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6th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 259) Arnab Dobriyal and Madhu finds Neil Khurana lying dead

Episode 259 starts with Jay kicking at a glass piece on the floor.
Jeh: You know this as well as me that you cannot win this battle. I have such a weapon if front of which you would accept defeat any time. You know it!
Abhay: Pia... But why? You had told that you love Pia ... Then how can you cause her harm?
Jeh: I told you this earlier also Abhay... It is better for you not to know about Pia and my love. And I love Pia and it is the truth.
Abhay: No Jeh... It is a lie...Because in love nobody puts the other persons life in risk... like you always put Piya's life in risk. Tell me... You have an answer to my Question?
Jeh: Love is in its place Abhay and our enmity is in its Place. My family would never pay the price of my love... not at any cost. That is the difference between you and me. You can forget an age old enmity for love but I cannot cheat my family for love. I was just doing my duty Abhay. I was just doing what I need to do for my clan. And if I was in your place I would never step back.
Abhay: That's what I am telling Jeh... that you never learned to love. You do not know the meaning of love. And now I will show your truth to Pia. (Jeh points a finger at Abhay)
Jeh: No Abhay! You would not do that mistake. And you know it... if you do any such thing ... if Pia finds out anything about me Abhay then I will attack on Pia again. And till when you would save her... till when Abhay? Till when? One mistake... and you and I both would lose Pia... You know it... Don't do such a mistake Abhay otherwise I can bring your real face in front of Pia...and you know it!
Abhay: This is your love? You call this love? what do you wish?
Jeh: That this secret remains a secret... my secret and your reality should never come in front of Pia... Let her think that a human named Jeh Khurana loves her...and that Abhay Raichand also desires her. You know this very well Abhay that in human form I am Pia's best friend... she trusts me...maybe she also loves me...
Abhay: What do you think... When Pia finds out how much I love her will she love you then also? No Jay! Everyone knows that even today in Pia's heart it is only me.
Jeh: So try and see... Let's play Abhay Raichand... for Pia... You and me fight again... Let's see whom she believes...on her ever dependable friend Jeh or old love Abhay...
Abhay: No Jeh... I cannot play with Pia's heart...That you only can do... and then you say that you love her...What love...which forgets humanity?
Jeh: This humanity... heart and love... this neither you know nor I ... You know very well that you are a dead human and I am an animal. We don't have heart Abhay...Our heart does not beat...We only have desires... and that desires we give the name of love... That is it Abhay... I am an animal and you are a dead human and that is the truth. There is no humanity between us Abhay.
Abhay: You feel like that. But in me humanity still remains... (Abhay goes from there)

The Phone rings at the Police Station. The Inspector, 3 Male constables and a Woman constable are standing around the table. It is the mobile phone of the table which is ringing.
Inspector: This is Mrs Khurana's Phone. It is ringing here. There is no news of her. Did you search her house?
Constable: Sir, we searched every where but we could not find her anywhere.
Inspector: What were you doing? Tell me...
Constable: We were here only. That woman was shouting like crazy to leave her...and someone is behind her... We did not notice but do not know what happened after that Sir... But she was not here... She had vanished...
Inspector: Really? Now she did magic? Someone came here and took her from here in front of you all... You all don't know anything...You don't remember everything... You Guys get one thing clear... Mrs Khurana has committed a murder... and now she is trying to put her blame on Abhay... (Inspector sits on his chair. He looks irritated) Now I will personally go to her house. I will talk to her son. Let me see what they are hiding...

At the Khurana House, Alina is peacefully sleeping on Pia's bed.  Pia is standing at one corner of the room looking at Alina. She thinks, 'Poor Alina... I feel so bad for her... How ashamed she may be about her own Brother. I am so glad she is staying here with us. If she goes home she will fall into tension again'. Pia takes her laptop and sits on a chair with the laptop in front of her.She searches on Loogle about past life regression. She looks at the details of people dealing with it. She then types a number on her mobile by looking into the lap top screen. She closes her laptop and goes near the window. Pia makes the call. She thinks, ' i am calling someone this late... but it's okay...But I need it. I need the answer to my Questions. The land line phone rings at some house. And a hand wearing 3 gemstone rings and beaded bracelets picks up the call (The face is not shown)
Pia: Hello... I am so sorry that I am disturbing you at this time of the night but I just want to know...
Lady: Maybe you need your answers fast...
Pia: Thank you so much for understanding. Actually my whole memory is lost...I want to know what happened with me in my earlier life...
Lady: How did you lose your memory?
Pia: That... Nobody says anything to me clearly...everyone says that I lost it in an accident last year... But what happened with me last year because of that my whole life has changed. I really deed to know what had happened.

At the Khurana House Neil comes down the stairs to the Hall with a Suitcase and a bag in hand. Jeh is standing in the Hall.
Jeh: Neil you have to go from here as fast as possible. It is not safe for you. Move! (Neil looks at the mess at the Hall)
Neil: Jeh... Abhay came here? Why did you not call me?
Jeh: I can handle him Neil. I do not need anyone's help. You go from here. It is not safe...
Neil: But where Jeh?
Jeh: Anywhere Neil...Just go somewhere... Find a place... We have a lot of money... we do not lack resources... Just get out of here... It is not safe for you...  (Jeh walks towards the stairs)
Neil: All this happened because of Pia (Jeh stops before the stairs) It is all her fault.
Jeh: Neil... (Jeh turns) There is no fault of Pia in all this... Do not bring her in between for no reason... (Neil turns and looks at Jay)
Neil: Wow Jay!Wow! Actually it is my fault... I had forgotten that my little Brother is in love... But with which girl? With the girl because of which everything ruined...because of whom our family got ruined... That girl ruined everything Jeh... everything! But Jeh I do not understand one thing nor can I understand... this is one sided love...I can never understand that Jeh...
Jeh: Even me too... But it is time Neil. You have to go.
Neil: Brother, Everything is ruined... Our family has broken...First Mom went and now I am going...Alina is useless... How did all this happen Jeh?
Jeh: I do not know how all this happened Neil... And for all these things I do not have time now... Take an unlisted number and keep me informed... (Jeh climbs up the stairs)
Neil: Jeh... (Jeh stops but do not turn and look at Neil)You would not say a last Good Bye to your Brother? Not even a hug? For what mistake are you punishing me for Jeh? That mistake which I did not even do? Jeh whatever happened... just happened...There was no fault of me in it Jeh... (Jeh walks up as Neil looks on. Neil picks up his luggage and walks from there)

Panchi comes down the stairs. Arnab is in the Hall.
Arnab: Panchi!
Panchi: Hi Papa... (They hug) Good Morning!
Arnab: good morning! Tell me one thing... How many times I asked you to tell me if you are not happy with Neil. But always you told me that everything is fine and you are happy with him. But today I am coming to know that these many things happened. Why like that? Why did you not tell? You did not trust me?
Panchi: Don't say that Papa... I did not want to hurt you. Not again!
Arnab: Panchi... You did not want to hurt me... What did you think? I will not be able to bear that and you suffered everything alone? You did not even think one time that if you get hurt we will feel even more hurt because of it. If you were not happy with Neil and he was ill treating you...there was no need for you to stay with him... (Madhu comes there. Panchi nods) I cannot let you stay with a human who cause you sorrow. (Arnab looks at Madhu) Right? (Madhu nods)
Madhu: Anyways, Now we know everything... Now also it is not late...We will go to the Khurana's and break their engagement. (Arnab holds Panchi's hand)
Panchi: Thank you so much Mom... Thank you so much Dad... And I am really sorry. I will not hide from you anything hereafter...because (Panchi comes in between Arnab and Madhu and puts her hands around their shoulders) you Guys are the Best... Best-est parents in the World. (Arnab laughs)

Jeh come down the stairs in a hurry. The Police Team is in the Hall.
Inspector: Mr Jeh Khurana...
Jeh: Inspector Sir, I was about to call you only...Look here what happened? (Jeh leads the police team to the Hall where things are thrown here and there) Look here what happened. Sir, See what they did to my house. Sir, Some people came and they took my Mom and Brother away. They hit me a lot Sir... you see... (Jeh shows the injury on his face and hand) Sir, look here... look at the condition of my house...I could not do anything. I could not understand how it happened.
Inspector: Who were those people?
Jeh: I don't know Sir... There was a black mask on their face...I could not see their face Sir...Why did those people take my Mom... Where did they take her...all this I do not understand anything. Sir, I am a College Student. Why all this is happening with us I do not understand anything...And my Mom... They were deliberately putting the blame of Tyagi's murder on my Mom. My Mom does not know Tyagi... She does not know who Tyagi is...My Mom has not done his murder Sir... Please believe me Sir...
Inspector: Look! Don't worry! Nothing will happen to her... We will find her... (The Police Team go from there.

Misha, Piya and Alina comes to the class room. Misha and Pia sits on one bench. Pia signals Alina to sit on a bench on the other side.Alina sits. T and her bimbo comes there.
T: Hey ugly! Get the hell out of here. This is my seat. And I do not want such ugly people sitting on my seat. Go...Shoo! (Alina gets up and sits in the bench in front ) Ahh... Did you hear me? Now will you sit in front of me and block my view? (Pia and Misha looks at each other. Angad, Ruhi and other students are also not liking the way Tanushree is treating Alina. I mean... Can you just go away? I need some air... (Alina moves to the middle of the bench)  Oh God! Just go and sit outside the class...  (Alina gets up and walks towards the door) There is no place for ugly people here... (Kabir blocks Alina's way)
Kabir: Wait Alina... You will sit there and I will sit with you. (T is taken aback. The other students are happy) That is my seat and for me to sit there I do not need any T's permission, Okay?  Come! (Kabir leads Alina to the seat and they both sit. (Angad ans Tracker makes fun of T and every one laughs. Kabir notices Alina gloomy)
Kabir: Hey! You are alright? (Alina nods) You know what do not give much importance to people like T (Tanushree is not liking Kabir's closeness with Alina) Okay? And nobody has the right to talk rudely with you... (Alina smiles shyly. Pia and Misha are looking at Alina and Kabir)
Misha: Pia my sister, are you seeing the same thing what I am seeing?
Pia: Yeah my dear... I am seeing the same thing what you are seeing... (Both the sisters laugh)
T: Now what? Misha, Will you disturb the whole class with you loud laughter?
Misha: T, I am laughing at your situation.  I have a super plan to get Queen T out of her Palace... And poor you... You do not have any idea... You have no idea what is going to happen with you.  (T looks in confusion) Guys, Listen up!Once upon a time there was a Queen. But her King gave her crown to someone else... (Everyone laughs. T is annoyed) T is crown-less now!  (T and her friend walks out of the class room. Students laugh).

Arnab Dobriyal is driving the Car with Madhu sitting in the front passenger seat.
Madhu: Arnab, I am feeling very tensed up. I hope Dipanita would not take the matter badly...
Arnab: Let her be! We will tell her about her son's deeds... Let her also know...Anyways, We are going there let's see... (Suddenly Madhu notices someone lying on the road face down. She asks Arnab to stop the Car. Arnab stops the Car and they both rushes to the person on the road.Arnab turns the Guy and both of them are shocked to see that it is Neil. Arnab feels Neils pulse and tells Madhu that Neil is dead. They both walk a little further to talk to the Police as there was no network on the Mobile. Arnab talks to the Inspector and tells him about Neil Khurana's murder and dead body lying at the middle of the Road near the Ridge Road Bridge. Madhu who had also come near the Car turns and looks back to the Road. She is shocked and shouts Arnab's name. Arnab runs towards where Neels body is lying on the Road).

PreCap: The Dobriyals and Police comes to Khurana House. The Inspector informs Jeh that Neil is dead.

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