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28th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 275) Chand Raichand asks Abhay and Alina to dance at the Party

Abhay and Alina dance at the Party
Episode 275 starts with Pia coming to the Party Hall and seeing Abhay and Alina together. Alina has her head on Abhay's shoulder and is talking non stop to him. Abhay looks straight at Pia. Misha comes there and asks Pia to go with her.
Pia: Where?
Misha: It is super important... Trust me! Come on! (Misha takes Pia from there)

Misha brings her to the room where Panchi  and Tracker are standing along with Tanushree and Barbie in their Rajasthani Dance attire. Pia is shocked to see T and Barbie like that.
Pia: Misha, Where are you taking me?
Misha: You got to meet Chirmi Bhai
Pia: What the Hell!
Misha: T... What are you doing here? (T does not respond) I said... What are you doing here? T has a big problem with her identity that is why she has worn someone elses clothes and have come to the Party. You know Guys... T feels that if someone clearly gives the message that she is no wanted she should barge in forcefully. There is a limit to everything. First Kabir ditched this loser so she is forcefully trying to cling to him. When we did not invite her to the Party she forcefully entered. T... You have some real issues man...
T: Listen Misha...
Misha: No no no... you listen to me... You know... You are unwanted everywhere and still you land up every where. I mean... Don't you feel shame? Loser!
T: And you are $&$^*
Misha: What? I have not come here to meet you or your sister who gets engaged a thousand times...(Pia, Misha and Panchi are shocked by the insult on Panchi) I have come here for Kabir (Misha gets angry and charges at T. (Panchi, Pia and Tracker pulls Misha back. Misha shouts for the security. When they come into the room Misha asks them to throw T out from there)
T: Nobody would lay a hand on me... I would go from here on my own and that too from the back door.
Misha: Oh no no no! No way! Drag her from here in front of every one... Let every body see that she has crashed into the Party. (Barbie tells T that they would be insulted and even their Parents would come to know about it)
T: Look Misha... Let's make a deal...
Misha: Really? What do you have in mind?
T: You don't insult me in front of everyone and in return I will do anything you want.
Misha: Really? (She turns to Pia and Panchi) Sister Brigade...what should we do with our dear T? (Pia and Panchi starts thinking)
T: Whatever you like Misha...
Misha: You know what Guys... Stop thinking! I have a perfect plan... (Pia, Tracker, Panchi , Pia and Misha laughs).

Kabir is standing at the Bar Counter and drinking. Danish comes near him.
Danish: What's up Bro? Why so gloomy? (Danish orders for a drink)
Kabir: Dude... This T...
Danish: Chill man!
Kabir: What is T doing here? Always she comes at the wrong place at the wrong time... And I don't trust her Danish... definitely she is going to create some big problem...
Danish: Kabir... Kabir... relax! You know that no one takes her seriously.
Kabir: No dude... You don't know her... She was my girlfriend... She keeps on playing new drama's. If she says anything to Misha... I am gone...I don't trust her at all... Till now I have not spoken to Misha and if she speaks to her before then... Danish, everything would be finished.
Danish: Relax Kabir...Have your drink... You will feel confident. Misha hates T and would not listen to anything she says... She will attack her before saying anything... So chill! (Kabir says in mind, 'I know who I have loved. What if she attacks me also? God Misha...Please love me back, please!')

The Girls are waiting impatiently. T and barbie comes there wearing white shirt and white pants. The girls look at them and laughs. Misha tells that T deserves the punishment and asks Tanushree to serve them. T says in mind, 'You will have to pay a price for this Misha. I will not leave you... I will make you pay for this...'

Chand and Hasina are walking.
Hasina: Chand, What are you doing? Why all these talk here? We can go home and discuss this...
Chand: Hasina, I cannot wait till we reach home. Alina is the heir of our age old enemy Dipanita. I want Abahy to trap her in his love, enter Khurana House and finish them... Dipanita has already got out of our hands once... Elina is very important to us... and she does not know this...
Hasina: In that case Chand... we should make sure that Alina is comfortable around us...

Misha dances with Kabir to make Tanushree jealous
Champagne glasses are kept in a Pyramid form on the table. Arnab opens the Champaigne and pours on the top most glass making the champagne flow and fall into all the glasses while the Guest and family members clap. Arnab and Madhu then shares a glass of champagne and move on to the dance floor for dancing. Many couples join them at the dance floor including Danish-Panchi and Angad-Tracker. Chand goes to Alina and Abhay.
Chand: Alina, How good you look with Abhay... Good! Why don't you people dance? Abhay... Alina... come on... No need to be shy... Everybody is dancing... Look at them!  Go ahead...
Alina: Thank you Uncle... So sweet of you! (Alina puts her hand on Abhay's arm and they move to the dance floor and starts dancing. Pia is unhappy seeing them together on the dance floor. Chand and Hasina also joins the dance floor. Kabir goes and asks Misha for a dance. Misha is startled at first and then she look at T watching them and agrees. Kabir and Misha moves to the dance floor and starts dancing. Misha puts her both hands around Kabir's neck and tells him, 'Kabir, hold me close. Why so shy? Hold me like I am the love of your life'. They hug and sways to the music. Kabir is happy. T is angry seeing them together. She says in mind, 'I will kill Misha... I so hate her...'. Misha says in mind, 'Be jealous T... I am enjoying seeing your jealous face'. Pia says in mind, 'Abhay, Is this your love? You told me that it is me in your life and now this?' Jeh comes near Pia and takes her to the dance floor. They starts dancing.
Jeh: You know what Pia? First I use to have a lot of problems about Abhay and Alina. But looking at them I feel that they both love each other a lot. I am really happy for her. (They both look towards Abhay and Alina)

Tanushree is sitting alone. She thinks, 'What does Misha think of her self... I will teach her a lesson. She insulted me in front of every body... seized Kabir from me and now... She is so dead... I am going to kill her...'. Suddenly someone puts black cloth over T's head and takes her away from there. T is thrown on the ground blindfolded. She tries to escape by moving from there and calls for help.

Ruhi goes from the Dance floor to use the Wash room. She comes out of the washroom and sees jewelry kept on the table. She is fascinated by a ring on the table and tries it. Then she realizes that it is Madhu's room and she was trying Madhu's jewelry. Ruhi tries to remove the ring but could not.Ruhi hears someones footsteps and runs from there. She bumps into Pia but goes from there without revealing anything to her when she asks. Pia comes down the stairs to the Hall and sees Abhay and Alina together. She sees Abhay holding Alina's hand to his heart and feels uncomfortable. Jeh comes and stands behind Pia.
Jeh: They both look good together, right? (Pia turns to face Jeh)
Pia: Jeh...You have no problem with this relationship?
Jeh: Not at all Pia... In fact you know I realized that it is enough of anger and fights... I think my anger is very unreasonable...You know what? She is my sister...There is only her in my family for me...I don't have anyone... and I think people thought of me as wrong... and Alina too... If she is happy with Abhay, I am happy...You know what? (Jeh places his hand on Pia's arm) To tell you the truth... my fear is gone...
Pia: Fear? What sort of fear?
Jeh: It's quite silly...but I always use to feel that Abhay likes you...I know it's just stupid... But now I am not scared of anyone... (Jeh holds Pia's hands in his hands)  Because for your love I would even fight... I really love you! And you don't know how much I love you...Maybe because of that I am happy seeing Abhay and Alina together. Now no one would come in between both of us. (Pia smiles. She says in mind, 'Jeh... This love is not yours... This love was always Abhay's and will stay his always...What do I say to you? You are my friend...but Abhay is my love and I am not able to see that love with someone else today').

The bearded Vampire looks at 3 girls who are standing at the Hall and chatting. Abhay confronts him.
Abhay: Where were you?
Guy: Meaning?
Abhay: You know the meaning very well. Just remember, I have my eyes on you...
Guy: For what? I have not done anything...Abhay, You are having a misunderstanding. I am not doing anything wrong.
Abhay: Remember! My eyes are on just you...Till now I did not let you do anything... But remember... One wrong move... I am watching you...
Guy: You are making the wrong move Abhay...I am not the one you should keep an eye on... (The Guy bares his fangs for a second and goes from there. Abhay thinks, ' I have to tell Mom and Dad. He could do anything...He can be dangerous!') Episode ends.

PreCap: Arnab is talking to someone. He informs the person that the Raichand's are at the Party but they are not eating anything. He asks the person on the other side that if Chand Raichand is a Vampire why did he save Danish's life as vampires survive on blood. He asks the person if they are suspecting the Raichand's without any reason.

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