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18th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 246) Arnab Dobriyal plans to expose the Raichand Family identity as Vampires

Jeh Khurana tells Abhay that he is not in a mood for fight
Episode 246 starts with Jeh Khurana walking from the Mount College Car Parking lot after casually glancing Abhay Raichand who gets out of his Car. Abhay thinks, 'I need to talk to Jay. Why is he looking so normal? After what happened yesterday he should be angry'.
Abhay : Jeh...
Jeh: What? (Abhay goes near Jeh)
Abhay: You can lie to the world... but not to me.. Don't you know what happened last night? (Jeh looks at Abhay)
Jeh: What happened last night?
Abhay: Your Mom
Jey: My Mom? What happened to my Mom?
Abhay: Will you behave as if nothing happened last night? Yesterday night there was an argument between your Mom and my Mom... (Jey turns and walks towards Abhay)
Jeh: yeah...There was some argument between your Mom and my Mom. And as you know that my Mom is a Blood Pressure patient. So she had become a little weak...that's all!
Abhay: Go and tell this lie to those who does not know the truth. Yesterday night something had happened between your family and my family... and you don't know that? (Jay smiles)
Jeh: Don't you know that I do not want to discuss with you anything about these things? My Mom only was having Blood Pressure. She is fine!
Abhay: I really appreciate your fake behavior... but it is of no use in front of me. Your Mom was not only having Blood pressure... She was killed! (Jeh raises his eyebrows) I killed her...
Jeh: What? My Mom was killed? You know what Abhay? You need to check your eyes... In fact your brain too... You came to my house... remember? With the police... My Mom was fine... hail... and hearty... Nothing had happened to her...
Abhay: That means you will leave me just like that? (Jeh smiles) Why?
Jeh: Not in a mood today... Some other time (Jeh shows a wait and watch sign to Abhay and walks from there. Abhay thinks, 'Jeh is lying. How come Dipanita is alive? What did these people do to save her life? Have them used some new devilish powers to save her? I have to be very careful in every step'.

The Principal and Ms Protima Das Gupta comes to the podium. The Principal addresses the students.
Principal: Good Morning my dear students! 15th August 1947... our country had got freedom on this day. Many Countrymen and Soldiers gave up their life to get this freedom. But what is the meaning and importance of this freedom to today's generation... I would like to know your views... (Ruhi raises her hands to answer but Tanushree cuts her and answers the question).
T: Freedom is... wearing any type of clothes you like... and to talk to any boys... and follow any fashion... and technology... new mobile phone, laptop, iPod... all of that... That is freedom for me... (Ruhi raises her hand)
Ruhi: Sir... Sir... Freedom means spend all time with Boyfriend... no... Husband... that is freedom...
Pia: Sir... Freedom means independence... freedom from subjugation...freedom means every one having right on the country...freedom means equality... freedom means democracy... ( All the students clap except T and her bimbos)
Principal: You are right. But it is a sad matter that day by day in today's world this meaning of freedom is changing.

A service engineer is looking into Arnab Dobriyal's laptop.
Arnab: I should not have taken the internet option with your company. I have been calling you for 2 today and you have come only today? What is the problem here?
Engineer: There is some technical fault in the servers. Give me one minute... I will correct the network settings... (Arnab keeps grumbling about some important work he had to do which he had to stop in the middle. The Engineer solves the problem and goes from there. Arnab goes to Loogle Search in the Computer and types, 'Ways to recognize Vampires'. He says, 'How to recognize a Vampire?' He recalls not seeing the reflection of Hasina Raichand in the mirror when he had visited Raichand House. The Loogle search returns a couple of results for the query.  Arnab says, 'Here there is so much information... But this is about ancient creatures which in today's world does not exist...There are just 50 such characters. I have seen a Vampire... I have faced a Vampire... my daughters also... This is not enough...' . Arnab again types some query and looks into the results. He reads, 'Change of colors of eyes in sun. The eyes of the Vampire change colors in sunlight and smoke of agarbathi? Vampire cannot digest human food'. Arnab thinks, 'This is the reason why I did not see Mr Raichand eating... Hasina was also not showing any interest in food... And Abhay... Abhay went off from there after saying an excuse'. Arnab says, 'Very strange! This information is not in my book also...I need to know more...' Arnab types some query on his laptop again. He then picks up the phone and calls someone, ' Hello Prabhakar... Come and meet me immediately... There is some work with you. Come fast!' Arnab cuts the call.

Prabhakar comes to Dobriyal House. Arnab tells him to Organize a Pooja for the factory opening.  Arnab asks him to send invitation to all guests to attend the puja and party. Arnab orders him to inform the Pandit and make all arrangements for the rituals. He also tells the Guy to arrange the factory nicely and asks top use some extra agarbathi and dhoop. Arnab tells Prabhakar to inform the Guests only about the Party and not about the Hawan. Prabhakar tells Arnab that it would be done and goes from there.  Arnab Dobriyal thinks, ' Some way or the other I have to open the Raichand's secret in front of all at the Party'.

Jeh and Alina Khurana is walking through the College corridor. Alina is holding on to Jeh's arm. T and her Bimbos pass them from the opposite site. They turn and look at Jeh and Alina. T remarks, 'Who is this nerdy specs with this hottie Jeh? I know that Jeh's taste is very bad... Pia... but this yuck...'  (T and her Bimbos walk from there.

Pia is talking to two girls at the College Corridor. Abhay passes by her. Pia leaves the girls and follows Abhay calling his name.
Pia: Abhay! (She goes and stands in front of him) Abhay, How are you? You know Abhay? When I got up in the morning today there was a very big smile on my face. I was remembering all those moments spend with you yesterday night again and again. You know Abhay... it was truly magical. You saying to me that you love me and that your love is just for me... it was really amazing Abhay!
Abhay: What are you saying Piya?
Pia: Abhay, You gave me the answers of all my questions... You made sure that there will not be any more confusion in my heart. You made to me clear that you love me Abhay...
Abhay: Pia... What happened yesterday that
Piya: What happened yesterday... Abhay tell me... that it is all true Abhay... It is true that you love me... (Pia smiles)
Abhay: Pia... Forget what happened last night... (Pia's smile fades) Pretend that nothing like that happened... (Abhay turns and goes from there. Pia thinks, ' How could you do this to me again Abhay? If you had to break my heart why did you give me that one moment of happiness? Is it not in my fate to get you fully? Every time you pull me towards you and then turn away your face from me... Why Abhay? Why you hurt me so much?')

Jeh and Alina comes near Pia. Alina is still holding Jeh's hand. They smile at Piya.
Jeh: How are you?
Pia: Fine! Hi Alina... Welcome to the College...
Alina: Hi! (She looks around. She thinks, 'Where is Abhay? Why am I not seeing him?' (Suddenly the Principal makes an announcement on the mike and students move closer to the podium. Jeh, Pia, Abhay, Alina also go near)
Principal: Hello students! This year our College will celebrate independence day in a different manner... by doing voluntary work. Our Students Organization has taken the first step towards keeping this city clean (Alina spots Abhay and looks at him with her eyes lighting up. Abhay also looks at her). So all of you please make pairs. And it is my request that you all support the student organization in this effort. (Alina steal gazes at Abhay who is now not looking at her) So good luck to all of you... Jai Hind! (The students clap and go from there leaving only Pia, Jeh, Alina and Abhay there)
Jeh: So Pia... Shall we? Cleanliness drive... (Alina is still looking at Abhay) Alina.. (Alina withdraws her eyes and looks at Jeh) You also come with us... It's going to be fun!
Alina: But principal told pairs not groups... (Alina looks at Abhay who is about to walk from there) Abhay! (Jeh is shocked. Abhay turns to face Alina who goes near him) You have any partner? (Abhay nods no)
Abhay: No! (Alina turns to Jeh)
Alina: So Brother... I am going with Abhay... (Abhay is taken aback. Pia and Jeh are not liking it. Alina looks at Abhay with a smile) After all we have to work in pairs... (Alina holds Abhay's hand and look at him. Abhay also looks back at Alina. Pia averts her eyes from the pair in dislike. Abhay looks away from Alina and thinks, 'What is in this girl that I feel confused? Who is she?' Jeh and Pia walks a few steps towards them)
Jeh: Leave what Principal said Ali... If you wish to go with Abhay... it is okay... But Principal did not tell that we all cannot go together, right? So we all will go together, Okay? (Alina nods. Pia looks at Abhay who is looking at Jeh. Jeh looks at Abhay and thinks,'I don't trust Abhay with Alina'. Alina looks at Abhay. Jeh's mobile phone rings and he looks at the call identification) Pia... I have to take this...(Jeh looks at Abahy and walks from there to attend the call. Pia and Abhay look at each other and Pia turns her face away).

Jeh attends the call.
Jeh: yes Mom... Everything is alright?
Dipanita: Don't waste my time asking these questions (Dipanita is sitting on a Chair by the fire side at Khurana House). The plan we discussed... have you started it or not? Have you thought about it?
Jeh: Yes Mom! There is some voluntary labor day stuff in college. We are making pairs and going to clean the city.
Dipanita: You tell me this... Piya is with you or not?
Jeh: Yes Mom... Pia is with me...
Dipanita: So you will take her away somewhere alone. should not miss this opportunity. If you take her away alone then our enemy will come into our hands. Those Vampires will be in our hands... Jay... There should not be any mistake... Did you get that?
Jeh: Mom... Mom are you sure? Is there no other way other than Pia? (Dipanita gets up from the chair)
Dipanita: Don't forget who you are and why you came here... Don't mix up your Mothers pain with Pia's beauty, understand? And think of taking revenge from your Brother's murderer Abhay Raichand. (Jeh looks unhappy with what he has been asked to do) Don't you forget who you are... (Jeh nods) You understood what I said?
Jeh: yes Mom... (Dipanita cuts the call. Jeh disconnects the call and looks towards where Pia is standing)

Jeh tells Alina that they should go in pairs and not Group
Jeh, Pia, Abhay and Alina are walking from the College.
Alina: So... Where are we going? (All of them stops walking)
Jeh: Well Alina... Actually I think you were saying right. We should go in pairs. If we go in pairs we will be able to do more work, right?
Alina: Sure Brother...
Jeh: So... you Guys carry on... We are going.
Alina: okay, Bye! (Jeh goes from there with Pia) Abhay, let's go! (Alina walks from there. Abhay thinks, ' Something is not right. Jeh got the phone call and after that he decided to go alone with Pia. Why? I have to keep an eye on Pia...I cannot leave her alone with Jeh...'. Alina comes near Abhay). Let's go Abhay? (Jeh turns and looks at Abhay. Abhay also looks at him. Abhay and Alina walks from there. Tanushree and her bimbos see Abhay with Alina)
T: What happened to Abhay Raichand's choice? I mean look at that girl... she has made two plaits on her hair and wearing last century kurta... and her teeth... Doesn't she know that there is a dentist in town? That is what happens when one dates a charity case like Pia... the choice also becomes bad just like charity date... like a cleaning cloth... (T's Bimbos laugh. Ruhi who comes there with another girl hears the conversation)
Ruhi: Stop laughing girls... Tanushree... You should not talk about Alina like that.
T: Tracker... Who gave you permission to talk to me like that?
Ruhi: Tanushree... Do not talk to me like that. It is a bad matter. You are becoming rude and mean day by day. Come on... get a life! You have just decided that you want to hurt every one... whoever it is... even Alina... Come on... You know what? You should first look inside you... You make fun of others ugliness... then you will understand who is the ugliest of all... (Ruhi and her friend walks from there) from inside...
T: Oh Tracker got wings... (T and her bimbos walk from there)
Barbie: After this loser's marriage happened... Is she not giving too much lecture?
T: Oh Don't worry Babes... I know to set right these sort of Plain Janes... I have a plan!
Skipper: Wow Babe... I just love it when we make plans against losers like this...
T: Now I will show how to insult her in front of all...

Alina holds on to Abhay's arm
Abhay and Alina are walking through the Forest.
Alina: Abhay, Is there no other way to go to the city?
Abhay: There is way... But this is short cut... (Alina stops and looks around. She gets scared by the voice around and runs to Abhay calling his name. She comes near him and holds on to his arm)
Alina: Abhay, How scary this Jungle is...
Abhay: You are scared in this Jungle? In the day time? But your family stays in the mansion which is in the middle of this jungle. And you are scared? That's strange!
Alina: No... I have not stayed here... So i don't have the habit...Abhay, you know that I am seperate from my family... I am scared of the Jungle... I always used to be...
Abhay: Why? What such thing happened in this Jungle?
Alina: It is an old story... old wound...
Abhay: What had happened?
Alina: leave it! I told you it is an old matter... There is no use remembering it... (Alina walks ahead. Abhay thinks, 'Khurana Family girl is scared of the Jungle... Why? What such thing happened with her that she is scared of the Jungle? What's wrong?') Episode ends.

PreCap: Pia is walking through the forest. Jeh is much behind her and has the expressions he had when he was turning into a Werewolf. Abhay senses Pia in danger. Jeh runs towards Pia. Abhay thinks, 'Pia... Where is Pia gone? I have to go...' Abhay vanishes from there. Alina turns and looks.

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