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8th July 2011 Written Update (Episode 215) Pia dances with Jay Khurana at T’s Surprise Birthday Party

Abhay's dream dance with Pia at T's Birthday Party
Episode 215 starts with Kabir bringing T to the Surprise Party Venue. All the students of Mount College are gathered around. The students clap and glitters fall on T with the Happy Birthday Music playing on the background. T is embarrassed as she is in her night top and shorts. T's friend asks T how the surprise was. T pulls Kabir who is standing behind near her and asks, 'Kabir, you bought me here in my nightie? What the freak?' She then scolds her friend for not giving her the hint.
T's friend: I am sorry Babe! But it is for you.
T: Yeah! And you Guys are all dressed up in Queen clothes and I am wearing nightie. Bloody loser!
Misha: Don't worry T. I don't think you will ever dress better. Happy Birthday!
Ruhi: Misha, We all know that. But this time she looks different. Look at her! How beautiful she looks. Is this sexiness this season's in fashion?
T: Babes! Nighties are in! (T puts her hand behind her friend's neck who lips a sorry to her)

Abhay enters the party venue and looks around. He says in mind, 'Where are you Chirag Doshi? I need to see you...' Abhay then sees Tania chatting with a girl and wonders what she is doing there. He walks to her.
Abhay: Tania...
Tania: Hi Abhay!
Abhay: What are you doing here?
Tania: A friend of mine called me here.
Abhay: Who? (Tania points her finger to the other side of the room)
Tania: There she is... (Abhay looks at the pointed direction. Misha is standing at the Bar Counter with a drink in hand. She lifts her drink acknowledging them. She then walks towards Abhay and smile at him)
Misha: You play too many games Abhay and now I have come to know about your games. You owe me a lot of answers dude. I am on to you. (Abhay goes closer to Misha)
Abhay: Tell me what you want to talk to me. (Misha and Abhay walk together)
Misha: Show your heroism in front of someone else. I can act better than you...especially when I know everything. I know that you paid Tania money to act the part of your girlfriend. (Abhay looks at Misha shocked) I know that you are trying to make Pia jealous. For what is all this jealousy and all? If you want to keep Pia from you why don't you leave her alone? I mean Abhay... without you her life was going okay, right? Then why did you come back? And why these games? You and me both know Pia very well. All these games will not keep away from you but bring her closer to you. So please Abhay... Clear up your head. Figure it out what you want from her and from yourself. Come on Abhay, You owe it to yourself and Piya. (Misha walks away from Abhay)

The guys and girls are dancing on the dance floor to the music. Kabir interferes.
Kabir: Okay Guys Okay...There is an announcement. (T is standing with her friend while Pia and Jay are standing together) First of all Guys... Let's cheer up for the Birthday Girl (Kabir points to T) Tanushree Ambolker (The students clap for T) T... So far I have never told in front of these many people... But today I am telling... I love you Baby...I love you lots... (The students clap) T... We both are made for each other T... together at school and college... T and K... K and T... You know it was meant to be baby. You were the hottest girl in College and like some people say that I am the College's hottest boy... But T... whatever happens...the Queen of Kabir's heart is only you...and always will be. I know that our choices have always been different but life has always bought us together in one place. Guys... I know that it sounds filmy but T your heels have now connected with my heart beat...and now I am a gone case! I am all yours T... I am all yours! And I love you a lot. (T looks happy and flattered. Kabir asks to play the music. The Guys again resume dancing. T walks to the corner of the room. Kabir goes near her. T wipes her tears. Kabir sees that T has tears in her eyes and goes near her and keeps both hands on her shoulders)
Kabir: What happened T? Why are you sentimental? I thought I was a little too emotional but you have started crying. (Kabir turns T towards him. He cups her face) T... Please baby, don't cry! (T removes Kabir's hands from her face)
T: K... I am not crying because of your talk. I mean you bought me in this clothes for such a memorable Party... My nightie... my house clothes? I mean people are taking so many pictures (She wipes underneath her eyes) and I am going to look terrible in the side pictures. And what will people think?
Kabir: T...Come on yaar. Now only you told in front of everybody that this is the latest fashion and it is good!
T: No! It is not good! I hate you!
Kabir: You hate me? For what? What is my fault? What did I do? One thing I arranged such a big surprise party for you and you don't even bother. Wow!
T: Surprise Party? It is my Birthday! You have not done a favor. It was expected... (T turns and walks away. Kabir says, 'What is this nonsense yaar. T... I have to make it up with her' Kabir follows T.
Kabir and Tanushree dance together
Kabir and T dance
Angad who has been watching T and Kabir drama says, 'These girls... What ever you do... they just need more...Every time complaint complaint complaint'. Ruhi who is standing next to him asks, 'What did you say?'
Angad: Nothing! You will not understand... (He points to the dance floor where the spot light is falling on T. Students are standing around the dance floor. Kabir walks to T and kneels on the floor in front of T extending his hand to her for a dance. T places her hand on his hand and smiles happily. They walk together to the dance floor. Kabir offers a single red rose to T who takes it and throws it away. She then laughs and they dance together. Pia who is standing with jay looks at Abhay who is also looking at her. Jay comes and stand in front of Pia).
Jay: May I have a dance with the lovely lady?
Pia: Thank you so much but No! I am alright here...
Jay: You know what? If you stand here and keep watching him, you just only hurt yourself. In fact, I think you should move on...and tell him that it does not make a difference to you. Just a suggestion...might help! (Pia looks at Abhay again who still has eyes on her and then turns to Jay)
Pia: Jay...
Jay: Yeah...
Pia: May I have this dance with you?
Jay: Sure! Why not? (Pia puts her hand on Jay's arm and smiles at him. Jay and Pia walk towards the dance floor. Jay and Pia dances as Abhay stands near the Bar counter watching them)
Jay and Pia dance
Abhay and Misha dance
Abhay imagines him and Pia dancing together at the dance floor alone. Abhay comes out of the dream land when someone snaps fingers in front of him.
Misha: Hello! How much will you stare her? It does not make any difference to you, right? Whomever Piya is with...then when you are seeing her with Jay why are you looking sad? Abhay, you are too much. You are not fooling anyone. (Abhay tells in mind, 'Misha, What are you doing with me? I am already not able to handle myself and you...')
Abhay: Nothing like that Misha. I was looking and thinking that it's good that now I am free of her. Jay and Pia are good for each other. Both are very clingy.
Misha: Really? Well, You have to prove that it does not mean anything to you.
Abhay: Any time... May I (Abhay extends his hand to Misha for a dance. Misha thinks for a moment and then looks at the dance floor. She then places her hand on Abhay's hand and says, 'yes'. They both walk towards the dance floor. Abhay and Misha dances together on the dance floor closely. Jay and Pia suddenly notice Misha and Abhay on the dance floor).

At the Raichand House Hasina is sitting by the fire place looking into a folder with Dipannita Khurana's picture. Danish is standing and talking to her.
Danish: If I was given a little more time I would have bought more information. But I feel that from this file you will get a lot of help. I have my eyes on the Khurana's and as we know they are in this city to set up their Business... and they are among the city's most influential families. They are setting up their studio also here. But there is one problem.. (Danish goes silent. Hasina looks at him)
Hasina: What?
Danish: I could not find so far from where they have come from and what their previous business ventures are. It's like they have come from no where. Like from the air... Which means only 2 things... either they are lying about their present or the Khurana's are hiding something about their past... And they have covered their tracks very well. I am trying to get more information through my contacts. And Khurana's wealth...their Business...their past...where they are from... I could find nothing.
Hasina: That means they are wealthy. But we don't know anything about their background.
Danish: yes mam! And it only means one thing...that they are involved in some illegal business. It is obviously dirty. And I need some more time to go to the root of it. (Hasina nods) So Mam... May I go? (Hasina nods)
Danish: Thank you (He goes from there. Hasina looks at Dipannita's picture and says, 'There is no past and nobody knows you...neither are there any old records...Your Past is just like ours. Who are you people? Who are you Dipannita Khurana?)

Dipannita Khurana is sitting by the fire place looking into some file. She notices Neel passing by and calls him.
Dipannita: Neel...
Neel: Yeah Mom...
Dipannita: How was your date with Panchi that day?
Neel: It was Okay...
Dipannita: Meaning? You went there where I made your bookings, is it not?
Neel:Mom... Gone there but...
Dipannita: But? So you did not enjoy your meal?
Neel: Yeah it was good. I mean where you did the reservations were good but...Anyways Mom... I have to go somewhere, I will talk about that later... Sorry, Bye! (Neel goes from there. Dipannita gets up from the chair with the file. She thinks, 'Neel is not taking the engagement seriously. He does not understand that we have to maintain a good relationship with the Dobriyals. If we need to stay in the city it is very important to have the support of the Dobriyal family. What we want to do for that it is very important that the Dobriyals are with us. Neel has to understand that and have to put more efforts towards the relationship. For this plan to succeed it is very essential to make this relationship').
Jay notices Pia and Abhay looking at each other
Ruhi and Angad are standing at the dance floor together. Ruhi tells Angad, ' Look at much she is enjoying and dancing. And look at Jay Pia... they are just friends and Misha Abhay...they are random enemies. I mean look... everyone is dancing and what am I doing? Come on let's dance. We have been couple for 2 years... this College's hit couple. Come on let's dance... Please...come...'
Angad: Ruhi...I don't know to dance. I don't want to dance.
Ruhi: Really you don't know to dance? Earlier you used to dance with what happened to you? (Ruhi forces Angad who says that he does not know couple dance. Ruhi says she will handle it. She goes to the other end of the dance floor and then comes running towards Angad. Ruhi runs past him and falls with face on T's Birthday Cake. Everyone stops dancing and looks at her laughing. Ruhi lifts her face and get up and screams for Angad. She then hits Angad who takes cake from her face and tastes it. The students laugh. While everyone is looking at the Ruhi and Angad drama Pia and Abhay are staring at each other. Jay who was laughing seeing the drama suddenly notices Pia and follows her gaze at Abhay. Jay looks at Pia again and then back to Abhay with a smile).

PreCap: T is talking with Pia. She says, 'What I am trying to say is that Misha and Abhay used to hate each other (They look at Misha and Abhay who are sitting together. Misha has her hands around Abhay's shoulder and Abhay is listening to her talk with a smile). I mean Misha use to hate Abhay...and Abhay never bothered about her. And now what happened that they are lost in each others eyes? I mean from enemies to more than friends?'

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