where they will get a Mechanic and how they will reach the Party. Misha opens the Bonnet and starts checking. The girls see a Car coming their way. The Car passes them and then takes a reverse. The girls are irritated seeing that it is Abhay's Car. Abhay gets out of the Car and walks towards the girls.
Abhay: Hello Girls! What happened? Car break down? That is what happens when you use a 1950 model.
Misha: Hey excuse me! Don't give lecture, okay? If you want to help us help... otherwise go ahead.
Abhay: Bye! And all the Best!
Abhay gets into the Car and drives from there. Misha and Piya are angry for leaving them on the road. They curse him. Suddenly a mechanic comes there way in a scooter. Misha is happy to see him and tells him to have a look at their car. The Mechanic tells them that the problem is because of some dirt and gets to work. Pia tells Misha, 'We got a Mechanic also. And what that loser Abhay thought that we will stand on the road like to weak ladies...Bloody loser!' Misha too laughs sarcastically. The mechanic tells them that the Car is alright and asks them to check. Misha and Pia both get into the Car. Misha starts the Car and sees that it is okay. She tells Pia that she will go and pay money to the mechanic. She goes near the Mechanic and overhears him talking to Abhay and telling him that he has repaired the vehicle and now the Car is okay. Misha is shocked hearing it. She thinks, 'What? Abhay send this mechanic? God...I just don't understand...What type of Guy Abhay is...Hero or Villain?'(Episode ends)

PreCap: Abhay and Pia are alone in a Dance Floor and dancing.

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