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4th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 235) Danish Singh gets proof against Neil Khurana

Abhay and Jeh fighting
Episode starts with Danish Singh spying on Neil who is with a Girl. The Couple is standing at the reception of Hotel Decent. Neil signs the register and then pulls the girl to him and kisses on her shoulder. Neil's companion scolds him asking if he cannot wait for some time. Neil takes the keys to the room from the reception and goes from there with the girl. After they go Danish walks to the reception of the Hotel.
Danish: Can I get a room?
Guy: Sure! But where is the girl?
Danish: Which girl?
Guy: You have come so far... out of the have come to get breeze at our hotel or what? Our Hotel is very famous. And more over where is space for lovers in the city? You can consider our Hotel social service. (Danish thinks, 'This Neil has come to this sleazy place. Poor Panchi... What sort of man she is trapped with?') What happened? You need the room?
Danish: Yes!
Guy: For how long?
Danish: For little time. Give me the register... I will sign.
Guy: Here... (The Guy takes the register and turns it towards Danish. Danish notices that Neil has written fake name and address on the register. Danish thinks, 'Mr Baldev Singh? So in this place people use false names'. Danish sees that the room number allotted to Neil is 109. Suddenly Danish's mobile beeps and Danish reads the message)
Danish: Actually... Leave it! The Girl is not coming... I will come some other time.
Guy: No problem! Try next time... (Danish turns and walks from there. He thinks, 'I don't need own room but I have to get into Mr Baldev aka Neil's room. But how?' Danish walks from there).
Abhay kisses Pia
Couples at the Dance Floor: Jeh-Panchi, Kabir-Tanushree and Abhay-Pia
The couples come to the dance floor. Tanushree is paired up with Kabir. All the couples start slow dancing. Jeh dances with Panchi while Pia is dancing with Abhay. Abhay tells Pia, 'Pia... You told me that you trust me...'. Pia responds, 'I was wrong Abhay. Nobody can trust you.Because you do not deserve it'. Jeh is looking at Abhay and Pia. He says in mind, 'Abhay Raichand... Stay away from Pia. She is now mine! Don't even dare come close to her'. Pia asks Abhay, 'How to trust you? First you told me that you were with my sister... that was a lie! And now you are with my second sister? Do you really love Panchi or is this also part of lie? What can I believe Abhay? Why are you with Panchi? What you want from her?' Abhay replies, 'Piya... That all is not important. What I want to tell you now...that is important!'
Pia: I don't want to know! Are you cheating on Panchi? (Abhay nods his head in a no)
Abhay: No!
Pia: Wow Abhay! So then you are someone else for me... What should I call you? Brother in law?
Abhay: Sshhh! No Pia... (Abhay keeps his hand on Pia's lips) Please...Don't call me that!
Pia: So then what will I do? When you told me about Misha I knew you were lying... But Abhay that day what happened in the Library that? I saw something for me in your eyes. But you will deny it... But Abhay if that was true then what are you doing with Panchi? What are you doing?
Abhay: Pia...I cannot tell you anything now. Please Pia... please... (They look at each other. Abhay suddenly leans and kisses Pia on the cheek. The world around them stops for a moment. Pia and Abhay looks at each other. Pia closes her eyes and composes herself. The dancers around them starts moving again).
Pia: Abhay please!I don't want to be part of these games you play. Please go away from my life. This is my life. It is me who have to decide whom I want to be with. And now... Now I will not listen to you, okay? Please let me be... just go away from my life! (Pia turns and walks away from the dance floor. Abhay stands there and thinks, ' This is what I wanted... that Pia stays away from me...that she forgets me and live her life? But now when she is telling me this why am I feeling that my world has ended? Why am I feeling so bad? Why am I feeling that my heart is broken? When I don't have a heart in my body why am I feeling like that... like my heart is broken...' Abhay also walks from the dance floor.

Jeh and Panchi notices Abhay goes from the dance floor.
Jeh: So Panchi... What is all this? Between you and Abhay... What is going on?
Panchi: Excuse me! Who are you to ask me this question?
Jay: I am that Guy's Brother to whom who are supposed to be married to... That's it!
Panchi: That Guy... Oh you are right... my fake Fiance...Where is your Brother? If he loves me why is he not with me? He will be there with some random girl in some cheap Hotel...
Jeh: Panchi just... What is wrong with you? Neel loves you so much... That's all I know...
Panchi: Yeah really? (Jeh turns and walks from the dance floor. Panchi follows him)

At the Hotel Reception the Guy tells Danish who is standing with his back towards the Reception disguised as a Waiter, ' Listen! There is a room service order... Take a Champagne and two glasses...
Danish: Yes Sir!
Neil Khurana at the Hotel Room with a Girl
Danish is walking through the Hotel Corridor pushing a Trolley which has a Champagne bottle in a bucket of Ice and two glasses. Danish takes out his mobile from the pocket and keeps it on the tray after pressing the record button. Danish takes the Tray in hand and knocks the door of Room number 109.
Neil: Who is that?
Danish: Sir... Room Service!
Neil: I did not ask for anything...
Danish: Sir, it is complimentary...
Neil: The door is open... Come and keep it! (Danish opes the door and walks in. He sees Neel in the bed with the girl. Both are covered by waist level by blanket. Neel is shirtless while the girl still has clothes on. Danish walk towards them) Wait! (Danish stops) Where are you going to? Keep it there... Danish keeps the tray on the table with the mobile camera in it. He then turns to walk from there) Wait! Come here... (Danish goes near Neil. Neel takes a currency from the side table and throws it towards Danish) Go!
Danish: Thank you Sir! (Neel and the Girl again resumes their activities. Danish picks up his mobile from the tray and walks out of the room).
Abhay interferes between Jeh and Panchi
Jeh is walking and Panchi catches his hand.
Panchi: Excuse me Jai... Where is your great Brother Neil Khurana? Why is he not with me?
Jeh: Enough Panchi... You cannot blame on anyone else to hide your faults. You know very well about the enmity between the Raichand's and the Khurana's. Being the daughter in law of our house you were with Abhay... it is disgusting!
Panchi: Did you say daughter in law? Not yet! And if I have a choice I will never be...
Jeh: What is wrong with you Panchi? Seriously... Tell me what's gone wrong with you... (Abhay comes there)
Abhay: What happened Panchi? Any problem?
Jeh: Listen! Just be out of this! This is between us...
Abhay: Mine too!
Jeh: Abhay... I am telling the last time... stay away!... Don't come in between our family matters. Who are you to talk in between our family matters? Just don't make me angry Abhay...
Abhay: Panchi is my Girlfriend. So can I speak? (Abhay and Jeh look at each other. Jeh is angry)

Pia is standing in the balcony. She thinks, 'Abhay...why are you doing this to me? What is wrong with me? Why does my heart feel restless when you come near me? I can't do this! I cannot go near Abhay. He is with Panchi. I can't see him... I can't!' suddenly a girl comes there and informs that Abhay and Jeh are fighting. Pia goes along with the girl.
Abhay Raichand in Vampire Avatar
Pia comes to the Hall. Jeh is talking to Abhay by pointing his finger.
Jeh: Panchi is my Brother's Fiancee. Don't bring Panchi in between our fight...
Abhay: I am not interested in you and your family. (Jeh catch holds of Abhay's collar and they start fighting.. Pia moves forward calling Abhay's name. Abhay pushes Jeh and is about to hit him. T takes her mobile phone from Misha and starts recording the fight. Abhay stops on his track when he hears Pia, ' Abhay stop! Just stop it Abhay! (Abhay still has a hand on Jeh's neck and a fist pointed at Jeh's face) Abhay, Please stop... Stop for me!' Abhay turns and looks at Pia and Jeh punches him at the same instant. Abhay falls down on the side. Kabir joins Misha and Tanushree who is watching the fight.
Jeh: Loser! Come on... Get up! Want to fight? Come...Get up Abhay! (Abhay touches the side of his mouth with his hand. Abhay gets angry and opens his mouth revealing his Vampire fangs ) Abhay, that's it? Your anger is over? Get up! Come fight me man! Come... (Abhay's eyes turns to blue. Abhay says in mind, 'Abhay, Calm down!Don't lose your control in front of everyone here. Stop there Abhay! Control yourself'. Abhay comes to his normal form. He gets up and faces Jeh)
Jeh: Come on Abhay... Fight! You wanted to finish it... ehh? Is this all your anger? Fight man... Come on!
Abhay: Listen Jeh... I have not come here to fight with you...I am not interested in fighting with you.
Jeh: Why Abhay? Given up? Backed out? Only this much anger Abhay Raichand? Come on fight me right now... Let me see!
Abhay: Wasn't that clear for you? I have no interest in fighting with you. What you want to think...think! Upto you... (Jeh looks at Abhay in anger. Abhay turns and walks from there. T looks at Pia who is watching Abhay going)
Tanushree: Controversy... thy middle name...

Danish downloads the video from his Mobile phone to a computer. Danish says, 'Neil Khurana... Now I have enough proof against you. You have to get separated from Panchi. She will see how much I love her even now. Danish copies the video to pen drive. He says, 'Kabir's computer has written a new chapter in my life. Nobody can separate Panchi and me'. Danish removes the pen drive from the Computer. Danish looks at the pen drive and says, 'Neil cheated on you Panchi. But I will be with you always...'

The Party has ended and Tanushree is saying bye. Suddenly T stumbles. Misha sees it and laughs. T is angry.
T: Just shut up you slave! I bought you for 5000 Rupees. And today you are worth only that much. So you better don't behave like this. And don't look into my eyes... don't you dare! (Kabir comes there)
Kabir: Baby, let's go! I have got the Car out of the Car Parking. And by the way, where is Tracker and Angad? They have vanished... they must be drunk!
T: Who cares K? They may have drunk and fallen somewhere...Losers! And I just don't care where they are...And you slave...(Misha and Kabir points at each other. Then Misha realizes that T is talking to her) What are you looking in my phone? You are checking my messages? You loser... spy! Just give me back my phone (Tanushree seizes the phone back from Misha)... My bag... (T seizes her purse also from Misha and goes from there. Misha is about to throw some thing at T but stops when Jeh calls her)
Jeh: hey Misha...Let's go! (Pia is standing along with Jeh) It's getting late... We will go home...
Misha: Dude... Did you not hit Abhay a little too hard? I mean... I thought he would fall unconscious. (Panchi walks towards them)
Jeh: Look Misha...You have no idea what he is up to... And I guess there is no need to give him this much importance. Yeah? (Jeh looks at Pia) Shall we go? (Panchi comes near them) Panchi... let's go... (Jeh walks out. The Dobriyal sisters follow him)

Jeh is driving the Car and Panchi is sitting along with him. Misha and Pia are sitting on the back seat. Misha is angry with T and curses her. Pia looks at the jungle on the side. She gets flashes of her with Abhay. She remembers her scarf blown by the breeze and her chasing it and picking it up. Pia thinks, 'When ever I am near this Jungle why do I remember Abhay's face?Some strange relationship is there with me, Abhay and this jungle. Some secret... some old memories... But my memories are cheating on me. Slowly slowly my memories are coming back. I can feel it. Doctor also said it. I can remember things but why not this? Why I am not able to remember anything about Abhay? Why not? If he was an inseparable part of my life... why have I forgotten this part? Come on Pia... Just calm down! There is no place for him in your life. He is with Panchi and you saw with your own eyes today... he is with your sister...'
Pia: Come on yaar
Jeh: Pia... I am driving. The Car can't go faster than this! (Pia thinks, 'Oh God... If Jeh finds out that I was thinking of Abhay? But why is Abhay's memories haunting me? What is that which is affecting me this much... and him too! I saw pain for me in his eyes. I know that he is with Panchi but what is between us... what about that? I feel so pulled to him. When I am with him I forget everything else... What is it? What is it that does not let us go away from each other? (Episode ends)

PreCap: The mysterious Werewolf is talking to someone. He tells that very fast Abhay would be finished and his goal will be fulfilled. He cuts the phone. His mobile rings and the Caller ID shows Pia's name as the caller.

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