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2nd August 2011 Written Update (Episode 233) Jeh confesses his love to Pia

Jeh tells Piya that he expects more than friendship
Episode 233 starts with Kabir and Tanushree arriving at the Friendship Day party. As soon as they see T a bunch of Guys at the Party runs to her with roses in hand. Kabir is shocked. T goes forward and collects the roses from the Guys.
Kabir: hey! Just be careful... She is my girl dude... Leave her! What the hell... (Kabir tries to interfere but some body pushes his aside) Hey they are behaving as if I don't exist... I won't leave them... hey! (Kabir gets in between and takes T from there) What is wrong yaar?
T: Boys...Don't lose hope(T holds the flower to her chest)... T appreciates everything! (Kabir is angry and points fingers at the Guys. T thinks, ' I will take advantage of this popularity Misha. Tonight... I will show you!' Kabir turns and looks to see that T has gone from there. Kabir goes from there to search for T).
Khurana Brothers, Jeh and Neil, arrive at the Friendship Day Party
Jeh and Neil are coming down the stairs. They come to the Hall where the Party is happening. Jeh excuses himself from there. Neil looks around and sees Panchi standing and talking to a girl. Neel thinks, 'Wow Panchi... How peaceful I feel seeing her worried'. Neil walks towards Panchi who is now standing alone. He goes and stands next to her.
Neel: What happened? Why are you standing here alone baby?
Panchi: Just like that! I am not answerable to you.
Neel: Seriously... Today that young hot hot college Guys are not seen near you... Actually the truth is that those young Guys have no interest in a non-hot girl like you. I know I know I know... That sounds bad. But that is the truth.
Panchi: Just shut up! Keep your nonsense with you. (Panchi walks from there but stops and turn to look when she hears a girl greeting Neel)
Girl: Hey Neel...what a surprise baby! (Neel has his hand around the girls shoulders) Who is this Neel?
Neel: Somebody. Don't bother baby. She is my distant relative. Don't worry! (Neel starts some public display of affection as Panchi watches on. Panchi feels bad and goes from there. Neel says in mind, 'Poor Panchi... I have just started')
Jeh takes Pia out of the Party Hall
Pia and Misha are standing together and laughing at something. Jeh looks around and spots them. Misha also sees him at the same instant.
Misha: There... Your lover boy has come. I am telling you... tie him a red band...
Pia: Shut up Misha... (Before Pia could stop her Misha says bye and goes from there) Misha, Listen! (Jeh walks towards Pia. He comes near her)
Jeh: Hey Pia...
Pia: Hi!
Jeh: You are looking pretty.
Pia: Thanks! You also are looking handsome.
Jeh: I know!
Pia: Wow! Over confidence should be learned from you.
Jeh:Actually it's called perfection... Very few people have it... Who has it you should flaunt him...
Pia: Okay okay I saw your perfection,okay? God...
Jeh: By the way... you were suppose to come... We were supposed to meet... You didn't turn up
Pia: Meaning?
Jeh: 6'0'clock... Sunset Point...
Pia: Oh... I am so sorry...I was so spaced out... Papa...it was too much of mess!
Jeh: It's okay... it's okay... Well... If you are not doing anything...now if you are free ... can we step outside for just 2 minutes?
Pia: yeah, okay...
Jeh: Yeah... Come... (Jeh walks ahead. Pia follows him but suddenly stops when she recalls Abhay telling her at the College Library Room to break up her relationship with Jay and that Jeh is not the right guy for her. Jeh goes back to her and leads her from there)
Jeh Khurana's confession of love to Pia
Jeh tells Pia that he is unable to hide his feelings for her
Pia and Jeh are standing at the balcony upstairs.
Jeh: Pia...Do you know why I bought you here?
Pia: No Jay... Something Important?
Jeh: Well... Yes... something important for sure... Okay...Pia... Do you trust me?
Pia: Of course Jeh...
Jeh: And I am also a good friend to you, correct?
Pia: You are my very good friend and you have stood by me always. So... yeah...
Jeh: And I promise that I will always be with you if you let me that is.. Pia, But I think I expect more than this friendship. I don't know how to say this but Pia... (Jeh catches Pia's hand in both his hand and goes down on one knee in front of her) I love you Pia... (Pia is shocked to hear the words from Jeh. Jeh looks at her expecting an answer)
Pia: Jay...I am... I am sorry Jeh but... (Pia closes her eyes in distress)
Jay: But what Pia?
Pia: Jeh I never thought that we two would become friends. You know you were so rude to me. You were so strange... and then we became friends. And you are so good that I can depend on you... and in between all this... why Jeh... (Jeh gets up and faces her)
Jeh: Just relax... I am sorry... I am really sorry... I know I said this all of a sudden... And you are not even ready...But I am not able to hide my feelings from you... I can't! When we pretend in front of everyone that we both are in love... it is hurting me Piya...And I think that I want to tell you how I feel about you. You should know Pia...
Pia: But Jeh... I never thought about you like that.
Jeh: But I thought Piya...and is thinking now also...And you too think of it once Pia please... Just give it some time...
Pia: Jay I know but it is too... it is too...
Jay: What Pia? Too what Pia? Don't tell me that you now also expect that Abhay will come back to you. Pia you can't see who truly loves you and who is trying to use you. Pia, Abhay is not coming back! Today everyone who is standing inside is talking this... tonight is the night...this is the night of love Pia...today the one you choose... you will get him to be with you whole life. You have two more hours... Make your choice! Please make the right one...I am there with you... (Pia nods. Jeh looks at her and then goes from there)

Pia walks through the Balcony lost in thoughts. Suddenly she hears her mirror image speaking and turns to look.
Image: Pia, What did you do? Your life's biggest mistake...
Pia: What do you know?
Image: I know more than you Pia...You have said no to the love of such a Guy who loves you. For whom? For what? Oh... Abhay! Really? Abhay... A Guy who is with your sister... He is with Panchi...such a Guy who never showed any interest on you...such a Guy who has forgotten you long back...
Pia: No! I don't agree that Abhay has forgotten me, okay?
Image: Just get with it Pia... Come on! Open your eyes and compose yourself...Do you remember anything about the relationship you keep thinking about? How it was? What it was or is it just in your brain? Pia... the person in front of you does not even ask for you and you are ignoring your life's every happiness because of him.
Pia: But I do not love Jeh...
Image: So? Oh... You do not love the one who loves you... You love the one who ignores you... the one who has forgotten you...right?
Pia: No! I know...Abhay has still feelings for me in his heart...That day what happened in the library... I saw it... I know!
Image: So? Maybe... But now he is with Panchi. Maybe he and you still have a connection. But now he is clearly ignoring it because he is with Panchi. And what are you doing? Are you behind you sister's love?
Pia: Just shut up, Okay... Go from here... leave me alone! I don't believe that he loves my sister. What rubbish!
Image: Pia, You want to believe in what is convenient to you. You know what? You are really sad...
Pia: Just shut up and go...Just go... Leave! (Pia turns her face away. When she turns and looks back again she finds her mirror image gone. Pia recalls her moments with Abhay in the library. Pia thinks, 'If my sister is with Abhay what happened at the library should not have happened. What is wrong with you Pia? What are you doing?'

Tanushree looks at Misha standing near the bar counter and drinking. She says in mind, 'I see Misha is enjoying a lot. Go ahead Misha... It is your last moments. After that T will insult you in public so much that your friends would be scared to come near you. Who want to be friends with a boozer? Today T would teach you a lesson'. Tanushree goes from there. After that she makes a call to some lady and informs that she and her friends want to organize some charity and asks her opinion on which charity is good and where to send the money. T thank the lady and cuts the phone. She then looks at Misha with a smile.

Misha walks away from the bar counter. A Guy approaches her and asks for alcohol. She gives him a miniature bottle. The Guy tells her, 'Misha you are the coolest chick!'
Misha: Don't worry about it...Party on!
Angad tries to interfere when he sees Ruhi dancing with another Guy
Tracker is happily dancing with some Guy. Angad is drinking and walking towards Ruhi's direction. Suddenly Angad notices Ruhi dancing with a Guy. He rubs his eyes and looks again to make sure. Both Ruhi and the Guy are enjoying their dancing and laughing. Angad goes near them and try to get in between but Ruhi and the Guy ignores him. Angad pushes the Guy away and takes Ruhi out of there.

Pia comes back to the Party Hall. She looks at the people dancing and suddenly flashes of her dancing with Abhay comes in front of her. She says in mind, 'I can't believe Abhay that you do not love me. How to believe when my heart tells... God Abhay! I wish I never met you...I wish you were not part of my life...If I never knew you Abhay...I would not have recognized you...And now... all I can feel is pain... just pain!' Pia wipes away the tears from her cheek.

Girls and Guys are dancing at the Party Hall.
Angad: You are my baby doll, right?
Ruhi: Really, Am I your baby doll? (Angad nods) You want to dance with this baby doll? (Angad nods) Sorry cheater... I don't want to dance with you...get that straight! You did not remember your baby doll when you were cheating on me?
Angad: Ruhi... I am tired telling you again and again that Laila is not my girlfriend. I was helping by friend by being a delivery boy.
Ruhi: Really? So what were you doing in the Jungle? You went to pick flowers before the delivery?
Angad: No...Ruhi I was sitting and studying at home... then the bell rang and I saw a bouquet of flowers. There was a note on which it was written come to me... I am this and that... I knew that the note was written by you so I went there...
Ruhi: Hey! Don't try to fool me... Go away...
Angad: Go away?
Ruhi: yeah...
Angad: Okay... I will go away Ruhi...But before I go I want to tell you one thing, Okay? Not only in College but even if you search whole world you won't get an innocent and loyal boyfriend like me who loves you this much. Try and see!
Ruhi: You know what? You are drunk. You are not even able top say a sentence completely.
Angad: This is College Party. I am decent. I don't drink...
Ruhi: Oh yeah? hello...Do I look like a fool? What do you think? I don't know where official drinks are available in this Party? Hello... Misha is my best friend. Have you gone near her to see her face or what?
Angad: Misha is your friend, right? So you also might have drank 2-3...
Ruhi: Just shut up, Okay? Listen1 I don't drink... I just have wine... I am not a drunkard...
Angad: Wine? You drink wine?
Ruhi: I said wine... I don't drink...
Angad: I know in your purse there will be 2-3 miniatures for sure... You know Ruhi? Today I tried to prove my love to you from my heart. So you lost that chance... Now you see what I will do... (Angad goes from there stumbling on the way. He goes to the dance floor and starts dancing with some girl. Ruhi takes a miniature alcohol bottle from her bag and drinks it on seeing that).

Tanushree asks for a mike. One Guy comes and gives her a mike. She addresses the crowd, 'Hi Friends! Happy Friendship Day! So today we are celebrating friendship, love, good music and booze... yeah Misha Booze... because your secret booze parties are what make these college parties even more rocking. We love it! (Misha tells Pia who is standing next to her, 'Oh my God! T has given someone a compliment for the first time. Wonder if she has not got fever...' Misha responds, ' Thank you T' and claps. The students gathered also claps) Okay Guys... I wish to give your enjoyment a short break... because I want to say something serious. I know that you do not want to keep your drinks lonely but I am getting into something serious here. I want to introduce a charity here. I wish that we use our fund for a good cause. And there is going to be a charity auction. Okay... listen... It is going to be a very unique way... So we will sell our friends... Yes, We will sell our friends! And who buys the friend can make the friend slave for 24 hours. (Everyone claps) Okay Guys...So let's get started...so that you can make your friend genie...They have to obey you... (The students laughs and cheers) Okay... So we have a spot light here... That spot light will go in a circle and the 3 people chosen have to come to the stage to get auctioned. And let us see who buys their favorite person in the auction and at what price. So let's see how much you value your friends'. (The crowd claps again. The spot light moves in circle.) Episode ends.

PreCap: Pia sees Abhay dancing with Panchi. She turns and goes to Jeh and kisses on his cheek. Jeh looks around. Pia stands facing him and smiles at him. Jeh smiles too. Jeh sees Abhay looking at them. Piya goes from there. Abhay and Jeh stares at each other.They walk towards each other.

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