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21st July 2011 Written Update (Episode 225) Abhay Raichand finds out the secret of the Khurana Family

Abhay asks Misha if she is alright
Episode 225 starts with Abhay Raichand saving Misha Dobriyal from his own parents and running away from there with her. Misha is running and stops near a tree. She says, Oh my God... oh my God...who are these people man...' Misha thinks, 'Abhay saved me? (Abhay is walking towards Misha) He didn't need to. Was I wrong? Were we all wrong about Abhay?' Abhay comes and stands behind Misha.
Abhay: Misha, You okay?
Misha: Yeah...I am fine! (Misha turns to face Abhay. She looks at him with a confused expression on her face. She thinks, 'How did Abhay know that I was in trouble? How did he get here so soon? And those people...If they were so dangerous why did they not attack Abhay?)
Abhay: Are you okay Misha?
Misha: Yeah, I am okay! Abhay, how did you know where I am?
Abhay: I called your home...from there I came to know that you have gone out. I was going this way and saw your bike parked. I was wondering where you have gone after parking your bike. After that I heard you screaming...
Misha: You called? But why?
Abhay: I forgot...Leave it (Abhay keeps his hand on Misha's arm) You are okay, right? What are you doing here?
Misha: I...Oh! Neil...
Abhay: What Neel?
Misha: Neil is there...That people they attacked Neil also... He is bleeding. And then they attacked me and that's were you came in.
Abhay: Come... Let's go! (Abhay turns to go)
Misha: hey yaar! Are you mad? What if those two ghosts are there?
Abhay: Misha...just relax! There are no ghosts and whomever they are they won't attack on 2-3 people. And as you said that Neil is bleeding... we cannot leave him in that condition. Let's go and get him... Come! Follow me! (Abhay walks from there. Misha thinks, 'Abhay is saving a loser like Neil. He is really very good. Then why all this pretense? Why does Abhay wish that people don't like him? Complicated!' Misha walks from there).

Panchi tells Piya that Neil insults her all the time
Dobriyal House. Pia open the door of Panchi's room and switches on the lights. Panchi is lying on the bed.
Panchi: Pia...please shut the lights... (Pia walks into the room towards Panchi)
Pia: You nearly scared me... And what are you doing in the dark? (Pia comes and sits next to Panchi. Panchi wipes her tears).
Pia: Panchi... You are crying?(Piya keeps her hand on Panchi's arm) Why are you crying? What happened? Is everything okay?
Panchi: No! Nothing is okay... I am just irritating! I am fed up...
Pia: Neil... Now what did he do? (Panchi sits on the cot with pillow in hand)
Panchi: If it is one thing I can say. He keep looking for opportunities to insult me. If I dumped's not my fault. Will I have to keep paying the price for it whole life? I can't do anything about it... (Piya thinks, 'Have to make up... I need to talk to Jeh. Neil cannot do like that to my sister)
Pia: Panchi, please don't let him get on to you, okay? You please relax now. And Neil... we will handle him... (Pia gets up from the bed and goes to the where Panchi is sitting) Panchi, This time you should not think of all this. Go to sleep okay? You will feel better... And trust me he is not worth it.(Pia pours a glass of water from the jug on the bedside table and gives to Panchi. Panchi extends her legs and sit leaning to the bed head board) Panchi, Just remember...we are all with you..Mom...Dad... Mish... I... And no body can take away our love from you. Not even Neil! (Panchi nods) He is not worth it, okay? Now come...sip on your water...come on... (Panchi takes a sip) Good girl! (Pia takes the glass and keeps it on the table) And now go to sleep... Come on! It's night time and please don't cry (Panchi lies down and Pia puts the blanket on Panchi) Okay? Goodnight!
Panchi: Good night! (Pia goes from the room after switching off the lights)
Misha asks Abhay if Neil is dead
Abhay carries Neel from the Jungle
Abhay and Misha comes running to the spot were Neil is lying on the ground injured.
Misha: There he is... He is not moving. Is he dead?
Abhay: Misha...Misha... Stop! Relax... Don't panic... let me check him... (Abhay kneels near Neil. He avoids looking at the blood and places his fingers at the base of Neil's neck. He then looks at Misha) He is alive... Let's take him to his house. let his family decide whether to take him to the hospital or call the Doctor home. (Abhay lifts Neel from the ground and walks from the Jungle carrying him. Misha thinks, ' fact we all...thought of Abhay as villain. But he is hero! Sweet... considerate... kind... Then why does Neil hate him so much? (Misha recalls Neil attacking Abhay at the Boxing Ring) At the boxing match the way Neil attacked on Abhay... Abhay forgot save him now. That's so nice... If it would have been Neil he would be thinking of revenge now. It just shows dude...that we should not hurry when judging a person'. Misha walks from there.

Hasina and Chand are standing in the Forest.
Hasina: Chand... Abahy is taking Neil to his home...the house of Werewolves... Stop him! They will kill him...
Chand: Let him go Hasina! He is doing it deliberately. He knows what he is doing. Let us trust him!

Abhay is standing in front of the Khurana's Mansion door step. Abhay is carrying Neel who is unconscious and bleeding. He thinks, ' Why am I feeling so strange coming here?' Misha looks at him and says, 'You might be feeling so strange coming here...right Abhay?' Abhay looks at Misha in shock. Misha presses the calling bell of the house. Abhay thinks, 'How can Misha read my thoughts? No! This is not possible...'
Abhay: What do you mean?
Misha: What do you mean...meaning? Hello...This is your old house. Your forgot or what?
Abhay: No! I remember! I have not lost my your loser sister...
Misha: Hey Excuse me! I am only allowed to call my sister loser. So mind your tongue... (Abhay looks at Misha. Misha presses the door bell again) God! Hurry up! (Abhay thinks, 'There is some danger here...Knowing that why am I been pulled towards that danger? What is here?' Dipanita Khurana opens the door and is shocked to see Neil in the condition).
Dipanita: Neel... What happened to him?
Misha: Auntie...Actually in the Forest someone attacked Neil. Abhay and I were there so we bought him here.
Dipanita: Bring him in fast!
Pia meets Jeh at the Jungle
Pia is walking through the forest and meets Jeh.
Jeh: Hey Pia you look stressed... Is everything okay?
Pia: No Jeh... Everything is not okay... Neil is treating Panchi very badly. First he played the game and got engaged with her and now he keeps insulting her. He does not leave any opportunity to insult her. I mean this is not fair. These games...What is all this? After all it is some ones life!
Jeh: I know! Just relax... relax...
Pia: No Jay!
Jeh: Relax Pia... I know whatever Neel is doing is all wrong. I mean... But he is not in my control. And by the way I saved him at the Party only because he is my Brother. I can't see him getting humiliated in front of everyone. I know all this is very wrong. We have to do something about it.
Piya: But Jeh...You should not have saved him at the Party.
Jai: Look Pia... I told you why I saved him at the Party. And moreover, who poisoned his heart against Panchi and why... I have no clue... I mean I don't understand why two people who are suppose to get married fight with each other this much. I have no idea!
Pia: exactly! Jeh... Neil clearly told Panchi that he will not change his life style... he can't stop it. He told her that she will be with his girlfriends like that only and he does. And it is so embarrassing for her. She is my sister...
Jeh: I think... I think we should not stay silent about this any more. We should go and talk to my Mom. Because I think other than Mom no one can make Neel understand. I think we should go to talk to Mom. Yeah!
Pia: Really Jay? You will talk to your Mom about this?
Jeh: Of course! What did you think? Neil will keep doing mistakes and I will keep silence and watch him (Jeh nods his head in a No) No! I know that you think of me differently... Jeh is mean... Jeh is rude...Well, I am not as bad as you think. So... shall we go? Let's go and talk to Mom. I am sure she will do something. (Jeh smiles at Pia. Piya thinks, 'I have started to understand that...' Jay snaps his fingers in front of Pia.) Hello... Wake up! Can we go?
Piya: yeah!

Misha and Abhay at the Khurana's House
Abhay puts Neil on the bed.
Misha: Aunty... Call the doctor! Lot of blood is lost. (Abahy comes and stands next to Misha)
Dipanita: yes Misha... You don't take the trouble. I will call the family doctor... He will handle it. (Dipanita sits near Neel. Abahy thinks, 'Alright! Now let me see if she will call a human Doctor or an animal Doctor...or give an excuse? You know Dipanita and me too that no Doctor will see your son and recognize that his blood is that of an animal and not human'. Dipanita thinks, 'Who attacked you Neil? How this happened?')
Misha: Aunty, a lot of blood is lost. Why don't you use my phone? (Dipanita gets up from Neil's bed side)
Dipanita: I will make the call. The number is in the diary. I will call now... (Misha nods)
Misha: Come on! (Dipannita goes near the phone and dials a number by looking into a diary. Abhay thinks, 'This werewolves have kept a lot of protection around them to safeguard them from us. I can smell them. I can feel them...Now let's see which Doctor your Mom calls, Let's see!' Dipannita talks to the Doctor on the phone and tells him that there is an emergency. She asks him to come to the home and keeps the phone down. She then goes near Misha and Abhay)
Dipanita: Misha...Thanks dear! You people got Neil here. Doctor will come now any moment. You people go home... I will take care of Neel. And anyways, you may be getting late...right? (Misha nods)
Abhay: Not at all Auntie... We will wait may require us...Please Aunty! That is our duty... till Neil does not become alright (Abhay looks at Misha) we will stay here.
Dipanita: Okay! (Dipanita goes from there. Misha looks at Abhay)

Chand Raichand and Hasina in their Vampire attires
Chand Raichand and Hasina comes out of the Jungle wearing their Vampire attires. They look towards the Khurana's Home.
Hasina: Chand... our home...
Chand: No... Haseena. This is not our house. Wolves stay here.Their smell has surrounded the house. They may try to hide themselves... but where these much wolves stay together... they would not be able to hide. (Haseena takes a deep breath)
Hasina: I can smell them too!
Chand: Abhay has gone alone inside. Their intention to go to that house where the king of werewolves live.
Haseena: I know! The she wolf is the most deadliest... not the king... (Hasina and Chand look at each other) but the queen. And Abhay is in the house of that Queen. Chand we have to do something. We have to save him...
Chand: Relax Hasina! Abhay is not there alone... Misha is also there. They would not attack Abhay in front of her.
Hasina: But you do not know Dipanita. She is very dangerous. She is dangerous!

A Doctor is sitting beside Neil. He gives an injection to Neil. Abhay thinks, ' These human Doctors... Why they are not able to recognize the Werewolves? Why is he not doubting?' Abhay lowers his voice and talks to Misha.
Abhay: Misha...
Misha: Ahh..
Abhay: This Doctor is good or not? I mean is he good enough?
Misha: Of course! This is Dayal uncle. A well old and well known Doctor. In fact he is my family Doctor. (Misha smiles. Dipanita is looking at Abhay. Abhay looks at the Doctor and thinks, ' Why this Doctor is not able to find the difference between human and animal blood. Have this werewolves become so emorphe that there is no difference between their blood and human blood? Or it can be found when they take their original form? What is the matter?' Dipanita is still looking at Abhay with a strange expression on her face. Abhay looks at her).
Doctor: Mrs Khurana... The wound is deep. But no need to worry. I have given him injection... now I will appy bandage. Just let him sleep for sometime... he will be okay.
Dipanita: Thank you so much Doctor! In fact I will bring Neel to your Clinic tomorrow for proper check up.
Doctor: Sure! (Dipanita looks at Abhay) Doctor... There is my son's blood on Abhay's hands
Doctor: Son, Go and wash your hands. May be you did not realize that Neil's blood is on your hands. (Abhay looks at his hands. Abhay nods)
Abhay: Yeah! (Abhay goes from there)
Dipanita: Misha... I will go and show Abhay the rest room.
Misha: No it is okay Auntie... He knows!
Dipanita: Okay!
Misha: Thank God Neil is okay... (Dipanita looks worried)
Neil and Jeh with the Werewolf Abhay killed in the fight
Abhay is walking inside the House. He looks around as he walks.  Suddenly his eyes fall on the Wall Photos. He sees the Khurana Family's Pictures where there is another person also. Abhay recognizes the person as the Siddharth's Werewolf friend  whom he killed in the fight using the wooden stake. Abhay thinks, 'So these people are that Werewolf's family whom I killed while fighting with Maithili and Siddharth.(Episode ends)

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