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11th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 240) Panchi invites Abhay Raichand and his parents for dinner at Dobriyal House

Abhay and Pia romance in the Forest
Episode 240 starts with Abhay Raichand emerging from the shadows and walking towards Pia Dobriyal. He comes near her. Pia asks, 'You came Abhay?' Abhay responds, 'How could I have not come?' They look into each others eyes. They inch towards each other. Abhay recalls his romantic moments with Pia. Abhay keeps his hand on Pia's shoulder. Pia too places her hand on Abhay's arm.

Abhay and Pia lost in each others eyes
Abhay and Pia goes from the Forest
Someone is watching Abhay and Pia from behind the tree. She clutches on the tree with hands which have nail polish on it. Abhay suddenly feels alert and looks at the direction of the tree. The silhouette of someone moving away from there is shown. Abhay leaves Piya and goes near the tree and looks around. He thinks, ' I have to take Pia away from here. Someone is here. This place is not safe'.
Pia: What happened Abhay?
Abhay: Nothing!
Pia: Are you okay?
Abhay: Pia, Whom did you come here with?
Piya: I came alone... Why?
Abhay: Are you sure?
Pia: Yes Abhay, I came alone. Why? Is something wrong?
Abhay: No... nothing! Come... Let's go! (Abhay holds Pia's hand. Abhay looks backwards once again) This place is not safe (They walk away from there. Behind the tree the silhouette of a girl with two side braids is shown).
Jeh tells Dipanita that he is taking food for Alina
At the Khurana House Jeh comes to the Hall with a plate with 2 Burgers in it. He is about to climb the stairs when Dipanita Khurana who is sitting on a sofa at the Hall with a file in hand notices Jeh and calls him.
Dipanita: Jay...
Jeh: Yes Mom! (Jeh turns to face his mother)
Dipanita: Where are you going?
Jeh: I got food for Alina... (Dipanita gets up and goes near Jeh)
Dipanita: Who told you that you could take food for her?
Jeh: Mom... She is my sister. She may be hungry so I am taking food for her (Jeh turns to walk away from there but when Dipanita speaks he again turns back to her)
Dipanita: Jeh... You won't give her food, Got it?
Jeh: What is wrong with you Mom? What are you punishing her for? She just came to meet her family. Don't you think it is getting enough... It's too much...It's just not fair...
Dipanita: Not fair? Jeh, What do you think? This is some childish fight of your college?This is something very serious. I did not tell anyone here about her. And by her coming here suddenly all my plans have got spoiled.Waht will I tell Dobrial? What will he be thinking of me? This girl has ruined everything. And what punishment I gave for her that is very less for her.
Jeh: Mom... I think you are exaggerating the matter for no reason. Alina is part of our home... part of our family...And for a small mistake you are giving her such a big punishment...
Dipanita: Jeh...You need to go to your room.
Jay: Mom!
Dipanita: And I don't need to learn from you how to treat my children. Please go to your room.
Jay: Come on Mom... Please!
Dipanita: Jeh... Go to your room! (Jeh goes from there)

Jeh is stealthily walking through the upstairs corridor. He keeps the plate in hand on a table near the closed room and opens the lock of the room without making much noise and still looking around to see that he won't get caught. He takes the plate in hand and pushes open the door of the room. He enters the room.
Jeh: Alina... Baby... I got burgers...You like it, right? Alina where are you? Okay, I am sorry Alina just...Where are you? Alina, you may be hungry... Come and eat something. Alina... Alina... (Jeh gets no response) Where have you gone Alina? Which do you defy Mom? She will get very angry at you... just come back!

Abhay and Pia is walking through the forest with Abhay holding Pia's hand. Pia suddenly removes her hand and stops. Abhay turns and look at her.
Abhay: What happened Pia?
Pia: You don't know what happened Abhay? Or don't you see? Or are you ignoring it even after seeing it? Abhay I know... I know that you experience the feelings between us. I know Abhay. Abhay, whenever I need you... you are near me. Still... still you keep me away from you Abhay? Why do you keep me away from you? And if this is not love then what is it? What is it Abhay? What name should I give this relationship?
Abhay: No Piya don't...
Pia: No Abhay! Don't... Don't stop me! Don't you see the tie between us Abhay? Don't you feel that we are made for each other? Don't you feel that by keeping me away from you, you are being harsh to me and yourself?
Abhay: Pia... There was a relationship between us. And I broke this relationship.For what I have done I could not forgive myself.
Pia: But Abhay... What did you do? What is it that you feel that I would not be able to forgive you? At least tell me... Tell me Abhay... Please Abhay...
Abhay: No Pia...It's all over! It is over one year after that. You have changed... I have changed... Our circumstances have changed... Pia, When ever you need me... I will be near you. But... as a friend. That's all!
Pia: No Abhay! Not at all. I did not only want you when I needed your help... I always want you Abhay. You do not have to take the responsibility to save my life. You need to be in my life Abhay... because I deserve you! Abhay I want the answer to my love...I want you to love me! Just like I love you... And if you cannot be with me I want to know why...
Abhay: I can't tell you anything. (Pia gets angry)
Piya: Why? there is no need to come behind me... No need to save me...If you cannot be my love then there is no need to be my angel... Just go away from my life okay? If you cannot be with me then leave me at my plight. I don't need you! (Pia turns and walks away from there)
Abhay: Pia... Pia... Pia, listen to me Piya... (Abhay suddenly hears the growling of a wolf in the background and becomes alert. He looks around)

At the Dobriyal House, Arnab Dobriyal is coming down the stairs talking to someone over phone. He scolds someone regarding the internet connection and tells him that he was downloading some important file when the connection stopped.  He asks to send the Engineer immediately and fix the problem. Arnab is frustrated as the person on the other side informs him that the Engineer cannot be send and night but could be sending in the next day only. Arnab insists to send the Engineer before 10 in the morning. The phone gets cut. Arnab says, ' This is great... nobody wants to do any work...To send the Engineer also this much drama...'. Arnab then notices Panchi sitting on the Sofa and filing her nails.
Arnab: Panchi... What are you doing here? You still have not got ready? Go and get ready fast!
Panchi: Chill Papa... What's the hurry?
Arnab: No... I cannot chill out... Please go and get ready. The Khuranas would be here any time.  Go fast!
Panchi: But Papa why did you keep this dinner all of a sudden?
Arnab: They are going to be related to us so they needed to be called, right? (Panchi gets up from the Sofa)
Panchi: Okay fine... (Panchi goes and stands near Arnab) But Papa I also have called some of my friends.
Arnab: Okay... Who are they? Your College friends?
Panchi: Abhay and his parents... (Arnab is shocked and looks at Panchi)
Arnab: What? You have gone mad? You called the Raichand's here? Why?
Panchi: Papa... How many times Abhay has saved Pia? And in the Principals Office also it was Abahy's Parents who stood up for her. I thought it would be a nice gesture... So what is the problem?
Arnab: And didn't you feel necessary to ask me?
Panchi: What? Have such a day also come that I cannot call anyone? I need your permission? I don't believe this... and they are not strangers... (Arnab gets angry)
Arnab: Oh Please don't try to advice me... In my house those will come whom I call...Anyways, Raichands and the Khuranas have so much tensions between themselves and you...
Panchi: So what Papa? That is not our problem.
Arnab: You are now crossing your limits, you understand? I give you this much freedom does not mean that I can't slap you... (Arnab raises his hand at Panchi)
Panchi: Papa...
Arnab: You heard me right... Now go and get ready...And tell the Raichands that they would not come here...Now!
Panchi: I can't believe you... (Panchi goes from the Hall)

Chand Raichand is driving the Car with Haseena sitting on the front passenger seat.
Hasina: What did Abhay say? He will come straight to Dobrial's House?
Chand: Yes!
Hasina: Do you think it is a good idea going to the Dobriyal's House? The Khurana's also would be there.
Chand: Relax! It is just a dinner... Neither they will show their reality nor will we... And anyways, Abhay will be there. It will all be fine...
Hasina: But Chand... Abhay there...
Chand: Please...First time we are getting an opportunity to meet them in human form. I think it is going to be enjoyable. I am quite looking forward to it.
Panchi informs Arnab that she has called Abhay and his parents for dinner
Panchi comes the the Hall with a suitcase in hand. Arnab who is sitting on the Sofa on the Hall sees her.
Arnab: Panchi... Waht are you doing? Where are you going which your things?
Panchi: Papa... I am leaving this house and going. This house is not mine now. And I cannot stay according to your rules. It is not acceptable for me... so I am leaving the house and going. (Panchi is about to go. Arnab gets up and goes near her in anger)
Arnab: Panchi! I suggest you stop this nonsense now. Enough is enough! Keep this things and go to your room and get ready. This much arguments... this much back answering... For whom? For a Guy who is no one to us? Why?
Panchi: Papa, Abhay is my friend. If I have called him what is the problem? (Arnab forcefully makes Panchi face him)
Arnab: Panchi, I am your Dad. Don't try to make me understand what your relationship is with Abhay (Panchi looks guilty). I have seen you two alone... together. You should be ashamed! Your engagement has happened. This all nonsense is not acceptable in my house. This is my house and you are my daughter. You have no right to forget this relationship... that too for some stranger. So I suggest you don't push me any more (Dipanita comes to the the Hall)... Otherwise I won't stop myself from raising my hands on you...
Dipanita: Arnab... enough! Calm down! (Panchi goes from there. Dipanita comes near him and keeps her hand on his arm) Arnab when children become big you have to deal with them calmly. Come on!
Arnab: I know! Ah Come... please sit... (Arnab leads Dipanita to the Sofa)

Arnab is pouring liquor to a glass by standing near the Bar Counter. He thinks, 'I hope Dipanita did not hear our full conversation'. He looks at Dipanita who smiles at him.

Abhay hears the howling of the wolf and looks around. He sees a black and white colored wolf. the wolf runs towards Abhay. Abhay transforms himself to his Vampire avatar with fangs. The wolf jumps on Abhay.

Pia gets into the driving seat of her Car. She starts the Car and drives from there. She thinks, 'I cannot do this... (she wipes her tears) I have to go from here somewhere far... otherwise I will go mad'. Suddenly Piya hears the howling of the wolf and applies the break of her Car and listens. She thinks, 'Oh God! What was that? (She hears the howling of the wolf again) It is the howling of the wolves... it is so close... so near! It is so dangerous. Abhay is alone in the jungle and I cannot leave him there alone. I can't leave him! Abhay has saved my life and when ever I needed him he was there. I cannot leave him alone in this dangerous jungle. I have to help him. I have to be with him. Abhay, I am coming!'
Piya comes back to Abhay after hearing the Wolves howling
The Wolf jumps on Abhay and they have a fight. Pia is running though the Jungle while Abhay is having a tough fight with the wolf. Pia stops and looks around. Then she runs towards the direction from where she hears the howling of the wolf. At the end of the fight Abhay wins and the wolf is now lying still on the ground. Pia comes running from behind Abhay. Abhay is still in his vampire avatar with fangs with his back on Pia. Pia stops behind him. She pants and says, 'Abhay!'

PreCap: Dipanita is talking to the Mysterious Werewolf. She says, 'There is a news for you... a very good news!'
Werewolf: Really? What is it?
Dipanita: Hasina Raichand did a big mistake today. She broke the rule of her own kind. 
Werewolf: Which rule?
Dipanita: She has crossed her door step with out any protection... meaning as a Vampire before getting out of the House she did not make a protection circle on 4 sides... No aura... That means without the protection we werewolves can bring them under our control. (The mysterious werewolf laughs)
Werewolf: Poor Mrs Raichand...She made a big mistake... So what are you waiting for? Go and get her under control! Don't leave this opportunity from your hands.

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