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31st May 2011 Written Update (Episode 186) Jay Khurana warns Neel to stay away from Panchi Dobriyal

Arnab scolds Misha and Pia for being late
Episode 186 starts with Misha asking Pia, 'You sure you are okay?' Piya replies, 'Yeah, I am fine. Pia thinks in mind, 'No...I am not Okay! Don't know what is happening with me. This strange face which is coming in front of me again and again... who is he? What is the Story hidden behind this face?' Jay looks at Pia as if reading her thoughts and she looks back at him. Misha's phone rings and she looks at the Caller ID. She says, 'Oh...It's Mom's phone (Misha looks at her watch and realizes that it is too late) We are already late. Come on Pia let's go!' (Misha pulls Pia by hand and both rushes out of the Club)

Madhu is worried and goes and sits by the fire place in the hall. Arnab switches on the light and comes to the Hall and notices that Madhu is worried.
Arnab: Madhu, What happened? You are sitting worried here at this time of the night? You should have woken me up. Any Problem? All Okay?
Madhu: Nothing happened to me Arnab. I am totally fine. Do you have any idea where your girls are? They have not returned till now. (Arnab sits on the Sofa)
Arnab: They did tell that they are going for a Party at some Poison...something...
Madhu: Gone for Party? Isn't there a time to come back home? Misha is crossing the limits. She knows that from the time Pia has returned she is not okay...she is not well...she is not mentally stable...She is remembering old memories and we have to be extra careful. We have to see to it that she does not have any stress (Arnab smiles). Misha even after knowing all that took Pia with her. Let her come...I will take her into task...
Arnab: You love Piya so much, don't you?
Madhu: Obviously Arnab. Waht stupid question you are asking.
Arnab: No, It is true. I feel that there was no necessary for you to give place for Piya in your life... your house and accept her...Be good with her. But you accepted her. Madhu... (Arnab takes Madhu's hand in his) You are great!(Madhu looks at him) It is true...I really mean it. After this I feel that I really don't deserve you (Madhu suppresses a smile)And now I feel that you should go and sleep that you don't get dark circles. (Madhu tries to give excuse) They will come... Come...Come on...(Arnab takes Madhu from the Hall)

Jay Khurana is driving the Car with Neel sitting on the front passenger seat. Neel is checking the Music.
Neel:Is there only Rock Music in your Car? Don't you have any slow Romantic Songs?
Jay: You won't get anything slow in this vehicle...this is an action packed Car. By the way, for make out sessions Rock Music is awesome...Yipee! (Jay smiles. Neel finds Once upon a time in Mumbai CD and inserts it into the Player. The song 'Pee loon' plays and Jay tells that the CD should be Mom's. Neel asks when she is returning and Jai tells that he does not know.
Neel: By the way...what stunt you did today...don't repeat it!
Jai: What stunt?
Neel: With Panchi's sister... Dude, What's with you? This is not some kinder garden that when you wish you put water on some one. Why are you spoiling my relationship with Panchi... (Jay stops the Car)
Jai: Listen Brother, You are my Brother and that is why I am trying to make you understand that you stay away from Panchi Dobriyal. She is not a nice girl. And moreover, she cannot be one Guy's. You are my Cousin and I will not let Panchi Dobriyal play with your heart, get it? And if by behaving meanly and rudely with Pia she stays away from you then that is what I want.
Neel: You know Bro? You have lost it. Your brain has stopped working. I hope you know that I am older than you and I can take care of myself. Who are you to interfere in my love life? I have been trying to talk to Panchi for the past 6 months and now when I got a chance you are trying to spoil it. So let me tell you...this is not happening...this is not happening at all!
Jay: Not bad!
Neel: Listen! let me tell you...Panchi is a very very sweet girl. It is just that she has not got a good Guy till now...And I am going to try getting her... and you lay off...you just lay off...
Jay: Not bad! From your point of view the matters have become that serious...she is only playing with you, you will see
Neel: Really...Let us do I thing. Let's see right now. The number she gave me let's try it...
Jay: Sure! (Neels messages Panchi from his phone, 'It was real sweet meeting you. When are we meeting next?' Neel gets a message back and he reads it for Jai, 'Me too! Hugs and kisses'
Neel: Now you mind Driving? (Jay starts the Car again and drives off).

Misha is driving the Car with Pia sitting on the front seat.
Misha: What? He told you like that? Who is he? Loser...You are a dumbo..you should have told me there and I would have slapped him...Bloody...
Piya: That is why I did not tell you...Already they was enough Drama that I did not want to add more.
Misha: But who is he? I have not seen him before in this city...
Piya: I don't know. He is in College. We will find out fast... (Piya looks at the forest side) How pretty these forests look at night, right Misha?
Misha: Whatever!
Pia: Come on Misha. You know Misha when ever I pass this forest I feel as if it is calling me towards it...as if it is waiting for me...
Misha: You know why?
Pia: Why?
Misha: Because... Pia was Mowgli in last birth (The girls laugh)
Piya: Can I tell you one thing seriously Misha...?
Misha: yeah...
Pia: I don't know what you would think...When I fell and that Jay saved me I don't know what happened...I have lost it or it was out of panic...But that eyes felt very familiar to me...they seemed so familiar to me...I don't know it was so strange...
Misha: It is very simple...You know why?
Pia: Why?
Misha: Because you have become a despo. You can see only Guys on all four sides... just like Birdy. From today onwards you have a new name...Despo Pia (Misha shows a kissing sign)
Piya: Misha, I am serious, Okay?
Misha: And I am also joking despo Pia...
Pia: But seriously Misha you know I feel that there is something remembering which is very important. I have to remember it. And you know what? I will search and find it for sure.
Misha: Oh Sherlock... If you wish I can be your Dr Watson. (The girl laugh) But seriously man...you have become like a Psycho...I have to find what is not there (Pia and Misha laughs. Pia thinks, 'I know Misha is telling right. This looks like a joke but how can I ignore what I feel... again and again the same feeling...the same eyes...something is there'. Misha thinks, 'What is she looking at? What is she thinking? Piya, how will I save you from your own memories?')

T is driving the Car with Kabir on the front passenger seat.
Kabir: T... T I know you are angry but drive slow.
T: Just shut up K! You will teach me how to drive? Nonsense! I saw you. I saw the look you gave her.What do you think...I am dumb? I don't understand anything? Don't deny anything I say and don't doubt my intelligence, Understand? I see you...It is not even 2 days since she came and you are already in her trap. Very smart. That b@#$% has taken you once away from me and not again Kabir...
Kabir: T, Just Calm down...you are over reacting...
T: Just shut up! K...Don't defend her, Okay? Maybe you are forgetting that you are in my closed fist...Don't forget that I own you. Your remote is in my hands. And pray that I don't get bored with you. And if I become bored you and I both know what would happen. So just watch it... (Kabir is angry and frustrated by his facial expressions)

Misha and Pia stealthily enters Dobriyal House and climb the stairs. The light suddenly gets switched on and they see Madhu standing at the bottom of the stairs. Madhu scolds them and tells them that for the next one week they are not permitted to go anywhere other than College. Misha complaints to Arnab but Madhu stops Arnab from defending his daughters. Pia tries to defend Misha telling that since she was depressed Misha took her out but Arnab tells Pia, 'I am your father. You are not my father. Don't try to make us understand. It is about time...You guys behave yourself...especially you Misha...' Misha complains that no body gives her a chance to prove her innocence and cooks up a Story about Pia.
Misha: You know what happened today? Today Pia fell from the railing in the Club today. She almost died and one random dude saved her... See how she is shivering now...(Pia puts a poor face and acts. Arnab looks on suspiciously. Madhu becomes concerned and goes near Pia)
Madhu: Piya... Pia dear, Are you okay?
Pia: Yeah Momma...My shivering was not stopping and Misha got me Coffee and our Car got problem and we got late...
Misha: And when we come back...I am hearing this...grounded...grounded...
Madhu feels bad and apologizes to Misha. She then scolds Arnab for not stopping her from scolding the girls. Arnab looks at Pia and Misha who smile at them. When Madhu looks at her she goes back to her cry act.
Madhu: Baby, Go to your room. I will bring you Chocolate Milkshake...
Misha: Double Chocolate please... (Misha and Pia goes upstairs)
Pia: Mishu...You are the limit okay?
Misha: No Baby I am limitless... (The girls laugh)

Piya is in her room wearing Night Clothes. She takes the laptop from the table and sits on the bed with it. She opens the laptop. She thinks, 'Who was he? That face...that eyes...(she recalls Abhay's eyes)... so familiar...Abhay? Oh God... was it Abhay? Can that happen? (She checks her friendsbook account and browses through her friend list. She then types 'Abhay Raichand' as search query in Loogle but do not get any search results. Then suddenly on her friends book account a friend request from Abhay Raichand appears.

Scene moves to another room. Only Jay's hands on the laptop is shown. He is sitting in front of a laptop. He says, 'Come on Pia...Accept the request, Come on! You know you want to... Let the game begin...'

Piya accepts the friend request. She thinks, 'Did I do right? If Misha is telling right and Abhay is really in my life I should not have done this stupidity. Oh God! Should I unfriend him?' Jay then impersonates Abhay and chats to Pia, 'Hi Pia...it's been a long time'. Pia asks, 'How do I know you?' Jay replies, 'We both used to love each other. Not just love...I could not live without you nor you without me'. Piya replies, 'No, I heard something else. I heard that to live you need me and lot of other girls' Jay responds, 'How did you believe that Piya? What does your heart say?'Piya replies, 'Whatever my heart says the fact is that I and you are not together. I am sorry...I have to go!'.Jay types, 'It should be Misha. She always had a problem with me. What lies she told you' Piya replies, 'Excuse me...That is my sister you are talking about' Jay talks bad of Misha and Piya gets annoyed and messages him, 'I don't want to talk anything to you'. Piya says,' Who the hell he think he is...Misha was telling right. He is an a@#$$$%!' Misha then comes to the room and does some drama in front of Pia and both the girls laugh. Misha notices that Pia is checking her Friendsbook.
Misha: Friendsbook? This late at night who are you chatting with?
Pia: No actually, I was searching for information regarding today's class project.
Misha: Project? We did not get any homework at class today.
Piya: We got...You were not paying attention.
Misha: I know that I stay in coma most of the time in the class but I will always know about home work. What are you hiding Pia? Is it a boy? (Misha tries to peep but Piya stops her)
Pia: No Misha! It's nothing...I am doing project and it is Fashion Week so I was just...
Misha: Oh!Then tell that... Anyway I will leave you alone, Okay?
Pia: Okay (Misha gets up from the bed and walks towards the door. She thinks, 'Pia, what are you up to? Maybe you don't know how fragile you are these days...This is not the time to keep secrets. I will have to watch you very carefully'. Misha goes out of the room. Piya thinks). Episode ends.

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