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15th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 220) Chirag Doshi agrees to participate in the Boxing Match

Dipanita Khurana threatens the Principal to take the matters to the Board
Episode 220 starts with Abhay sitting in front of his laptop and looking for information on Dipanita Khurana. He hears the howling of the wolves in the background and looks backwards. He then goes near the window and looks outside. Abhay thinks, 'This time I need to think of the werewolves. They want to finish me and I have to reach them before they reach me'. Hasina Raichand comes near him.
Hasina: Abhay, I have an idea. I think Danish can help us.
Abhay: Danish?
Hasina: Hmm! Dipanita Khurana has put restraining orders on him but still he is doing a lot of inquiries. I think you should go and meet him.
Abhay: Okay Mom!

Danish is sitting on a Chair at the Hall in his house looking into a file. He puts the file on the table and tries to figure out, 'Who is this Dipanita? Why she has come here? Why she has stolen the identity of a dead woman?' Suddenly the light goes off and Danish gets up from where he was sitting. As he watches a man enters the room (only shadow is shown) and Danish moves backwards. Danish falls down and screams.

Piya and Misha are sitting on the Cot with face pack on their faces. Pia is resting with her head backwards and cucumber slices on her eyes while Misha is sipping cool drinks. Pia thinks, 'I need to find what is going between Misha and Abhay. Let Misha hide how much ever she wants and when she gets distracted I will see'. Misha picks the cucumber slice from Pia's eyes and starts to eat it. Pia sits up.
Piya: Misha, Nobody eats that...yuck! (Pia takes the other cucumber slice from her eyes and puts it on the Plate on the cot)
Misha: Oh...You were not sleeping? (Misha complains that she does not understand how someone will keep pumpkin on eyes and relax. Piya corrects her telling that it is not pumpkin but cucumber. Pia again puts cucumber slices on her eyes and lean backs to the pillow. Misha also imitates her by putting the half eaten cucumber slice on her one eyes and leaning back. Arnab comes to the room and switches off the music system. The gets sit upright and look at Arnab. Arnab scolds them asking if their studies, college and exams are over that they are sitting with pumpkin on eyes. Piya corrects him, 'This is not cucumber not pumpkin'
Arnab: cucumber...Whatever! (The girls look at each other with a prank in mind)
Misha: Papa, What happened to you?
Pia: aah... (Misha gets up from the cot and comes near Arnab. Pia tells him that Aamir Khan and Sharukh Khan are 47 like him and asks him to compare their faces with his. Pia tells him that the time has come for him to take care of his face.Both the girls together convince Arnab that he needs to look fresh and young. Arnab agrees that the girls are right and wonders what to do. Misha tells him, 'We will tell you!' and the girls goes back to the cot. Arnab looks at the direction of the cot hearing Misha calling, 'Papa' and is shocked. He nods 'no').

The Door bell rings at Dobriyal House and a House Staff goes and opens the door. Jeh Khurana comes inside with some books in hand.
Jeh: Is Pia at home?
Staff: The girls are up and Sir also... at Misha baby's room.
Jeh: Okay then I will go and see... (Jeh walks inside and the staff closes the door)

Jeh pushes open the door of the room and gets inside. He gets scared suddenly and makes a noise.
Misha: God... Who has come? (She switches on the light. Jay sees Misha and Pia sitting leaning to the cot and Arnab lying on the Cot wearing face pack. Jay waves at the girls)
Arnab: Ah Jeh come...
Jeh: Hi uncle! (Misha teases Pia, 'Jeh has come' by touching Pia's hand with a finger. Pia hits her. Arnab comes to meet Jay after taking the cucumber slices from his eyes. Jay extends his hand for shake hand to Arnab.
Arnab: One minute! (Arnab goes and puts the cucumber slices on the plate on the table)
Jeh: Is everything alright? Are you all right? Are you Guys fine?
Arnab; yeah yeah... everything is okay... I got influenced by these girls and put some (Arnab points to his face) trying to become a Sharukh khan.
Jeh: Oh Okay! Uncle at this age you thought of becoming Sharukh Khan? Just a question you know... (Arnab tells that the convincing powers of the girls are good. Arnab sees Jeh trying to suppress a smile and asks him not to tell anyone as it is a question of his reputation. Jai tells them that he won't tell anyone. The girls look at each other and are up to some prank again. Misha gets up.)
Misha: Jeh, How will; we believe that you won't tell anyone? (Pia also gets up)
Arnab: will we believe?
Jeh: You don't have an option. Uncle, trust me I will not tell anyone.
Pia: Misha is telling right! How can we know that you won't tell anything to anybody?
Arnab: Correct...correct... (The girls look at each other)
Pia: After going out from here who will say what to anyone who knows... We have to do something...
Jeh: What?
Misha: I think I have a solution.
Jeh: What solution? (Misha takes the plate with cucumber slices in Pia's hand and takes the face pack paste plate in her own hand. Both the girls go towards Jeh and he moves backwards trying to defend and saying, 'No'. But the girls succeed in what they wanted to do).
Arnab: Now it's okay. Now you are one of us. Now you will not tell anything to anyone. I am safe! (Jey looks at the girls who are standing on either side and smiling).

Abhay opens a door and gets inside a room. The room is dark.
Abhay: Danish! Danish! Danish...where are you? Danish! danish... where are you? (Suddenly Abhay hears Danish's response. Abhay jumps to where Danish is lying on the floor bleeding from head. Abhay kneels beside Danish and shakes him calling his name. Danish is sinking slowly.) Danish get up Danish...get up! (Abhay gets up and makes a call for the ambulance. Abhay then kneels back again beside Danish urging him to get up. Abhay sees a torn paper in Danish's hand and takes it from him. Abhay looks at the paper and finds out that it is information regarding Khurana Industries Chair person Dipanita Khurana.).
Abhay: Danish...Danish hold on! Nothing will happen to you. I have call the Ambulance. Danish... (Danish becomes unconscious. Abhay gets up from Danish's side. He thinks,' This Dipanita who ever she is dangerous...Mom is telling right. We need to find her truth'. Abhay looks into the torn paper in his hand).

Abhay is walking though the College Campus. He says in mind, 'Chirag Doshi, Today is the last day of your life. Today I will finish you'. Abhay then sees Chirag Doshi and Dipanita Khurana walking together on the other side of the Campus. Abhay thinks,' I knew that Chirag and Dipanita definitely had a connection. Both are working together. No problem at all Mrs Khurana. I came to hunt for one prey and instead got two. These two are publicly roaming around with each other. Maybe they want to send a message across that they are not scared of us. No worries Chirag! I am also not scared of you. First I will shed your blood and then I will handle you Mrs Dipanita Khurana.
Dipanita: Chirag, tell me one thing. Abhay has some enmity with you?
Chirag: He is a Psycho auntie... Don't know what his problem is. (They come near the area Abhay is standing with his back on them)
Dipanita: Don't worry! I am with you.
Chirag: Thank you Aunty! (Dipanita thinks, ' I have to say Thanks Chirag. You gave me an opportunity to humiliate the Raichands... and I love that!' Chirag and Dipanita walks from there)

The Principal Mr Mehra (hereafter called Mr Khanna) is sitting on his chair looking into the laptop. Dipanita knocks the door and enters)
Dipanita: Mr Khanna
Principal: Mrs Khurana, you here? Please come... (Dipanita sits across Mr Khanna) Madam, what will you have? (Mr Khanna lifts the intercom but Dipanita stops him)
Dipanita: I wanted to talk an urgent matter.
Principal: Tell me Mrs Khurana, How can Mount College be of assistance to you?
Dipanita: Actually I want to talk about Chirag. Chirag... Come inside son... (Chirag walks in and stands near by)
Principal: Chirag Doshi?
Chirag: Yes Sir!
Principal: Tell me Mrs Khurana... Anything happened?
Dipanita: I have come to talk to you on behalf of Chirag and his Parents. Actually his parents are out of station. I have an objection in you making the boxing game compulsory. In no college or school contact sports is essential. Then how can you make this difficult and dangerous sport compulsory here?
Principal: Look madam... This is the decision of the Board. they want the students to participate in all activities. After all, all round developments is important too...
Dipanita: Look Mr Khanna... Chirag is the topper of this college. He has won for the College in all chess championships. Then what is he going to prove by doing boxing? And anyways, all children cannot be Vijendra Singh... give a chance for a child to be Viswanathan Anand also. And college gives such options. You cannot treat all children the same. (The principal thinks, 'What she says is right. If this is the condition what will I tell the other parents? Raichand's demands will cost my job'. Mr Khanna's mobile rings and he excuses himself from there to attend Abhay's call. Dipanita thinks that the Principal is in tension and someone is pressurizing him)

Abhay and Mr Khanna are talking on the Phone.
Abhay: Principal Sir, I don't want to listen anything. The match has to happen between me and Chirag.
Principal: But you are not understanding... Chirag is here
Abhay: With Mrs Khurana. Let me remind you that Mrs Khurana does not pay your salary. (Principal wipes his face with his hand kerchief) I have no interest in hearing your problems. I only have interest in playing the match with Chirag Doshi.
Principal: But...What she is telling is true also. Why can't Chirag walk out of the competition?
Abhay: I don't care. It does not bother me. This match will happen. (Abhay cuts the call)

The Principal goes back to the room and tells Dipanita that there is nothing he can do regarding the Boxing Match. Dipanita gets up from the chair threatening to go to the Board . The Principal gets scared. He tells her to sit down and tells that he will try.
Dipanita: In that case you have to take the decision fast. The match is at 12, right?
Chirag: yeah auntie...
Dipanita: then you have very little time.
Principal: Of course! I will try from my end. But I feel that Mr Doshi is taking the matter too seriously. Ten marks will be added to the finals for participating in the match.
Dipanita: That is not my concern
Chirag: Excuse me Sir... The participants of the match will get 10 marks? For only participating?
Principal: Of course!
Chirag: Even if they lose also?
Principal: Of course! It is all about participation spirit.
Chirag: Oh! Auntie...You have come to help me, thanks! But this is a big chance for me. If I* get 10 marks... I will come from second position to first. I will do Principal Sir!
Dipanita: Chirag, Are you sure son?
Chirag: Yeah Auntie! And moreover the opponent will hit me if I defend. I will accept defeat straight away.
Dipanita: Okay then...Things are sorted out thank you Mr Khanna... Thanks for your time (Dipanita gets up)
Principal: Anyways, This was a small matter...keep coming!
Dipanita: Sure!
Chirag: See you Sir...Thank you Sir! (Chirag follows Dipanita Khurana outside)
Jeh Khurana stops Abhay Raichand to talk about Boxing match

Jeh tells Abhay that the whole College would make fun of Abhay if he fights with Chirag

Jeh Khurana is talking to someone. He sees Abhay walking through the Campus and calls him. Abhay stops. Jeh goes near Abhay.
Jeh: Abhay Raichand... I wanted to talk to you.
Abhay: Are you sure you want to talk to me?
Jeh: Well I guess
Abhay: I hope this is not regarding that loser Pia...
Jeh: Na... Keep Pia out of this! This is about the Boxing Match...the Great Mount College Boxing match in which apparently Abhay Raichand is very interested. Who are you trying to impress Abhay? (Jeh faces Abhay) IF you really wanted to fight the match you could have fought against me or Kabir. But No! You know that Kabir won against you last time... so you are saving your reputation this time. Come on... don't be like a girl...You are fighting against Chirag Doshi. Seriously... the whole college will laugh at you...telling you!
Abhay: (Sarcastically) You are right Jeh... I am so scared of you and Kabir. I am scared. But please... Please don't tell this to anyone...for God sake! For god sake Jay! (Abhay and Jay look at each other. Abhay returns back to his serious tone) Look Jeh...You and your family interferes in the life of other people a little too much. So I suggest that you keep away from me and my work. Here you are defending Chirag and there your Mom has taken him to Principal's Office. What is all this rubbish? This is a family solidarity? Is Chirag your Brother (Jeh signals Abhay to stop by lifting his hand)
Jeh: nah..Hold it! What rubbish are you talking? You are on drugs? Listen Buddy! Chirag is just my College friend, that's it! And if my Mom came here also.. This is the difference between you and us. We don't let people take advantage of anybody the way you do. You don't have no value for relationships, is it not Abhay? That's how you are. But unlikely our loyalty is quite strong.
Abhay: Congratulations! You are very loyal...just like a dog!

PreCap: Chirag is running and Abhay chases him. Abhay catches up with him and pins him against the pillar. Abhay threatens Chirag that if he runs from the boxing ring he would be surely dead.

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