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29th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 276) Panchi’s engagement to Danish gets postponed because of Ruhi

Episode 276 starts with Madhu going near Hasina and asking her if she could talk.
Hasina : yeah sure! (Madhu takes Hasina to an empty corner)
Madhu: Hasina...I want to ask sorry to you... for a lot of things...
Hasina: What such thing happened Madhu?
Madhu: From the time you have come to this town there has been a distance between our families... Business rivalry and then differences between Arnab and Mr Raichand...and then the rivalry between Dipanita and you... a lot of things happened and in the efforts to maintain relationship could not maintain friendship. Despite of it all... your husband saved my child's life... saved Danish... I can't express... I am so grateful. Thank you so much!
Hasina: Madhu, Chand did that what he should have done. Business and Personal Rivalries can wait but a human life is above it all. Well, I am happy Chand could save Panchi and Danish. And now just forget about everything and enjoy yourself.
Madhu: Thank you! And that's why we have kept the Party today so that we can do Danish and Panchi's engagement. And all this is happening because of Mr Raichand.
Hasina: I know! And that is great. You know Danish is a very nice boy. Chand also praises him a lot. In fact, he is like a family member.
Madhu: Danish also values you all a lot. In fact he does not get tired talking about you all. Danish is indeed a very good boy. Danish only can give happiness to my child. May be that was written... and that had to happen... And what we Parents need? The Happiness of the child, what else? And really we are very happy.
Hasina: Madhu...I know... Arnab is not like you...may be he will never be relaxed towards us...
Madhu: I know Hasina... Sometimes he thinks different...but not now.  I will make him understand that now the time has come to strengthen the relationship. I will make him understand.
Hasina: Thank you!
Madhu: I will come in sometime...please help yourself... (Hasina nods and Madhu goes from there)

Arnab comes into his room dialing someone's number. He goes and sits on the cot. He talks to someone over the phone, 'This time I have come out from the Party... in my room. Like we have talked the Raichand's have come here. They are not eating or drinking anything and are aloof from others. We know this that the Vampires cannot even touch human food. But don't understand this matter... If Chand is a Vampire, why did he save Danish's life? Vampires drink blood but why would they safe the life of a human? Is there a chance that we are having a misunderstanding?' The person from the other end asks if Chand is alone. Arnab replies, 'No!He has come with family members and guests'. The person from the other end tells Arnab that the Vampires go in a group when they want to hunt and warns Arnab to be cautious. Arnab says, 'Okay, I will try to find out who the rest of the people are'. The other person responds, 'Sure! Arnab... remember Monday night...' (Arnab nods)
Arnab: Yeah, Okay... (Arnab cuts the call. He thinks, 'Is it true? Are the Raichand's really Vampires? Have they come here to hunt?'

Danish and Panchi are talking to some people. Madhu comes there and takes them to a side. Madhu tells Danish that it's a very happy day and since Danish is becoming part of the family she wishes that he accept Panchi in his life by making her wear Madhu's Mom's ring on her fingers. When Danish calls her Aunty Madhu insists that he calls her Momma. Danish agrees. Madhu tells him that it is time to make him son and calls Misha. Misha comes there and Madhu asks her to look for Arnab.

Madhu goes near Danish and Panchi and makes the announcement of engagement. She gives the ring box to Danish and asks him to make Panchi wear her Mother's ring. Danish opens the box and finds that there is no ring in the box and tells to Madhu. Madhu is shocked.

Angad is standing near the Bar Counter and chatting with the Bartender. Ruhi comes running to Angad and tells him that she needs his help. She tells him that the engagement would not happen as she is having the ring with her. Angad scolds her and then takes her from there. They bump into Kabir and also asks for help.

Arnab gets up from the Bed and is shocked to see Chand Raichand in the room.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... You here? You need something?
Chand: I was looking for you. But looking at you it looks like you have seen some Ghost.
Arnab: Ghost and all are things written on books Mr Raichand. We have heard here of some Vampires which may not be just matters in books. Vampires ... you know... who mingle among humans easily and reaches anywhere within the snap of a finger... Incidentally I know a few people very well who fit that description. (Arnab laughs) I was joking...
Chand: May be you are right! It is possible that I am that dead human who goes here and there in the darkness of the night thirsty for blood. May be I am the Vampire. (Chand laughs) I also was joking... (Misha comes there and informs that Madhu is looking for Arnab)
Arnab: Let's go! (Arnab walks from there)

Misha goes near Madhu and informs her that Arnab is coming. She then notices that Madhu is gloomy and asks her the reason. Madhu tells Misha that her Grandmother's ring has been stolen. Madhu and Misha  tells the crowd that the engagement would be done after some time and asks them to enjoy as the Party is still on.

Arnab comes near Hasina and Chand.
Arnab: Mr Raichand... Mrs Raichand... You are not having anything? Can I offer you a drink or something?
Chand & Hasina: Thank you!
Arnab: How do you like the Party?
Hasina: Like always Mr Dobriyal... very nice!
Arnab: Thank you very much! (Arnab looks around. Hasina thinks that Madhu might have talked to Arnab which may be why he is friendly) Well... I forgot... some Guests were with you... (Arnab spots them) There they are... So who are they? Whose relatives are they?
Chand and Hasina: Mine!
Arnab: Both of yours? Then it should be a very close matter...I am sure... I am sorry Mr Raichand... they are your relatives and (pointing Hasina) and yours too... That's quite a coincidence... isn't it? (Abhay comes there)
Abhay: That's not a coincidence Mr Dobriyal...This is the best part of our family... Mom and Dad has given both the families so much love that we have never found any difference in both the families. Please come... I will introduce you to both the families. (Abhay takes Arnab to the Guest Vampires and introduces them one by one, 'This is my Dad's younger Brother, this is his elder Brother, This is my uncle and his elder Brother and that's my aunt')
Arnab: Right!
Abhay: Confusion clear?
Arnab: Oh yes...There is no confusion at all. Well... nice to meet you all...I hope you enjoy the Party... Excuse me! (Arnab goes from there)

Arnab goes near Madhu and asks her why the ceremony was stopped. Madhu informs him about the missing engagement ring. Arnab calls Danish and tells him to inform Misha, Pia and other people close about the ring and ask them to search without panicking.  Danish sees Pia and Jeh together and tells Pia about the ring. Jeh and Pia goes from there. Danish walks from there and sees Abhay and Alina together.
Danish: I cannot find Kabir... I really need your help...
Abhay: Tell me what happened?
Danish: My engagement ring is lost somewhere. I am not able to find it. Can you please help me look for it?
Abhay: Don't worry! I and Alina would look for it...
Danish: Thanks!

Pia comes to the room and looks around for the ring. She then sees Abhay at the door and both move towards each other. They come closer looking at each other. When Abhay tries to touch Pia's face and she moves away avoiding the touch.

Kabir and Angad tries to remove the ring from Ruhi's fingers. Angad tells her that if the ring does not come out her fingers have to be cut. Kabir also nods in agreement. Ruhi imagines Kabir with a knife comeing to her to cut her finger and gets scared. Ruhi asks Kabir to spare him. Misha sees Kabir and Angad closer to Ruhi and misunderstands. She pushes away Angad and Kabir away from Tracker. Misha scolds them and even punches them. But when she finds the truth she says sorry. Kabir asks Misha to help them. Misha tries to remove the ring from Tracker's finger. Kabir holds on to Misha's waist while Angad holds on to Ruhi's. Kabir falls backward along with Misha. Ruhi and Angad are happy and jumps as the ring has come out. Misha shows the ring in her hand and puts her head back at Kabir's shoulders in relief.

Pia takes a torch and bends to look under the bed. Abhay also bends and looks from the other side of the bed as she flashes the torch. They look at each other. Abhay says in mind, 'Pia, I know that you are angry with me. But I am not hurting you intentionally. Pia please... please understand that I only love you...' Pia responds to his mind talk, 'Abhay, I cannot see you with any one else...' Abhay says in mind, ' Give me some time Pia... Everything will be alright... I promise!' Alina comes to the room and sees them.
Alina: Guys... Got the ring? (Pia gets up)
Pia: No! Nothing is here... (Pia goes from the room. Abhay says in mind, ' Pia... this pain is not yours alone... I am also feeling the pain...') Episode ends.

PreCap: Truth and Dare game... Pia kisses Abhay.

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