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17th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 245) Abhay confesses his love to Pia

Dobriyal Sisters - Misha and Panchi
Episode 245 starts with Misha coming out of the washroom assisting Panchi. Misha is happy that Panchi is saved. Misha assists Panchi in sitting on the cot and sits near her. She asks Panchi to promise that she would not do any such thing. Misha tells her that she is going out for attending the College Sports week for 5 days and if she loses the match worrying about Panchi she would kill her. Panchi promises to Misha.
Misha: Panchi, you know that I don't get sentimental. You have to promise me that you would call me every hour. If your phone call does not come just wait and watch.
Panchi: I will call...
Misha: Panchi, Listen! You got to understand...You got to know that if that stupid Guy loves you or not but I cannot be without you. I mean Mom, Dad and both your sisters love you... you got to know that. And before doing any stupid thing you got to think about us. Okay?
Panchi: yeah! I will not do that...
Misha: Promise...
Panchi: Promise!
Misha: Great! Shift...
Panchi: Why?
Misha: Because I am sleeping here... near you. If you quarrel now I will tell every thing to Papa.Now come on move! (Panchi shifts to a side and lies down on her side to sleep. Misha also gets into the bed and lies down bu putting a hand over Panchi hugging her) Bloody stupid boys... how much drama happens in our life because of them.
Panchi: Misha, how cute you are... In childhood also you use to hug and sleep with me like that.
Misha: But you don't snore like you use to snore during childhood. Otherwise I will hit you...
Panchi: Shutup!
Misha: By the way you are still a crying face like that of childhood. (panchi pats on Misha's head)
Panchi: Stop it and sleep...
Misha: Aah...I love you my crying face... I love you...
Panchi: I love you too! (Misha switches off the bed side lamp)

At the Khurana House Alina is sitting by the fire side in a chair. Dipanita comes and stands behind her.
Dipanita: You killed him, didn't you? (Alina gets up from the chair and faces Dipanita) What did you get?
Alina: Mom... I did not do anything. You know what happened here.
Dipanita: You forgot what he did for you? He put his life at risk for you. You gave him this in return?
Alina: Mom... It is 3 years since it happened. How long you will keep punishing me for that? How long? I did not do anything... I did not kill Brother.I did what Neil and Jeh told me.
Dipanita: Because you were weak. If you would have used your powers in the right manner you would not have needed to take my son's powers... You killed him! You killed him... (Alina nods her head in a no. Dipanita goes from there)

Chand Raichand and Hasina
At the Raichand House, Chand and Hasina are sitting on the chairs near the fire place.
Chand: You know Hasina... in a way it is good. I am happy to see his display of power. By attacking Dipanita he has proved that we are not weak. And after Dipanita, they will become weak. Their power will be reduced.
Hasina: You are right Chand... Today for the first time I felt that Abhay is very very powerful. He actually killed her! (Wolves howl on the background. Chand and Hasina gets up and goes near the window to look outside.
Chand: They are grieving at the loss of their head... Now they will start looking for us. But they cannot do anything to us. This out their head they are weak. (The wolves howl again) If Abhay would have been here I would have liked to congratulate him on his victory.
Hasina: I really hope that these werewolves are grieving. But for some reason I hear the happiness of success in their voice.
Chand: No Hasina, they are sharing their pain with each other. They are at a loss. We have won!

Abhay and Pia at the Forest
At the Forest Abhay is walking ahead of Pia very fast. Suddenly he hears the sound of something falling and turns to look. He runs to Pia calling her name. A tree branch has fallen on Pia's feet and she is sitting on the ground in pain. Abhay comes and throws the tree branch away.
Abhay: Pia, Are you okay?
Pia: Abhay, Why are you doing like that to me?
Abhay: Pia, What did I do? You keep pulling me back... (Abhay lifts Pia into his arms)

Abhay and Pia near the Waterfall
Abhay says, 'I love you Pia'
Abhay and Pia are sitting on the rocks near the waterfall. Abhay gets up and gets some water from the waterfall in his hands. He comes near Pia and pours the water on Pia's feet which is bleeding. He gently wipes the blood of with his hand looking at Pia who is in pain. Pia also looks at Abhay. They takes their eyes away from each other and looks back at each other again.
Pia: Abhay, What is that helplessness that we both cannot be one? Why can't we be together? When we love each other so much... why do we stay this far?  Tell me Abhay... Why?  Abhay, tell me one time... Tell me one time that you love me. Tell me one time... All these are not my imagination... this is true Abhay... Abhay Tell me that you love me... Please Abhay... (Abhay leans forward and removes a stray hair from Pia's face. He then caresses her face. Pia says in mind, 'Pia... What happened to you? What are you saying? You saw Abhay killing Dipanita Aunty with your own eyes. Abhay is not right Pia... He is not right')
Abhay: Pia, you are my support to live... You gave me a new life... You put life in this lifeless heart... You gave life to a living dead... You taught this lifeless heart to beat... Pia, Our love showed me the way from darkness to light...I... I love you Piya... I love you... (Pia and Abhay look at each other. Pia leans to Abahy and he holds her close in a hug) I love you Pia... I love you...
Pia: I love you Abhay... (They lift their heads and look at each other)

Dipanita tells Jeh that she want to take revenge on the Raichands
Dipanita tells Jeh to seize Abhay's love Pia from him
Jeh is running through the Forest fast. He comes near where Dipanita is standing.
Jeh: Mom! Mom...See your condition. What are you doing here in this condition?
Dipanita: Jeh... I was searching for Raichands house. There it is ... (Dipanita points to Raichand House) I have to take revenge from them. For what they did to me... they have to pay for it!
Jeh: Mom, I can understand. Mom, I understand that we have to take revenge... But look at your condition. You should not be here but home at this time. Let's go home Mom... Let's go home...
Dipanita: No Jeh... I will not be able to rest till I take the revenge for my sons death... Not before that...
Jeh: Mom... What can we do in this condition? See your condition. You should go home Mom
Dipanita: We will do the same thing to them what the Raichands did to me. They have taken my son from me. We will seize the most important thing in their son's life. Jeh... You have to do the duty of a Brother and son today... You have to take revenge for your Brothers death. You will take away the person on whom Abhay Raichand's life is trapped in. His life... his love... his Pia... you have to seize it from him.(Jeh looks at Dipanita as if he is shocked) Did you get that?

Abhay and Pia are sitting on the stone near the water fall. Abhay helps Pia to get up. Abahy cups Pia's face with both hands.
Abhay: Pia, you are bigger than my life...every aspiration of my life is you...every hope in my life is are everything to me... I love you Piya... I love you! (Abhay pulls Pia to him for a hug and kisses on her forehead. Wolves howl in the background)

Independence Day Celebrations are going in the Mount College Campus. Most of the students are dressed in Green and White clothes. Tanushree comes to the campus wearing a white mini skirt and green top. Mrs Dasgupta sees her and scolds her. She tells T to go and change. T sees Ruhi coming wearing a Orange color Sari and makes fun of her. T says to her Bimbos that she has demanded for tri colored cup cakes after the flag hosting instead of laddoos. Ruhi asks the students if anyone has tricolor medicine to get rid of T's illness. Piya comes to the campus wearing a white churidar suit and green dupatta. A girl sees Pia and tells Ruhi how simple and pretty Pia looks. T and her bimbos are unhappy hearing it. Ruhi fondly touches on Pia's chin. The Principal comes there and announces that the entire day there will be celebrations in the college. He then proceeds to hoist the flag to mark the beginning of the celebration. Students jointly sing the National Anthem.

Two Cars comes to the Mount College Car Parking lot at the same time. Jeh gets out first from his Car. He looks at Abhay who gets out of his Car and then walks from there. Abhay thinks, 'I have to talk to Jeh. Why is he looking so normal? After what happened yesterday night he should be angry. I have to be careful'.

PreCap: Abhay and Jeh are talking...
Abhay: Your Mom not only had blood pressure... She was killed...(Jeh raises his eyebrows) I killed her!
Jeh: What? My Mom was killed? You know what Abhay? You should get your eyes checked. In fact your brain also. You came to my house...Remember? With the Police? She was fine... hail and hearty... Nothing had happened to her...
Abhay: That means... you will leave me just like that?

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