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10th August 2011 Written Update (Episode 239) Hasina Raichand questions Abhay about his relationship with Panchi Dobriyal

Jeh gets angry at T
Episode 239 starts with Tanushree sitting in her Car parked at the Mount College Car parking lot. She removes her seat belt and says in mind, ' And now operation getting back boyfriend starts. K will forget all anger seeing me and come running to me. Come on T bring out your super acting skills and make the face of a helpless hurt sad girl. T opens the driver seat of the Car and steps out with crutches in hands and bandage on one leg. The students who are standing near by rushes to help her. One Guy closes the Car door and hand over the Car keys. Tanushree walks through the College Corridor using the crutches. She sees Kabir leaning to a pillar and her bimbos flirting with him. T gets angry.
T: Hey Shoo... Didn't I tell you not to follow K and don't be around him? Don't you people understand? Just go away! (T walks towards Kabir. Kabir stands along with T's Bimbos looking at her) K... Baby see my plight...I am not able to walk ... hurting....
Kabir: But I am sure that you did not find any problem in doing make up, right?
T: Ahh! One thing... I got handicapped... and you are taunting me on make up?
Kabir: I am sorry that I taunted you on your mistake. Now you can go...
T: K... You will talk to your princess like that? You forgot me in one day? How rude...
Kabir: No T... I felt that your should taste your own medicine, right? That's why... (T catches Kabir's hand)
T: It's fine...  I made a mistake and I also got the punishment for the mistake also...and it hurts so much...
Kabir: Yeah... I am sure!
T: You think I am telling lies?
Kabir: Baby, till now when have you told truth... (The spectators around laugh)
T: K, don't be angry at me. I made a mistake... forgive me... please...
Kabir: Look T... I forgave you... (T is happy and smiles)
T: Okay!
Kabir: But I realized that I do not want to be with you T (T's smile fades). You and me... it is not possible for me anymore. It is all over... I am sorry! (Kabir turns and walks from there. T limps and follows him)
T: K...
Kabir: Come girls...
T: K.... K.... 
T throws the crutches away in anger when she sees her Bimbos with Kabir
Kabir goes from there with his hand around T's Bimbos
Barbie: yeah Kabir... Now it is our turn...
T: K... Stop...You how dare you? (T takes her crutches in hand and runs behind Kabir. Kabir and the bimbo's turn and look at Tanushree. T throws the crutches in their direction) You people wear my old clothes. You use my make up and now you are going around with my Boyfriend. How could you? (Tanushree kicks with the plastered foot)
Kabir: Al right T alright! I thought you fractured your leg. (T tries to act again)
T: It is paining...
Kabir: Save it T...To impress me you told such a big lie... expected! You know what? My opinion about you was right. You and I... never! Enjoy... Come girls.... (Kabir and the Bimbos go from there. T is angry.  She jumps and screams).

A Car stops in front of the Raichand House gate. Arnab Dobriyal gets out of the Car. He thinks, 'I have to do this. Abhay's shadow could prove risky for my daughter's life. I am sure Mr Raichand would understand. There is no point talking to Abhay directly as he is still childish. But Mr Raichand... I am sure will understand the matter that whatever i am doing I am doing for the happiness of my daughter. For her safety...' Arnab walks towards the House.

The door bell rings at the Raichand House and a servant comes and opens the door.
Servant: yes?
Arnab: Tell Sir that Mr Dobriyal has come.
Servant: Sir is not at home... Madam is here. You please sit. I will go and fetch her. (The servant goes upstairs. Arnab goes and sits on a chair near the fire place)

Pia walks into the Mount College library. She sees the library empty except for the librarian and thinks, ' Oh Good...Complete silence!  Now I can complete my research in peace'. She goes to the rack where the news papers are kept. She thinks, 'I have to find out about my dream. Which was that place? And how the place caught fire? When did it happen? May be I will get some clue from these papers'. Pia looks at the news papers.  She then picks up one year old newspapers from the lower rack. She thinks, 'these are one year old newspapers. Definitely there will be something in this'. Piya takes the newspaper bunch to a table and keeps it. She then sits down and looks through the papers. She then picks up a paper from the bunch and looks at the picture of  a hut on fire. She reads the news, 'Fire breaks up in a Stable near Pander palace... Maithili... This name sounds familiar... This fire freshened up the memories of an age old story. There was a princess in the Pander Palace... Princess Maithili... It is said that she gave up her life for her love. The stable on his the fire broke out also belonged to Princess Maithili in which ages before she got burned alive'. Piya is shocked reading the news. She thinks, 'Why does this name sound familiar? What is my connection with a princess who lived centuries ago? Why do I feel that I know her?' Piya looks at the picture again and resumes reading, 'It is said that this place is very unlucky. Fire was seen caught in this place which was already burned ages ago. This time the entire stable was taken up by the fire. Police did not get anyone's remains from there. According to the Police someone was trapped in the fire... but escaped?' Piya says, 'This is the same place which I saw in my dream. Was it me who escaped from the fire? Am I the survivor? But Abhay... Abhay saved me. I am so sure of it. I have to personally go and see the place. I need to go!' Pia takes the newspaper in hand and goes from there.
Arnab Dobriyal thanks Hasina Raichand
Hasina Raichand comes down the stairs to the hall where Arnab is sitting.
Hasina: Mr Dobriyal... You here? (Arnab gets up)
Arnab: Hasinaji how are you? I am sorry that I came here without informing... had to talk some important matter with you...
Hasina: Not a problem. Please sit... (Arnab and Hasina both sits on the chairs)
Arnab: Actually...I wanted to talk to you regarding Abhay.
Hasina: How many times have I told these servants to keep the curtains closed...they do not listen... Excuse me! (Hasina goes to the window and closes the curtain. Arnab thinks, 'There is a nice sunlight outside... Why is she closing the curtains? And why is she so restless?' Hasina comes back and sits on the chair) Sorry... What were you saying?
Arnab: I was telling that I wanted to talk to you regarding my daughter and Abhay
Hasina: Pia?
Arnab: No... not Piya... In fact about Abhay and Panchi...
Hasina: Panchi?
Arnab: yes! Mrs Raichand... Panchi's engagement has happened in a very big family ... you may know them... Khuranas. Her wedding is about the happen. And off late I have been noticing that she has been spending a lot of time with Abhay. I feel strange seeing them together. You know the they talk... I do not wish that any problem gets created for Panchi before marriage. You know what I mean.
Hasina: I didn't know about this. But you don't worry. I will talk to Abhay.
Arnab: Great! Thank you so much... (Arnab gets up. Hasina also gets up) I was a little worried aboutb this matter. But I was sure that you will be able to help me...
Hasina: Don't worry! I told you... I will speak to Abhay...
Arnab: Thanks again! I will take your leave...
Hasina: Yeah... (Arnab walks from there. Hasina goes near the candle stand foot of the stairs and start lighting the candles. Arnab realises that his phone is missing and turns back) What happened Mr Dobriyal?
Arnab: Nothing! I must have dropped my phone somewhere...It was in my hand... but can't find it...I must have dropped it somewhere here (Arnab walks back to where he was sitting) I was sitting here so it must be here... My daughters make fun of me for forgetting my phone. Where has it gone? There are some important numbers in it...Can't afford to misplace it... Oh got it... It was here... With out phone these days... (Arnab straightens up after picking the phone. He sees his reflection on the mirror. He also sees the reflection of the Candle stand and candles but does not see the reflection of Hasina who is standing near it. Arnab turns and looks to where Hasina is standing. He sees Haseena still in her earlier position lighting candles. Arnab is terrified. Hasina sees the shocked look on Arnab's face).
Hasina: What happened Mr Dobriyal? Mr Dobriyal... Is everything okay?
Arnab: Yeah... I am fine...Actually I felt a little giddy...low BP I guess...
Hasina: You should take care... Do you want me to get some Tea or water?
Arnab: Oh No no! No... fine! It's okay...really... (Arnab once again turns and looks at the Mirror and still does not see Hasina's reflection in it) I will take your leave... Have a great day!  (Arnab goes from there.  Hasina wonders what happened to him).

Jeh warns T to watch her mouth
Kabir tells T that she has told so many lies that even if she is telling the truth now he does not care
Tanushree is sitting in a bench in the college campus removing the plaster from her leg. She says, 'Loser K...Don't know what he thinks of himself. I will teach him a lesson'. She throws the bandage cloth down. Jeh Khurana comes there and stands leaning to the pillar.
Jeh: You will learn the lesson T... for what you have done... You will regret it!
T: Excuse me! What did you say? (Jeh walks towards T)
Jeh: I said what you heard T. For the deed you have done... You are going to regret it... In fact you will regret the day you were born. (T gets up and faces Jay)
T: How dare you? Move away from here. I don't want to waste my time talking to you. (Jay keeps his hand in front of T stopping her as she tries to walk from there)
Jeh: Aha...You don't have an option! You have to listen to what I have to say T.
T: Really? Otherwise what?
Jeh: You seriously have the attitude? You are showing me attitude after what you did? Because of you Pia had an accident T. She could have been dead...
T: Pia? Who is she to you? Wait! Who are you to her?
Jeh: Wait... Let me tell you... First of all... What I am to Pia is none of your business... And secondly, Pia is my girlfriend. You mess with her, you mess with me... (Tanushree laughs)
T: Pia is your girlfriend? Meaning you are Pia's boyfriend, right? One second... Boy friend number (Tanushree starts counting on her fingers) oops lost the count.  How sad! Poor is your turn... (Jeh points fingers at T warning her to stop) You are her new scapegoat...
Jeh: I am telling you T... Watch your mouth... otherwise I will forget that you are a girl...
T: Oh really! You know what? Your Pia... (Jeh catch holds of T's chin with one hand and then pushes her. T falls down)
Jeh: I said watch out T... I warned you... (T is sitting on the ground)
T: Oh God! You Moron! You have to pay for it! help me someone! (Kabir and the Bimbos come there. T sees Kabir) K help... come here...
Kabir: Hats off to you T... Again drama?
T: K, I really fell down. It is hurting!
Kabir: If you have really fallen down T then it is the Doctor you need not me... He will fit you in 2 minutes.
T: K... (Tanushree is frustrated. Kabir goes and sits near her)
Kabir: You know what T... You have a problem... You have told so many lies...and played so many pranks that even if you are telling the truth... I don't care!

Abhay comes into the House and is about to climb the stairs. Hasina who is sitting in the Hall calls him.
Hasina: Abhay!
Abhay: yes Mom!
Hasina: What is going on between you and Panchi?
Abhay: Who told you? (Haseena gets up from the chair and goes near Abhay)
Hasina: That is not what I asked you. Answer my Question...What is going on between you and Panchi? And why don't we know anything about it? Abhay! Have you gone crazy? Why have you started anything with her?
Abhay: Mom... I know what I am doing...Trust me!
Haseena: Really? If you know what you are doing... tell us that if Arnab Dobriyal comes to this house with your complaint we also would know what to tell him... He has come here to tell me that I tell you to stay away from Panchi. Is that understood?
Abhay: Mom...Trust me... I need to do this!
Hasina: You don't need to do anything Abhay... And frankly I don't understand what you want to do...
Abhay: No need for you to understand also...
Haseena: Abhay, Just go! For now... I don't want to talk to you...
Abhay: Fine! (Abhay turns to climb the stairs. Suddenly he gets flashes of Pia walking towards the burnt stable in the Forest) Mom... I have to go!
Hasina: Where?
Abhay: I have to go... (Abhay goes out of the House)
Hasina: Abhay!

At the Dobriyal House, Arnab is sitting near the fire place and looking into his laptop. He does a Loogle Search for things which does not have a reflection. He comes across some vampire images. He thinks, ' What I saw today... what was that? Why did I not see Haseena in the mirror? Has that my imagination... but she was standing there...Near me... near the mirror'... Arnab gets a 'result not found' for his search. He again presses the search and thinks, ' I saw my reflection in the mirror but not her's. What can be the meaning of that? How is it possible that someones reflection is not visible on the mirror?' Arnab recalls what happened at the Raichand House. He then looks into the search results displayed on the laptop.
Abhay and Pia at the Forest
Piya comes near the burnt stable. Abhay is running through the forest in his supersonic speed.  Pia looks at the place and then looks at the newspaper. Pia says, 'This place is fully ruins. It is totally finished...Fire might have badly burnt it'. Pia suddenly sees flashes of the place burning from four sides and herself trying to come out of the fire. She sees her self calling Abhay to help her. He sees Abhay advancing towards the fire calling her name. Suddenly Abhay reaches there. Pia turns and looks towards the forest. She sees Abhay emerging from the shadows and walking towards her from that direction. Abhay comes and stands in front of her.
Pia: You came Abhay?
Abhay: How could I have not come? (Abhay comes near her. They look at each other) Episode ends.

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