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1st August 2011 Written Update (Episode 232) Jeh Khurana asks Pia Dobriyal to meet him at Sunset point if she wants his friendship

Pia tries to tie Friendship Band on Jay's wrist
Episode 232 starts with Ruhi buying asking for Friendship day bands at a Shop. The Shop Owner asks the Shop assistant to show her friendship bands. When the shop assistant is about to pick up friendship band to show her, Ruhi points out to a Rakhi and asks for that. The shop assistant tries to tell her that it is a Rakhi but the Shop Owner interferes and tells him, ' Give son... Give it... Madam likes this one!'. Ruhi thinks, 'Superb! My friendship band is shiny, different and cool. Everyone would like to be my friend. One... two... three... four... Who do you want to be friends with? Ruhi... Ruhi... Ruhi...' She asks for the entire bunch. The shop owner says that he cannot give all as it is reserved and kept. Ruhi offers him double the price and the shopkeeper agrees to give it to her. The shop assistant again tries to tell Ruhi that it is not friendship band but the shop keeper stops him and asks him to keep the bangles correctly. Ruhi tells the Shop Owner, 'You don't know Sir... How popular I will become because of these bands...'. The Shop Owner Wishes her best of luck and gives the packed Rakhi's. Ruhi goes from there. He looks at the Currency handed over by Tracker and says to the assistant, 'This is called Business!'
T rejects the friendship band from her friends telling that they are her assistants
At the Mount College Campus students are tying friendship bands for friends. Ruhi comes running to the College Campus with the Rakhi's in hand. One girl approaches Tanushree and asks her if she would make friends with her and include her in T gang. T tells her that she does not make friendship with people like her. T tells that this year she has only 5 friendship bands which are exclusive people and asks the girl to wait for next life. As T walks through the College corridor her friends approach her with friendship bands and asks her which on to tie on her wrist. T tells them that they are her assistants and not friends. Tanushree tells them that she does not touch her assistants and asks them to go away. T goes away from there. T's friends are angry.

Angad is at the Locker Room. He is sad that nobody tied friendship band on him. Suddenly another student comes to the locker room talking on his Mobile phone telling how some hot girls were chasing him today and tied friendship bands on him. He tells that he is not interested and removes the bands and throws it in the dust bin. After he goes Angad picks them up and wear it on his wrist. He gets out of the Locker Room saying happily, 'happy friendship day'.

Ruhi is chasing some Guys through the College Campus saying, 'Where are you going?Stop Guys...' Ruhi tells that she got new friendship bands. She catch hold of one Guy and he tells her, 'Hey Tracker I don't want to be your Brother' and runs away from there. Ruhi is angry.
Ruhi: You loser! You don't know anything! (Some girls are watching Ruhi and laughing at her) You don't even know the 'F' of fashion. Small town idiot guys... (She then remembers Angad and runs to find him)
Ruhi tries Rakhi on Angad's wrist
Angad is coming through the College Corridor counting the Rakhi's on his hand.Ruhi approaches him and he hugs her happily. Ruhi shows him the Rakhi and tells him that she got it for him. Angad is happy and tells her that after she ties it he will have 11 friends and lets her tie the rakhi on his hand. He thanks her and tells her that she is so nice. he then looks at what Ruhi tied and realizes that it is not a friendship band.
Angad: Hey Ruhi... What is this?
Ruhi: Friendship band! I have 19 with me...
Angad: For me? Ruhi, Are you my sister?
Ruhi: Yeah...
Angad: Are you my sister?
Ruhi: No!
Angad: Then... Are you mad? By tying this Rakhi are you making me your Brother or what? (Ruhi takes his hand and looks at the rakhi and realizes her mistake) What you got go and tie those guys. What have I done to you that you always do like this to me? Today is friendship day not raksha bandhan. Angad breaks the rakhi and throws it to the ground.

Jey walks away after asking Pia to meet him around 6 at Sunset Point
Jeh Khurana is walking through the College Corridor. Pia stops him.
Pia: Jeh... Listen! Show me your hand.
Jeh: Why?
Piya: Do what I am saying... (Jey extends his hand and Pia tries to tie a friendship band saying, 'happy friendship day' but Jeh withdraws his hand before she could do it).
Jeh: Aha... Not so easy!
Pia: meaning?
Jeh: Meaning... My friendship is not so easy.
Pia: Oh! So what should I do to earn your friendship?
Jeh: Nothing much! Meet me at the sunset point...around six...
Piya: Why? (Jay signals her to keep her mouth shut)
Jeh: No more questions...6'o'clock...
Pia: Okay... (Jeh goes from there smiling and tapping guys on their shoulder. Pia walks slowly through the corridor. She thinks, 'I know Abhay has asked me to stay away from Jay. But I really think that Abhay does not know Jeh very well. He is such a sweet boy. I don't think Abhay is right about Jeh. I trust Abhay but I trust Jeh also. Well... This decision is mine and I am totally fine with it'. Pia smiles).

Abhay's mobile phone rings. He picks up the call from Danish. Danish is driving the Car while talking on the mobile phone.
Abhay: Yeah Danish!
Danish: Abhay, I have come to know that who is Dipanita's adopted son...
Abhay: I know! Neil...
Danish: No no no... that's a mistake...
Abhay: What are you trying to tell?
Danish: Dipanita's adopted son is not Neil but some Jeh... (Abhay is shocked by the information)

At the Orphanage office room Dipanita Khurana throws bundle of notes in front of the Clerk Mishra and thank him for changing the information.
Mishra: I will do anything for you. But the Guy who came gave more money than this... I expected more from you. Dipanita throws another bundle of notes in front of Mr Mishra who takes it happily. Dipanita thinks, ' I did a good thing by warning Mishra earlier itself. By changing the name on form I will be in benefit because the enemy now has this information that Jeh is my adopted son'. Dipanita goes from there.

Misha is selling Friendship bands at the College Campus. A lot of students are gathered in front of her shop.
Misha: Is she your friend? Tell her the way it is. Guys, Friendship Day comes every year. So I thought of doing something different this year. Color coded bands... For every color there is a different meaning...
Student : Meaning?
Misha: It is very simple... (She touches each color band and explains meaning) Yellow means friendship... White means Peace... Maroon is for those people whom you hate but they do not get the hint... Red? Red is for secret love... Pink is for those people whom you like but still have not started loving...Light pink... for those whom you find interesting ...gone for 1-2 dates but do not know where the relationship is going... Ahh.. lightest Pink... Well lightest pink is for those people with whom you have gone on date once and there is no further scope for anything happening... basically T type band (T's friends are shocked) It is that T does not go for a second date... she shows the full picture on the first date itself...There is no need of second show (The students laugh. T's friends are angry at Misha). Oops... Did I say it aloud? Okay Guys Come on Wrist bands... (The student shouts that they all want. Misha asks them to keep peace and maintain a line. One girl asks that what is the significance of the band Misha gave her. Misha replies that it is a 'I love you but I hate you band' which is especially for ex boyfriends. Another girl buys the entire bunch telling that all her ex boyfriends hate her. All the students buy from the stall. Misha looks at the white bands and says, 'No body wants white? I think this friendship day every one wants love or hate. No one wants white'. A girl comes and asks for blue. Misha tells that there is no blue and asks why she needs that. The girl says, 'Blue means... one night'. Guys standing in the line also says that they need blue. Misha asks her assistant to color all the white bands blue as there is a big demand. Misha sells all her painted blue bands in no time. She says looking at the money she made, 'This friendship day rocks... bleeding blue')
Neil tells Panchi that he needs her support and not rest
Somebody rings the door bell at Khurana's House. Dipanita Khurana opens the door and sees Panchi standing outside the door.
Dipanita: Panchi... Come in dear..
Panchi : How are you Aunty? (Panchi walks in and hugs Dipanita)
Dipanita: I am fine dear... How are you?
PanchI: I am good. (Dipanita ushers Panchi to the Sofa and they both sit)
Dipanita: How is Mom-Dad?
Panchi : They are fine...
Dipanita: Actually I will show you something... Shankar... (The Guy comes with some interior decoration stuff and Dipanita takes it and shows it to Panchi)
Panchi: Wow! What is this Aunty? You are re-decorating the house?
Dipanita: Panchi dear... not me but you! After marriage the room in which you will stay...the colors of that all you have to decide and choose. I have got all the options for you...these are interior design options and these are furniture catalogs. So you have to decide and choose... (Panchi thinks, 'Oh God! Aunty is making full plans. I am trying to break the marriage. And these people are trying to set up my house').
Panchi: But Aunty...Why so early?
Dipanita: Early? Panchi... In order for the decor of your room to complete it will take at least 3 months. And then the wedding would be near. How the time will go you will not even know.
Panchi: Okay! Aunty... I really appreciate everything but I have a suggestion. I have a friend who is an interior decorator. And she knows my taste... But there is a problem... She is gone out of city for a week. So if you don't mind...
Dipanita: Okay!
Panchi: Thank you! (Panchi thinks, 'You escaped Panchi... the matter is postponed for a week'. Neil comes to the hall).
Neil: Hey Mom!
Dipanita: Neil! How are you feeling?
Neil: Good Mom! (Neel sits next to Dipanita)
Dipanita: It is good Doctor Dayal did your treatment. You have become alright fast. You are looking so much better. By the way I had called Panchi home... so that she could choose the decor of her room (Panchi smiles) But she has some friend who is an interior decorator and she wants to take her help.
Panchi: Thank you so much Aunty for all the arrangements. Any ways I got to go now... (Panchi gets up. Neel and Dipanita also gets up) I need to go to the friendship party...
Dipanita: Okay!
Neel: Panchi... I will pick you up. I and Jeh are going that side.
Panchi: But Neel your health is not good. You need to take rest. (Neel comes to Panchi's side and holds both her hands)
Neel: I don't need rest... I need support. My support is you Panchi... (Dipanita smiles. Panchi turns and gives a fake smile). If my health goes bad I will take your support, right? (Panchi nods. Neil leaves her hand)
Panchi: Yeah! Anyways, I am going to make a move... Bye! (Panchi and Dipanita goes from there. Neel says in mind, 'See you Panchi! To get rid of me is not that easy').
Misha and Tanushree gets into a fist fight
T comes near Misha's friendship band store and some Guys go to her to tie friendship bands.
T: Okay...wait wait wait... These many boys... Waiting for me? I knew that I am the College's most popular girl...Okay Boys... One by one... Yeah? (She takes the bands from the Guys. She shows the bundle of blue bands in Misha's direction and exclaims, 'Oh my God... So many bands... And Misha you don't have even one band?')
Misha: Don't worry about it T... Superb man! I am really happy for you...
T: It's okay Misha... Your sister would take pity on you and tie a band...
Misha: Don't think too much for me. You know I don't want your type of bands...It is color coded friendship day. And the blue color is for those who are worth for one one night... (Tanushree looks at her bands in shock) T you are worth nothing but a one night strand... (Misha goes near T) Every one knows your story. The Guys know that you cannot even maintain friendship and how you would be able to handle relationship.
T: What? what did you say? (Tanushree charges at Misha and they have a cat fight. Kabir interferes and takes T away from there. Misha and her stall assistant also goes from there).
Dobriyal Sisters wearing Sari's on top of their dresses
Arnab is waiting downstairs for the girls. Misha, Pia and Panchi comes wearing short dresses. Arnab looks at them and orders them to change and come fast. The girls are angry and comes back to the room. Misha picks up 3 sari's from the cupboard and tells her sisters that she has an idea to save their dresses. The three of them wear Sari's on top of their dresses. Arnab tells in mind, ' You are trying to make a fool of me? You people think that I don't know about you? Well... Too bad!'
Arnab: well... Nice! Now we will show the whole city how lovely the Dobriyal family girls look. Come on... (Arnab gets out of the house followed by the Dobriyal sisters).
Pia: What yaar... This is so like plain jane... (Arnab looks at them)
Panchi: shut up yaar... You know what to do, right?
Arnab: Did I hear something?
Pia & Panchi: No Papa... (Pia and Panchi pulls Misha who is struggling with her Sari and gets out of the house)
Abhay overpowers Jeh and Neil
A Car is coming through the lane. Suddenly another Car tries to over take it. Neil shouts from the car, 'Oye' . Abhay Raichand lowers the window glasses. Jeh is also sitting in the car along with Neel.
Neel: So it is you... Abhay Raichand... Don't you have eyes? Can't you see? Couldn't you see such a big Car? (Abhay just stares back) What are you staring at man? (Jeh tries to stop Neel and Neel continues shouting at Abhay) You want a fight...That is what you want eh? Moron! (Abhay keeps staring. Neel gets out of the Car and asks Abhay to come outside. Abhay gets out of the Car)
Jeh: Neil... Stop it! Neel... (Abhay faces Neil who catch holds of Abhay's collar with both hands)
Neel: What will you do? Tell...
Jeh: Neel... (Abhay suddenly turns and pins Neel against the Car and hold his neck with one hand) Neel...
Abhay: I can kill know that?
Jeh: Hey Abhay leave... leave him (Jeh gets out of the Car and comes and pulls Abhay and pins him to their Car by holding on Abhay's neck with his hand) I said leave him... so leave him, understand? (Abhay turns and holds on both Neel's and Jay's neck with one hand each. Jay's hold on Abhay's neck falls off and Neel struggles to escape. The Khurana Brothers are pinned to the Cars on either side with Abhay in between them holding them by their necks. Angad and Kabir then comes there and pulls Neil and Jeh apart)
Jeh: Leave Kabir! (Kabir and Angad takes Jeh and Neil from there. Abhay says, 'I did a mistake by saving him. I should have killed him!') Episode ends.

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