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5th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 258) Arnab Dobriyal sees the Vampires in the Forest

Jeh examines his
Episode 258 starts with Arnab Dobriyal walking into the jungle. He witnesses a strange sight of a group of hooded creatures walking through the Jungle. One of them says, 'We should not have let her go from our hands. It would have been right if we killed her'. Another person ways, 'Shut up! You did not hear what our leader said? Today after waiting for 500 years we have got a leader... who in all respects is the leader of our clan. And today you are speaking against him?' (Arnab is standing behind the tree and listening to the conversation. He thinks, ' They are those whom I saw once in this jungle in my deepest memories... Am I seeing the same thing now also? God! It  is unbelievable... Am I not dreaming? Is this really happening?' Arnab recalls his childhood memories of seeing a group of hooded creatures in the jungle and running from there).

Kabir is driving the Car with Alina sitting on the front passenger seat. Alina is still scared and looking around.
Kabir: Chill! Nothing will happen to you... just relax, okay?
Alina: But... We are still not out of danger. This jungle is dangerous. Too many animals...
Kabir: I know! This jungle has always been dangerous. But now you don't worry... I am with you... I will drop you home, Okay?
Alina: Not home... You please drop me at the Dobriyal's House.
Kabir: Dobriyals?
Alina: Yeah, They are my friends...
Kabir: Really? So you know Pia?
Alina: yeah... Her and her whole family...
Kabir: Great!  I will drop you there (Alina is still looking around scared. Kabir notices it) What? Chill! Nothing will happen...
Alina: But Kabir... Those wolves...
Kabir: As if those wolves are sitting at Pia's house...and are determined that they are going to kill you... Chill... It's just an animal... (Suddenly scary voices come from the Jungle side. Kabir stops the Car and gets out. Alina also get out. Alina sees a wolf coming towards her. Kabir is terrified. Alina looks scared too. Alina screams loudly and lightening strikes on Jeh who is in his wolf form. The wolf runs from there. Alina opens her eyes to see that Jeh has gone from there)
Alina: Kabir, get into the Car fast... Kabir, get the Car out of here fast... (Both get into the Car and Kabir drives from there)
Kabir: Whoa! What was that dude? Those wolves were so dangerous that for a second I thought it will attack on us. If that lightening would not have happened the wolves would not have got scared and run off. It was bizarre man!
Alina: Lightening?
Kabir: You are okay? The lightening stuck so hard there that it was like a current...(Alina can't believe what she is hearing) You okay?
Alina: yeah, I am okay...
Kabir: You know what Alina... Actually you were right... Those wolves were really dangerous. We should report to the forest officials, right?
Alina: Nobody can do anything.
Kabir: You told something?
Alina: Kabir please... Please drop me at Pia's house...please!
Kabir: yeah...yeah... don't worry... we are almost there. (Alina thinks, 'Today in his anger Jeh even forgot that I am his sister. This matter has now gone very far... this matter has now gone above family also...Where will this end?')

At the Khurana House Jeh is looking at the wound mark on his chin on the Mirror. He recalls Aleena's loud scream and the lightning striking on him. He says, 'What is this you have done Alina? A sister attacked on her Brother... But what power is this... that no one else in our family has... but you have? (Jeh continuously keeps touching the wound on his face) What was  that... about which none of us knows? Looking at your face it looked like that maybe even you are unaware of it... (Jeh leans towards the mirror) That's good Alina... If you don't know anything about it I will never let you know about it. But if you know...then you will have to use this power for me...for my family... for Mom... (Jeh turns from the Mirror) You have no idea Alina what all your power can do... I will not let you use this power against my family. But before that I would like to know if you are aware of your power or not'. Jeh once again checks his face on the mirror and leaves from there)

Dobriyal Sisters are sitting on the Cot and talking.
Panchi: Guys, You will have to help me...How low Neil is you will have to make Mom and Dad understand...
Misha: Don't worry Panchi. Once Papa finds that Neil hurt Pia he will kill him... he will be angry...
Panchi: I hope so! (Alina enters the room)
Alina: Pia... (Pia and Panchi goes near Alina and brings her near the Cot)
Pia: Alina, What happened?... You okay? Just relax! Come come...
Panchi: Are you alright? Why are you crying? (They make her sit and sits along with her) Alina, Why are you looking so scared?
Alina: Brother....He was going to kill me... He is mad with anger...
Pia: What? Why?
Alina: Because I told you people that Brother kidnapped Pia...
Misha: What? Your Brother should be caught and beaten up... Is he an animal?
Pia: Misha, Just calm down... Alina, What happened? Tell please...
Alina: He came behind me... He was very angry Pia... He tried to hurt me... I ran away from there and came here. I was so scared.  (Pia comforts Alina by putting her hands on Alina's shoulders)
Panchi: Thank God! I am so glad you came here. You will be safe here...
Pia: Yeah Alina...You can stay here till when ever you want. Neel... I don't know what is wrong with him... Don't know what happened... You did not tell Jeh?Alina, You should tell to Jeh... You should tell him everything.(Alina thinks, 'So Jeh's secret is still a secret? These people are putting all the blame on Neil. And if I also keep silence may be Jeh would forgive me. This is a good opportunity to show my loyalty') You know what Alina... It's okay... If you do not wish to tell... It's completely your choice. But remember that we all are with you, Okay?

At the Jungle Arnab is terrified. He runs away from there. Suddenly a Vampire uses a lighting type of power on him and Arnab falls down. He gets up and runs from there. The hooded figure who used the power says, 'Let him go! We have put our mark on him'. Arnab comes running from the Jungle towards his Car. He almost falls on the Car bonnet. He wipes the back of the neck where the hooded figure had put the power. Arnab gets into the driving seat and drives the Car from there.

Dobriyal sisters and Alina are in the room.
Misha: yeah man... I mean...Basically your Brother is gone mad... First he ill treated Panchi...and then he kidnapped Pia to take some random revenge... And now he is attacking his own sister? Why don't you people get him treated?
Pia: What is wrong with Neil? He is becoming a big danger for us and others. First he did that with Panchi ...then he kidnapped me... What he is doing is not right... He is just out of control... (Madhu enters the room)
Madhu: Pia... Panchi... These many things happened and you people did not tell me anything? How are you Pia?
Pia: I am alright!
Madhu: Panchi... Panchi... (Madhu goes and sits near Panchi and hold her hand) Panchi...I am really very sorry! I made a big mistake. I know that you tried to make me understand a lot but I could not understand. I was so adamant. If I would have known that Neil was behaving with you so badly I would have stopped the engagement then and there. But I did not know...
Panchi: It's okay Mom...
Madhu: But don't worry! I will go tomorrow morning along with your Papa to their House and breaks the engagement.
Panchi: Thanks Momma! Thanks... (Madhu fondly touches Panchi's cheek)
Madhu: My baby! (Misha is happy) And you all listen! Choose such a Guy who may not make you laugh but does not make you cry...
Misha: Dude! But if he makes you laugh it would be a big problem... (Pia and Panchi laughs)
Madhu: Shut up you silly girl...
Pia: You know what Momma... You are the best!
Madhu; Okay... Alina, You stay in our house only tonight, okay? (Alina nods. Pia puts her hands around Alina's shoulders) Today was a very disturbing day for you, right? And yeah... I am making everyone hot chocolate. (The girls are happy. Madhu jokes about Misha to Alina about her love for Hot Chocolate. Pia and Panchi joins in pulling Misha's leg. Madhu goes from there. Misha jumps on to the cot to her sisters)

Arnab reaches home and drinks liquor to calm his nerves. He wonders about what he saw at the jungle. He wonders if those creatures have made Dehradun their home and if the people are unsafe. He goes and sits near Madhu who is looking worried. Madhu tells him about Panchi and they decide to break the engagement the next day.

Pia goes near the window and looks at the moon. Pia thinks, 'How badly Neil behaved with Panchi... On one side is a Guy like Neil who behaves with his fiancee like that... he cheats on her, abuses her and irritates her... What type of a man does such deeds? And there is Abhay who goes to extremes for me... who plays with his life for me...Whenever I needed him he was always with me. he protects me... he was always there for me' Pia recalls Abhay putting water on her injured feet and gently touching with his hands. She remembers Abhay bashing the reporters after they both have been caught together at the Library. She also recalls Abhay saving her at the jungle with his face covered bandit style and she telling, 'Whenever I am in some problem you definitely come... you are my angel'. Pia thinks, 'What it it Abhay because of which you have to stay away from me. What are you hiding Abhay? Whatever it is Abhay... how much ever scary your secret is nothing in front of your goodness. Abhay, I will accept you in any form. I will make all your secrets mine. There is nothing Abhay which I can't ignore... because our love is above all... it is bigger than all Abhay...'

Jeh is angry at Abhay and challenges him
Abhay pushes open the door and enters Khurana House in anger calling Jeh Khurana's name loudly.
Abhay: Jeh Khurana...
Jeh: Ssshh! Don't shout... (Jeh is sitting on a chair) I am sitting in front of you here...
Abhay: I told you not to bring Pia between both of us... Jeh gets up and Abhay charges at him. Abhay comes behind Jeh and presses his neck with his hand with his Vampire fangs showing) I told you not to bring bring in between all this.( Jeh pushes Abhay off. When Abhay charges again Jay hits him making Abhay fall. Abhay hits Jeh)
Jeh: That's it Abhay... After this you would not attack me... I am ready... Come! (Abhay opens his mouth revealing his Vampire fangs)

PreCap: Madhu and Arnab finds Neil in an almost dead condition at the middle of the Road.

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