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16th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 244) Alina Khurana gives life to Dipanita using her dead Brother’s soul

Jeh and Neil tries to console Dipanita who is crying
Episode 244 starts with Jeh, Pia and Abhay traveling on the Police vehicle towards Khurana House. Jay Khurana is worried and hopes that Neil has done something to save Dipanita. Suddenly Jey's mobile rings and he sees that the call is from his brother Neel. He wonders how to pick up the call in front of every one. He asks the Inspector to stop the vehicle for a minute. When the Inspector asks the reasons he shows his lifts the little finger of his hand signalling that he wants to relieve himself. The Inspector orders the driver to stop the vehicle. Jeh gets out of the vehicle. Pia looks at Abhay and thinks, 'When Misha and Panchi told that Abhay was an abusive boyfriend and not a good one I did not believe them. But now I can truly believe them'.

Jeh walks a little further from the Police Vehicle and lifts the call of Neel.
Jeh: yeah Neel...
Neil: Jeh... Alina is not agreeing...
Jeh: What? Give the phone to her... Give... (Neel gives the phone to Alina )
Alina: Hello...
Jeh: Listen Alina... I will cut the crap and straight away come to the point... Whatever you need just tell me and you will get it...
Alina: What do you mean?
Jeh: You know very well what I mean Alina... Just tell me what you want...
Alina: Fine! So Listen... I wish to spend my life like a normal girl. Like the life you live I also wish a life like that (Jeh is angry)
Jeh: You know what? Fine... You will get it... Just do it... do it fast please... (Alina gives back the phone to Neil)
Neel: hello! yeah Jeh?
Jeh: Neil we have only 10 minutes... I am coming...
Neil: Okay Jeh... fine okay... (Neil cuts the call)

Jeh gets back into the Police Vehicle. The Inspector order the driver to drive from there.
Neil supports Alina who falls back while trying to resurrect Dipanita
At the Khurana House Dipanita is on the cot with the wooden stake piercing her heart. Alina slowly comes to the room and stands at a distance looking at Dipanita. She says in mind, ' You treated me very badly Mom...' (Neil enters the room with a candle and closes the door. He then proceeds to light the candles in the Candle stand. Alina recalls Dipanita forcefully bringing her back from the Forest and locking her in the room. Alina is reluctant to bring Dipanita back to life but on Neil's insistence Alina sits beside Dipanita's bed and uses her powers by closing her eyes placing her hands above Dipanita's wound. She suddenly withdraws her hand and tells Neil that she cannot do it. Neel tells her that she has to do it. Alina again tries to do it and brings her hands near the wooden stake. He gets thrown away and Neil catches her from falling. Alina tells Neil that she is very weak at the moment and would not be able to do it. She again tries to touch the wooden stake on Dipanita's body but gets thrown away again. She again tells Neil that she is very weak and cannot do it).
Neil: I know what to do... There is only one way... We have no other option...
Alina: No Neil...Can't do that! Alina we don't have any other way... Just come (Neil pulls Alina by hand and takes her out of the room. Alina tries to resist. Neil tells her that before the Police comes they have to bring back Dipanita).
Jeh comes to Khurana House with Abhay, Pia and the Inspector
Neil brings Dipanita to meet the Inspector
Jeh pushes open the door and comes into the room with the Inspector, Constables, Abhay and Pia.
Inspector: Where is your Mother?
Jeh: She is upstairs...I will see... (Jeh moves towards the stairs followed by others. He says in mind, 'I hope Mom is alright. I just hope Neil that you have done something. Our plan should become successful Neil...' Jeh looks up and sees Neil opening the door of a room upstairs and bring a weak looking Dipanita out by assisting her. Jeh is happy and looks relieved. Dipanita climbs down a few steps assisted by Neil. Inspector sees Dipanita and looks at Piya who is standing behind him. Pia is unable to believe her eyes)
Abhay: Inspector! It is she whom I murdered...But she looks absolutely fine!
Inspector: Sorry Madam! We got news that someone attacked you... (Pia is lost for words and looks confused)
Dipanita: Attack? On me? Don't be silly Inspector... My Blood Pressure was low because of which I became unconscious. You people just hear something and comes to trouble...
Inspector: Sorry Madam... But we were given a false statement...
Piya: Auntie... How are you now?
Dipanita: I am fine Pia...I have a little weakness. I would wish to take rest...if you people permit me...
Pia: Yeah... I will go now. I will come to see you tomorrow... (Dipanita turns and goes from there)
Abhay: Pia... Can I drop you home?
Pia: No! I will go on my own... (Pia turns and walks from there. Abhay too follows her)
Inspector: Sorry! We troubled you...
Jeh: It's Okay... (The Inspector leaves from Khurana House).

Jeh comes near and pats on Neil's shoulder.
Jeh: Dude... Good job... You almost saved us!
Neil: Good Job? Really Jeh?  It was not easy Jay. Saving Mom was not easy...
Jeh: What? (Alina comes to the top of the stairs) Alina! (Dipanita who was also standing at the base of the stairs with the Khurana Brothers slowly climbs up) What happened Alina? What happened Alina... What did you do?
Dipanita: Why Alina? Why did you do that?  (Dipanita shouts) Why did you do that? (Dipanita is crying. Alina puts down her head in guilt)
Alina: Mom... I did not wish to do it... But I did not have any other choice... (Jeh and Neil looks at Alina helplessly) He was dear to me too Mom... But I was very weak Mom and I needed the powers to bring you back. I am sorry Mom... (Dipanita is crying. She then wails and screams at Alina)
Dipanita: Then you should have let me die... Why did you save me?
Alina: Mom!
Dipannita: Why did you save me? (Dipanita kneels on the staircase and screams in a heart wrenching manner) I lost him forever... forever... (Alina sits on the stair looking sad and guilty. Jeh runs to Dipanita who cries and wails by hitting her head on the floor. Jeh tries to comfort Dipanita)

Alina recalls Neil bringing her to the room where the coffin is kept.
Neel: Alina, You have to do this... you will have to do this... We have to save Mom...
Alina: No Neel... I cannot do that...
Neel: Alina... We have no other option. Alina if we want to save Mom we have to do this sacrifice... We have to take our Brothers soul for it... Just do it... For God sake just do it!
Alina: Neel, Mom will not be able to bear Brothers separation. She loved him more than us. We will lose our Brother forever Neel... We cannot do this Neel... I won't do this... (Neil insists again and pushes Alina towards the coffin telling that the Police would be coming any moment and that they have to save their Mother. Alina reluctantly place her hands above the the Coffin and takes the powers of her dead brothers soul to give life to Dipanita. Alina whispers, 'Sorry Brother...Today I ended your life with my own hands...'

Dipanita points to Alina and cries, 'She took away my son'. Jeh is trying to console Dipanita by hugging her. Alina recalls her coming back to the room where Dipanita is lying on the bed with the wooden stake on her heart with Neil. Alina's fists are closed. When she stands in the room reluctantly Neil pulls her by hand and brings Alina to Dipanita's bed side. Alina sits beside Dipanita with closed eyes mouthing the chants for resurrecting Dipanita. She then transfers all her energy and the powers of her Brothers soul by placing her hands near the wooden stake. Finally she holds the stake with her hands and pulls it out. Alina falls back in the process and Neil supports her. Dipanita slowly opens her eyes and looks around. She sees Neil and Alina.
Dipanita: Neil... Alina... What are you doing here? (She looks at Alina who is sitting beside her bed looking guilty) What happened to me? Who got her out of the room?
Neil: Me! I am sorry Mom but I had to do this... I had to do this to save your life Mom... We had to...
Dipanita: What? What you had to do Neel? (Neel puts his head down. Alina also looks down) What did you do Neel? Tell me! (Dipanita sits up on the bed) What did you do? Tell me... (Dipanita gets up and comes close to Neil. Alina hides behind her brother in fear) Neil... What did you do? (Dipanita runs out of the room. Dipanita reaches the room where her dead son's coffin is placed. She looks at the slightly opened Coffin and walks backwards.

Dipanita curses herself for her son's death
Jeh asks Dipanita to compose herself
Dipanita lets out a heart wrenching cry.  Jeh hugs her and try to comfort her.
Dipanita: We lost him forever...We came to this city to give him life... to give him a life again...Now what will we do?
Jeh: Mom...(Jeh keeps holding her)
Dipanita: there is now no meaning to my life Jeh... No meaning...
Jay: Mom... Sshhh... (Alina gets up from the stairs. Jeh cups Dipanita's face with his hands) Mom...please calm down... (Dipanita points to Alina who is standing on the top of the stairs)
Dipanita: This girl erased by last hope also...
Alina: Neel... I told you... I told you that Mom will never forgive us... Didn't I tell you that we should not do it?  (Jeh signals Alina to calm down) Mom is blaming me for Brother's death... He was my Brother Jeh... I also loved him like Mom did. But we needed him to bring back Mom from dead...(Dipanita is angry and screams again)
Dipanita: You should have let me die...At least I would not have seen my child going in front of my own eyes... (Dipanita again leans on Jay's shoulder and cries. Neil comes near them)
Neil: I agree that we did wrong Mom...But do you have any idea what we were going through? (Alina is also crying. Jeh looks at her helplessly still comforting Dipanita) That time I did not understand what to do...Saving you then was very essential Mom...
Dipanita: No Neil... I could have given life to my son... I could have brought him back... Abhay Raichand ended everything! If my life was not at risk you would not have needed my child's soul to save my life... I hate my life... (Dipanita gets up from the stairs. Jeh and Neil tries to console Dipanita) everything happened because of me... (Dipanita runs upstairs...Neil and Jeh runs behind her. Dipanita comes in front of the room in which the coffin is placed. Jeh holds her again)
Jeh: Mom, I know what you are saying. I know why we came here...It is very important now for you to compose yourself. Just take care of yourself please...Just calm down... (Dipanita points at Alina who looks shattered)
Dipanita: Jeh... Please take her away from my eyes... If she was not weak... my son would have been with me...
Jeh: I know Mom... Just take her away... (Dipanita gets into the room and closes the door from inside) Just a second Mom... Mom! (Neil and Jeh turns and looks at Alina who is still standing near the top of the staircase)

Abhay demands an apology from Pia
Abhay is walking behind Pia through the Jungle.
Abhay: Pia...  (Pia stops walking) Will you not say sorry to me?
Piya: For what?
Abhay: For the Murder mystery drama you did... for that...  You blamed me that I murdered Dipanita. And Dipanita is sitting alive at her own house. Pia this is not the first time it is happening. This has happened several times... Why don't you trust me? Why? (Pia turns to face Abhay)
Pia: I don't know you and Jeh are trying to save whom and why... But I definitely know what I have seen...You tried to kill Dipanita. And I will try to find out why Dipanita and Jeh are trying to save you.
Abhay: I cannot change the way you think Pia...You have made up these stories in your mind that I murdered Dipanita. If I have murdered Dipanita why did she not tell anything to me? Why is Jeh not telling anything to me? Why? But in your eyes I am still the culprit.
Pia: yeah...because I know what I have seen. Those people are just trying to save you... May be you did not kill her but you attacked her...
Abhay: Pia if you have forgotten... let me remind you...Khurana's are our biggest business rivals... My Mom and Dipanita both are enemies. Jeh and me do not get along well. Still they are supporting me...Why? Tell me Pia... Why would they support me? In fact they should have taken advantage of the opportunity and got me arrested... What happened Pia? Your theories failed? Or are feeling shame to say sorry to me?
Pia: Abhay, Sorry is told to people who are not at fault. But you... you are not that... You are not that innocent.
Abhay: Pia...You know what is your problem? You are very stubborn...
Pia: And you don't know what your problem is... You hide from yourself so much that you do not know what is truth and what is lie. The person who cannot understand his true love... what can he understand? (Abhay and Pia looks at each other) Episode ends.

PreCap: Abhay and Pia are sitting in the Forest. Abhay is running his hand over Pia's feet which is sprained. Pia and Abhay looks at each other. Abhay turns Pia's face towards him with his hand. They share a hug.

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