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26th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 252) Abhay returns Pia’s Locket

Episode 252 starts with T's Butterflies taking about the Dahi Handi.
Barbie: these Guys you know... they have finally arranged something suitable for our college. (A student asks, 'Babes what is this Dahi handi?')
Skipper: These Maharashtrians break the Dahi Handi on Janmashtami day. I mean they make a human pyramid and break the dahi handi which is hung above. It is like a challenge you know. And then whatever the prize is there in the Dahi Handi, the Guy who breaks the pot gets.
Girl: So basically we throw water on the guys and distract them so that they do not break the Dahi Handi.
Barbie: You know... we are going to really enjoy it... (Abhay comes there and looks at the Guys making the base circle for the human pyramid. He thinks, 'What is this Jeh going to do? What can he do? He is up to something'. Abhay walks from there. He is walking through the College corridor. Abhay recalls his conversation with Jeh where Jay tells him that Abhay would understand the sly wolf's sly point in some time. Abhay thinks, ' Jeh has definitely planned a trap... but what? What would he do?'

Pia comes to the Campus and curiously looks at guys preparing to break the Dahi Handi. Jeh joins her.
Jeh: Amused?
Pia: Yeah... what is that?
Jeh : This is called Dahi Handi.
Piya: Dahi Handi? What is Dahi Handi?
Jeh: Pia... Dahi Handi is a festival which we celebrate on Janmashtami, that is on the day of Lord Krishna's Birthday. It is very famous in Maharashtra.
Pia: In Maharashtra?
Jeh: Yes! And I specially imported all this from Mumbai...
Piya: Wow! From Mumbai?
Jeh: yeah... All the arrangements are done. We all are going to have fun... Specially there are some people in this college who will not be able to forget this festival at all (Abhay overhears the conversation)
Pia: Some people... who?
Jeh: I mean you... we all... (Abhay watches Jeh talking) We all have not seen this... so it's going to be fun...
Pia: Looks like fun... let's go!
Jeh: Let's go! (Abhay thinks, 'Now what new plan are you trying Jeh? I think I know!')

The students are dancing below the Dahi Handi. Angad tries to join but he is pushed away every time. The students starts making the human pyramid.  Angad tries to climb and falls breaking the pyramid. So someone pushes him from there. Abhay starts running through the corridor in his supersonic speed. Angad tries again to climb and is thrown out again. The third time also Angad ends up breaking the pyramid. Abhay is running towards the pyramid formed by students.  He reaches nearby and stops. Abhay says in mind, 'I know where he has hidden the locket. I know! (Abhay looks at the Dahi Handi) So Jeh has hidden the locket in the Dahi Handi... He thinks that he can get the locket without touching it in front of everyone. No Jeh... Like you I am not scared of touching the locket. You are not winning this one...' The students have already made a 3 level pyramid. Abhay runs towards the pyramid super fast and climbs on top of it a second. He breaks the Dahi Handi and jumps down fast. Abhay lifts his hand with which he broke the Dahi handi and looks at the locket and chain in his hand. Jeh and Pia are looking at the students. Jeh has an unhappy expression on his face.

Mr Tyagi is lying on the Cot next the the bundle of notes. He laughs and says, ' Thank you Mr Raichand... Thank you very much!  I enjoyed it very much... I enjoyed a lot'. Suddenly the light switch is turned on revealing Dipanita who is sitting on a chair with her back on Tyagi in the room. Mr Tyagi gets up and sits on the bed.
Tyagi: Mam... you? (Dipanita switches of the table lamp)
Dipanita: Where are you coming from Tyagi? (Dipanita switches on the lamp again)
Tyagi: Mam...I... You here... (Dipanita continues her light switching on and off game)
Dipanita: Tell me which news you would like to listen? Good or bad?
Tyagi: Mam... Mam... I don't understand what you are saying Mam... (Dipanita gets up from the chair leaving the lights on and walks towards Mr Tyagi)
Dipanita: It's okay... No problem! (Mr Tyagi gets up from the Cot. Dipanita goes and stands near him) First I will tell you the bad news. And the bad news is that my eyes are very sharp. I keep an eye on all my employees. Who... when... where... and goes to meet whom and where... I know everything! (Mr Tyagi sits down and touches on Dipanita's feet)
Tyagi: Mam... please forgive me... I am very sorry Mam... I will not do such a mistake again... Mam, I had gone mad mam...
Dipanita: There is one good news also Tyagi... We will take advantage of your friendship with the Raichands now... It is time to prove your loyalty.
Tyagi: Mam...I will never do the mistake a second time Mam...(Claws come out of Dipanita's hands) Please Mam... give me one chance... (Suddenly Tyagi sees the claws on Dipanita's hands and is scared). It's time to do something. Tyagi looks at Dipanita in fear. Suddenly his cry is heard in the room and Dipanita switches off the table hand with blood on her clawed fingers and goes from there).

The students are walking in a group through the College corridor. Pia and Tracker are also in the group. Jeh calls the students from behind.
Jeh: Guys...hold on! You guys have to see this... (Jeh stops T's butterflies) Did you guys see how Abhay did it? (Jeh walks along with the students showing the mobile in hand) It is not even human. I have a video guys... You got to see this! Abhay flew to the Dahi Handi... look at this... look at this (Jeh gives the mobile to Pia's hands and the students look at the video) You guys won't believe... This is not even human... (Abhay comes to the end of the corridor and how can anyone do this? (Pia and group looks at the video awestruck) No one among us can do this...and he went up like that
Ruhi: Oh my God! Looks like an alien...
Jeh: I don't know what it is but in is not something a human can do... none of us can do it.. I don't know... (Jeh looks at Abahy who is slowing walking towards them) Abhay... Why did you do that? None of us can do like that... I mean I can't believe this...How did you get there like a super hero? (Pia looks in disbelief) We are also quite strong... Angad, me, Kabir all... but we cannot break the handi like you...How did you do this Abhay? I mean... you don't have superman type of powers, right? In fact is it like... you are not a human Abhay. We need to know... How did you do this? Because none of us can do like that... tell Abhay... Guys, we have a super hero with us in college... This is superman... What are you? Superman? Spider man? Come on... Tell us Abhay... Every one is shocked here... (Jeh asks the students, 'Shocked?' and the students reply , 'yes') Just tell us ... How? (Abhay goes from there without answering. The students are still looking at the video. Jeh has a victorious expression on his face).

Tanushree comes and sits on a chair in a Restaurant.  She says in mind, 'Today is a new day in your life T. Today you could get a Prince of your dreams'. Tanushree looks at a couple who is sitting. The Guy also looks at T.  Tanushree turns her face away and thinks, 'Oh God! such losers! Don't these girls understand that all the Guys in the world are loyal but only till they does not see T. Every one loves me'. One Guy comes near T's table and sits across her.
Gaurang: Tanushree... I never thought that you would be this beautiful.
T: Really now?
Gaurang: Really Tanushree... You look hot in pictures...but in real life you are out of this world... (Tanushree smiles)
T: Every one says that... That's T... ( They keep talking. After some time Gaurang is holding Tanushree's hand and they laugh. The Waiter comes to the table with the bill. Gaurang looks at his empty purse)
Gaurang: I am sorry T... I don't have money. Please... You handle this...
T: How tacky... You don't have 200 Rupees for coffee? You are a rich Guy, right?
Gaurang: I was... Last year there was a lot of loss in Business...There was an income tax raid also and I was kept on house arrest for 2 months... Government has seized all my accounts... Please pay... (T takes 200 Rupees from her bag and gives it to the Waiter. The Waiter goes from there)
T: So what do you do then? (Gaurang holds T's hands again)
Gaurang: I sell pirated DVD's. (T is shocked) I had kept 200 Rupees as my budget for our date. But I had to spend it. I had to refill the phone... T thinks, 'Oh God! This is my biggest nightmare... and I am living this. Save me!
T: Guarang... I ... i will see you... (T withdraws her hands and rushes out of there)
Gaurang: But T... Listen! (He then laughs and call the Waiter)

Abhay is walking through the College Corridor. Jeh is standing nearby leaning on to a pillar. As Abhay passes by Jay calls him.
Jeh: Abhay! (Abhay stops but does not turn. Jeh also continues standing where he is) So... How was your day? Because the sly wolf has played his trick... (Jeh goes near Abhay) otherwise I am sure your day was good. And I am glad because of a locket you showed your real form in front of everyone in such an irresponsible manner. You are fond of becoming super hero, right? Here people think you as super freak... crazy!
Abhay: Really?
Jay: yeah!
Abhay: I don't thinks so Jeh that your childish act is working. You know what? It was just a game... and I won! And people will only remember this... that I won...
Jeh: Congratulations! on your victory (Jeh claps sarcastically) Till when will you win Abhay? Till when? What you did with my Mom Abhay... that payment is balance... And trust me... This is not over...
Abhay: I know Jeh... This is not over... because I will finish it...with you and your family... (Abhay shows a 'watch out' sign and walks from there. Jeh looks towards the direction Abhay went in anger. Pia comes from behind the pillar she was standing and says in mind, 'What? What are they talking about? Jeh told me that Abhay did nothing to his Mom. And this...What is this enmity between the two? And what real form? What end? What is he talking about?' Jeh turns and walks from there. Pia hides from his view as Jay passes from there. Pia thinks, 'Before this matter becomes worse... I have to do something')

T is standing outside the Restaurant. She thinks, 'I was thinking that I would go back home in ferrari and send the driver off...I tell you that loser messed my entire plan... Gaurang poor'. Suddenly T sees a Car and waves  by getting to the middle of the road calling Kabir's name. Kabir applies the brake.
T: Kabir... My hero Kabir... (T opens the door and sits in the Car and looks at him)
Kabir: yes, Madam T... Anyways you see all as your servants... Tell me where to leave you...
T: At my home please...
Kabir: Okay... By the way, how come you reached up to here...
T: I came for a date... (Kabir looks at her ) Ah No no...I came to meet a friend.
Kabir: It is okay T. Even if you have come here for a date with someone also it does not make any difference to me. Anyways, We have become free of each other. ( T thinks, 'Oh my God! What have you done T? Show some damage control').
T: You have become free of me, apparently. But I have not become free of you K. And anyways, by dating me you have made your standards very high...and I don't think anyone can match me...I am the best that happened to you...
Kabir: yeah? I will do one best thing for you (Kabir stops the Car) I don't think you should sit in the vehicle of a loser like me, right? So just get lost!
T: Excuse me? K... I was just joking.
Kabir: T... Out now!
T: I am sorry K... Enough?
Kabir: Only for the lady, okay? (Kabir starts the Car again)

Pia is walking through the College corridor lost in thoughts. She stops near a pillar. Misha comes from behind and closes Pia's eyes with her hands and says in a rough voice, 'Guess who?'
Pia: Misha... (Misha leaves her hand and the girls laugh)
Misha: What yaar? Allow me to win sometimes... You spoiled my surprise...
Pia: You know what? Today local police had issued a notice saying the danger is back
Misha: Really... I went out for 5 days and you learned to talk. You better watch out I will... (Misha raises her fist playfully as if she is going to punch. Pia turns her face) I was just joking... what is wrong?
Pia: No Misha... It is not you. Actually you don't know what is happening here.
Misha: What's happening? I mean... What's going on?
Pia: Misha... I am very confused between Abhay and Jeh... Sometimes I like Jeh so much that Abhay looks like a villain to me.And sometimes Abhay feels so close that Jeh looks like a stranger. I don't know I am so confused... It is so confusing...
Misha: Oh my God... Nothing changed... You are still trying to write that spy novel. Leave it... You are not going to get anything. Jeh is a little of hero and Abhay... everyone knows... You listen to me... Stay away from both!
Pia: No Misha you don't know anything... I lost my locket also...I don't know where it went.
Misha: Hold on! Locket... (Misha keeps her hands on head and acts as if she is thinking) Locket... look in the purse. Because most things are found in obvious places.
Piya: Misha, It is not in the Purse... I looked everywhere... (Misha insists again and Pia checks in her bag. Pia is surprised when she sees the locket and chain in the bag. Misha kisses Pia on her cheek and goes from there. Pia thinks, 'This locket... How did it come in my purse?This was lost that night. I did not keep it in the purse... How did this happen?')

Hasina and Chand are sitting at the Conference Hall. Abhay greets them and joins them.
Hasina: You gave back that locket?
Abhay: What time is the Board meeting?
Hasina: Abhay, I asked you... Where is the locket? (Abhay recalls putting the chain and locket in Pia's bag as is passes through the students without answering to Jeh's questions. He recalls standing behind a pillar and thinking, ' Pia... You require this locket more than me. This locket would keep you safe. I will protect myself on my own. You need this more than me'. Abhay keeps silence to Hasina's question)
Chand: There is order from higher ups... It is very precious... we can easily use it against our enemies.Where is it? (Chand and Hasina looks at each other for a moment) Pia?(Hasina's mobile rings. Abhay is about to get up and go. Hasina stops him)
Hasina: I am not done with you... (Hasina picks up the call and is shocked to hear the news from the other end. She tells the caller that she will reach there immediately and cuts the call) Chand... There is a problem. We have to go...

Hasina, Chand and Abhay reaches the Police Station. Jeh and Dipanita who are sitting in front of the Inspector turns back and look at the Raichand Family. Hasina lowers her voice and asks Chand, 'This time what has she done?'
Chand: Officer, Is there any problem?
Inspector: There is a complaint against you two for the murder of a man named Tyagi... (Hasina looked shocked while Abhay is angry. Chand looks calm) Episode ends

PreCap: Hasina comes out of the Cell accompanied by a constable while a lady constable is taking Dipanita to the cell. The ladies look at each other when they come face to face. Hasina smiles. Dipanita is angry and turns her face.

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