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21st September 2011 Written Update (Episode 270) Chand accuses Abhay of cheating on his clan

Episode 270 starts with the Hospital attendant bringing Panchi in a wheelchair to Danish's room and then leaving from there.  Panchi goes closer to Danish on her wheel chair.
Danish: Panchi...
Panchi: Sshh Don't talk to me. i don't want to talk anything with you.
Danish: Panchi please... Look at my condition... at least give some sympathy...
Panchi: Why did you do that? Stupid fool...You did not think about me... If something happened to you what would have I done by living? Idiot...foolish donkey...
Danish: What difference does that make to you?
Panchi: No... I am talking  in Greek, right? Obviously it matters to me...
Danish : Really Panchi? (Danish extends his hand to Panchi and she places her hand on his hand. Danish holds her hand and Panchi smiles)

Madhu is watching Danish and Panchi though from outside. Misha and Arnab comes there and sees Madhu. Misha signals Arnab to go and look at Madhu and Arnab goes near her. Arnab also sees Danish and Panchi together and is happy.
Arnab: What are you doing?
Madhu: Can't you see that I am trying to overhear Panchi's talk.
Misha: Oh! Then it is okay... Psycho Mom!
Madhu: You keep quiet! Your sister has no brains. Instead of talking lovingly with Danish, she is keeping on scolding him. (Arnab also tries to get a glance of Panchi and Danish. Madhu turns and looks at him)
Arnab: What are you looking at me for? This is the story of our home. Look there... she is scolding as if the whole fault is his...
Madhu: Keep Quiet! She is making him understand...that how much she is worried for Danish.
Arnab: Oh! She is very understanding.... right? (Misha smiles. Arnab pats on Madhu's shoulder) Just like her Mom... 9Madhu looks at Arnab in anger)
Misha: If you are going to get angry at Papa, can I on the camera please? I mean ... daily you shower your anger on him... so next time you get angry you can replay saving ehhh... (Arnab points his finger at Misha)
Arnab: Point!
Madhu: I will beat you up!(Misha's expression changes) Come silently and listen!
Arnab: Oh please...Do not involve me in these matters... I am going...(Madhu looks into the room and sees Danish and Panchi still holding hands and smiles. She beckons Misha to come near her. Misha also goes near Madhu and peeps into the room through the door opening)
Danish: I did not save your life Panchi... I saved my life. I was thinking I should have done my accident this much time would not have been wasted.
Panchi: Danish...Don't say like that you crazy...your life is very precious for me Danish.( A nurse comes there with soup. Danish refuses it but Panchi takes the bowl from the nurse telling that she will feed Danish. Panchi feeds his one spoon)
Danish: Panchi, I love you!
Panchi: I love you too!

Chand Raichand walks towards the lift in the Hospital. He presses the button of the lift. Arnab Dobriyal comes there.
Arnab: Ahh Mr Raichand...
Chand: Mr Dobriyal I will take you leave now
Arnab: Mr Raichand I don't understand how to thank you. If you would not have reached in time and bought Panchi and Danish here I don't know what would have happened.
Chand: No please... This is no big deal. We people stay in the same city. So much have happened between us... I am sure that if it would have been my son instead of Panchi... you would have done the same, won't you? (Arnab nods)
Arnab: Of course!
Chand: So, In my opinion... some humanity is left inside you... won't you agree? (Arnab is tongue tied. The lift arrives)
Arnab: Mr Raichand... It would have been good if you could stay back for a little more time. If you would have met Panchi and Danish they would have felt happy.
Chand: No... Another time... (Chand gets into the lift)

Alina dreams of Abhay
Alina comes and sits in front of the dressing table after bath drying her hair with the towel. She starts blow drying her hair and skips to the dream world where she and Anhay come closer to each other. Abhay keeps his hand on Alina's shoulder.
Abhay: Alina, Till now I have seen you only in dreams... but today you are my reality.
Alina: True?
Abhay: Yeah! You are my life's biggest truth.
Alina: I love you Abhay! (She hugs him and he hugs her back. Suddenly the knock sound on the door is heard and Alina wakes up from dreams)
Alina: Who is that?
Jeh: Alina, Open the door! (Alina opens the door) Alina, How long did you take to open the door. I have to go... I have to go to the Hospital...
Alina: Why? What happened Brother?
Jeh: Pia's sister Panchi had and accident. Danish is also with her... So she is really stressed out... I have to leave, okay? (Alina nods) But you are not leaving the House. You are not going anywhere from the house... Get my Point? It is not safe...(Alina nods) I will be back! (Alina nods. Jay leaves from there)
Alina: Panchi's accident? Oh No!

Abhay and Piya are talking outside the Hospital.
Abhay: Pia, I have to go!
Pia: Abhay, Don't go now!
Abhay: Pia please... Don't say like that... I have to go. Dad is waiting for me. He had send me out of the Hospital...because he know that I will come to save Danish's life. If he sees me here it will be a big problem. I have to go!
Pia: I understand Abhay! Abhay, I love you! (A Car comes and stops at the Hospital Parking lot and Abhay pulls Pia along with him to one side out of the view of whoever is in the Car. Jeh gets out out the Car and walks towards the Hospital. Abhay and Pia comes out of where they were)
Abhay: Pia...I have to go now. If Jeh sees then it will be a big problem.
Pia: Okay...
Abhay: I need to go...
Pia: Yeah...
Abhay: Bye!
Pia: Bye! (Abhay goes from there)

Jeh Khurana and Chand Raichand confrontation
Jeh Khurana is walking through the Hospital and passes Chand Raichand on the way. Both of the stops and turns to face each other. Jeh looks at Chand in anger.
Jeh: Raichand!
Chand: Jeh...
Jeh: So the killer has come in front of my eyes.
Chand: That's an illusion. Before opening you mouth you should think what you are about to say.
Jeh: I have though very well Raichand. I recognize my Brothers killers well. I won't fail in recognizing my enemies.
Chand: This is your misunderstanding. What can you do? This is Khurana family style... lies... cheating... Get out of it Jeh... The world have gone much forward...
Jeh: How much ever the world might have gone ahead... by revenge is not over Raichand! This curtain is only in front of the world. Remember...I will not let any Police, Court or human rules to make you get away from me. I will finish your account... remember!
Chand: From where I stand, you look like a child to me...young in age and childish acts.
Jeh: Really? If I was a dead human who lives infinite then I would have had respect for years and age... But that is the difference. I am not a Vampire , you see!
Chand: Don't try to threaten me... It makes no difference to me.
Jeh: It will make a difference Raichand... very soon it will make a difference...because we werewolves believe in strength not in age... and for monsters like you my strength alone is enough. (Chand gives a fake laugh. Pia comes there)
Pia: Jeh... (Chand and Jeh suddenly acts normal and looks at Pia) What are you doing here? You came to meet Panchi, right? Come, I was waiting for you.
Jeh: I am really sorry Pia...I got busy with some old accounts with Mr Raichand.
Chand: I was telling that old things should be forgotten. Jeh... Live in present! Go and see how Panchi is doing.
Jeh: (Jeh bows his head slightly as if in respect) I will Mr Raichand. (Pia goes near Jeh and holds on his arm)
Pia: Jeh, Let's go... let's go and meet Panchi.
Chand: See you around Jeh... Bye Pia... (Chand walks from there)

Kabir comes to Danish's room. Kabir sits on the bed and holds Danish's hand.
Kabir: How are you? Danish... I am really very sorry. I behaved so badly... Forgive me... (Danish looks at Panchi and then looks at Kabir and smiles) Thanks! (Kabir kisses on Danish's hand. Panchi also smiles. Kabir gets up from the Cot as Arnab, Madhu and Misha walks into the room. Madhu sits on the stool by the bed side)
Madhu: How are you Danish?
Danish: I am fine Aunty...
Madhu: Danish, I have come to say sorry...
Danish: What are you telling Auntie? You are elder to me and saying sorry?
Madhu: Son... Sometimes elders also make mistakes and they overlook mistakes of others. Waht you did for my child... put your life in risk... (Misha keeps her hand on head)
Misha: Oh my God! Momma, You should play in drama. I told you... don't see these many serials. It is that effect.. (Misha puts the back of her hand on her forehead and says, 'Danish, you put your life in risk..')
Madhu: Keep quiet! Danish knows what I want to say... Please become alright fast... I promise you a very good dinner (Danish smiles. Doctor comes to the room and informs the family that they can take both Danish and Panchi home. Everyone is happy hearing it. Panchi thanks Madhu. Danish extends his hand to Panchi and she places her hand on his hand).

Abhay is sitting on his Car. Chand comes out of the Hospital. Chand comes near the Car but does not get inside. Abhay gets out of the Car.
Abhay: Come Dad! Let's go!
Chand: Where were you?
Abhay: Outside... You only told me to go outside... (Chand goes near Abhay and stands behind him)
Chand: You did it! Even after I warned you did what you should not have done. (Abhay turns to face Chand)
Abhay: What did I do Dad?
Chand: Oh Come on Abhay! There was no hope for Danish... Doctors had already washed their hands... then how did he survive?
Abhay: I don't know... Maybe surviving was written in his fate... (Chand laughs)
Chand: Only 2 people could save him... You... and I didn't do it... So, where were you?
Abhay: As I said... out!
Chand: Alone?
Abhay: yeah...alone!
Chand: All lies! You feel the necessity to lie to me? Abhay, why? (Chand takes a deep breath) I can smell Pia...
Abhay: So can I...I can smell Kabir, Misha, Pia, Mr Dobriyal... everyone...Every one was here...
Chand: Why are you doing this? (Abhay turns his face away) You have become crazy for that girl (Abhay looks at Chand) You are cheating on your clan...With those people who know you... who are your own... You made Danish alright on that girl's I right? Don't be a fool Abhay! That girl is with someone else and you without any reasons are getting crazy... Why? (Episode ends)

PreCap: Alina walks and get into Jeh's Car. Jeh goes near Abhay and warns him to stay off his sister Alina.

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