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24th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 250) Jeh Khurana saves Dipanita from being exposed as Werewolf

Abhay tells that the Pendant is dangerous for some people
Episode 250 starts with Chand Raichand taking a piece of Ladoo offered by Arnab Dobriyal and putting it into his mouth. Abhay thinks, 'Oh No! I will not let this happen...'. Arnab offers the rest of the sweet also to be eaten by Chand but suddenly Abhay interrupts, 'Dad... Client's phone...'. Chand leaves from there saying, 'Excuse me Mr Dobriyal...'
Abhay: Excuse me! That client was from a client in US so he had to go...
Arnab: Fine! (Arnab nods. Abhay also goes from there after excusing himself from there. Arnab is annoyed).

Abhay tells Chand that he will finish Dipanita
Chand comes to the small bridge outside the house with his mouth closed with a hand kerchief. He removes the handkerchief and gazes into the water. Chand's eyes are blue. He then comes to his normal form. Abhay comes there.
Abhay: Are you alright?
Chand: Dipanita is crossing the limits. By taking human help she is putting the humans in danger. She has to be stopped.
Abhay: Yes Dad! She has crossed all the limits.I will put an end to this game.
Chand: Finish her! Just put an end to it...Will you?
Abhay: I will Dad! After today nothing like this would happen. I will put an end to it.

Dipanita creates suspicion in the mind of Arnab Dobriyal
Arnab and Dipanita are standing in the Hall.
Arnab: Dipanitaji, He ate the prasad...
Dipanita: Did he eat or do a drama? Arnab... Abhay came and saved him at the right time, is it not? Today you tried to trap both Hasina and Chand. And both the times Abhay saved them. Think about it! (Arnab recalls Abhay breaking the mirror, saying the excuse that Hasina has asthma and sending Chand out to attend the call). Are you getting what I am trying to say? Abhay... Abhay is responsible for everything... We should expose him... We should trap him...If Abhay would not have come and saved them by now we would have already tested our theory.  (Arnab nods) Catch him! He is the one...(Arnab nods again).

Pia showing the Picture of the locket to Jeh
Pia is looking around in the Hall. Jeh follows her and mimics her.
Pia: It is not funny Jeh...(Pia continues searching)
Jeh: Piya... What are you searching? Why are you roaming around in the whole house? Is everything okay? What happened?
Pia: No Jeh... My locket... I lost it... I don't know... I can't find it...
Jeh: Okay! Chill... It's just a locket... I will get you a new one...
Pia: It is not an ordinary locket Jeh. It was very special to me. I have never taken out that locket and it was one of the kind and I don't know where I lost it... I use to feel that the locket is keeping me safe... It was very special to me...
Jeh: Locket taking care of you? Pia... You are being very superstitious! Relax! It's a locket... Anyways, You have a picture or something of it which I can see to know how it looks like?
Pia: I think I have a picture... (Pia zooms a picture of her wearing the locket and shows it to Jeh. Jay is shocked to see it. He thinks, 'This locket? This is the amulet of vampires for protection against us').
Jeh: You know what Pia... I think you were right. We should look for the locket right now. You were right... (Jeh goes to search)
Pia: What happened Jeh?
Jeh: Pia ... you only told that it is we need to search for it, right?
Pia: Till now you were making fun of me? And now you are looking this much tensed? (Abhay comes there)
Abhay: What happened Pia? What are you searching? Something is lost Jeh? Whay are you looking so worried?
Piya: yeah, My locket... (Abhay takes the IPad from Jeh and looks into the picture)
Abhay: This one? This looks precious (Jeh seizes the IPad back from Abhay) Special and dangerous... for some people... Actually Pia... I will also search...

Madhu comes near Panchi and asks what is cooking between Abhay and Panchi.
Madhu: I am warning you... If something like that is there then there would not be anyone worse than me...
Panchi: But Momma...
Madhu: What do you think of yourself? Even after making you understand this much you are again doing the same thing? This is your third engagement. Panchi... What will people think of us? Which family would like to get into a relationship with us? Have you thought about your position anytime? Have you thought of your sisters anytime? We have given you freedom... Not for you to do anything... This marriage would happen... and do not make us regret about the freedom we have given you... We don't want to regret this! Do you understand? (Madhu goes from there. Panchi thinks, 'Oh God Momma... How will I say that this is not in my control? Everyone can see my 3 engagements...and not that 3 times my heart was broken... Please Mom, I need your support... Please Mom...')

A girl goes and stands near Neil Khurana who is sitting near the Bar Counter. The girl smiles at Neel.
Girl: Hi!
Neel: Has anyone told you that your smile is very sexy? (The girl faces Neil)
Girl: Well... You are also very hot... It's reflecting on you. (A hand taps on the girl's shoulder. Panchi tells the girl, 'Excuse me...the hot dog you are showing interest on is my fiance...') Ahh... Sorry! (The girl goes from there)
Neel: What happened Panchi Dobriyal? How come you remembered suddenly that you have a Fiance also?
Panchi: I remembered and now I am reminding you also... get straight!
Neel: This much love...suddenly? How has this happened Panchi? I am not getting it...
Panchi: Then I will make you understand... I won't become a joke alone... If you are not going to leave me easily then I will claim to be your fiancee...
Neil: Oh baby... I feel so bad for you...You don't know Panchi how much efforts you have to put on... This was just one... there is such a long line... how are you going to manage?
Panchi: If you have that much problem break the engagement... leave me alone! (Panchi walks from there. Neil catches her hand)
Neil: Not so easily Panchi... You will have to stay with me in this hell...on your own wish... Deal with it!

Jeh asks Dipanita to hide her hands
Abhay walks towards Dipanita who is standing and talking with another lady. Abhay comes behind her and walks slowly toward her. He says in mind, 'Come on Dipanita... let me see the animal in you. You are fond of bringing out the truth of others... to bring out their real form... lets do it!' Abhay turns his back on Dipanita and takes the pendant out of his pocket. He then turns and keeps the hand with the pendant on Dipanita's back as if he bumped into her by accident.
Abhay: Oh... I am so sorry! (Abhay walks away from there. Dipanita's expression changes. She is feeling uncomfortable.Dipanita turns away from the lady with whom she was talking to. Dipanita now has claws on her hand)
Lady: Are you okay Mrs Khurana? (Abhay looks at Dipanita and says in mind, 'And now presenting a true werewolf leader!')
Dipanita: Water please!
Lady: Sure... I will get water for you...wait a minute... (Jeh comes there and realizes what happened. He takes his jacket out and puts it over Dipanita).
Jeh: Mom! Compose yourself! Hide your hands. We need to go home... Let's go! (Jeh adjusts the jacket and Dipanita hides her claws underneath it. Abhay is angry that his plan is spoiled and goes from there. The lady returns with water).
Lady: excuse me... Water for you...
Jeh: Auntie...No need of water... Actually Mom is not feeling well... so I think I will have to take her home...
Lady: Okay... take care Mrs Khurana...
Jeh: Yeah... thank you... (Jay takes Dipanita from there by putting his hands over her shoulders. He comes near Neil and tells him, 'Neel... We have to go... fast! Please...')
Neel: yeah... I will get the Car out Jeh...
Jeh: yeah! (Neel goes from there)
Panchi: Aunty, You are alright?
Jeh: She is fine Panchi... Actually her BP has gone low... So she is feeling weak. I am taking her home. I will see you! Come... (Jeh takes Dipanita from there as Panchi looks on)

Pia comes to the Wash room. She looks around. Suddenly she hears sobs coming from the loo. Pia goes and knocks the door.
Piya: Excuse me... Who is that? Are you okay?
Alina: You go please...
Pia: Alina? Alina, you okay? What happened? Alina... Alina... (Alina comes out. Pia keeps her hand on Alina's shoulder) Alina, What happened? Why are you crying?
Alina: Nothing happened. Just let it be...
Pia: Alina please tell me... You are getting me worried...
Alina: Nothing!
Pia: Oh! So you are feeling bad about what T said. Alina...You should not be listening to what they say. First I also used to listen to them...then I realized that they are mean. Some times I feel that being mean is their second nature... They don't even realize...So just forget...
Alina: It matters to me Pia... It's not only T ... I use to hear it before and I will have to hear it always... Just look at me... I am a total nerd... look at these braces... spectacles...I feel awful!
Pia: What if you are wearing braces Alina? I mean you put it for some reason, right? But I am sure... When you teeth becomes alright and the braces are removed... you are going to look really nice... You don't have to listen to idiots okay? And coming to your spectacles and styling... Don't worry...I am here... I will do your styling in such a manner that not only T but everyone would admire you. And then T has to take her words back, okay? (Alina nods) Come on now...Cheer up! Give me a smile... let's go!

Abhay comes near Chand and Hasina.
Abhay: Mom Dad... I touched Dipanita with that Locket...
Hasina: Well done Abhay!
Abahy: No Mom! Jeh came there and saved her...
Chand: Abhay... Don't worry! We will find an opportunity to trap her. There should be some time when there would be no one to save Dipanita... (Hasina smiles)
Abhay: You are right Dad... We will find an opportunity... and we have to...
Chand: yeah!

Jeh supports Dipanita and brings her near the Car. Dipanita is making funny noises.
Jeh: Carefully Mom... (Neal gets out of the Driver seat.  Jeh gets Dipanita seated on the back seat and closes the Car door).
Neel: Jeh... Who did this?
Jay: Abhay...
Neel: How dare he dude? I will not leave him!
Jeh: This time a wrong move from our side can make the situation worse... So please calm down!
Neel: But what did he do?
Jeh: Neel... That talisman... which they keep to escape from us... He touched Mom with that so that Mom gets exposed in front of all... It's good that I reached there in the right time otherwise I don't know what would have happened. We have very little time now. Alina is inside. You bring Alina along and reach home fast... I am taking Mom home... Just do it as fast as possible... (Jeh drives the Car from there and Neel rushes back to Dobriyal House)

Abhay interferes when Neel tries to take Alina by force
Pia is coming down the stairs to the hall along with Alina.
Pia: Don't cry okay... Alina, I have some work to do... You take care, alright? See you around! 
Alina: Bye! (Neel comes to the Hall and looks around. He spots Alina and goes near her. He pulls her by hand)
Neel: Alina, we have to go... Come
Alina: Where?
Neel: Alina, Come with me right now
Alina: Why Neil? And where?
Abhay: Neil... There is no need to force her... Leave her!
Neil: Listen Abhay Raichand... this is my family matter. And I don't want anybody to interfere in that. I don't wish that any outsider interferes in it... you get it? (Neil pulls a resisting Alina and tries to walk from there. Abhay interferes separating them)
Abhay: If you wish to keep family matter within the family itself behave decently outside.
Neil: You know what Abhay... Give this lecture to some one else... And right now just lay off... It would be good for you if you don't come near me...
Abhay: One time let us come face to face... Let us finish it off...
Neil: Alina, Are you coming or not?
Abhay: Alina, You are an individual. You can take your own decisions... If you want... I can drop you home...
Alina: No... Thanks Abhay... It's okay. If Brother is saying then I should go home. Let's go Brother... (Neil and Alina walks from there. Panchi stops them)
Panchi: Hey Guys... Where are you going this fast?
Neil: Panchi, if you mind your business it would be good for you... just stay out of it...
Alina: Neil... She is your fiancee... at least behave properly with her
Neil: I am behaving with her the way I should behave with her... You just come with me... (Neil takes Alina from there. Panchi is sad)

Panchi is standing near the small bridge in the garden and sobbing. She recalls Madhu telling her that it is her 3rd engagement and that the marriage would happen. She also recalls Neil asking her to mind her business. Panchi's mobile rings and she picks up the call. Danish is on the other side.
Danish: Hello Panchi... I am talking... Danish... (Panchi sobs) What happened Panchi? Why are you crying? Please... please tell me...
Panchi: I don't know anything Danish what is happening. Nothing is going good...
Danish: But... Panchi tell me what is happening...
Panchi: What harm have I done to anyone Danish? I don't get true love at all. I always get hurt in love. What did I ask God? Only true love... and this time I only asked for respect... i did not even ask for love... But why why is this all happening with me?
Danish: Panchi...You stop crying. Please stop crying and don't be sad...
Panchi: What is that I ask for? Is it a crime to ask for true love? Tell me Danish...
Danish: Okay Panchi...You please stop crying first... and tell me where you are... I am coming to meet you now...
Panchi: I am outside my house...
Danish: Okay...I will be there in some time, okay? (Danish cuts the call and says, 'Is life giving me a chance to go back to Panchi? I really hope so!')

Panchi looks at the sky and says, 'God please... don't make my life a joke... I want my simple life back. Please help me! Please....' (Episode ends)

PreCap:  Jeh, Neil and Alina are standing in front of Dipanita.
Jeh: This Abhay Raichand is becoming a danger to us in every step. It is very essential that we finish him.
Neil: Jeh it will not be that easy...
Jeh: This time we three will be together... with all our powers... Mom! We three will support you in finishing off that Abhay Raichand... (Alina looks startled. Dipanita opens her eyes)

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