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5th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 236) Danish Singh gives proof about Neil Khurana to Abhay Raichand

Pia, Jeh and Ruhi at the College Canteen
Episode 236 starts with T walking into Kabir's room and going and sitting in front of the Computer. Kabir follows her into the room.
Kabir: What are you doing T? (Kabir goes and sits on the Cot while T is busy on the Computer)
Tanushree: Are you not seeing? I am busy. And anyways, T does not do any work stupidly.
Kabir: Yeah... yeah... my T is very smart. (Danish who is in the washroom overhears it and smiles)
T: And very smartly I recorded the video of the fight between Abhay and Jeh. And now (She punches some keys on the Computer Keyboard)
Kabir: Come on baby...Leave them both at their plight. What have we got to do with them?
T: Excuse me? Leave them? I am not a loser like you, okay? I have a scandal in my hands (Danish nods smilingly) What all not I can do with this video... And those Dobriyal Sisters... I don't understand them. Because of them Jeh and Abhay had such a big fight. And Jay is jealous of Abhay because now Jeh loves Pia. And Abhay... Abhay fought with Jeh because Abahy is dating Panchi. Wow! How confusing! They are a couple can you believe it? (Danish is taken aback by what he heard. He thinks, 'Abhay and Panchi couple? Just Perfect!' Danish smiles.

Abhay and Panchi walks towards each other at the dance floor. They come close and Abhay leans and kisses Panchi. Both then look at each others eyes with balloons moving on the background. Panchi gets up and sits on her bed at Dobriyal House. She thinks, 'Oh God Panchi...Are you mad? You are getting Abhay's dreams? Stop thinking about him. All that was a drama'. Panchi switches on the bed lamp. She says, 'Panchi you have gone mad. You are getting Abhay's dreams? There is difference between dreams and reality. This all I am doing for Pia'. Panchi switches of the table lamp and looks at Pia who is sleeping peacefully on the bed. Panchi lies down again.
Angad and Ruhi getting married at the Shiva Temple
It's morning and the birds are chirping. Angad who is lying down on the ground wakes up and removes the shirt on his face. He opens his eyes and looks around. He gets up and sees that he is standing in front of a Shiva temple. He then sees the flower garland on his neck. He sees Ruhi sleeping on the ground. He realizes that he got married in drunken state. He recalls happily taking the phera's with Ruhi and applying sindoor on her forehead. He cries, 'What did you do Angad? You are married ... what will you do now? Run!' Angad throws the garland on the ground and runs from there. Ruhi opens her eyes with a pain on her head. She gets up and sits on the ground. She looks around and then look at the garland on her neck. She is shocked and touches her head. She then notices sindoor on her hand with which she touched the head. She looks at the Shiva idol and gets up happily. She looks around and calls, 'Hubby... where are you? My husband... your wife is waiting for you'. Ruhi is disappointed seeing no response.

Danish and Abhay comes to Abhay's room.
Abhay: Sit Danish! (Both of them sits on the chairs in the room)
Danish: I know you are doing all this for me. I am truly grateful.
Abhay: What is the matter Danish? Tell clearly...
Danish: Panchi and you dude... I know that you are playing the drama of love with her so that her relationship with Neil breaks up. And I am so glad. She will now stay away from Neel. And you and I together can convince Panchi that I still love her so much. What you did for me today I will never forget Abhay. I can do anything for you. Today I have become your slave.
Abhay: Danish, There is no need to say all this. That's absolutely fine...(Danish takes the pen drive from his pocket and holds it in front)
Danish: By the way, This is proof...against Neil (Danish gives the pen drive to Abhay) Yesterday night I followed him to a Motel. He was with a girl. And what happened after that you see for yourself and decide what to do. Alright? I will see you (Danish gets up and goes from there. Abhay thinks, ' Danish has given me another proof. These girls have to understand that the Khuranas are bad in all respects. They need to stay away. And this I did not do for you Danish. I did this for Pia. Panchi is Pia's sister and I can do anything for Pia's happiness').

The mysterious Werewolf is sitting on his back and talking to someone on his mobile, 'I have reached their area. Soon...very soon... Abhay Raichand would be gone from this world. And my goal will be completed'.
Neil questions Jeh
Neil's mobile is ringing. He sheepishly picks up the mobile from the bed side table. Neil talks with the caller and goes and opens the laptop. Neil tells the caller that he would check and call him back. Neel wonders what happened the previous night. He searches for Mount College ball 2011 and sees the video of Jeh and Abhay fighting. Jeh tells Abhay that Panchi is his Brother's fiancee and not to bring Panchi in between them. Abhay tells Jeh that he is not interested in Jeh or his family. Jeh asks Abhay, 'Who are you to interfere in our family matters? Just don't make me angry Abhay!' Abhay responds, 'Panchi is my girlfriend, Can I speak?' Neil is angry and goes near the cot shouting at Jay to get up. Neil pulls away the bed sheet covering Jeh. Jeh grumbles for waking him up in the morning when he was dreaming of the hot Angelina.
Neil: To hell with Angalina Jolie, okay?
Jeh: Not with my Anj
Neil: Jeh shut up!
Jeh: Okay sorry! What happened?
Neil: Jeh... What happened at the college yesterday night? I saw the video in which you are hitting Abhay and I have seen Panchi kissing Abhay
Jeh: Just relax I will tell you... (Jeh gets up and sits on the Cot)
Neel: Really? Did Abhay say Panchi is his girlfriend? Jay...What I am asking just tell me that. Panchi kissed Abhay or not... yes or no?
Jeh: Okay yes... but just...Neil, just relax! But dude... we had a fight and I made him understand... He will not come near Panchi... Just relax... just calm down! Please!
Neil: Thanks Man... Thank you so much... (Neil walks from there)
Jeh: Neil...Neil... don't react...
Neil: That is it Jay... I have heard enough and said enough... What is to be done I will do... (Neil goes away from there while Jeh sits on the cot frustrated)

At the Mount College Canteen T and her friend are sitting and chatting. T says, 'Babe... These Dobriyal sisters... They are too much. They have no shame...'
T's Friend: Actually... She is engaged, right?
Tanushree: Yeah, 3 times... whatever! (T and her friend then sees Ruhi coming to the College Canteen wearing a red Sari, mangalsutra and vermilion on her hair partition. Tracker is about to pull a chair and sit)
T: Welcome to Loser world... What is all this? (Ruhi goes near T)
Ruhi: Listen Tanushree! Now I am a married woman. I have no time for silly talk. My topics would be homely stuff, about my maids...the serial which is happening...and serving my husband would be my duty. (The students laugh. Ruhi occupies a chair and give order for food to the Waiter. Ruhi orders cheese sandwich, burger, french fries, wafers, cola, chocolate brownie with chocolate ice cream and choco chips with nuts)
T: Tracker, Are you a Camel? Are you storing food for winter season?
Tracker: Tanushree listen! You need to understand, okay? Now along with me I also have to take care of people at my home. I have to take care of my husband and for that I need energy. So I am just taking a little care of myself.
T: Have you gone mad? Fried food will give you energy? (T and her friend comes near Ruhi) What is wrong with you? Woman starve full day for their husband's long life and you have ordered this much food? (The waiter comes and keeps the food on Ruhi's table) It will be bad for your husband.
Ruhi: No! I have not eaten from yesterday night... I am hungry...
T: One minute... Distribute this among all... Husband's life...? Girls! All yours! (The students take the items from the tray and goes)
Ruhi: Okay! You are telling right sister... How difficult is marriage life... (Tracker gets up and goes from there)
T: Bye Tracker! Bye!
Jay offers lift to Piya
Jeh and Pia in the Car
Pia is walking through the road. Jeh comes in his Car through the road and calls her name. He stops the Car in front of her.
Jeh: Hello!
Pia: Hi Jay!
Jeh: No need to get engrossed in my dreams this much that you do sleep walking. Come on! Sit in the Car!
Pia: No Jeh... I want to walk...
Jeh: Why to walk? Jeh Khurana's girlfriend does not walk. Your chariot is ready. Come hop on!
Pia: God... Jeh... (Pia walks to get into the Car) With Mom and Dad I can argue... but with you not at all...
Jeh: Not at all... (Pia gets into the front passenger seat)  In fact... you can! What ever you wish you can do... whatever makes you happy...(Pia smiles) By the way, why are you smiling this much?
Pia: Nothing Jeh... I was thinking that life has given me a second chance... and I do not want to lose it. (Jay smiles)
Jeh: And I think you should not lose it either... (Jeh drives the Car from there. He looks at Pia while driving. He thinks, 'Dude I know that Pia is lovely but drive the Car... Focus Jeh focus!' Jeh tries to concentrate. Jeh gives Pia a naughty look and places his hand over her hand holding it. Pia looks at Jay who is now looking at the road. She says in mind, 'Pia just stop it! Give him a chance for your sake. Be in a happy relationship'). You know what Piya? I wanted to tell you something...
Pia: Yeah, tell...
Jeh: You know after my first relationship... I lost all hopes... I use to feel how fake everyone is... All girls how fake they are... But when you came into my life... You made me realize that all are not alike. You are very real... and Thank you!
Pia: Not at all Jeh! There is no need for you to thank me...
Jeh: I know... but just...thanks for being there...
Pia: By the way Jeh... who was your first girlfriend?
Jeh: Anjalina Jolie... I had told you earlier Piya... Don't you remember? (Pia laughs)
Pia: Jeh... There is a limit to joking...Anjelina...
Jeh: Well... Brad Pitt needed her more than me...So... I left her... (Pia laughs) But yeah... at least you smiled...and for your smile anything... I promise... Any time!
Pia: Yeah... (They smile at each other. Pia thinks, 'He is sweet Pia! This time don't move back. He loves you! And you need such a man who will make you smile and not make you cry'. They look and smile at each other).
Neil questions Panchi
Neel walks into Dobriyal House. Panchi is sitting on a chair and reading a magazine. Neel goes and stands in front of Panchi.
Panchi: What happened? Any problem?
Neil: problem? You are asking Panchi what is the problem? (Panchi smiles and looks into the magazine) Panchi, you kissed Abhay... (Neil pulls her up) How dare you... dammit!
Panchi: What do you mean? It was very nice... I enjoyed it! But if you want you can break the engagement. I don't have a problem...
Neil: I get it Panchi... Now I get it! Panchi, I will not leave you that easily... And as far as the matter of yesterday night is concerned I would definitely take revenge on you... Now you wait and watch! (Neil turns and walks a few steps. He stops when Panchi talks)
Panchi: If your revenge did not work can break the engagement as a last resort... I don't have any problem. You cannot bear your family's bad name, right? (Neil goes away from there)
Kabir consoles Angad
Kabir is laughing at Angad who has covered his head with a blanket and is having a wig on head and mustache. Angad throws away the blanket and then the wig and mustache. Kabir and the students watching him are laughing. Kabir mocks at Angad who tells him that he got married in drunken stage. Kabir asks him to see what his so called wife is doing in the college. Angad cries.
Angad: Kabir... You are my good friend... Kill me! I don't want to live such a life...
Kabir: No Angad... Do not die...
Angad: I knew that you are my good friend...
kabir: It is not about being a good friend. You wife will become a widow. Angad cries again. Kabir and the guys around laugh. (Kabir puts his hand around Angad's shoulder)
Kabir: Okay... Come on! We will find some solution and we will drink more liquor (Kabir takes Angad from there)
Jeh and Pia at the College Canteen
Pia and Jeh comes to the canteen. Ruhi greets Pia. Jeh and Pia sits along with her.
Pia: Hi Tracker!
Tracker: Listen! My name is Ruhi. (Misha who comes there also stops seeing Tracker) Hereafter I am not going to track boys. I won't even look at them. (Misha also sits on the vacant chair ) I am married now. Don't call me for that girls party... that would not suit me.
Pia: Tracker...till yesterday you were single like us, right?
Tracker: Pia, In a night these days everything can change... See I am married now... I am waiting for my Boyfriend... no Hubby...
Misha: Pia, Tonight there is a super amazing Party. (Tracker is excited hearing it) But so sad that Tracker cannot come there. I mean Mrs Ruhi will miss the party and the party will miss Mrs Ruhi, right? (Pia and Misha laughs. Ruhi thinks, 'If I go for the Party I would have worn my new yellow mini skirt. So what? Now I am a husband loving woman. I can't think of all this!' Ruhi gives a fake smile. Abhay enters the Canteen)
Abhay: Today everyone's food is on me! I am treating everyone (The students clap. Jeh pulls his chair closer to Pia)
Misha: Whoa! Why everyone's food? Why such a large heart?
Abhay: I thought why not celebrate? For the 3 new couples in the College. Angad and Tracker (Ruhi is happy), Jeh and Piya (Jay puts his hand on Pia's arms and smiles) and Panchi and me... Guys! Have a blast. Treat is on the name of love!

PreCap: Jeh picks up Pia from the ground. Abhay is standing and watching. Jeh runs through the road carrying Piya shouting 'Open the Car... open the car'. A girl asks Jeh if she will be alright. Jeh puts Pia on the back seat of the Car and gets into the driving seat. The girl who is wearing glasses is standing there looking at Abhay. Abhay looks at her too. (Episode ends)

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