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1st June 2011 Written Update (Episode 187) Pia Dobriyal plays dirty to win the Volleyball match against Jay and Kabir

Neel impresses Panchi by gifting her Daisies
At the Mount College Campus students are getting ready for the Volleyball Match. Misha is excited to participate in the match. Pia comes there and chats up with Misha. Jay sees the Dobriyal Sisters and makes fun of Pia saying, 'Look who is here. Our College Beauty Queen would play Volleyball with us? the way Pia this is a very rough sport. And what would happen to your nails and your hair...Or let me guess... Did you come here for cheer leading?'
Piya: You know what? When I saw your hot short skirt I felt it is the Cheerleaders area. Then I realized that for cheer leading you not only need legs but also a good face. And to rest your mind...I am not taking part in Volleyball...
Jay: Oh!!! Without you how would we win? Sh#$! Anyways Dobriyal...I don't see any ramp near by nor have anyone here worn high you cannot play this game. You know what? When we are practicing you go to the Saloon may be you would look good. (Misha gets angry at Jay and tries to defend Pia but Pia stops her)
Piya: Misha, You know what? Even I am going to play...
Misha: Seriously?
Piya: Seriously...
Jay: Okay! Get it on...let's see!
Misha: Look who is getting all sporty (Pia and Misha goes from there)

Piya is ready for playing the Volleyball Match. She is wearing a white miniskirt and red top and a white jacket on top. She looks at the mirror and says, 'Cheer leading my foot...Now see Jay Khurana you loser I will tell you how the game is played'. Piya then sits on the bench and checks her friendsbook account on her lap top. She sees a message from the user Abhay Raichand apologizing to her and asking her to meet him. Piya thinks, 'I have to meet him otherwise his thoughts and memories would keep on bothering me. I have to meet one time and find the truth (she closes her laptop). I know I should be nervous right now but this time what I feel...what I am about to do...I think that is the right thing'. Misha comes to the Locker Room and compliments on Pia's looks by saying, 'Hottie...'.
Piya: Oh Come on Misha... Let's go and show that arrogant loser that I can kick ass in my sneakers just as I do in my high heels. (Pia keeps her laptop in her locker and locks it)

At the Campus a Guy announces, 'We will have 2 teams...Boys Vs Girls...and whichever team scores five points first will be the winner'. Misha and Pia picks the chits from the bowl and are happy that they are partners in the game. Misha asks who are their opponents in boys. When Kabir comes to the court Misha tells him that he is going to have a tough fight.
Kabir: Actually you are right...Your team is better looking. (Piya and Misha smiles. T is not happy with Kabir complimenting Piya)
Misha: Who is your Partner? (Kabir looks around)
Kabir: He was here... (Kabir blows a whistle with his mouth and Jay comes to the Court with a ball in hand. He looks at Pia.)
Jay: I am sorry! Are we playing Volleyball here or some Fashion parade? Hey Dobriyal! Cut your nails...the ball will get punctured...
Piya: Instead of my nails and me you concentrate on your game...probably you will score a point.
Jay: You seriously think that my eyes are on you? Dream on!
Pia: Whatever...we will see...
Jay: All the best!
Piya distracts Jay by removing her Jacket
Jay gets distracted
The match is about to begin.
Misha: Today we have full on pressure...We got to beat this Guys!
Piya: Let's do it... (Piya and Misha moves to the Court. T goes to Kabir)
T: K, I want you to win this match against that loser...
Kabir: Relax T, It's just a game...(T threatens him of the consequences if he does not win. The students cheer for the players and the game begins. After a few hits and misses from both sides the score becomes 4 for both the Teams. Misha tells Pia that they should score one more point failing which Kabir would make fun of them. Piya tells Misha to take the serve and she will handle it. Jay's eyes is on Pia and she slowly removes the zipper of her jacket and removes it. Piya is now wearing just a red camisole on top of her miniskirt. Jay stares at Piya. Even Misha is startled at first then she smiles. Piya signals Misha to serve the ball and she takes the serve which Jay misses thus losing the match. T is angry. Misha and Piya shows their excitement of winning the match by jumping and hugging each other. Jay is angry and frustrated. Kabir shouts at Jay for losing the match and Jay tells him that Pia cheated. Kabir goes from there angrily. Jay too follows him.
Jay challenges Pia for a one to one match
Jay is removing water from his vest. Piya walks to him and taunts.
Piya: To create an impression you have soaked your T shirt and bought here. There would not have been that much sweat with your efforts.
Jay: Dirty trick Pia...Anyways, I am not surprised. This is what is been taught to Dobriyal Family girls, right? You don't know to play fair. And what is the use of such a victory where you and I know that you cheated.
Piya: Do you always cry this way? Oh...wait a minute...the guys in your family would have been taught that if you lose the game put the blame on others,right?
Jay: Hey Dobriyal! Don't bring my family in between, get it?
Pia: And you too don't bring out the names of Dobriyal girls from your mouth.
Jay: You know what Pia...Let's play the and me...
Pia: Bring it least something interesting would come out of your bogus personality. (Pia goes from there. Jay punches the wall in anger)

There are many girls in the Locker Room. Tracker who is talking to the girls runs to Pia and congratulates her when she sees her. The girls clap for Pia and then leave the room. Pia takes the laptop from her locker and sits on the bench in the locker room checking her friendbook account. She sees a message from user Abhay Raichand saying, 'I will be waiting, I know you will come'. Misha comes to the room and Pia closes the laptop. Misha tells Pia that they will Party in the night. Piya refuses telling that she has to go some where else. Piya gets up from the bench and locks her Laptop in the Locker room cupboard.
Pia: Okay, see you! I have to go and change (Pia leaves the room. Misha thinks.)

Panchi is in a Restaurant with Neel. Neel Offers a bouquet of Daisies for Panchi.
Panchi: Daisies?
Neel: You don't like Daisies? (Panchi nods no) I got it because I like it...
Panchi: If you want to impress someone you could have got roses, lilies, orchids etc but daisies are such cheap flowers.
Neel: You know Baby... actually I plucked these with my own hands. You know what? You are Panchi Dobriyal...and i am sure till now many guys would have given costly gifts to impress you...chocolates...stuffed toys and don't know what else...It's just that I want to show you that I am different from all. Instead of spending money on you I would like to spend time on you Panchi...You are very sweet...very delicate...different from all...just like these Daisies...That's it Panchi!
Panchi: Thanks! That's lovely... (Panchi takes the Bouquet from Neel)
Neel: Panchi it is not that I would not give you gifts. I would love to spoil you. But it is just that this was my first gift and I wanted to give it to you from my heart.
Panchi: That's priceless (Panchi and Neel smiles. Panchi's mobile rings and she excuses herself to take the call. She walks a little distant from the table and asks the caller,'Hello...What is it? I am on a date...very interesting better be good enough reason...' Panchi is startled to hear the news from the other end and tells that she would be there in 10 minutes. She goes to the table and picks her bag and flowers.
Panchi : Listen...I am so sorry...I have to go...
Neel: Is everything okay, any problem?
Panchi: My sisters have some problems. i am sorry I got to go...
Neel: Panchi if you don't want to tell them about us... if there is anything to tell then...I mean
Panchi: You understand me well... You are very sweet. But as of now I have to go...Just understand...Bye! (Panchi leaves the Restaurant. Neel sits back on the chair and says, 'she always laves me and go...')

Panchi and Misha are sitting on the back seat of a Chauffeur driven Car.
Misha: And I swear...she was behaving so strangely. It happened the second time that I went to the room and she closed the laptop. So I broke into her locker and hacked her friendsbook and guess what? Guess who is back... (Misha opens the laptop and shows Pia's friend list to Panchi)
Panchi: Abhay?
Misha: Yeah...Just check this out...Abhay Raichand is friends with Pia other friends...So basically he opened this account for Pia...
Panchi: But...If Abhay has come back where is is he...and why is not coming in front of everyone?
Misha: Just check out their chat history.
Panchi: He has called Pia to that the Jungle...Why is Pia listening to him? Gosh!
Misha: the Car fast please...

Pia comes to the Forest. She thinks, 'Have I come to this place before? Strange... This place feels so familiar'. Piya walks into the Forest. She thinks, 'What a scary place this is and I alone...what have I come here searching for? And whom I have come to meet... who already spoiled my life once. What have I come to see? Why am I here? It feels like I belong I have come part of my heart was left here...'. Piya reaches the place where Abhay lays buried underneath the ground. She kneels on the ground and touches it. She thinks, 'Why is it so cold here?' She removes the soil with her hand and is surprised to see ice there. She thinks, ' And that too in this' Piya is suddenly startled by the sound of someone coming in her direction at the Forest. She says, 'Abhay, Is that you? I have come Abhay!' Someone comes behind Pia and keeps hand on her shoulder. Piya turns and looks back. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Haseena comes to the Forest. She keeps her hand on the ground above Abhay's resting place.

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