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9th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 238) Kabir Singh breaks up his relationship with Tanushree

Kabir dumps Tanushree
Episode 238 starts with Tanushree walking into the College Canteen along with her bimbos.
T: You need to learn from me. I mean I enjoyed teaching a lesson to my enemy. And you know what? I failed the brakes of her bike. It was so amazing… the feeling. (T and her bimbo’s stop in front of the canteen counter. T who is talking does not see Kabir who is standing behind her. Her bimbo’s try to stop her on seeing Kabir but Tanushree continues talking) either her head would have broken or nose should have failed. Then they will understand that messing up with T is very tough (Her Bimbos signals T to keep quiet). What? (The bimbos signal T with their eyes. Tanushree turns and sees Kabir Singh in front of her) Kabir: So you made the brakes of Misha’s bike fail? How could you? What if something serious would have happened? I can’t believe that I am the boyfriend of a girl like you. T: Excuse me?
Kabir: No T, No excuse for this. You have not insulted anyone… You have not played a prank with any one… You have played with someone’s life T. You know T? You are so dumb! You roam around acting intelligent and have this pride… actually you don’t have the brains of even two pennies. You would have liked it if Misha was in the Hospital? How would you have faced yourself? T: Look! (Kabir points finger at T) Kabir: Don’t even start it T. There is no excuse for what you have done. You know what? I don’t want to see your face. In fact, I don’t want to be with you… T: K, What are you talking? Kabir: T, you and I… finished! I can’t love a heartless girl… Never! (Kabir goes from there) T: K? K…. whatever… freak! Why didn’t you tell me this?

Scene moves to Khurana House.
Dipanita: She is Alina, my daughter. And no one speak in a loud tone with the daughters of our house. And whatever she did... It was just an accident... a mistake...
Panchi: But Aunty, You never told that you have a daughter?
Dipanita: Of course I told you. In fact on the night of the engagement... or it must have been to your Parents. In fact Jeh and Neil speaks to her daily on Skype because she studies abroad. I wonder how come Neil did not tell you till now. She just gave us a surprise. She thought why not meet her Brothers for Rakshabandhan?
Abhay: Alina, right? In which University do you study? (Dipanita answers the question instead of Alina)
Panchi: Oh! One of my friends also studies there... Which course are you doing? (Dipanita again gives the answer)
Abhay: How long is the Course? (Dipanita is unsure what to answers and tries to avoid the Question by saying, ' She has come just now. We should focus more on Pia right now'. Alina and Abhay looks at each other. Dipanita goes and sits near Pia)
Dipanita: Pia needs rest, right dear? (Piya nods)
Pia: I am fine... Thank you Aunty...
Dipanita: Pia, You are also like Alina to me. So there is no need to say that you for this. (Pia looks at Abhay and Alina who are looking at each other. Abhay is looking at her as if trying to remember something. Both turns their heads. Jeh is looking at Abhay intensely. Abhay thinks, 'What was that? What is this feeling?' Jeh and Panchi helps Pia to get out of the bed)
Pia: Thank you... Bye! ( Jeh is following Pia and Panchi)
Dipanita: panchi, I want to talk to you something alone... Jeh, You leave Pia to the Car...
Jeh: yeah... (Jeh takes Pia out of the room by putting a hand around her shoulders. Abhay follows them. he thinks, 'What is in her that I am feeling so uncomfortable? This is so strange! And Dipanita... Why is she protecting her so much? Why?' Alina who is standing behind looks at Abhay. Abahy thinks, 'What is she? Who is she? And why is she here?' Abhay walks out of the room as Alina looks on).

T and her friends are talking by standing near the Mount College Canteen counter.
Barbie: Babes... Are you fine?
T: Of course I am fine! What will happen to me? (T sits on a Chair at the Canteen) I am T... This does not make a difference to me... And moreover K's insanity vanishes very fast. (T's friends also sit on the chairs) And you see that poor guy will come back to me... He will come crawling to me and rubbing his nose on the floor...And then you know what I will do? I will throw him like...(T takes a paper napkin from the napkin holder. She wipes her nose and throws it down) a used tissue.  Who cares? May be he will be some prince...of a small town. So how does it matter? If his family is royal then my family is more royal. I don't need him!
Barbie: Great! If you are dumping Kabir... Can I date him?
T: What?
Skipper: Yeah babe... And anyways there is no one more handsome than Kabir in this whole town. And I am sure... If I date him my social standing definitely will increase... (Barbie points a finger at Skipper as if she wants to say, 'don't you dare!') And anyways darling... you are throwing him... So please throw him in my direction...
Barbie: No ways! If anyone can date Kabir... it is me! And you know what? I can do anything for him (T is silent and lost in thoughts hearing her friend's talks)
Skipper: Look! I have grabbed him before...
Barbie: Just go away! Loser! (Barbie and Skipper starts to fight and T interferes)
T: You bimbos! Have you Guys lost it or what? You should have joined Tracker's despo gang. You guys have become desperate. And what do you think? K will turn and look at you?  People... I tell you... You know what? People call you my Butterflies...But you Guys are still caterpillars...very ugly (T turns her face from her bimbos) Just crawl away... go! Leave me alone! (Barbie and Skipper leaves from there. T thinks, 'This K is becoming too popular. I have to tell sorry to him and get him back to me. Otherwise these dumbo girls will start lining up for him. Actually sorry along would not do. To bring back K I have to think of a plan. Come on T...Operation K return begins!' T smiles)

At the Khurana House, Dipanita and Panchi are walking and talking.
Dipanita: Panchi dear... Give Pia the medicines in time and what ever instructions the doctors have given follow them correctly...
Panchi: Yes Aunty... Aunty I really want to say special thanks to you...You did so much for us...
Dipanita: Come on Panchi... You are no longer a stranger for us... we are a family now. In fact stop calling me Aunty and all. Call me Mom! Neel also calls me Mom, right? (Panchi nods)
Panchi: Bye! (Panchi walks from there. Dipanita smiles)

Abhay is sitting in the driving seat of the Car. Pia is sitting at the back seat with her eyes closed and leaning to the seat.
Pia: Abhay, Can I tell you a story?
Abhay: What sort of story?
Pia: A very old story... A story of the past... a magical story... One time a girl came to this jungle...and went to a hut...then suddenly fire caught on the four sides of the hut... (Abhay recalls Pia settling fire around her and standing in the middle of the flame) She cried... and screamed for help... but no one came... Then she went to the door. But the door was closed from outside. She was hopeless Abhay and then... (Pia looks at Abhay) And then you came there... That was you... right Abhay? I know...(Abhay is stunned) You came there and came through the fire and saved her... Why Abhay... why? Who is she? Who was she? (Abhay keeps silence) That was me, right Abhay? It was me?  (Abhay turns and looks at Piya)
Abhay: Yeah...
Pia: But how Abhay? How did you save me by coming through the fire? And you did not even get hurt?
Abhay: No human can walk to the fire... It is just your minds assumption. You may have seen some dream. I had saved you from fire once... but not by walking through the fire...
Pia: Maybe Abhay.... May be you are my dream. But Abhay... Abhay what I saw you in your eyes... The love in your eyes... the fear in your eyes of losing me... the determination in your eyes to save me... what about that all?  Was that all a lie Abhay? Abhay you cannot hide you emotions well... I know... Then why you played with your life and jumped into that fire Abhay... why Abhay? Only a lover can risk his life to save another person, right Abhay? Right Abhay? (Abhay keeps silence)
Abhay kisses Panchi's hand
Panchi comes and gets into the front seat of the Car.
Panchi: Let's go Guys... (Abhay drives the Car from Khurana House. Abhay kisses on Panchi's hand)
Abhay: Panchi my love... Don't leave me alone like this and go... People think wrong... And they just get carried away...
Panchi: Yeah?  (Abhay leans towards Panchi and whispers)
Abhay: Really... your sister ( Pia opens her eyes) Pia... (Panchi turns and looks. Pia closes her eyes) Seeing me alone she advanced towards me... (Abhay and Pia look at each other throw the rear view mirror) Let there be no more talks. Panchi, does she not know that you are with me? That you are my girlfriend... that I got my real love... Tell her!
Panchi: Don't tell like that Abhay. Pia is my little sister. She knows that you are my life... and happiness. She might have talked to you just like that... And you are so somber and grumpy that if some one says two words...yiou will say 4 for doing it. Don't think too much... relax!
Abhay: Thanks Baby! I was just over reacting like that...
Panchi: You don't have to... I love you! (Abhay kisses Panchi's hand again)
Abhay: Me too! I love you so much that I have never loved anyone else to that extent (Panchi smiles. Pia and Abhay looks at each other through the mirror) I want to shout and tell the whole world that you are mine. (Panchi thinks, 'I know that Abahy is doing all this to keep Pia away from him, but it feels good. Is there some truth in his talk? Has Abhay started really liking me by playing this drama? Is that possible?' Panchi smiles. The Car stops in front of Dobriyal House. Arnab looks outside through the window and sees the Car. Piya gets out of the Car and walks towards the gate. Arnab gazes at the Car. He says in mind, 'Come on Panchi... Get out of the Car! What are you doing with Abhay in the Car? The matter is getting out of hand. I will have to stop this...') 

Arnab makes a call to Dipanita Khurana. Dipanita is sitting near the fire place at Khurana House with a file. She picks up the Call.
Dipanita: Arnab! I know why you have called. But if you say thanks I will get angry. How long will you treat us like strangers? We are family now Arnab. 
Arnab: Sure! But this time I have called you to ask for something like a family member.
Dipanita: Really? Please tell me... Dipanita, I was thinking that why not pre-pone the date of marriage of Neil and Panchi? (Dipanita is happy) I was thinking that I will hand over Panchi to my own people fast...
Dipanita: Arnab, You have made me happy by telling this... I will get the dates fast...
Arnab: Fantastic! Okay then... We will keep a family dinner...and will discuss the whole matters then. Okay... Thank you! (Arnab cuts the Call. Arnab sees Panchi getting out of the Car. He says in mind, 'Panchi, I am doing this all for your own good. The way you are going... it is my duty to save you').
Alina Khurana is scared
Alina is walking backwards looking scared. Dipanita is walking towards her climbing the stairs.
Dipanita: I had told you... do not come back...
Alina: Momma... momma... I was just... 
Dipanita: Then also you came? Why? You spoiled the entire game... I did not wish anyone to know about you. I did not want anyone to know about you... Who gave you the rights to spoil my entire plan? Tell me!
Alina: I was remembering my family Mom... (Alina falls on the stairs and Dipanita catch holds of Alina by hand and pulls her towards a room)
Dipanita: You could have called me... written letter to me... But why did you come here? (Alina tries to resist and tells sorry but Dipanita forcefully drags her and pushes her into a room. Dipanita closes the door from outside. Alina taps on the door pleading for forgiveness and asking to open the door. Dipannita shouts from outside) Your mistake is not worthy of forgiveness. You will not get forgiveness... Never! (Dipanita goes from there. Alina turns and looks at the Coffin in the room with fearful eyes). Episode ends.

PreCap: Pia is reading a newspaper reading the fire break near Pander palace. She sees the name of Maithili and thinks that she has heard the name before. Pia reads the story of Mythili burning to death for the sake of her love.

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