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20th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 224) Abhay Raichand saves Misha Dobriyal from Chand and Hasina

Chand Raichand tells Hasina that they both are enough to kill Neil Khurana
Episode 225 starts with Abhay talking to Chand about the Khurana Family.
Abhay: They are ancient creatures... just like us...They are our biggest enemy...for ages... They are the Werewolves!
Hasina: Tell now Chand...what should we do now?
Chand: Careful... We have to be very careful. I have to talk to our Clan head.
Hasina: What?
Chand: Yes Hasina... This is not so simple...
Abhay: Dad...just tell me...What can I do?
Chand: Go back to the College. (Abhay goes from there)
Hasina: Chand, What is wrong with you? The enemy is standing outside our door and you want to talk to the clan head? Why? (Chand gets up)
Chand: Hasina...(Hasina gets up too) This time it is important for us that we finish Neil. We have to kill him. I do not wish to involve Abhay in this...because I know to kill Neel you and me are enough... (Hasina smiles)
Hasina: I was afraid that you have become weak...But No! You are right...For Neil we both are enough. We will kill him!
Chand: Yes!

Ruhi is walking through the College Campus. She sees Angad buying a Bouquet from the Florist Shop. Ruhi is happy thinking that Angad is buying flowers for her. She thinks, 'This costly flowers...Wow! He is buying flowers to say sorry for his nice it would be that I will get flowers...In that there will be a sorry card also. I will phone Angad and tell him...Don't say sorry to me...Go away! (Ruhi smiles) He will tell...No Baby, I love you...and he will hug me tightly...and I will forgive him! Oh my God it is going to be so exciting'. Ruhi runs and hides behind a pillar near the shop. She sees Angad looking at his wallet and telling something to the Florist. Angad then goes from there. Ruhi comes out of her hiding place and goes to the Florist Shop.
Ruhi: Excuse me! Hello...I am that girl for whom that Guy was buying the Orchid Flowers for...It's for me... You give it to me here... It will save you from going and delivering at the House. I will give you tip also...
Florist: Oh Thank you! You saved my time and money. Petrol is too costly these days.(The Florist takes the Bouquet in hand to hand over to Ruhi) Here it is Laila Madam...
Ruhi: What?
Florist: You have a very beautiful name... Laila...
Ruhi: Who is Laila? (Realization stuck her) Listen! Don't tell him that I came here, okay?
Florist: Okay! (Ruhi goes and hides behind the pillar again. Angad comes back to the Florist shop)
Angad: I am really sorry! Actually the ATM here was not working so I went to another ATM to get the money. It's 500 right? (Angad gives the money and extends his hand for the Bouquet)
Florist: It is okay Sir...I will deliver this in time...
Angad: Don't worry! I am here... I will deliver it. Give it to me... (Angad takes the Bouquet from the Florist and goes away from there. (Ruhi is angry thinking that Angad cheated on her and says in mind that she would never forgive him)
Pia catches Abhay's hand
Abhay and Pia looks at Jeh
Piya is walking through the College Corridor. Abhay comes from the opposite direction. Piya stops when she is near Abhay.
Pia: Abhay, I want to talk to you...
Abhay: Not interested!
Pia: Just stop have no choice! (Abhay faces her)
Abhay: Tell me...what do you wish?
Pia: Answer...I tried to find out about you. I don't know...what is it that whatever you do you come out of it? Something is there Abhay which is not right. Because the same thing what you did if some other Guy would have done he would have been punished for that. But look at you... you are scot free..
Abhay: Are you done? What do you think? You are above law? Above the whole world? It's true... if you would have thought it would be like that...Listen Pia...mind your work...stop behaving like a spy.
Pia: You are dating my sister. I don't know what she is doing with you but I know this much that I don't want her hurt.
Abhay: Whom I date and whom I stay with is none of your Business.
Pia: When you were badly beating up Chirag then I saw shock on my brave sister's face. I could see her hurt. Maybe in your family hitting people might be very normal. In our family we are taught to respect people. (Abhay points finger at Pia)
Abhay: Listen Pia...
Pia: What? (She catches his hand)
Abhay pins Jeh to the pillar
Jeh asks Abhay to leave Pia alone
Misha asks Abhay to leave Jay
Jeh who comes near sees them and think that they are fighting.
Jeh: Hey Abhay! (Pia and Abhay turns their head and look at Jeh. Jeh pulls Abhay from there and pins him to a pillar)
Pia: Jay...
Jeh: Leave her alone! ( Abhay turns and pins Jeh to the side of the pillar)
Pia: Abhay...listen!
Abhay: I got scared...You know that...
Pia: Just stop Guys...
Abhay: Just stay away from all this... (Jeh and Abhay stares at each other. Misha who comes through the corridor and runs towards the Guys. Abhay has one hand on Jay's neck. Misha comes near.)
Misha: Abhay, leave him...Abhay please leave him... for God's sake please leave him Abhay...
Abhay: I am leaving your Boyfriend for the sake of Misha...(Abhay leaves the hold and pushes Jay to one side).
Piya tells Jay that Abhay is a maniac
 Pia: Jeh...Oh my God... Are you okay? (Abhay walks from there saying, 'Let's go Misha'. Misha looks at Pia and Jeh)
Jay: Yeah!
Pia: Just forget it...He is a maniac...
Jeh: Let's go! (Jeh walks away from there. Pia looks at Misha and walks away from there)

Chand and Hasina are waiting outside the Khurana Industries in their Car.
Hasina: Chand...Today as we followed Neil I remembered our older days...when we use to hunt humans. Remember? The smell... the feeling...the excitement (Chand closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He then opens his eyes)
Chand: Hasina...We are monsters but we have human brains inside us. Because of these brains and ages of blood shed now we do not hunt for humans...We are avoiding it because we know the value of human life. (Hasina nods)
Hasina: I know... It's just that i remembered...
Chand: Control yourself! (Chand and Haseena sees Neil Khurana coming out of Khurana Industries and walking towards his Car)
Hasina: That's him! (Neel gets into the Car) We will finish him here...(Hasina is about to open the door but Chand stops her)
Chand: No! Enemy is not attacked that way...
Hasina: Then how? When? What's your plan?
Chand: We will follow him...let's see where he goes...We will get him alone... (Neel is sitting inside the Car and talking to someone on his Mobile) Then we will attack...
Hasina: Let's go! (Neel ends his conversation and puts the mobile aside. He then drives the Car from there. Chand and Hasina follows him in their Car).

Ruhi is walking through the College Campus looking for Angad. She asks her friends if they have seen Laila. They say, 'no'. Ruhi then asks another girl who points Laila to her. Ruhi sees a girl in blue dress leaning on the pillar looking at the Bouquet in her hand. Ruhi looks at her and thinks, 'OMG She is so super hot...not hot than my fingers...' Ruhi walks to the girl and stands near her. Laila is busy looking and kissing the bouquet. She is startled when Ruhi touches her.
Ruhi: Laila?
Laila: Yeah! (Ruhi smiles and extends her hand for shake hand. The girl shakes her hand with Ruhi who twists her hand before leaving it)
Ruhi: Ruhi... Hi...
Laila: Hi!
Ruhi: Nice Who gave you?
Laila: Aren't they so pretty?
Ruhi: Yeah! (with a sad face) Who gave you? (Laila is smelling the Flowers. Ruhi tries to get her attention). Who gave you? (Laila looks at her confused. Ruhi signals the flowers with her eyes)
Laila: Angad... (Ruhi looks at the flowers and then looks at Laila head to toe. She looks as if she is about to cry) What happened? You okay? (Ruhi turns and walks away from there. Ruhi is angry at Angad. She thinks that she needs to follow so that she may see Angad face to face).
Angad and Laila
Laila is walking through the College Corridor with books and bouquet in hand. Ruhi follows her. Angad comes walking from the opposite direction. Laila stumbles. Angad catches her by the waist bending her in a typical dance pose and they look and smile at each other. Ruhi keeps her hand on her chest almost shattered by what she has seen. She looks like she is about to cry. She leans to the pillar and thinks, 'My life is over! Everything has ended...He was my one and only boyfriend...he was part of my heart. Laila has taken him away from me' Angad steadies Laila. She waves her hand and walks from there.
Angad: Take Care! And mind your steps... (Ruhi climbs on top of the wall to jump from there. The students tries to pull her down. Angad sees it and looks at the scene as if it is some drama) Continue... this is usual... (He turns and walks away from there)
Misha hugs Panchi and promises to set everything right
At the Dobriyal House, Misha comes to her room and keeps her bag on the bed. She tries to open the washroom and find it locked from inside.
Misha: Oh Come on man... Fatty...Get out of the Bathroom... (Panchi comes out of the Bathroom crying) What? You are crying? (Panchi goes and sits on the bed) Fatty I am sorry... I will not call you fatty today onwards... I am sorry! (Misha comes and sits near Panchi on the Bed) hello...excuse me...what's happened?
Panchi: Misha... I just give up... I don't know... I can't do it...
Misha: What you can't do Panchi?
Panchi: I am fed up fighting...
Misha: Okay Fine...But what fight? I don't know what you are talking about. (Panchi turns and faces Misha)
Panchi: Neil...I am tired fighting with Neil Misha. You know when he helped Chirag yesterday I saw a new face of him. So I went to him and said sorry. And I told that I want to end the fights between us. And you know what he said. He just hates me... He told me that he would not change his lifestyle. And he is not forgiving me for my one mistake. He just doesn't care!
Misha: What an $#@^&&
Panchi: Exactly! I am tired of this Misha. Imagine my state...Every day I see him with a different girl.Every day he insults me. I don't know what to do...I can't bear it...
Misha: Then just don't do it!
Panchi: Misha, What about Mom and Dad? Once again I will make Mom and Dad sad? Once again I will get them insulted? Once again I will tell him that a Guy want to marry me for his own selfish reasons?
Misha: Panchi...Please okay? Just listen to me...calm down...Now you do not need to take tension about this. I will take care of it. Just leave it on me...Come here! (Misha hugs Panchi) I will make everything alright Panchi. Promise! Dont Worry!

Neil is driving the Car.His mobile phone rings and he looks at the Caller ID.
Neel: Misha? Why is she calling me? (Neel picks up the Phone) What's up Misha?
Misha: Don't what's up meanie... I have some work with you. Where are you?
Neel: At Hill View Road...Why?
Misha: Great! I am just coming, okay? (Misha cuts the Call)
Misha questions Neel
Neel is sitting inside the Car. Misha comes there in her Bike. She parks her bike and gets down. Neil gets out of the Car and walks towards Misha. Misha meets him half way.
Misha: Dude...What the hell is your problem?
Neil: Chill out Misha... What happened that you are showing this much attitude?
Misha: Hey! Now I am only showing attitude, okay? If you do not stop troubling my sister I will hit you (Misha lifts her hand as if she is going to hit him)
Neel: Hey hey hey Relax Misha... What is wrong with you?
Misha: Relax? So funny! When my sister told you to relax, forget fights and move ahead in life...What did you say? Come on up okay?
Neil: Listen Misha...This is my personal life okay...and I don't want anybody to interfere in that, you get it?
Misha: Excuse me! Your personal life is interfering with my sisters life...
Neil: Oh Misha... That is so cute...(mocks) Now I understand... She must have come and told her sad story, right? And she must be like...My Fiance is not listening to me...He is troubling me a lot...Misha, Ask her to get a life!
Misha: Shut up Neil!
Neil: No Misha...Whatever much ever your sister cries... I will not change my life for her. Dude... I have such hot looking girls in my life that I am not going to stop meeting them. And anyways, I have no interest in your stupid plain Jane sister... (Misha points her fingers at Neil)
Misha: I am warning you Neel...shut up!
Neel: I am so scared Misha... (mocks) You know what Misha...Your sister acts good in front of you...If you go out in the city and ask people you will know what your sister is...It is me Misha who pitied her and got engaged to her. If it would have been someone else they would not have even looked at her. (Misha gets angry and slaps Neil) In what way you are lesser than your sister, Misha Dobriyal? Misha, I promise you...your sister will pay for this slap. (Misha pushes him)
Misha: Whatever! (Misha walks towards her Bike while Neel walks back to his Car)

Neel comes near his Car and suddenly he looks scared at the sight in front of him. He screams. Misha who is standing near her bike runs towards the Car calling Neil's name. She does not see Neil near the Car. She looks around. She sees 2 hooded creatures overpowering Neil and him falling. Misha shouts Neil's name and runs to the forest. Neil is lying on the ground injured and bleeding. Misha reaches the spot and sees him. She says, 'Oh God! He is bleeding! I got to get help...Help!' She runs toward the road but the hooded figures catches her. Misha struggles to loosen their grip.
Abhay and Misha runs away as Chand and Hasina watches
Abhay is running through the Forest and reaches the spot where Misha is struggling to escape from the hooded creatures. He signals at the hooded creatures with his eyes to leave her. They leave her. Abhay extends his hand to Misha. He holds her hand and they both run from there. The hooded creatures look at each other. They are none other than Chand and Hasina in their Vampire form.(Episode ends)

PreCap: Abhay lifts an injured Neil and walks towards the road carrying him. Misha watches him with a strange expression on her face.
Hasina tells Chand, 'Chand...Abhay is taking Neil to his the house of Werewolves! Stop him... They will kill him!'

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