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31st August 2011 Written Update (Episode 255) Jeh asks Abhay for Dipanita’s life in return to Pia’s life

Jeh tells Alina that she is a disgrace to their family
Episode 255 starts with Pia Dobriyal removing her Pendant and handing it over to Alina Khurana. Alina holds the pendant in her fist. At the same time Abhay senses that Pia is without the pendant.
Alina: That's great! I will take this tomorrow to the jeweler and will tell to make one for me also.
Pia: Jeweler?
Alina: Don't worry! Will just show the design and bring it back.
Pia: Alright!
Alina: Pia, Do you have a towel? I got to freshen up!
Pia: Sure! Wait here... (Alina goes from the room. She comes to the forest side where Jeh is waiting for her and gives him the locket. (Jeh is happy getting that locket in hand)
Jay: Thanks Alina, Now Abhay will do whatever I wish.
Alina: Save Mom but please leave Abhay. (Jeh looks at Alina in anger) Don't do anything to him.
Jeh: Alina, You have gone mad. Don't you know why I am doing all this? This is for my Mom, okay? And you are concerned about Abhay... If he listen to us, okay. If he does not then I don't even know. And this time more than your feeling my enmity is dear to me. (Jeh looks at the pendant and says in mind, 'Abhay Raichand, the real fight will begin now...' Alina looks at Jeh as if she read his thoughts. She says in mind, 'Oh No... I do not wish that anyone hurts Abhay'. Alina and Jeh goes from there.

Pia comes to her room with the towel and calls Alina's name. Pia calls Alina's name again but does not find her. Pia wonders where Alina has gone.

Kabir and Misha are happy to see each other
Misha pushes open the door of Kabir's room and greets him in her signature style. Kabir is surprised to see Misha and  puts down the book he was reading. He rushes to her and they both hug.
Kabir: How are you dear? You know it was boring at College without you...
Misha: I had gone for the Sports trip dude and won 4 trophies for the college...
Kabir: Of course (Kabir cups her face) my darling... You are College Champ.
Misha: By the way... (Misha takes a gift wrapped packet from her bag and gives to Kabir) Take this...This is for you...
Kabir: Really? (He starts to enthusiastically unwrap the gift) What is this?
Misha: For you... I thought you could give it to your tacky girlfriend (Kabir's expression changes. He stops what he was doing) You will get brownie points (Kabir puts the gift down without looking at it) Dude... What are you doing (Misha picks up the gift) I am serious man... There is some awesome jewelry in it... Your T will see it and be happy...
Kabir: Mish... Now she is not my T, Okay? (Misha looks at Kabir open eyed)
Misha: What? You guys broke up? I mean... what are you saying? (Kabir nods)
Kabir: Yeah... I left her, okay? (Misha laughs)
Misha: You? Don't try to fool me...You were crazy for T. I am sure she only dumped you and you are willing to do anything to get her back. (Kabir lifts a finger at Misha signalling her to stop)
Kabir: Mish! It's over dear...
Misha: Ahh... (Misha tries to conceal her laughter) I am so sorry for you dude...
Kabir: Very funny right? I am sure you are enjoying it a lot...
Misha: Hey...No dear... I only am (Misha touches Kabir's heart ) worried about my friend's broken heart... (Misha then turns to a side and show a crying sign. She then laughs)
Kabir: You know what Mish... I will hit you...I will catch hold of you and hit you...
Misha: Oh my God... I am so scared... I am scared! (Misha runs. Kabir runs behind her to catch her. After a little time Misha accepts defeat and sits leaning to the headboard on the cot ) You made me tired! (Kabir also sits on the Cot) So chapter is over? Don't worry... We will start a new chapter for you...a very fresh chapter) some sweet...innocent type of girl... what say? (Kabir shows a face)
Kabir: T was not that bad Misha...
Misha: Okay...You are having T's drug addiction... It will take time for detoxification. I am going, Bye! (Misha gets up and walks from there)
Kabir: Bye! (Misha turns and talks to Kabir again) Now I am going... but from tomorrow onwards the hunt for Kabir's girlfriend starts... just for you! (Misha shows a for you sign. Kabir swings the pillow as if he is going to throw it at Misha) Misha!

Pia comes out of the Dobriyal House gate calling Alina's name. Pia looks around calling Alina's name. She says, 'Where did she go? How did she come? There is no Car...' Pia turns. Suddenly someone puts a blanket over her head and lifts her up. She screams. The Guy puts her in the trunk of the Car. Misha is coming from the opposite side and looks at the direction of the Car as she passes by. The Guy gets into the driver seat. Misha stops in front of the Gate and turns to see the Car going from there. She thinks, ' God! What was that? Don't tell me that this tacky poachers have caught some live animal and taking it from here. Will have to give a complaint' . Misha drives towards the house.

At the Raichand House Chand sees Abhay rushing out.
Chand: Abhay, Where are you going?
Abhay: Dad, I have to go!
Chand: No...You are not going anywhere... You will stay here... Nothing is more important than our people...
Abhay: This is more important Dad...
Chand: We have to finish Dipanita. You can't go... This is an order...
Abhay: No Dad... not today... (Abhay is about to go)
Chand: Wait! You are going for Pia... am I right? (Abhay looks at Chand) Abhay, You cannot do that...understand?
Abhay: No Dad! You only told that it is all written that I am your leader... that I am the chosen one? So I choose Pia... (Abhay goes from there before Chand could stop him. Chand says, 'You are going to regret this!)

Alina asks Jeh to leave Pia
Jeh is driving the Car with Alina sitting on the front seat.
Alina: Jeh, Pia is such a nice girl... Why are you doing like this to her? You love her, don't you? You got the locket and now why are you doing this?
Jeh: Alina, sometimes you have to forget your love and do your duty...
Alina: I don't believe this! Jeh...such big cheating with your love?
Jeh: What do you know about love Alina or about your duty... You are a dark mark on our clan. Mom says right... You are the natural leader of our clan. But look at you! By looking at you can anyone say that you are our future leader? No! What do you identify about yourself? About your identity... about us ?
Alina: Why? Because I understand the meaning of cold...because I do not wish blood shed or is it because I do not want to continue the age old enmity? This is not called is called understanding... What if we wolves make friendship with Vampires... (Jeh stops the Car suddenly)
Jeh: Never Alina! You know what? Out...
Alina: Jeh...
Jay: I said out! (Jey gets out of the Car and goes to Alina's side)
Alina: Jeh... what are you doing?
Jeh: Out Alina...Get out of the Car...Move out! (Jeh opens the Car door and pulls Alina out of the Car) Mom says right... You are a dark mark on our family... You are a disgrace... (Jeh walks towards the driver's side)
Alina: Jeh what are you doing? You cannot leave me like this Jeh... listen to me...
Jeh: Shut up! (Jeh drives the Car away from there)

Alina is standing on the middle of the road. The sack on the back of the car starts moving. Abhay is running in his supersonic speed through the forest. Pia pokes her head out of the sack. She has plaster fixed on her mouth. Abhay jumps into the road and keeps running. He comes to a halt when he sees Alina standing at the middle of the road.
Abhay: Alina, What are you doing here? Where is Pia? (Alina is crying)
Alina: Abhay... Abhay... Jeh took Pia away...
Abhay: Where?
Alina: I couldn't say anything, I am sorry! I tried to stop him but this all happened so fast that... I asked for Pia's locket and she was unprotected... Jeh kidnapped her and took her away... I am sorry! I tried my level best to stop him but he did not listen to me... I am sorry... (Abhay goes near Alina and holds on both her arms)
Abhay: Alina, Where is Pia? Tell me...Where is Pia?
Alina: I don't know... I don't know anything... Maybe Jeh has taken her to the Coffin room in our house... (Abhay says in mind, ' Pia... Don't fear! I am coming! I am coming for you'. Abhay resumes running leaving Alina at the middle of the road).

Dipanita is sitting in her jail cell. Suddenly she senses Vampires coming to her her. The group of Vampires in their hooded attires are walking through the road. Dipanita says, 'They are coming?' Dipanita gets up and shouts for the Inspector. Two Police people come near the cell and asks why she is shouting.
Dipanita: Inspector, Those people are coming!
Inspector: Which people...
Dipanita: Inspector leave me...they are coming to get me...
Inspector: Madam, Please keep peace... There is no one there...
Dipanita: There are a lot of people... Inspector leave me... (The Police Guys do not take her seriously. A bunch of hooded creatures enter the Police Station. They freeze those around them on their  way using their powers as they walk in. Dipanita senses them near and stands in the cell helplessly. She says, 'They have come...' The hooded creatures comes near Dipanita's cell. They freeze the inspector and the constable standing near Dipanita's jail cell. Hasina who is in front of them lifts her hood. Dipanita is scared)
Dipanita: Hasina!
Hasina: Ages have passed to bring you alone and helpless like this... Tell me Dipanita... If you would have got me alone and helpless would you have left me? No, right?
Dipanita: Please... please... Please leave me... (Hasina smiles)
Hasina: Finish her!

Abhay jumps into the Khurana House Coffin room through the window. He goes near the Coffin and lifts the lid. He puts the lid back when he finds it empty. Abhay is about to go from there. Suddenly his mobile rings. He looks at the caller identity and says, 'Pia?' (Jeh is sitting in his Car)
Abhay: Pia... Pia where are you?
Jeh: What happened Abhay? You got shocked seeing her name?
Abhay: Where is Pia?
Jeh: Not so easily Abhay...
Abhay: Where is Pia?
Jay: You have very little time...(Jeh looks at his watch) 7 minutes... Only 7 minutes oxygen is there with Pia...
Abhay: What do you mean by 7 minutes?
Jeh: Yeah 7 minutes... If she screams and shouts may be even less... So hurry up!
Abhay: So what damn it? What do you wish?
Jeh: What do I wish? A life in return of a life... This time Pia is okay... But if you wish to see her alive return my Mom. And if anything happens to my Mom Abhay... then you should forget Pia...
Abhay: Alright! I am bring your Mom... Where to come?
Jeh: the place where you attacked my the middle of the Jungle... And make it fast Abhay... because this time you have very little time Abhay! Make it quick... (Both of them cuts the call. Abahy is angry. He rushes out of there)

At the Police Station, Dipanita is shouting to leave her and is calling for help. She shouts, 'Hasina, leave me! Please somebody help!' Chand and Hasina smiles. Dipanita is lying on a wooden bench and she is tied up in the middle. The Vampires lift their hands and uses their powers on her. Dipanita twists and turns helplessly. Dipanita is being tortured by the Vampires.

Jeh tells Abhay that he would get Pia once Dipanita is back home
Abhay is running in his supersonic speed. Abhay stops in between. he says in mind, 'Pia I don't know where Jeh is taking you. But I will not let him hurt you...Nothing will happen to you Piya... I am coming!' Abhay resumes his run. Abhay is running through the road. He halts when he sees Jeh leaning on to his Car.
Abhay: What do you wish?
Jeh: Ahh... straight to the point...
Abhay: Where is Pia?
Jeh: Come on Abhay! If every thing in life was that easy... you ask me and I tell you... So what is the fun?
Abhay: I asked... where is Piya?
Jeh: And I said to get my Mom safely home... You will get Pia...
Abhay: Is is what is love for you? You love Pia, don't you? This is what you call love? (Jeh is angry and goes closer to Abhay)
Jeh: How much I love Pia it is better that you don't know about it... Till my Mom does not reach home, you would not get Pia... (Abhay tries to open the boot of the Car) hey...hey... come on come on... relax! Let me help you... (Jeh releases the boot lock. Abhay opens it and finds the space empty. Jeh comes near Abhay) Didn't I tell you Abhay? Nothing in life is easy... Can we talk over this? (Abhay nods) What to tell... Me with me and Pia with you...
Abhay: Alright! But if even a scratch happens to Pia (Jeh points his finger at Abhay)
Jeh: Sshh! You are forgetting Abhay that I too love Pia...and it is not in my capacity to hurt her... But this time you also do not have any other option Abhay... because here it is not Pia's boyfriend who is standing but a son... So go! (Jeh shows his watch) You don't have time... Move! (Abhay goes from there. Jeh is angry at his own helplessness)

PreCap: Abhay is at the Police Station.
Chand: I will not let you do it. I know why you are doing it.  (Dipanita opens her eyes) You are doing it for that girl Abhay... You are doing wrong! You are cheating on your clan. (Dipanita turns her face)

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