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29th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 253) Dipanita Khurana gets arrested for Mr Tyagi’s Murder

Jeh and Abhay at the Police Station
Episode 253 starts with the Raichand Family reaching the Police Station. Dipanita Khurana and Jeh are seated in front of the Inspector. The Inspector tells that Chand and Hasina are accused for the murder of Mr Tyagi. Dipanita tells the Inspector that now that he has proof against the Raichands he should make sure that the Raichand's should be punished for their crime. The Inspector assures Dipanita that he would do full inquiry and let her know of the developments. The Inspector gives Dipanita a paper to sign. Dipanita signs the papers and walks from the room after looking at Chand and Hasina. Jeh also follows his mother, Before getting out of the room Jeh comes near Abhay and tells him, 'Round two goes to the Khurana's'. Jeh winks at Abhay and goes from the room.

Ruhi and Gaurang at the Coffee Shop
Gaurang is still seated at the Coffee Shop. A Waiter is taking his order. he orders for Chicken Club Sand witch, Brownie and Ice cream. He gives money to the waiter and tells him to keep the Kitchen open as there will be more orders. An excited Ruhi comes and sits across Gaurang.
Gaurang: Ruhi, What is told me I did for the sake of our friendship otherwise not to impress such a hot chick is not in my rules.
Ruhi: For our friendship sake no need to even think of her. Now tell me what happened...
Gaurang: What to tell dear? Madam is a gold digger. When she found out I am penniless, she ran away (Ruhi laughs)
Ruhi: I knew that she will be like that... You are my sweet.... (Ruhi pulls Gaurang's cheeks playfully)
Gaurang: That is the least I could do for a best friend. And now is your turn. I dumped a hottie for your sake... so search and bring a good one for me. But not someone insane for money... someone proper...
Ruhi: Done dude! (Ruhi seals her word by shaking hands with Gaurang) I will get it done for you...
Gaurang: What?
Ruhi: Marriage... (Gaurang laughs) What did you think? You idiot... (Ruhi punches on his arm playfully)

Abhay Raichand is seated in his Office Room. He speaks over the intercom and asks one Mr Philip to come to the room.
Philip: May I come in Sir?
Abhay: Yeah! (The Guy goes and stands near Abhay)
Abhay: Philip, I want the entire video footage of the house of 24th August.
Philip: Sure Sir! (Abhay signals him that he can go. Mr Philip goes from the room. Abhay thinks, 'This time we have to handle the matters very carefully. One wrong move and everything can end')

Abhay watches the video footage. He sees Mr Tyagi going out after his interaction with Chand and Hasina. Abhay switches of the video. He thinks, 'On what basis the accusation is made? This man has gone out of here walking on his own legs. What proof is Dipanita talking about? Or has Dipanita shown this CD to Police? And on what basis is she saying it a murder? This man has gone out of here alive. We have to deal with this carefully. If Dipanita has laid the trap then there is definitely some plan behind it. We have to be very careful!'

The telephone rings at the Police Station. Inspector picks up the Call.
Inspector: Hello!
Abhay: Inspector, This is Abhay Raichand speaking. I have checked the entire video footage of the house and no murder has happened anywhere there. In fact the Guy who was murdered went out of our house alive. How much money did Dipanita offer you?
Inspector: Mr Abhay Raichand... It would be better if we meet and talk. I am reaching your office in 10 minutes.
Abhay: Alight!
Tanushree tells Pia about Hasina Raichand's arrest
Pia enters a Restaurant. She is talking over the phone to Misha, 'Misha, leaving all the yummy food of Mom... you send me here' Pia holds the phone and orders sandwiches, blackforest pastries, brownies, cold coffee etc. Tanushree comes there and greets Pia. Pia cuts the call.
Pia: Hi T! (Pia starts doing something with her phone)
T: Hey Pia...You are looking stressed and eating this much food...
Pia: What?
T: I mean when I am stressed I too do stress eating. I think even I am in your plight.
Pia: What? You know T... I am not interested to hear your nonsense.
T: Of course! Why would you be interested in my nonsense? In fact, why would you be interested in my talk? Because you do not have time... You have too many problems and two guys to handle... It is not easy to handle two Guys.
Pia: T, Just don't bother. Don't feel bad for me...Please!
T: It's okay Pia... I just feel bad for you ... if sometimes Jeh...then sometimes Abhay... I mean, It must be difficult, right?
Pia: T, Jeh is my boyfriend and Abhay... I am not interested in Abhay in any way...
T: Oh Yeah? So you have no interest in your Ex-Boyfriend's life? Even if he is in problem... You don't want to stand by him at all, do you?
Pia: What? What are you trying to say?
T: Nothing! I just feel very bad for Abhay. Poor Guy... He is in so much problems, But... what difference does that make to you? (T is about to walk away from there. Pia stops her)
Pia: T...One second... Just stop playing your games and tell me what has happened. What are you saying?
T: Actually you only told that you are not bothered so why do you care? Abhay Raichand'd Mom has been arrested by the Police for murder. (T goes from there)
Pia: What? (Pia makes a call to Abhay from her mobile but does not get any response from Abhay's side. Pia is worried)

Abhay switches on the light after showing the video footage to the Inspector.
Abhay: You saw it Inspector? This is the same video in which my Mom met with that Guy the last time.
Inspector: Look!
Abhay: You look Inspector... On what basis did you arrest my Mom? Whom did you take money from? (The Inspector gets up)
Inspector: Stop it Mr Raichand! You feel that the Police people can be purchased? If we did not have proof we would not have arrested your Mom.
Abhay: Waht sort of proof?
Inspector: We got a note from the victim's house in which it was written that if anything happens to him Mrs Raichand would be responsible for it. Now you tell me... On what basis should we leave her?
Abhay: Inspector, I am sure that note also would be fake.
Inspector: That's enough Mr Raichand... Do not teach me my work. The handwriting of the note matches with that of the Guy who is dead and we do not need any other proof. Mr Raichand... If you would not have accused me of taking bribe I would not have needed to come here and give you clarification. I have solid proof against your family and it cannot be erased by you, your father or your legal team. Remember one more thing, If you argue with me another time I will put you behind bars for harassing a Police Officer. Understand? (The Inspector goes from there. Abhay says in mind, ' Dipanita Khurana... From where did you bring this proof?')

Pia meets Haseena at the Jail
Pia comes hurriedly into the Police station and asks for permission to meet Hasina Raichand. Chand is standing in front of the Inspector. The Inspector on seeing her worried grants her permission to meet Haseena. When Pia is about to go the Inspector asks her what is in the bag she is carrying.
Pia: It is food for her. It's just some food items... Please!  (Inspector says okay. Chand too stands there silently. Pia comes in front of Hasina's cell)
Pia: Aunty... Aunty... How all this happened?
Hasina: Pia... What are you doing here?
Pia: Aunty, I just came to see you. Actually I got some food for you... Please!
Hasina: It's Okay Pia... I am alright!
Pia: Aunty, as soon as I came to know that you are in jail... I came to meet you. But I am sure this is part of a very big misunderstanding. I mean you have done nothing and I will do everything to help you.
Hasina: Pia, Just calm down. Abhay and Chand are putting full efforts... and when I have done nothing they really can't keep me here for very long, right?
Pia: That is correct Aunty but if you need any help then I will talk to Papa. Papa knows a lot of people in the Police force. He can get you out.
Hasina: Pia, You and your Dad should not get involved in this. The person who has accused me of murder is Dipanita Khurana... and she is your sister's to be Mother in law. You should not get involved!
Pia: I totally understand that Auntie but I know that you have not done it. I just know it! (Hasina smiles)
Hasina: Pia, You are a nice girl. You cannot think bad of anyone. And I really wish that you could be part of my son's life. But unfortunately, that isn't so... Pia, I don't know whether I should say this but I want you to know that you and Abhay are made for each other. In some other life...In some other circumstances ... you both would have stayed together and would have been happy . But it is not like that... and that's really sad.
Pia: I take your leave Aunty... You please take care of yourself.  (Pia goes from there)

Dipanita visits Tyagi's House. There are a number of people assembled there wearing white clothes mourning for the loss of Tyagi. Dipanita goes and sits next to Mr Tyagi's mother and consoles her. Abhay Raichand comes there. Dipanita points to Abhay and tells to Tyagi's mother that it is his mother who is responsible for Tyagi's death. Tyagi's mother asks Abhay to go from there. Abhay goes from there and a girl comes in. She tells Tyagi's mother that she is Amita, Tyagi's girlfriend. She tells her not to blame the Raichands and that she is aware who is responsible for Tyagi's death. Dipanita hears the conversation and is worried.

At the Khurana House, Neel is sitting and reading a book. Jeh comes and occupies the chair next to him.
Jeh: Neel, There is a problem Neal. Mom's phone came... Mom is telling that there is a girl... the girlfriend of the Guy who knows everything about the murder. Neel, I think she knows.
Neel: The lesser the girls know the better (Jeh seizes the book from Neel's hand and keeps it on the table)
Jeh: Neel, when will you get serious? What I am trying to say... do you understand? If this girl opens her mouth how much big trouble Mom would get into you don't have any idea. (Jeh gets up) I think we need to silence her. There s no other option.
Neil: What? (Neil gets up) Jeh you have gone mad. Do you have any idea what you are saying? How can silence be an answer? You are being stupid... nothing else...
Jeh: Neil... Do you even have some idea what I am trying to say? Or do you want to take everything jokingly and do not want to be serious? Neel... This time our Mom is in trouble. She needs us. If that girl opens her mouth how much big trouble Mom can land into you have no clue Neil. And you are standing as if all the problems would be solved on its own. What's wrong with you? (Neel keeps his hands on Jeh's shoulders)
Neel: Chill Brother... Anyway, till now what you and Mom has done after asking me? And anyways... how much brain you got (Neel keeps his hand on the back of Jeh's head) ... Use it and solve this also... (Neel goes back to his seat)
Jeh: You know what Neil? Fine! Whatever is possible to be done I will do everything and anyways with this attitude of yours I am not interested to talk to you now. You know what? Just... just let it be! (Jay walks from there)

As Dipanita is about to leave Tyagi's House, Tyagi's girlfriend stops her.  The girl tells Dipanita that she wants to talk to her in private. The girl tells her, 'I know who murdered him'.
Dipanita: Really?
Girl: Really! You are behind it. When my fiance reached home he was with me on phone... and that time you killed him. I heard everything. The way he was mercilessly you killed him... I have that recording with me...
Dipanita: What do you wish...
Girl: This time just 5 lakh...
Dipanita: Fine! Meet me in half an hour at the Jungle... at 27 Marker Road.
Girl: Mrs Khurana... Please come alone... If I die the CD would reach the Police on its own...

The Girl is standing near a Car and waiting for Dipanita Khurana. Dipanita reaches there in her Car. Dipanita thinks, 'Where is that girl? I will give the money to her and save myself'. Dipanita gets out of the Car and goes near the girl. The ladies look at each others eyes.
Dipanita: CD?
Girl: Money? (Dipanita gives a briefcase to the Girl. The girl goes and opens the Front seat passenger door to keep the briefcase. Dipanita looks at the Girl who is standing with her back on Dipanita and charges at the girl with her clawed hand. But before Dipanita could attack the girl, Abhay holds on her hand.
Abhay: Not so fast Dipanita... Not so fast! (Dipanita and Abhay stare at each other. Suddenly the Police Vehicles come there. Abhay gives Dipanita a sarcastic smile. The Police force gets out of the jeep and go near them. A lady constable catches Dipanita by her arm)
Inspector: Mrs Khurana, We are arresting you for the murder of Tyagi.
Abhay: You are curious? Do you want to know how all this happened? Tyagi's Mother refused to recognize Amita. And you did not make any efforts to find out why she did that. And after that, Amita came to you. She told you that she knows everything and you believed it. Why? Because you were guilty. And you knew that this murder was committed by you... (Dipanita is furious) So it did not take any time for you to accept it also. But you would have inquired properly you would have known that Tyagi did not have any girlfriend. And talking of Amita, I know her from before...(Two lady's constables forcefully takes Dipanita to the jeep. Dipanita shouts, 'Abhay Raichand...I will give the answer to this after coming back' . Dipanita gets into the jeep and the Police goes from there). Episode ends

PreCap: Hasina is brought out of the cell and Dipanita is taken towards the cell by a ladies constable. When they come near the ladies gaze into each others eyes. Hasina gives a smirk and Dipanita turns her face away and goes with the lady constable.

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