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30th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 254) Jeh asks Alina Khurana to get Pia’s Locket to save Dipanita

Jeh questions the Inspector
Episode 254 starts with Dipanita Khurana being taken into the cell by a Lady Constable and Hasina Raichand being brought out of the Cell. When the Ladies reach near each other they stop and look at each other. Hasina has a smile on her face while Dipanita is angry and annoyed. The Police woman takes Dipanita from there. Hasina says in mind, 'Let me see Dipanita who comes and saves you from here. Not every son is like Abhay. I know he trapped you very cleverly. And I am so proud of him'. Hasina walks from there. Inspector asks his collegue to go and look at Dipanita and he goes from there. Jeh comes into the Police Station.
Jeh: Inspector Sir... On what basis have you arrested my Mom? Do you know who she is? You know very well what is the truth...then why have you arrested my Mom? If you need money you tell me... How much money Abhay Raichand gave you to do all these you tell me Sir...
Inspector: Listen Mister... For your own good go from here... Before accusing me you talk to your Mom. She accused an innocent lady. She brought law in between personal rivalry... and now it has been proved. The murder was not done by Hasina Raichand but your Mom. And Yes, now it is not one case but 2 cases on her. One for misguiding the law and the second for murder. And listen Mister, I can put you behind bars for offering me bribe. This is Police Station... not your house.
Jeh: Sir, please understand me
Inspector: Look Mister... I am warning you... Go from here otherwise I will put you behind bars too...
Jeh: Alright! This time I am going Sir... but whatever the game Abhay is playing  I will bring out the truth in front of you. (Jeh turns and walks back. He thinks, 'Now what did Abhay do? How will I get Mom out of here? God...' Jeh walks out of there)

Abhay insults Pia who comes to meet Hasina Raichand
Abhay comes down the stairs. Pia is standing in the Raichand's Hall.
Abhay: Pia... Waht are you doing here?
Pia: I came to meet Aunty... As soon as I came to know that she was released I came to meet her because I don't wish that she feel alone in this city (Abhay comes near Pia)
Abhay: Why? What is the need?
Pia: Why Abhay? Can't I help you? You have saved my life many times so can  I not be concerned about your family? After all what is wrong it it?
Abhay: It's wrong Pia... I did not ask you for any help. There is no need for you to help me. If you want to help go and help your boyfriend Jeh because he is very much in need of help at this time. Yeah... the murderer is not my Mom but his Mom...and this time his Mom is in jail.
Pia: What? It cannot be.. Dipanita Aunty no...
Abhay: That only happened Pia. Dipanita did the murder and put the blame on my Mom. And it has been proved that Dipanita is a murderer.
Pia: No! That cannot be... it's not right!
Abhay: Whatever you want to think... you can think... It does not make any difference to me. I do not wish that any member of Khurana family comes near my family. Leave! (Abhay points to the door)
Pia: Abhay, you made me a stranger just like that... Is there no relationship left between us? Not even that of humanity? I had come to meet your Mom and you are talking to me like this?
Abhay: That relationship was not a relationship Pia... That was just a dream. It's all over... (Pia looks at Abhay for a moment with a hurt expression and then goes from there. Abhay says in mind, 'Go away. If you even say one word to me with love I will break down. Forgive me Pia and go away from me. All this I am just doing for you. There is no relationship between us... not even that of humanity... because this monster cannot show any humanity to you. So Pia... Leave!')

Jeh comes it his house. He is tensed up and shouts for Alina and Neil to come down.
Jeh: Alina... Just come down Guys... I need your help (Alina and Neil comes down the stairs)
Alina: Why are you looking so worried?
Neil: What is the matter?
Jeh: You did believe me... I was mad... I told you that Raichands are up to something... Did not believe me...now face this... (Alina and Neil comes to the hall)
Neil: Jeh will you calm down and tell what happened?
Jeh: Mom... Mom has been arrested (Alina and Neil looks at each other) Abhay got some witness who saw everything... and Mom is all under problem right now...
Neil: I don't believe this...
Jeh: We will have to do something. Abhay has to take his statement back at any condition, that's all!
Neel: Will he do it? Now you tell what we should do for that... (Jeh goes and keeps his hand on Alina's shoulders)
Jeh: Alina, we need your help Alina...
Alina: But Jay
Jeh: Please don't say no please... Alina, This is for Mom Alina...please understand! This is for our family Alina...You are an important part of our family... I know you can do this... Please for God's sake!
Neel: Alina...Do you understand what Jeh is saying? You are with us or not?
Alina: Yeah, I am with you...
Jeh: I think I have a plan.

Hasina and Chand comes upstairs. Abhay is standing there.
Hasina: Congratulations Abhay! Once again you won...
Chand: I am proud of you Abhay! What you have done today the whole clan is happy... Waht we could not do in ages... you did it in a day.
Abhay: No Dad! This is not over... (Chand and Hasina comes and stands on either side of Abhay. Some strange voices comes from downstairs. They all look down. Many hooded figures enters the Raichand's home) Who are these people Dad?
Chand: They are our family...our friends...the Vampires...

Jeh is standing near the window. He closes his eyes and concentrates.He suddenly turns his face towards both sides.
Neil: What happened Jeh?
Jeh: Vampires smell Neil... Neil I can feel them ... they have come...they are in a group...
Neil: What crap? How is it possible Jeh?
Alina: But Brother, How can that happen? Vampires never roam around in groups. To escape from the world they stay in pairs... (Jeh closes the window)
Jeh: They have taken a big risk and come here because they know that we are weak. And as soon as Mom is away from us they have made a plan to attack on us. Neil if we don't do anything fast it is going to be too late.
Neil: Jeh... What will we do? (Jeh goes near Alina)
Jeh: Alina... that locket... you have to bring that locket from Pia at any condition.
Alina: But Jeh how can I do it? That locket is very dear to Pia and she has already lost it once. She will never let me reach that locket Jeh..
Jeh: Alina...Do whatever... Steal it... seize it from her... I just don't know. Alina, This is for Mom... You know that if that locket is not with Pia she is unprotected against Vampires... and Abahy will do anything to save her... No matter we do not want to do this... it is essential... It's for Mom Alina... Just do this for Mom please! Get me that locket at any cost... I just request you... (Jeh walks a few steps ahead and Neil comes and stands beside Alina)
Neil: Alina, You understand what Jeh is saying? You will have to do this for Mom.
Alina: yeah... Yes Brother! (Jeh says in mind, 'You have to withdraw all your accusations on Mom Abhay, at any cost')
Alina: Jeh... I will bring that locket from Pia but you have to promise me that you will not hurt Abhay (Jeh turns and looks at Alina in anger)
Jeh: What? Here our Mom's life is in danger and you are worried about Abhay? What do you know about Abhay? If it is in his power he will finish our Mom, family and everyone...And you are taking his side? What is wrong with you?
Alina: I only...
Jeh: Just don't! This time I only need Pia's Locket. Just please go and get it... just go!  (Alina goes from there)

At the Raichand House Chand and Hasina are at their Vampire outfit with hoods.
Chand: Go ahead Abhay...Extend your hand ... They want to honor you...
Hasina: Today you are going to do a big thing for the family...You made us proud my son!  (Abhay moves forward)

Alina is standing in Pia's room and crying. Pia is peacefully sleeping on her bed. Pia wakes up hearing the sobs and switches on the table lamp. She is surprized to see Alina there and goes near her.
Pia: Alina, What happened? Alina... what's wrong? Why are you crying and what are you doing in my room? Alina, You are really getting me worried. Tell me... What's wrong? What happened? (Alina sobs)
Alina: Pia... You know what happened right?
Pia: Yeah I know but what's wrong with you? I know what happened with Aunty... it is really very sad...
Alina: Neil took off all anger on me...what all he told me...I got scared Pia that's why I came here...I am very scared of my Brother's anger...
Pia: Alina...But where was Jeh... he did not say anything to Neil?
Alina: Jeh is busy...He is busy running to the police station...lawyer and all that he could not talk to you also. It is as if Neil has decided that I am responsible for everything. I can't stay there.
Pia: Alina, relax... sit down (Both the girls sit on the cot) Okay? Just calm down! You do one thing... you stay here today...okay? Calm down! Trust me everything will become alright by morning, yeah? (Alina nods)
Alina: I am so happy that you and Jeh are together. None of Jeh's girlfriends showed interest on me... You are a very nice girl...you care for me... understand me too! I am so happy...
Pia: Alina, Leave all that... You just relax... Okay? (Alina looks at Pia's Locket) What happened Alina?
Alina: Nothing! Your locket is very beautiful.
Pia: Thank you so much! Actually this is my lucky charm. I never take it out
Alina: This is very nice...very unique... one in a million... (Alina extends her hand and touches the locket. She feels an electric shock type sensation and withdraws her hand)
Pia: What happened Alina?
Alina: Nothing! Pia, Can I get a glass of water please?
Pia: Actually, I will go and bring some milk for you (Alina nods) It will calm you down. Feel at home, Okay? (Pia goes from there. Alina takes her mobile phone out and calls Jeh)
Alina: hello Jeh...
Jeh: Yeah Alina tell me...
Alina: Jeh, what work have you given me... I can't get it...
Jeh: Why?
Alina: Jeh... That locket... Touching it is not within our capacity. When I touched it I felt like current passing through me...
Jeh: Listen... Alina, there is a way to touch that locket. If Pia gives it to you with her own hand then you can touch it . Convince Pia in some way or the other to give you that locket. Just do it some how...
Alina: What? She will never do it Jeh...
Jeh: Then you make her do it Alina... I don't know how. You know how important that locket is for me. This time for Mom's life this locket is very very important. Just do it somehow please! (Alina cuts the phone)

Abhay walks down the stairs and comes to the Hall.
Abhay: Whatever is happening is not happening right... (Chand is sitting on the chair near the fire side. Abhay goes and occupies the empty chair)
Chand: Abhay, What is not happening right? You have trapped our age old enemy. She is powerless. She is in jail where her powers will be ruined. What is wrong in that?
Abhay: Dad...I did all these just to save my Mom not to become the head of Vampires. No Dad! I did not become a Vampire on my own will. I was helpless. I never chose to be one. As long as I can stay a Vampire I will stay... And all this... I can't do! I can't do this!
Chand: No one is asking you to do anything different Abhay! You have survived this existence till now your own way...without your wish... in a true sense you became a monster and came in between us... and decided to end the age old rivalry. After the death of Dipanita not only our enemy will end but they will end up as a story. It is all written... Who and when will do what...Karma! (Chand laughs) Abhay, you are the chosen one... Maybe you became a Vampire for this... So that you stay in the midst of us and finish it. Our people are happy with you. They want to say thanks to you. You have served your purpose!(Chand gets up and walks a few steps) May be it is written for me that I will be called the father of a leader. I am so proud of you. I wish that you stop running from yourself. Accept yourself. Take the reins of your existence in your own hands... Recognize yourself! Just like how we identified you...

Alina asks Pia for her Locket
Pia comes to the room with a Glass of milk in a Tray.
Pia: Alina...Here take it... (Alina takes the milk) The milk is hot... drink it!
Alina : Thanks! Pia, What do you think... This locket would look good on me?
Pia: This locket... Actually Alina this locket is very special to me... I never take it out...I lost it some days back and it really got me worried...
Alina: I will wear it carefully I promise... (Pia thinks, 'Come on Pia... It is just the matter of a locket... Give it to her... otherwise she will feel bad'.
Pia: Okay! (Pia removes the locket and chain and gives it to Alina. Alina smiles and closes her hand with the locket. At the same moment Abhay senses that Pia is without protection. He says, 'That locket! Pia...')Episode ends

PreCap: Dipanita tells the Inspector that they are coming to take her. The Police Guys tells that no one is there and goes from there. Hooded Creatures enter the Police station and freezes every one there with their powers. Dipanita is scared. One of the hooded figures remove her hood and that is Hasina. Dipanita asks Hasina to spare her. Hasina orders to finish Dipanita.

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