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25th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 251) Alina Khurana decides to save Abhay Raichand from her family

Jeh tells Alina and Neil that Abhay Raichand is becoming a danger for their existence
Episode 251 starts with Neil and Alina Khurana coming to the room where Dipanita is resting. Jeh is already in the room.
Neel: Mom... How is she Jeh?
Jeh: Now this all won't do. This Abhay Raichand is becoming a danger for us in every step and it is very essential to finish him.
Dipanita: Abhay's death is the solution to this problem.
Neil: It is not going to be that easy Mom... Jeh it won't be easy and we need to take this step very carefully...
Jeh: I know... I know it is not very easy...But this time... This time we three would be together... with our full powers... Mom! Mom... this time your three children would be with you... To finish off that Abhay Raichand the three of us will support you (Alina looks at Jeh with a not so happy expression on her face. Dipanita opens her eyes)
Dipanita: The three of you?
Alina: Ah... Of course Mom! (Alina says in mind, 'Abhay, I cannot go against my family. But what you have done for me... they way you have helped me... I will never forget it! I will definitely be with my family and work... but not for your death... to save you from my family... I will save you in any condition...')

Panchi blames Danish for her plight
Panchi comes out of the Dobriyal House gate with her head covered using her duppatta. She comes running and gets into Danish's car. Danish drives the Car from there. Danish notices that Panchi is crying.
Danish: Panchi, Are you okay? (Panchi nods) Panchi...please say something and stop crying...Please Panchi... I am sure everything will be alright.
Panchi: Alright? Nothing can be alright in my life...  I am just fed up Danish... I will go mad! I don't love Neel. And just because I rejected him he insults me so much... He bothers me and in front of me he flirts with other girls...I am just fed up...
Danish: Panchi, Why don't you tell this to your parents?
Panchi: And... what will I say? That I am about to break my 3rd engagement? That Guys are not worthy of me or am I not worthy of that Guys? How can I tell them?
Danish: Panchi please... Please don't say like that...
Panchi: Why Danish? Why not? All this started because of you... If you would not have cheated on me... we both would have been together... and all these would not have happened. I would not have had to face all this... It is all because of you... The beginning was with it is as if I have changed... No body loves me... I am just unlucky... (Danish suddenly stops the Car)
Danish: Panchi Please... I love you so much...Till now I have not stopped loving you even for a moment. I really care for you. (Panchi looks at him). I made a mistake... and I have been suffering the punishment of that mistake till now...
Panchi: You are also suffering... I am also suffering...
Danish: Panchi... You do one thing... hit me... shout at me... scold me... do whatever you want to do. But for once remove your anger... For once... for once please forgive me Panchi... Panchi please... (Panchi nods no. Danish keeps his hand over Panchi's hand. He gently lifts her hand from her lap and holds in between his two hands. Panchi takes her hand away )
Panchi: Danish... Please stop this... please... This time I have to think of Neil. If this all keeps on going like this then I will commit suicide...
Danish: No Panchi... You won't! And I promise you Panchi that I will not let you do that... I will not let anything happen to you... I will make everything right Panchi... Panchi... I will not let Neil give you sorrow like this... I promise you... you will be happy... I promise!

Kabir romancing with a girl at the College Campus
T is walking through the Mount College Campus. T's Bimbos greets her and walk along with her. T is irritated.
Barbie: What happened babe? All okay?
T: I don't know...  (Barbie touches on her hand)
Barbie: Come on Babe...
T: Hey! Don't touch me... I will get a skin infection... And anyways I don't know where my jewelry went...
Skipper: Jewelry? You kept the whole jewelry in your bag... and full evening your bag was with you only...
T: My bag! (T recalls Pia bumping into her and taking the bag from her after pouring the cold drink on her dress) Oh my God...that little charity case... she stole the jewelry from my bag... I knew it she would do that...This Pia Dobriyal is such a thief... I would not leave you... (T and her bimbos then notice Kabir romancing with a girl. Kabir sees them and the girl looks at them too)
Kabir: Hey girls!
Barbie and Skipper : Hi K... (Kabir goes back to romancing the girl)
Barbie: wow... babes... K really dumped you?
T: Excuse me! K came begging to me... I dumped him... after all who want to acknowledge Kabir...
Skipper: Great! So you are sure that you don't have any interest on him?
T: Excuse me... and you also should not have any interest on focus!
Kabir: By the way girls... We are going for movie... you want to join? (Barbie and Skipper run to Kabir) Come come come fast... (Kabir hugs both of them. T is angry) How dare they? they wear my clothes... they use my make up tips... bloody losers! (Kabir and the girls go from there) You Guys are so ungrateful... cheaters! Don't ever come back to me... never! (Tanushree walks from there).

Ruhi asks T if she has met her Husband Angad
Kabir's new girlfriend
Angad is sitting on a wall and studying. Ruhi comes there wearing an Anarkali suit and lots of jewelry.
Ruhi: Angad! Angad... how do I look? (Angad replies without looking)
Angad: You are looking okay Ruhi... (Angad looks at her and is shocked) Ruhi... You are looking very good but (Angad gets down from the wall) what are you doing in this College wearing this much jewelry? Ruhi... what is the need of wearing this much jewelry when coming to college?
Ruhi: Of course I will show when I have... Why not show? Everyone should know that I (Angad signals her to keep quiet by keeping his finger over the lips. T comes that way)
Angad: Hi T... How are you?
T: Losers! (As she passes by T notices Ruhi wearing the jewelry. She thinks, 'How did this jewelry come to Tracker? Oh my God... It is better that I don't ask her) Thanks Angad... see you soon! (Angad is startled) I need to study for the test.
Ruhi: Stop T...  (Ruhi goes and stands next to Angad) I will take your test here itself... You met Angad? I mean... my husband? (Angad smiles) You recognize him? (T nods) Can you see or shall I get you a spectacles for you? (Ruhi puts her hand on Angad's arm) Actually I was thinking that we could go for dinner... What say? I mean double date? I and Angad and you and Kabir...
T: Oh...I have stopped eating... and especially with that loser K... It's not worth the calories you know...
Ruhi: You broke up T? How sad!
Angad: I was thinking that you and Kabir would have quarreled just like that... Now look at the poor thing... how so sad!
T: It's not sad at all! In fact this question you should ask your friend. You know what? Because he needs all the sympathy... Poor Guy! (Angad and Ruhi looks at Kabir romancing the girl)
Angad: Actually... I feel pity on him...
T: Whatever! (T goes from there) Losers! (Angad and Ruhi laugh)

Dipanita asks her employees to be obsessed in getting information about the Raichands
Dipanita Khurana comes to her Office. She calls one Mr Mishra and orders him that in 5 minutes she wants everyone at the Board room. Dipanita addresses her employees at the Board room.
Dipanita: Raichands... Other than this name no other name would be taken in this office... and won't be focusing on any work...only Raichand Company files would be looked into...This time I will not tolerate any mistake.Gather all data against them. Am I right?
Employees: Yes Mam!
Dipanita: If they are hiding anything... we need to know it first...I want you all to be obsessed. We should be familiar with their every movement. Am I clear to you all?
Employees: Yes Mam!
Dipanita: Please leave... (The employees leave one by one) Mr Tripadi... Make everyone understand about their departments...
Tripadi: Okay mam...  (one Guy halts and listens to the conversation)
Dipanita: And the Raichands Studio File should come to me... and no stone unturned...
Tripadi: Okay Mam...

Tanushree is sitting alone at the College Campus. T's Butterflies comes and sits on either side of her.
T: You people came back? You had your fill of Kabir? And if your brains are working, I need to tell you something. Tracker got all that jewelry back.
Barbie and Skipper: What?
T: And I couldn't even confront her...
Skipper: Babes... Pia! You feel that she would have given all the jewelry back to Tracker... (Tracker hides behind a pillar and overhears the talk)
T: Obvious!
Barbie: But why did you give your bag to Pia? (Tracker thinks, 'T turned to be Queen of the thieves. It is good Pia told me'. Tracker recalls Piya giving her back the jewelry T had taken from her and telling her that T had lied to her that the jewelry is fake).

Jeh and Abhay confronts each other
Jeh Khurana is walking through the College corridor. He bumps on Abhay who was coming from the opposite side. Jeh resumes walking without saying an appology.
Abhay: Usually in such situations... (Jeh stops but does not turn back) humans say sorry... But I forgot... You are not a human at all... You are an animal.
Jeh: You know what Abhay. Show your attitude to someone else... otherwise let that not happen one day that I will finish you and your attitude together...
Abhay: What will you do? (Jeh smiles. Both the Guys turn and walks towards each other. They stop when they are at an arm's length) I would love to know what you can do...
Jeh: You consider yourself high on the basis of a locket? (Abhay keeps a plain expression) Don't act Abhay... You know very well which locket I am talking about. And anyways, You are happy because that locket is with you even now?
Abhay: I think if that locket is with me I should be happy...
Jeh: You should be happy... but only when that locket is with you... not now!
Abhay: Really?
Jeh: As usual you will not believe me... Check it for yourself... (Abhay puts his hand on his jacket pocket and finds it empty) What did you think Abhay? Powers are only with you? (Jeh smiles)
Abhay: That was quite a trick... my sly wolf... Now you want to prove your point... and what's that?
Jeh: Well you would understand this sly wolf's sly some time... (Jeh smiles and leaves from there. Abhay is angry)

T and her Butterflies are sitting and talking.
Barbie: Look T... forget Tracker's jewelry... You know what? You have not heard the biggest news.
Skipper: Yeah Babe... let me tell you Gaurang is back...
T: What? (Ruhi is listening to their talk) Rewind...You mean Gaurang... that super hot Senior who was king before Kabir? You mean he is back?
Barbie and Skipper: yeah!
Barbie:  Yeah Babes... You know what? He is so hot... (T thinks, 'There is such a Guy in this city who is worthy of T. And I am sure he would also looking for T... the only girl for a guy like him!' T sees that her butterflies are smiling and thinking)
T: Hey losers! Whom are you thinking about?
Barbie and Skipper: About Gaurang...
T: Why don't you think about Guys of your status? (Ruhi thinks, 'Today I will give you punishment for each and every sin you have committed T. How much you have troubled me I will give an answer to it now. You will learn a lesson' (Ruhi types something on her mobile phone and sends it. Ruhi then hides behind the wall again. Tanushree's mobile phone beeps. T looks at the message)
Barbie and Skipper: Who is that? (T smiles)
T: As I said before pick out guys of your standard. (Ruhi smiles and says, 'Dearest now see... It's going to be fun. You have broken many hearts. Watch now Queen T what's going to happen').

Hasina: So this is her plan... against us... (The Guy who halted and listened to the conversation between Dipanita and Mr Trivedi speaks, 'Mrs Raichand I came here and told you the entire truth. I have put my life in danger (Hasina goes and sits on a chair). In fact by speaking against the Khuranas I have taken a big risk... (Chand Raichand is sitting on a sofa)
Chand: Don't worry Mr Tyagi... The help you have done against Dipanita... the Raichand's are not going to forget about it... (Chand Raichand opens a briefcase filled with Rs 500 currency notes and shows it to the Guy) A little token of thanks from the Raichands to you...
Tyagi: Thank you Sir! (Mr Tyagi comes near Chand and takes the briefcase) Thanks Mam! (Mr Tyagi goes from there and another Guy comes to the room).
Hasina: Mr Rao... Dipanita Khurana is gathering information regarding what's happening inside our company. Make sure that there is no loophole even by mistake... You will see all work... Don't trust on any stranger... I do not wish to give Dipanita Khurana any opportunity.
Chand: Hasina, We have to stay very careful... If they do one attack we have to do two...
Rao: May I go Sir? By today evening...
Hasina: Not evening... Right now! Call an urgent Board meeting... Till evening don't know how many moves Dipanita would do... We have to act first... Leave! (Mr Rao goes from there)
Hasina: I have to call Abhay... (Hasina dials the call and talks, 'Abhay, Dipanita is spreading her claws. She is preparing to attack on our Business. I have called for an urgent Board meeting. So you... Be here by 2'0'clock, Okay?' Hasina cuts the call)
Chand: Don't worry Hasina... This time we (Chand climbs up the stairs super fast and stops) we be 2 steps ahead of them. She has no idea what is waiting for her. She will lose! (Hasina smiles) Episode ends.

PreCap: Chand, Abhay and Hasina comes to the Police Station. they see Dipanita and Jeh sitting in front of the Inspector. Dipanita and Jeh turns and looks at the Raichand Family.
Hasina: What has she done this time?
Chand: Officer... Is there any problem?
Inspector: Yes Sir! There is a complaint against both of you... for the murder of Mr Tyagi...

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