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8th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 237) Jeh brings Pia Dobriyal to Khurana House after accident

Misha applies Super Glue on Tanushree's feet
Episode 237 starts with Jeh , Piya, Tracker and Misha are sitting at the College Canteen. Misha's phone rings. She looks into the phone and cuts the call. Pia asks Misha whose call it is. Misha tells that it is T's call and if she would be forgiven by God for murders she would have killed T. Jeh and Pia sees Tanushree walking into the Canteen and tries to warn Misha but Misha keeps talking about T. T comes behind Misha and touches her shoulder.
T: What about T Misha?
Misha: Don't you know that you should not eavesdrop on others? T: Oh darling! I have no interest in your talks. (T throws the bag on Misha's lap) Come follow me! (Misha drops the bag down) What did you do? You keep forgetting that I bought you for five thousand Rupees. You are my slave for today. So pick up the bag and follow me... (T goes and sits on a Chair in the Canteen. Misha reluctantly picks the bag and walks to T table. She sits on a chair next to T) one second! Sit down... You are my slave. How can you forget that I bought you? (Misha sits down) And my legs are paining so much... You know these heels are so painful... (T removes her shoes and extents her legs towards Misha)
Misha: You are kidding me, right? Tanushree: My legs... (Misha starts pressing T's legs) Give less pressure... My legs are delicate.
Misha: I see! (Misha resumes pressing T's legs. Suddenly she remembers something and takes Super Glue from her bag. She applies the glue underneath T's feet)
T: What is it? Misha: Don't worry about it. It is just Aroma Cream for your relaxation. T: Oh... Finally you remembered your limits. Slave... do properly!
Misha: Yes Mam! (Misha applies superglue under both the feet and them hits on the feet to fix it firmly on the ground telling T she is giving finishing touches. Misha then takes T's bag and runs away from there. T tries to get up but almost falls. T's friend stops her from falling. Some other students also come and help T to remove the foot from the ground. Pia, Jeh and Tracker sees it and smiles. T is angry. She suddenly sees Misha's bike keys on the table. She thinks, 'Well well Misha... you are fond of playing tricks? Let's see if you would like my small trick or not'. T asks for manicure kit which her friend promptly gives to her. Tanushree looks at the manicure kit and says in mind, ' Let's see Misha...It would be a permanent break fail of your cunningness'. T gets up and walks from there)
Abhay makes fun of Pia and Jeh
Tanushree bumps into Abhay who enters the Canteen on her way out. She says sorry and goes from there. Abhay goes and sits by the table behind where Jeh, Pia and Tracker is sitting.
Abhay: Guys, You all are eating, right? (He looks towards Jeh and Pia) Oh I can see! It is said that in love people forget food but here it is something else... Love is great! (Pia gets up from the chair and walks from there. She bumps into Misha who comes to the canteen. Misha asks if T is somewhere there. Pia asks for Misha's bike keys. Misha picks the key from the table T was sitting and gives it to Pia. Pia goes from there.

Pia is driving the Bike through the Forest Road. She thinks, 'What does he think of himself? This much sarcasm in front of every one? Fine! He does not love me... But what right he has got to insult me? Who does he think he is? First he distanced himself from me on his own and now he cannot see me happy with Jeh? He only said that I should move on...' A Car comes from the opposite side. Piya tries to apply the brakes but realizes that there is a break failure. She escape the Car barely by inches. Pia again tries to control the vehicle in vain.

Abhay comes to the Canteen and suddenly he gets visions of Pia riding the bike.  He says in mind, 'Pia! Pia where are you?' Abhay sees Pia is riding the Bike. A Car comes from the opposite side. Pia panics and in her efforts to avoid the Car she crashes the Bike into a tree. The Car also stops at a distance. Pia rolls down from there and hits her head against a rock. Abhay asks some students around where Pia is but they say that they do not know. Abhay sees Pia lying with a wound on her head bleeding. He says in mind, 'I can see you Pia. Nothing will happen to you. I am coming!'  Abhay rushes out of there. On his way out he bumps into Jeh who was coming with a cup of Coffee.
Jeh: Hey watch out! What is wrong with you man? (T walks into the Canteen and goes and sits with her friend)
T: You know what I did with Misha?
T's Friend: Wow! Tell T... What did you do?
T: You know Misha rides fast... So I failed the brakes of her bike (Jeh who was sitting behind gets up hearing it) She might be in some hospital crying.(Misha also comes there and overhears T talking)
T's friend: What are you saying?
Misha: Hold on! Bike? (T is shocked to see Misha) What did you do with my Bike?
T's Friend: Your bikes brake... (T stops her from talking further by hitting on her leg)
T: Oh! Your break is over! I did not buy you for nothing. Go in your Bike and bring me Juice... fast! Go Quick...
Jeh: Okay listen Misha... I think she has done something serious with your bike. I really don't know what but...
Misha: What do you mean don't know... I mean Pia has taken my bike and gone and she was very angry. And if some tire or something is punctured she cannot change it. (Jeh rushes from there) T... What have you done to my bike? Come on answer me man...
Jeh asks Abhay to leave Pia
A girl with specs gets out of the Car. She panics and says, 'Oh God! What have I done?' Abhay is running though the road. He passes by the girl as the girl looks on in awe. Abhay kneels beside Pia and calls her name repeatedly.He urges her to get up. Abhay touches on Pia's forehead which is bleeding. He looks into his blood stained hand and brings it towards his mouth as his Vampire urges takes over for his lover's blood. Abhay transforms into his Vampire Avatar. He struggles to fight his urges and wins finally. Jeh is running through the road. He shouts Abhay's name and asks him to leave Pia. Abhay says in mind, ' Abhay, Control yourself! Jeh is telling right. Move away from Piya. You do not have any right on her'. Abhay is about to get up and Jeh who reaches there pushes him away saying, 'get away'. Jeh kneels by Pia and urges her to get up. Abahy moves backwards. He says in mind, 'Control Abhay! Jay is telling right. You took this decision... you distanced Pia from you...So now back off! I have no right over Pia'. Jeh picks Pia from the ground into his arms and runs towards the Car where the girl is still standing.
Jeh: Open the car... Open the Car! (The girl opens the Back seat door)
Girl: I am sorry Man... She will be alright?
Jay: Just... Move... move! Just get in the Car  (The girl stands on the road and looks towards Abhay who also looks back at her. The girl when gets into the Car. The Car goes from there as Abhay looks on. Abhay thinks, 'I need to know if Pia is right or not. I do not trust Jeh at all. I really need to see her'. Abhay runs through the forest and reaches near the Khurana House the same instant the Car reaches Khurana House. The security guard at the gate opens the back seat of the car. Jeh picks up Pia from the back seat. Abhay thinks, 'Pia should not be going to this house. These people are not right. No way... I have to get Pia out of here. Jeh runs through the gate carrying Pia in his arms. The girl follows him )

Abhay's Mobile phone rings and he picks up the call from Hasina Raichand. 
Hasina: Abhay, Where are you?
Abhay: College...
Hasina: I know where you are Abhay! You should not have gone there. Just come home...
Abhay: My being here is important.
Hasina: What is wrong with you Abhay? You know very well that your being there is risky.
Abhay: Mom, Piya had an accident. Jeh brought her to Khurana House. I cannot leave Pia with these people. I will stay here.
Hasina: They are after you... not Pia. They won't do anything to Piya. But if they see you there then you know what they can do. Abhay you know very well what they are capable of doing. Just get away from there... right now!
Abhay: When Pia becomes alright... I would come back. Now I have to keep an eye on Pia.
Hasina: You can find out about Pia from somebody else... Ask someone else...Use someone else to find out... Abhay, I don't need to tell you how much danger you are in right now. You will not go to that house, Is that understood? Just leave her... (Abhay cuts the call. He thinks, ' I have to save Pia. And for that I know whose help to take').
Jeh brings Pia to his bedroom after the accident
Jay wipes blood from Pia's face
Jeh carries Pia and brings her to his bed room followed by the girl and Dipanita Khurana. Jeh puts Pia to the bed.
Dipanita: What happened to her?
Jeh: You have gone crazy. When I told you that I will come and pick you up what was the need of taking out the vehicle? (Jeh removes a hand kerchief from his pocket and starts gently wiping the blood from Pia's forehead) When you do not know to drive the Car why did you take the vehicle to the road?
Girl: But...
Jeh: Shut up! See what have you done... see this. And Mom... I told you nicely not to pamper this girl too much. Nothing will get into her nerdy brain...where everything goes off... I don't know... She is just a spoiled child. That's it!
Girl: Did I do it deliberately or what? Have you gone mad? Do you know how she was driving the bike? Her bike was not stopping... what is my fault in that?
Jeh: Just shut up! Don't give excuses, okay? You did it... and It is all because of you...
Girl: Why are you shouting at me? Who is she?
Jeh: She is my girlfriend, okay? She is my life... whom you have hurt...(The girl is almost about to cry) Just get lost now... just get out...
Dipanita: Jeh... Do I have to teach you how to talk to your little sister? Shame on you! And anyways, Pia needs medical help and not your shouting. Go down and phone to Doctor! (Jeh gets up and goes from the room)
Girl: Mom! What happened to Jeh? Is he in love finally? (Dipanita keeps silence)
Abhay consoles Panchi
Panchi is sitting in her room and watching her Friendship Day photos with Abhay with a smile. She thinks, 'How cute! How nice a couple we look together. Abhay... tall and handsome... And me... just right for him...' Panchi smiles. Abhay opens the door of the room and walks in.
Abhay: Panchi... (Panchi is surprised and happy to see Abhay. She closes the laptop.)
Panchi: Abhay... Hi! How come you are here? Is everything okay? (Panchi gets up from the Cot. Abhay goes near her)
Abhay: Panchi, Pia had an accident.
Panchi: Pia... accident?
Abhay: yeah!
Panchi: Pia had an accident... When? Where? How did it happen?
Abhay: Panchi relax! Jeh took her to his house.
Panchi: But when did this happen?
Abhay: Panchi, I don't think Pia should be in Jeh's house. She should be here... with her family...
Panchi: She should be with her family. But when it happened? Why did not anyone tell me? (Panchi searches for her mobile)
Abhay: Panchi don't panic...
Panchi: You expect me not to panic? I am calling Neel... (She tries to call Neil Khurana but finds the mobile off) The phone is off... What will I do.... What should I do....
Abhay: Ssshh! (Abhay holds her) Panchi relax... Panchi relax...
Panchi: I can't relax! I want to be with her... I want to help her... Is she okay?
Abhay: Okay...okay Panchi listen... let's go there please fast... (Arnab comes to the next room to keep some file on the cupboard. He sees Panchi and Abhay together and is shocked. Arnab thinks, ' Panchi and Abhay? No... That cannot happen...Panchi cannot be with Abhay. She does not know how much problems it can create for her. No! I will not let that happen... I have to stop it!')
Jay and Piya
The Doctor has bandaged Pia's wound and is sitting by the Cot. Pia is still unconscious.
Jeh: Doctor, Is she okay? Is everything alright?
Doctor: A lot of blood is lot so she has weakness. Need to keep in observation for 2-3 days to ensure that there is no internal wounds...
Jeh: Okay... (The Doctor leaves the room and is followed by Dipanita Khurana. Jeh's sister looks at Pia. jeh goes and sits by Pia's side)
Pia asks for Abhay
Pia is regaining consciousness. Jeh is sitting on a chair and sleeping. Pia opens her eyes and sits on the bed with a hand on her wound. Jeh wakes up instantly and rushes to her side calling her name. He sits near her and fondly places his hand on her head.
Jeh: You okay? Are you feeling cold? ( Pia says yes. Jay goes near the fire place and puts the logs into the fire one by one. Pia gazes at the fire and suddenly she gets flashes of surrounded by fire and Abahy trying to save her. A beam falls near Abhay and he calls her name)
Pia: Abhay! Abhay...
Jeh: Pia...
Pia: Abhay... Abhay...
Jeh: Pia.. (Jeh rushes to her) Pia just relax... (He sits next to her and puts his hand around her shoulders comforting her. Pia holds on to his hand)
Pia: I need Abhay... Where is Abhay? Abhay... Where is Abhay... (Jeh slowly takes his hand from around her shoulder with a look of helplessness not knowing what to say) Abhay... Abhay... Abhay... I need Abhay... Where is Abhay? ( Abhay and Panchi walks into the room. Jeh gets up from the bed. panchi goes and sits near Pia on the cot while Abhay stands at the foot of the bed)
Panchi: Pia... Are you okay? I was so scared... You are so accident prone...
Pia: I am fine... Don't worry...
Panchi: Are you sure?
Pia: yeah...
Panchi: Love you so much...
Jeh: At College I heard T speaking something... like to teach Misha a lesson... I don't know what exactly... But I think T is behind the failure of brakes. (Abhay is angry hearing it)
Panchi: What? This is disgusting... T is crossing her limits now...
Abhay: This time she cannot get away with it...She has crossed all the limits (Jay looks at Abhay) She has to give an answer for this...
Jeh: I think you are right... (Abhay looks at Jeh)
Abhay: Yeah... We need to talk about this to the Principal (Jeh nods)
Panchi: But Pia... Why did you drive the bike? You don't even know to ride the bike. Misha is a better rider than you.
Pia: Panchi... I did not know that T tampered the bike...
Abhay: That girl also do not know to drive. She should have applied the brakes... (Dipanita and jeh's sister walks into the room. Abhay sees the girl. ) That's the girl... What are you doing here? You should have been in jail... You almost killed someone... When you did not know how to drive a vehicle... what the hell where you doing?
Jeh: Abhay! Mind your tongue... She is my sister... (Panchi and Pia looks at the girl) Don't talk to her like this...okay? (Abhay looks at the girl. He thinks, 'So this is Jeh's sister...') Episode ends

PreCap: Dipanita Khurana is pulling the girl along with her. The girl is telling sorry. Dipanita opens a room and pushes the girl into the room and then closes it. The girl pleads to Dipanita to forgive her and taps on the door asking to open the door. When she does not get any response she turns and looks at the Coffin in the room in fear.

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