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3rd August 2011 Written Update (Episode 234) Panchi Dobriyal kisses Abhay Raichand in front of Neil Khurana

Jeh and Pia look at Abhay
Episode 234 starts with Tanushree announcing that the spotlight will go on a circle and the 3 people who gets selected has to come to the stage to get auctioned. T reminds the guy standing next to her something and then goes back to the crowd to join Kabir. First time the spotlight falls on a Guy called Gaurav Mehta. The next time the spotlight falls on Angad Aluwalia. Angad goes and joins Gaurav on the stage. Angad asks the Guy if they have got any punishment. Gaurav replies that it is a punishment but a good one. The third time the spotlight falls on Misha. Misha goes and joins the guys on the stage to be auctioned. The announcer comes to the stage and starts the auction. The crowd is asked to bid for Gaurav Mehta first. The bidding starts with 500 Rupees. Some Gay type guys starts bidding for Gaurav Mehta. The announcer first takes off Gaurav's jacket and then his shirt for the guys will increase their bid. Finally a Gay guy buys Gaurav Mehta for Rs 3000 and claims him. Next Angad gets auctioned. The bid starts from Rupees Thousand but no one bids. The announcer reduces the bid but still no one buys Angad. Misha jokes, 'Some one take him for free... Come on Guys...' Ruhi shows the currency and tells the announcer, 'Fifteen Hundred for Angad'. Ruhi pulls Angad and tells him to be her slave for 24 hours. He tells him that she would give him the punishment of life imprisonment. Ruhi pulls Angad and takes him out of the Party Hall. Finally the turn for Misha comes to get auctioned. Pia bids for 2000. Pia tells Misha that she has to answer a lot of questions so she has to be her slave. Misha encourages the Guys to bid for her. Panchi outbids Pia by 1000 Rupees. Panchi tells Misha that finally her day has come and now she can take the revenge for all the years together from Misha. Misha once again asks the Guys to bid for her and reminds them of the booze she has giving them. Tanushree outbids Panchi and buys Misha for 5000 Rupees. T tells Misha, 'After all you will convince your sisters...But I have to get the settlement from nursery till now. So you are my slave today Misha. Get Ready!' Misha goes reluctantly to Tanushree who gives her bag for Misha to hold.
Ruhi takes Angad away after winning him at the Charity Auction
Ruhi is driving the Car with Angad sitting on the front seat. Angad asks them where they are going. Ruhi tells him that he will know soon. She stops in front of a Temple. Angad asks what they are doing in front of the temple. Ruhi tells him to get out of the Car.
Misha plays slave to Tanushree
Neil Khurana is sitting in front of the Bar Counter. A girl goes near him and scolds him for not picking up her calls and sitting at the children party. Neil then sees Panchi looking at them and pulls the girl closer to him. The girl sits on his lap. Neil tells her that they could go to their regular Hotel as there are new beds there now. The girl says that she likes some other place. Panchi thinks, 'He started here also... In my own college... In front of my friends and students... I have had it!.' Neil and the girl gets up and walks by Panchi. Panchi stops him and tells him that before he goes she wants to show him something. Neil excuses himself from the girl and then tells Panchi, ' Look Panchi! I seriously have no interest. And whatever you show better than that she can show I am sure'.
Panchi: You want a bet?
Neel: Why not? (The Guy who is announcing tells the crowd to get ready to meet their soul mates at midnight. He says that there is only ten seconds to go and asks the crowd to stay near their lovers. He tells them that at midnight whomever eyes they look into they will get to spend all midnights with that person. He asks the crowd to look out for their soul mates. Panchi and Neel stares at each other. The count down starts from 10. Panchi turns and walks from there. Misha is standing with T's possessions in hand. T goes and keeps her mobile phone on Misha's head. Panchi goes and kisses Abhay on his cheek. She turns and looks at Neil who is stunned by what he saw. The Gay Guy hugs Gaurav Mehta. The count down reaches 4. Pia sees Panchi with Abhay. At the temple Ruhi and Angad exchange garlands and are taking the marriage pheras. The count down reaches one. Pia turns and walks to Jeh and kisses him on his cheek. Jeh turns and looks sideways and then sees Pia standing in front of him. Jeh and Pia smiles at each other. Abhay looks at the couple. Jeh holds Pia close and both of them look at Abhay.
Panchi looks at Neil Khurana
Jeh and Pia smile at each other as Abhay watches them
 The announcer tells, 'zero'. Jeh and Pia look at each other and smiles. Abhay continues to look at them. The announcer says, 'So Guys and Girls... if your eyes have met her eyes... she is yours... forever!' Panchi turns and looks at Neil who is standing with a lost look on his face. The girl comes to Neil and takes him away from there. Jeh and Pia again looks at Abhay who is still looking at them. Panchi leaves Abhay and walks from there. Abhay turns from there. He says in mind, ' No Piya! What did you do? I asked you trust... and you could not do even that... By being with Jeh you are putting yourself in danger. Pia, He is not the right Guy for you'. Pia excuses herself from Jeh and walks ahead. She says in mind, 'How will I trust you Abhay? You have always hurt me. Always half truth... Always you have kept me away from you... And now I am tired? Which relationship am I breaking? Which relationship is true? Yours and mine... or yours and Panchi? I just don't know... I don't know what's with you Abhay... I am tired of all this'. Abhay responds to her mind talk, 'Pia I know...I am hiding a lot from you. But this time I can only tell you one thing. And it is that Jeh Khurana is not right for you. He is not for you. And you have to understand this matter... before it is too late...'. Pia thinks, 'You used my sister's against me...You played the love drama with Misha... And Panchi... What is the truth Abhay? If you are with Panchi then why are you feeling bad seeing with Jeh? In this life don't I have the right to live my life? Wow!' Jay is looking towards Pia. Pia turns back and look. Abhay also turns and looks. Abhay says in mind, 'I kept you away from me. But I put you in danger Pia... I have to warn you. I have to keep you safe...' Pia is looking at Abhay. Abhay takes a step forward toward Pia. Suddenly Jeh comes near Pia and blocks her view. Pia wipes her tears. Jay and Pia looks at Abhay who is standing at a short distance from them.

Danish Singh is about to walk in through the Mount College campus. He suddenly sees Neil with a girl and hides. Neil and the girl are walking arm in arm.
Neil: You are looking so beautiful today baby... I swear!
Girl: More than Panchi?
Neel: Ofcourse! (Neil and the girl walks from there. Danish comes out from where he was hiding. He thinks, 'Where is Neil going with the girl? Is he cheating on Panchi? I will follow him... may be I will get some proof...' Danish goes behind them.
Abhay and Jeh stares at each other
Abhay and Pia gets paired up for the dance
Jay and Piya are looking at Abhay. Pia tells something to Jeh and excuses herself from there. Abhay and Jeh walks towards each other. They come near each other and are staring at each other. They are about to charge at each other but stops when they hears the announcement telling that people will be paired together on the basis of the number stamps on hand when they entered the party. Jeh leaves Abhay and walks from there. Abahy and Pia looks at the numbers on the wrist which is 10. Abahy thinks, 'You and I are both 10. Now you would not be able to avoid me. You have to meet me. I have to talk to you. Panchi is looking around for number 16. Jeh identifies himself as number 16 and walks from there with Panchi. Pia asks around for number 10. When Pia comes near Abhay says, ' Number 10 (He shows his wrist to Pia by lifting his hand) That's me!'. They look at each other).
Pia: You? I wish Jeh got this number. Because I want to dance with Jeh and not you... (Abhay goes closer to Pia)
Abhay: Well... Fate had some other plan... (Abhay extends his hand to Pia to take her to the dance floor. Piya places her hand on his hand) Episode ends

PreCap:Jeh and Abhay are fighting and have a hand on each others neck. Pia shouts at Abhay to stop for her sake. Jeh punches Abhay at the same instant and Abhay falls down. Students are watching the fight in shock and T is doing the recording of the fight in her Blackberry Mobile. Jeh asks Abhay to get up and fight. Abhy looks at the blood in his hand after touching the side of his mouth. He then opens his mouth in anger revealing his Vampire fangs.

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