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23rd August 2011 Written Update (Episode 249) Abhay Raichand steals Pia’s Werewolf protection locket to expose Dipanita Khurana

Dipanita tells Jeh, Alina and Neel that Arnab Dobriyal would help her in exposing the Raichands
Episode 249 starts with Dipanita Khurana who is ready to go to the Dobriyal House Puja talking to Jeh, Alina and Neel. Dipanita looks at Neal, Alina and Jeh and tells them, 'You 3 children have not given me any happiness so far. You have always given me sorrow (She looks at Alina). And  Alina you... You have not given me even one happiness in whole life... You have always disappointed me (Dipanita goes near Jeh). And you...'
Jeh: Mom... I think...
Dipanita: I don't want to hear even a word Jeh. You cheated on me... I did not expect this from you... You made me lose... (Jeh looks at Dipanita helplessly) Jeh I told you one work... one work... revenge for your brothers death... And you also had promised me... you remember? (Jay nods) You could not even do that. You fell in love with a petty girl? And that too a human? With that human because of whom all this happened...
Jeh: Mom... What is Pia's fault in all this?
Dipanita: Don't you take her name. Don't say the name of that girl in front of me... I don't want to hear her name. I don't want to keep any hope from the 3 of you anymore. Now I will expose the Raichand's truth with the help of others. I will expose those blood sucking creatures. I will destroy their very existence . And for this an ordinary human will help me... Arnab Dobriyal...(Jeh, Alina and Neal are startled) and for your information... Arnab is suspicious of the Raichands...for which he has made a plan. I am going to help him to make his plan a success. We all have to go to his house. You 3 get ready...and wait for my signal after reaching there... you people understand? (Dipanita's mobile phone rings) Please get ready... (Jeh, Alina and Neel goes from the Hall)

Dipanita picks up the call from Arnab Dobriyal.
Dipanita: Yeah Arnab... Tell me...
Arnab: Hello Dipanitaji. A small problem happened.
Dipanita: What happened Arnab?
Arnab: I had made all arrangements in the Puja like incense, dhoop etc... And Hasina got scared when she came in itself... seeing the incense and smoke a fear was there in her face. But at the same time Abhay made an excuse. He told that she has Asthma problem and they were about to go. I stopped them but I had to take of the incense... otherwise those people would have gone...
Dipanita: Arnab... stop them there by any means. I am coming there right now. And let us see how these people can avoid eating food at the Party, you understand right?
Arnab: Okay, I am waiting for you... (Arnab goes from where he was standing. Abhay had overheard the entire conversation of Arnab Dobriyal. Abhay thinks, ' Alright... So Mr Dobriyal has joined hands with Dipanita Khurana to expose us. Dipanita, You are so silly! You don't even know that I and my family have been staying in between these humans for the past 200 years... You don't even know that we know to hide ourselves...For your thousand efforts I have a lac answers'. Abhay goes from there.

Trackers Butterflies are admiring Tracker's vintage jewelry. T comes there and sends her bimbos away from there. She then compliments Tracker's Jewelry and says that the craftsmanship is excellent. Tanushree tricks Ruhi into believing that the jewelry saying that her Mom has similar jewelry and faking a telephonic conversation with her Mom. Ruhi believes in T's lies and hands over the jewelry for valuation.

The Khurana Family enters Dobriyal House. Arnab Dobriyal welcomes them. He shakes hands with Neil and Jeh. Madhu comes and joins Arnab in greeting the Khuranas. Madhu and Dipanita hugs. Arnab introduces Alina to Madhu.  Arnab suggests to make Neil and Panchi sit together at the Puja. Dipanita agrees to the suggestion and asks Neil to join Panchi. Madhu calls Panchi and asks her to sit on the Puja with Neil. She instructs Panchi to cover her head. Panchi is unhappy. Neil goes near her and they proceed to the Puja area. Jeh excuses himself from there.

Neil and Panchi sits together at the Puja
Panchi covers her head with the dupatta and sits along with Neil in front of the havan kund. Both of them closes their eyes and says a silent prayer. After that Panchi tells Neil, 'I asked God that you go away from my life'.
Neil: And Panchi I asked God that I be in your life always to worry you. Let's see whose prayer God listens.
Panchi: I just hate you!
Neil: Same here baby. But as of now... do the acting... But carefully... Don't test my patience. If I lose my patience what would happen to your poor Mom-Dad Panchi... I really feel bad for them. How bad they would feel... How desperate are they to get their daughter married... You know Panchi... If I tell them to get us married in this Puja they would get a heart attack in happiness Panchi.
Panchi: Neel just shut up! (Madhu walks towards them)
Neil: Smile baby smile... (Madhu joins her hands and says a silent Prayer. She then goes near Panchi and covers Panchi's head properly with the duppatta. Neil smiles at Madhu and she goes from there. Panchi thinks how she could take away the hopes of her parents).

Pia asks Jeh what they would do about Neil and Panchi
Pia is angry at Jeh and turns away from him. Jeh holds her hand and makes her face him.
Jeh: Pia, I am really sorry! I am really sorry that I went off without telling you. But it was for Mom's work. And work... I could not help it... Sorry!
Pia: Jeh you went from there with out telling me. Do you even have any idea what happened there with me? (Jeh's expression changes to guilt. He recalls trying to kill Pia using the vine. He recalls Pia shouting for help and calling his name) Anyways, What have you thought?
Pia: About Neil and Panchi.What will we do?
Jeh: What can we do about Panchi after all?
Pia: Jeh what will we do about Panchi and Neel? You know your Brother. Neil does not love Panchi. Those two does not love each other. As a fact, Neel is pushing Panchi towards depression. Come on Jay... You will have to talk to Neil... You tell him to tell our parents that he is not happy with the relationship.  (Jeh smiles)
Jeh: relax... You have started threatening... I will do... I will take care... (Pia nods) I will see you in a moment... (Jay goes from there. Pia thinks, 'I hope Neil gets some brains and leave my sister. He is such a horrid person').

Pia overhears Tanushree talking to her bimbos how she tricked Ruhi into handing over her jewelry. Tanushree tells that Ruhi is a loser with a capital L. Tanushree's bimbo compliments her telling that she is very evil.
Tanushree: I become evil when a loser tries to go ahead of me. No one messes with T and no one can beat T. (Piya thinks, ' How horrible this T is. She made a fool out of that poor Tracker. Sorry T, you will not do the stealing that easily. I will not let you do it'. Piya goes from there.

Abhay bumps into Pia to steal her Locket
Abhay looks at Dipanita who is sitting in the Puja ceremony. He thinks, ' How innocently she acts and sits in front of God. But maybe Arnab Dobriyal does not know that whom he is encouraging to expose us Vampires is an animal. She is a monster. She is a werewolf... I will not let Dipanita's plan to succeed. She will pay! In fact the locket given to Pia has immense powers that if it touches any werewolf hiding in human form it can show their real form'. Abahy looks at Pia  who is busy doing things and sees that she is wearing the locket on her neck. Abahy bumps into Pia when she goes with a plate full of flower petals. Pia walks from there. When Pia goes Abhay looks into the chain and pendant in his hand. Abahy says in mind, 'I have stolen your locket from you. But I need it (He looks at Dipanita who is talking to someone). Today this locket would be of great use to me. I have to bring Dipanita's truth in the open. And I will not get such an opportunity any more. Today when this locket touches you... you will come to your real form Dipanita Khurana...').

Pia spills drinks on Tanushree's dress
Pia is talking to some Guests. The house staff  comes and offers Pia cool drinks. First she refuses and then she picks one from the tray looking at Tanushree with a smile on her lips. Pia bumps into T who is walking in her direction. Pia takes T's bag from her and apologizes to T. Tanushree scolds Pia and goes towards the washroom to clean her dress. Pia opens T's bag and takes all the jewelry. She hides it behind an ornamental plant pot and puts pebbles in the bag. She thinks, 'So T... your game is back on you. You were stealing from that poor Tracker... now let me see how you will feel when someone steals from you... All that Jewelry is gone! '. Pia then touches her neck and realizes that her pendant is missing. Pia is worried.

Abhay slowly advances towards Dipanita with the pendant in hand. Before he reaches near Dipanita walks from there. Abhay says in mind, 'How long Dipanita? I am here and You are here too... Now let me see how you will hide'.

Arnab Dobriyal offers sweets to Chand Raichand
Arnab Dobriyal comes in front of Chand Raichand and offers him sweets from a plate.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... (Dipanita sees it) This is the offering from Puja... please take... (Chand thinks, 'Arnab and Dipanita has spread their moves every where. I will also not give them any opportunity. It is not so easy to trap us).
Chand: You know that I... (Dipanita comes near them)
Dipanita: Come on Mr Raichand... It is only an offering of God...You should not refuse... I hope you are not a diabetic...
Chand: Mrs Dipanita... I don't believe in God. But you have called me and I respect your feelings. That's why I am here...  (Abhay comes behind Dipanita and sees Arnab offering sweets to Chand)
Arnab: No problem Mr Raichand if you don't believe in these things you may eat it considering it a sweet.
Chand: very clever!
Arnab: But effective... Please! (Chand looks at the sweets. Dipanita says in mind, 'Come on... Eat it Chand...Let me see how you can tolerate human food'. Chand breaks a piece of the sweet and puts it into his mouth. Abhay is stunned. Arnab and Dipanita looks at each other). Episode ends.

Precap:  Pia shows the picture of her locket on her mobile phone to Jeh. Jay thinks, 'This Locket? This is the amulet of Vampires for protection against us'. He tells Pia that they should search for the locket immediately.

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