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19th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 223) Raichand Family identifies the Khurana’s as the Werewolves

Chand gets Abhay out of the Police Station
Episode 223 starts with Chand Raichand and Hasina coming to the Police Station. The Inspector gets up from his seat when he sees them.
Inspector: Come on Mr Raichand, Have a seat! (Chand does not sit)
Chand: Why have you arrested Abhay? What proof do you have? (Inspector shows the video clipping by keeping the laptop in the Raichand's direction)
Inspector: Here Sir... (Chand and Hasina looks at the video for some time)
Chand: Is this the only proof?
Inspector: No Sir! There is a witness too... Ms Piya Dobriyal... (Chand and Hasina look at each other)
Chand: May I meet Abhay?
Inspector: Yes Sir! (The Inspector instructs the Constable to bring Abhay. Abhay comes to the Room. Chand comes near Abhay and slaps him hard on his face. The Inspector and Haseena are startled)
Chand: What had happened? Chirag only hit your Car. But then he apologized. What was the need to do this much drama? Why? (Inspector looks at them confused. Hasina smiles. Abhay says in mind, 'Okay, I understand what you want to do')
Abhay: I am sorry Dad! He started everything. And I thought I will insult him in front of everybody. I requested Principal Sir and arranged for the Boxing match. But he involved all the Khurana's. He went and told Jeh Khurana that he won't play in the Boxing match. And then he fell at one punch itself in the Boxing match. And then I became out of control. I got angry... (Chand turns and walks towards the Inspector followed by Abhay. Chand speaks to the Inspector)
Chand: Clearly, the boxing match was happening between two young guys. How can you call it man slaughter? Attempt top murder? I agree Abhay made a mistake... he got angry...I think we should speak to the Commissioner. What law is that on the basis of which you have made this accusation?
Hasina: I myself will call the Commissioner and find out that when the law of this country changed?
Inspector: Look mam... We have just started the inquiries.
Chand: It looks like you have not read the Law Book properly Inspector. That was just a Boxing match which the Khurana's sons turned in to a war. First the younger son and then the elder one... he was the judge...Why did he get into the ring... we saw that. (Inspector has no answer. Chand faces the Inspector) So will you arrest him also? I would like to know from you Inspector...
Inspector: Look Sir...You don't make the phone call to the Commissioner please. These college kids do fight...I will give them warning and make them understand. You don't worry! You can take Abhay along with you. (The Raichand Family leaves from there.
The Raichand Family comes out of the Police Station
Chand, Hasina and Abhay comes out of the Police Station. Suddenly Chand stops in front of a Police Vehicle parked outside.
Chand: What shall I say to you?

The door bell rings at Chirag Doshi's House and Chirag's mother opens the door. Pia who is standing at the door step introduces herself.
Pia: Namaste Aunty!
Chirag's Mother: Namaste
Pia: Aunty, I am Pia. I study at Chirag's College. I just came to see... How is Chirag now?
Chirag's Mother: Don't know dear... Chirag's condition is very bad. No medicine is working on him. he is in shock. The Doctor's have written some medicines and given... I was just going out to get that...
Pia: Aunty, So you go... I will take care of Chirag. I will be here with him...
Chirag's Mother: Thank you! I will come fast... (Chirag's Mother leaves. Pia walks into the room)

Chand, Hasina and Abhay are standing outside the Police Station.
Chand: What do I say to you? Who ever may look at that video may feel that it is an attempt to murder and I felt that a son was attempting to save the life of his father. We are dead ages ago Abhay... We don't have the human feelings in us. But maybe some part of the human soul is still in us. Thank you for saving my life!
Abhay: No Dad! You do not need to say thanks to me. My life has been given by you. And if I have to end it for you I will not hesitate. (Chand and Hasina looks proud)
Abhay says sorry to Chirag Doshi
Pia asks Abhay to leave
Pia comes to Chirag's Bedroom. Chirag is sleeping on the bed. Pia looks at Chirag and think, 'How badly he has beaten him. He will get punishment for all this. I will make sure that Abhay pays a price for this'. (Pia looks at the bed side table and finds the Water Jug empty. She takes it and goes outside. After she leaves the room, Abahy enters the room and rushes to Chirag's bed side. Abhay sits on the bed and looks at Chirag. He says,'Chirag, I made a big mistake. If possible please forgive me'. Abhay runs his hand over Chirag's face healing him. Chirag opens his eyes and tries to get up seeing Abhay. Abhay stops him)
Abhay: Relax! I just came to say sorry to you... (Pia comes at the door with the water jug and sees Abhay)
Pia: Abhay! (Pia walks into the room and places the water jug on the table) What the hell are you doing here? How dare you come here? (Pia points fingers to the door) Please leave! Abhay I said leave! (Abhay gets up and goes from there. Pia sits on the bed beside Chirag) Chirag, Are you okay?
Chirag: Yeah Pia...I am better. I fact I feel much better suddenly...
Pia: Thank God! That idiot Abhay... how dare he come here...
Chirag: No Piya... He apologized to me. He really said sorry to me and he meant it.(Pia thinks, 'Abhay said sorry? Why? Is this your scheme Abhay? What do you wish to do?')
Misha and Tracker on the Bike
Misha is driving her Bike through the Jungle road with Tracker sitting behind her. Tracker is talking non stop about Abhay and how he beaten up Chirag. The Bike stops suddenly because of no petrol. The girls hear the howling of wolves in the background. Ruhi gets scared and clings to Misha. Misha orders Ruhi to get down. Ruhi sees wolves and throw her slippers at them to chase them away. Misha tries to start the bike but it does not start. Misha asks Ruhi to push the bike. The girls walk from there pushing the bike.

At the Dobriyal House, Piya is coming down the stairs. She thinks, ' Why is he behaving like that? He beat Chirag so much and then he really went to apologize? What is Abhay hiding? Who is Abhay...the real Abhay... This is about Misha. I cannot let her be with a Guy who is this temperamental. No... I am going to ask you. I will find out about him. I will go to his house and confront him'. Piya walks from there.

A Car stops in front of the Raichand's Home and 3 hooded figures come out of it. Pia gets out of the Car and looks at them walking from there. She remembers seeing 2 hooded figures in front of her at the Jungle. She looks at them going by hiding behind a Car. She thinks, ' What was it? Whose picture is in my memory? No! It is not possible. Who is it and what is it?'
Pia caught unawares while spying at the Raichands Home
Pia gets inside the gate and walks towards the house. She tries to spy by opening a window and moving the curtain aside to look inside. She does not find anyone in the room and turns back to look if anyone is watching her. When she turns back to the direction of the room she sees Chand Raichand standing there wearing a hooded gown and gets scared. She screams and runs away from there. Chand thinks, ' What was this girl doing here? Pia... why does she not leave us alone? What was she spying over here? We have to deal with her... but not now! This time there are more important things to do...' Chand turns from there.
Abhay tells Chand that the Khurana's are Werewolves
Abhay is standing in the hall. Chand comes there.
Chand: So when I was unconscious what happened here? Tell me... I want to know it all! (Haseena comes and stands in between them)
Hasina: Dipanita Khurana... She is hiding her real identity. Who is she...where she has come from? Why she came here...nobody knows. Like us she too has made this city her home. Just like us...she does not have any past...or identity. Her wealth and power belongs to some one else...The real Dipanita Khurana is dead!
Abhay: And I felt that Chirag is that werewolf who attacked you...but I was wrong.
Chand: So...what are you trying to say?
Abhay: The person who attacked you is Neil (Hasina goes from there)...Neel Khurana, the elder son of Khurana Family ( Hasina gives a file to Chand's hand. Chand looks at it) When I fought with Chirag to get blood for you... Neil interfered in between.And when I looked at the video tape proof then I saw the same marks I gave the werewolf who fought with me at the jungle in the night on Neil's chest.(Chand sits on the sofa looking into the file. Hasina sits next to him) Khurana family also like us is hiding a big secret like us. They are ancient creatures just like us! They are our biggest enemies...from ages! They are the Werewolves! (Episode ends)

PreCap: Hasina and Chand are sitting on the sofa.
Hasina: Chand, What is wrong with you? The enemy is waiting outside our door...and you want to talk to the head of the clan? Why? (Chand keeps the file he was looking at on the table and gets up)
Chand: Hasina, (Hasina also gets up) This time it is important for us that we finish Neil. We have to kill him. And I don't want to involve Abhay in it...because I know to kill Neel we both are enough...

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