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19th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 247) Jeh Khurana attacks Pia Dobriyal at the Jungle to seek revenge against Abhay Raichand

Jeh asks Pia to tell him what is troubling her
Episode 247 starts with Jeh and Pia walking through the Forest towards the city for the cleanliness drive. Jeh turns and looks at Pia who stops walking. He goes near her.
Jeh: hey... What happened? Give me... (He takes the sack from her hand) I will catch it. tell me what happened... (Jeh puts his hand on her back)
Pia: Nothing Jeh... I am not feeling right you know... I am not feeling well...
Jeh: Why? Come sit... (Jeh assists Pia to sit and sits opposite her) Tell me what is troubling you... Come, Talk to me! What happened?
Pia: Jeh... Can I tell you the whole truth like a friend?
Jeh: Yeah... tell me...
Pia: Jeh I am very worried thinking about Abhay... Jeh I don't feel that how I thought of Abhay... he is like that. Jeh my memories had hidden Abhay far from me. But when I came back his memories started to haunt me again. When everyone told me that he is not the right Guy... I didn't believe them. I thought they were all lying. Jeh now I feel that they all were right. They were telling the truth... But Jeh... I have seen him with my own eyes... but even after seeing I don't want to believe it that he is not right. Jay I mean... what all has he done... First he was with Misha and then he went for Panchi... It was just so transparent... I could just see that he was doing all that to keep me away from him... He is doing it because of some reason but what is the reason Jeh? And Jeh with you... How strange is his behavior with you... It is not done!
Jeh: See Piya... It is not you... Not only you feel that... We all feel that Abhay Raichand is just weird... he...
Piya: And Jeh... you? How are you? (Jeh looks at Pia startled) You are a puzzle Jeh... I mean you are always with me...You stand by me... with out any expectations... with out wishing anything... Jeh I know if it would have been someone else he would have definitely wished something but you are different. You don't wish anything. I mean you know that I am taking this much time to forget Abhay but you are waiting for me with so much love and patience. If it would have been some one else Jeh I am sure he would not have waited like that. I feel that no one can hurt me. I really feel safe Jeh. (Jeh recalls his telephonic conversation with Dipanita reminding him who he is and what he his purpose. Jeh says in mind, ' Don't trust me this much Pia... I am helpless. I won't be able to keep your trust'). You know Jeh... I have never said this before in my life but you know... I really feel lucky... I really feel lucky to have you... (Pia smiles at him)
Jeh: Let's go Pia... (They get up and walk from there. Jeh is unhappy and lost in thoughts)

Dipanita tells that her sons murderer would not escape for long
At the Khurana House Dipanita is in the room where the Coffin is kept. She is crying in a heart wrenching manner. She cries, 'Child... my child... my child... Fate has taken you from us forever... I lost you for  forever my child... (Dipanita runs her hand on the top of the coffin. She composes herself) But the one who is responsible for taking you away from me will not escape for long. Your brother Jeh will take your revenge... Today Jeh will attack on that Abhay Raichands heart. Yes! This  story which started with Pia... will end also with her. Yes! Nobody can save her from us... no one! Yes! She is Abhay Raichand's weakness. We will take advantage of his weakness. My child... we will seize Pia from Abhay Raichand forever... like how he seized you from me... We will take revenge of your death today...  Jeh needs our help. He needs that hatred and powers that is inside me... which was inside you... Join with me Gaurav... Help me... help me... help me...' (Dipanita keeps her hands over the coffin with her eyes closed and silently chanting. After some time the coffin top moves to one side and smoke emits from there. Dipanita smiles)

Tracker dreams of making Tanushree and her butterflies her maids
Ruhi is walking through the Forest with difficulty because of her Sari. She sees a crushed paper and picks it up. She opens the paper and reads it. She sees that it is about the secret of a Treasure and way to get it. Ruhi is happy. T and her Bimbos who played the prank on Tracker are happy seeing it. They watch what tracker is doing.  Tracker reads what is written in the paper. She sees the hole on the tree as written in the paper and is shocked to find that the information is right. She then reads, ' Surround the tree thrice and sing a good song for the tree'. Tracker follows the instructions written on the paper happily while T and her Bimbos look at her and laugh their head out. Ruhi further reads the paper, ' close your eyes. Inhale and exhale 10 times'. Ruhi starts doing it. Ruhi is happy that her luck has changed. She imagines herself as Princess and Tanushree and her two butterflies her maids. She reads the paper again, ' surround this tree 5 times and say the mantra'. Ruhi keeps her bag down and starts going around the tree saying , ' Tree God! You are awesome! Tree God Khul ja Sim sim... Hear what I say...'.

Alina tells Abhay that they should help Tracker
Abhay and Alina comes that way. Alina sees Ruhi running around the tree and jumping saying something.
Alina: Abhay... What happened to that girl? Why is she running around the tree and saying khul ja sim sim?
Abhay: She is Tracker. She is like that only. She is mad. And now we don't even look at her foolish acts...
Alina: But Abhay... see how she is doing... I feel that she got some sort of attack... I think we should help her. She is a good girl. You know when T was talking to me badly she helped me from T. We should do something.
Abhay: Okay... I will go and see... You wait here... (Abhay walks towards Tracker)

Jeh and Pia are walking through the Forest.
Pia: Jay I know that you don't feel good when I talk about Abhay. But I am glad that you still hear what I say. (Pia walks ahead. Jeh suddenly stops and his expressions change. At the Khurana House Dipanita is channelizing her energy and the cosmic energy of her dead son. Jeh is struggling to control himself as he looks at Pia who is walking. On Dipanita's orders the energy of Gaurav's soul enters Jeh. Jeh's expression turns to anger and madness. Gaurav's soul speaks, 'My Brother...Take revenge. Remember that Abhay took my life. And today you have to take my revenge...End his last hopes...' Jeh looks at Pia).

Abhay senses Pia in danger. He sees Jeh charging towards Pia who is walking. Jeh runs towards Pia. Abhay says in mind, ' Pia! Pia is in danger... I have to go...' Abahy vanishes from there. Alina turns and looks.

Abhay asks Jeh to leave Pia
Pia looks around and calls Jeh's name. She calls his name repeatedly.
Pia: Jeh can you hear me? (Jeh comes running and stands behind a tree looking at Pia furiously as she is repeatedly calling his name. When Pia turns his direction, Jeh hides behind the tree. He then looks at the vines of the tree while Pia is still calling him. Suddenly he rotates the vines in his hand and they go around Pia. Pia screams for help and calls his name as he pulls her up from the ground by pulling the vine in his hand. Piya is shouting for Jeh as her neck gets tightened by the vine. Jeh is pulling at the vine with all his might. Pia is chocking. Abhay comes behind Jeh and shouts his name. Jeh turns and looks at Abhay in anger)
Abhay: Jeh... Leave her! Leave Pia... (Abhay turns into his Vampire form and charges at Jeh. He throws Jeh from there making his fly. Jeh hits on a tree and falls down. Pia also falls on the ground as Jeh loses the hold on the vine when Abhay attacked him).

At the Khurana House, all the candles and fire in Gaurav's room goes off filling the room with darkness. Dipanita is startled and looks around.

Jeh is sitting on the ground near the trunk of her tree. He lifts his head and looks as if he is unaware of what happened.
Abhay: If you want to take revenge... take revenge on me... But don't touch Piya. Dare you touch Pia (Jeh keeps his hand on his head) Come on Jeh... Get up! Fight me... Fight me Jeh... Fight me! Get up! You are taking my revenge on that girl who trusts you blindly. You are a coward Jeh... (Jeh struggles to get up) After today if you are seen anywhere near Pia I will kill you. I will kill you! (Jeh gets up. Abhay charges on him and hits him sending Jay flying towards another tree. Blood is oozing out of Jeh's mouth and he still has a confused expression on his face). Episode ends

PreCap: Arnab opens the door with a bowl of dhoop in his hands. He greets the Raichands who are standing at the door step... Hasina is feeling restless. Abhay looks in and sees the dhoop stands placed all around the room. Abhay holds Hasina's hand tightly.

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