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12th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 241) Abhay saves Hasina Raichand from being exposed in front of Arnab Dobriyal

Pia gets scared and hugs Abhay
Episode 241 starts with Abhay winning over the wolf. While he is standing there looking at the wolf's direction, Pia comes behind him and calls his name. Abhay suddenly changes from his vampire avatar to human form. He then turns to face Pia.
Abhay: Pia, You are still here.
Pia: I heard the voice of wolves in the jungle so I felt that you have helped me so many times... So I thought I should just come here... (The wolf howling sound comes again from the jungle. Pia gets scared and hugs Abhay) Abhay... (Abhay hugs her back and rubs her back comfortingly)
Abhay: You should not have come here... This place is not safe...(Abhay thinks, 'I have to get out of here. This place is not safe' ) Come... Let's go! (Abhay holds Pia's hand and they walk from there).

Abhay and Pia comes to where Pia's Car was parked. Abhay opens the door for Pia.
Abhay: I will drive... (Pia sits on the front passenger seat. Abhay closes the Car door and looks back to the Jungle. He thinks, 'I have to get Pia out of here because that werewolves can attack on us any time... And to fight them I have to show my real form...and I cannot show Pia my real form'. He moves towards the driver seat.
Abhay driving Piya's Car
Abhay is driving the Car. He looks at Pia. Piya also looks back at him and then avert her eyes. She recalls her seducing him in front of Dobriyal House, Abhay kissing her at the Friendship day Party and their moments together at the Mount College Library. Abhay also recalls some of his close moments with Pia. Piya thinks, 'What strange games does the heart does not listen to the brain. I know what is the truth. I know Abhay does not love me but my heart is not willing to accept it at all. When the memories are gone the feelings also should have gone. If only my heart knew to forget Abhay's love... If only...' Pia looks at Abhay who also looks back at her.
Panchi tells Arnab that he is embarrassing her in front of Dipanita Aunty
Panchi comes to the Hall where Arnab and Dipanita are sitting. She goes near Dipanita.
Panchi: I am sorry Aunty. I reacted in front of you like that. I am really sorry! I know I shouldn't have... (Dipanita holds Panchi's hand)
Dipanita: Okay Panchi... Arguments happen between Parents and children. Anyways, you say... Why were you angry at Papa?
Arnab: Actually (Panchi signals him not to tell anything) she has a nickname on hearing which she gets angry. In childhood she use to eat a lot of french fries. And lot meaning... day and night. In fact the fast food joint in front of our house use to run because of us. From then we used to call her Potato. (Panchi goes and sits on the arm of Arnab's chair)
Papa: I don't believe you. You are embaressing me in front of Aunty. I am not going to talk to you.
Dipanita: Don't worry Panchi... When you get married and come to our house...I will make sure that for breakfast, lunch and dinner fresh fries are made. (Arnab laughs)
Arnab: Happy?
Panchi: No... not happy... Anyways, I go freshen up and come. Bye!
Arnab: Come fast! (Panchi gets up and goes from there. Arnab thinks, 'Panchi, I am just trying to protect you. Please try to understand') Come on... I will show you my Den.
Dipanita: Den?
Arnab: When alone I sit there.... and read. All my books are there.
Dipanita: Interesting... So let's go! (Arnab and Dipanita walks to another room with drinks in hand)
Arnab: Thank you Dipanitaji... You really do a lot for us...
Dipanita: It's okay Arnab. In fact, This is a our house matter. And in my house also these sort of arguments happen daily... It is all a part of life, you know... (Dipanita sips her drink. She thinks, 'I feel it would not be sensible to tell about Alina at this time') And when I saw you and Panchi arguing I felt that I will mediate between the father and daughter, that's it...
Arnab: Children become big and then... (Arnab notices that Dipanita's glass is empty) One more drink?
Dipanita: Okay! (Arnab pours the drink into the glass. He thinks,'Thank God! Dipanita did not hear us arguing about Abhay'. Dipanita goes near the book shelf and looks at the books) So... this is your library. I have heard a lot about your collection of books. In fact you interest is like (Arnab goes near Dipanita and pours drink on her glass from the bottle) paranormal, supernatural, ghosts... you are very interestedd in this field...
Arnab: You heard right! But this is not my full is part of it. There are some such books on which I have a special interest and i keep reading... But if you are interested you are most welcome to borrow anything from here...
Dipanita: Oh! That's so sweet... Thank you... Sure!

Chand Raichand and Hasina are standing in front of the Dobriyal House door. Chand rings the calling bell.
Hasina: Chand, I don't feel right coming here...I can feel it. Something is wrong!
Chand: Sshhh! Hasina... Relax! Our being here is necessary. I want to meet Dipanita. Everything shall be fine... don't worry! Abhay will not be be here... (A house staff comes and opens the door. He ushers the Raichand's in. Chand and Hasina gets into the house. While Chand's reflection is seen on the mirror near the Bar Counter, Hasina's reflection is not seen)
Dipannita compliment Arnab on his Book Collection
Arnab and Dipanita are at the Den. Dipanita is touching the Books. Arnab points to a book and says, 'This is fire into the Ice... the story of a Ghost..' Arnab then takes a book and gives to Dipanita's hand telling that it is a very interesting book which he is now reading. Dipanita tells him that she has studied the Book while in College. She says, 'It is very interesting... paranormal activities... ghosts... eaters... This Book is based on all that, right? It is amazing!'
Arnab: If you have read the book... may be you can help me... I have some questions... I experienced something and it is worrying me a lot...
Dipanita: You can tell me...
Arnab: If the reflection of a human is not seen in the mirror then what does it mean?
Dipanita: A human reflection not seen on mirror... dead human being or Vampire...
Arnab: I thought as much...
Dipanita: Arnab, have you seen something like that? Did any such thing happen with you were you did not see someone's reflection? (Dipanita says in mind, 'I know whom you are talking about but I want to hear it with my own ears. Tell me about whom you are talking are the Raichands...') Who?
Arnab: Hasina Raichand...
Dipanita: What? My God... But...where did it happen? (Arnab tells Dipanita that he had gone to the Raichand's house. He tells her that he saw his reflection on Mirror but not that of Haseena Raichand)
Arnab: After that I am very troubled...And today they are coming for dinner also. I don't know what to do...
Dipanita: Arnab, If they are coming here today then we can clear the doubt today itself. In fact, I have an idea to know if Hasina Raichand is a vampire or if it is your misunderstanding.
Arnab: How will we find out this?
Dipanita: You have to arrange for a mirror. First let us find if her reflection is seen in the mirror or not... then we will see!
Arnab: You are right! I can arrange for the mirror. (The house staff comes to the room and informs that the Raichand's have arrived. Arnab and Dipanita looks at each other) Excuse me! (Dipanita thinks, 'Is this true? has Hasina broken the biggest rule of her people? This is interesting! very interesting...')

Arnab takes the House staff to one side and tells him, 'Listen what I say carefully... You will take the mirror in the hall to Panchi's room. But before that you should place it on the table near the Sofa and wipe it...'

Abhay stops the Car in front of the Dobriyal House Gate. Pia gets out of the Car. Abhay also gets out of the Car.
Pia: Thanks Abhay! But there is no need for you to leave me inside. I am fine... I will go on my own... (Pia turns. Abhay also is about to follow her. Pia stops) Abhay, I told you... I will go on my own...Why don't you listen to me anytime?
Abhay: And you understand more than what is necessary. I did not come to leave you here. I am going inside your house.
Pia: To meet Panchi? I am sorry but today Panchi's in laws have come. So you can't go in, okay?
Abhay: I know! And my Mom-Dad are also in. I am also been invited for this dinner. So now, shall we? ( Pia thinks, 'This Panchi... What was the need of calling him here today... Stupid Girl!') Did you say anything? (Pia is irritated)
Pia: No, I did not say anything... (Pia turns and walks from there. Abhay thinks, ' I know Pia that I have hurt your heart a lot... But i am helpless...It is all for you. I am doing all this for you. For your safety...' Abhay also follows Pia.)
Abhay intentionally bumps on the servant to break the Mirror
Dipanita is talking to the mysterious werewolf.
Dipanita: There is a news for you... a very good news!
Werewolf: Really? What is it?
Dipanita: About the Raichand's. Hasina Raichand did a very big mistake today. She broke the rule of her own kind. 
Werewolf: Which rule?
Dipanita: She has crossed her door step with out any protection... meaning as a Vampire before getting out of the House she did not make a protection circle on 4 sides... No aura... That means without the protection we werewolves can bring them under our control. (The mysterious werewolf laughs)
Werewolf: Poor Mrs Raichand...She made a big mistake... So what are you waiting for? Go and get her under control! Don't leave this opportunity from your hands.
Dipanita: Today will be remembered by all. We will win because of a vampire's foolishness. One monster out of these blood sucking creatures will be reduced.  (The mysterious werewolf laughs)

Arnab walks from the bar counter with 2 drinks and keeps it in front of the Raichands who are sitting on the sofa. Dipanita also comes there.
Dipanita: Mr Raichand... (Chand gets up) How are you?
Chand: Alright! How are you?
Arnab: In fact I was just going to introduce... You people know each other?
Chand: Of course! I have heard of you. But we are meeting for the first time, isn't it?
Dipanita: Absolutely! (Dipanita sits. Chand and Arnab also sits) But I have met Hasina before... How are you?
Hasina: Good!
Arnab: Before I forget... Ramsingh! She will need the mirror to get ready. The mirror in her room got cracks... Ram Singh!
Ram Singh: Yes Sir!
Arnab: Listen! The mirror in Panchi Baby's room got cracked... She is getting ready. You do one thing...Take the mirror (points to the mirror near the Bar counter) and keep it in her room (Dipanita smiles). And before keeping it in the room... clean it properly...
Dipanita: How is your construction going?
Chand: It is all going well, Thank you! (The house staff takes the mirror and keeps it on the table facing the Sofa)
Arnab: There was some worker's problems... I heard something like that... It was sorted?
Chand: Yeah!
Arnab: That's nice! (The servant starts cleaning the mirror by keeping it on the table. Arnab and Dipanita looks into the mirror. Arnab sees Chand sitting on the Sofa... Dipanita eyes Arnab to look and points with her fingers. Chand realizes that Hasina's reflection is not seen in the mirror. He thinks, ' Hasina's reflection is not visible in the mirror. That means today she has come out without protection. Damn! Hasina...why? Dipanita has understood and now will take advantage of this situation'. Pia comes to the House. She smiles and goes inside. Abhay comes near the door. Hasina feels uneasy. Abhay's sixth sense gets alerted and he looks at his Parents and Arnab Dobriyal. Arnab is trying to get a view of where Hasina is sitting. Dipanita is smiling. Suddenly Abhay bumps on the house staff and the mirror falls on the ground and breaks).
Abhay: Oh I am sorry! (Piya also comes near)
Pia: Papa...(Arnab is disappointed while Chand is relieved. Dipanita is annoyed that her plan to expose the Raichands in front of Arnab failed).
Abhay: I don't know why ... how it happened... I just didn't see...
Chand: Abhay, You should be careful!
Arnab: Oh No Mr Raichand... It is not Abhay's fault...It is Ramsingh's fault.
Chand: Mr Dobrial... If you want I can get your mirror replaced...
Arnab: Oh no no Mr Raichand... what are you talking? It is only a mirror... No problem...another will come... (Dipanita thinks, 'No mistake has happened here...Abhay Raichand... who is faster than the wind...and who can kill his enemies all alone...that Abhay Raichand cannot bump on any mirror accidentally. Smart move Abhay! Very smartly you hid the truth of your mother'. Abhay looks at Dipanita). Episode ends.

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