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22nd September 2011 Written Update (Episode 271) Chand Raichand orders Abhay to play the love drama with Alina Khurana

Hasina asks Alina to come often to the House
Episode 271 starts with Alina Khurana standing in front of Raichand House. She is about to press the calling bell but hesitates thinking that she has come so far to meet Abhay but what would she tell him. Suddenly Abhay comes in front of her and says, 'What are you scared of? Behind the door it is me...Remove the fear from the heart and come... I want to take you in my arms' Alina turns her face shyly. She turns to look and find that Abhay is not there and that was her imagination. Alina presses the calling bell and Hasina Raichand comes and opens the door.
Hasina: Alina, What are you doing here?
Alina: Sorry Aunty I came without informing. Actually Jeh is in the Hospital and I was feeling scared at home. So I thought that I will go and meet Abhay.
Hasina: No Problem!
Alina: Aunty, Abhay is there? (Hasina smiles) Actually Aunty I don't have any friend other than Abhay. he is the one who takes care of me at college. So I thought I will meet him.
Hasina: That's really sweet Alina. But Abhay is not at home. Do you want to come inside?
Alina: Sure! Thank you Auntie... (Alina gets inside the house and Hasina closes the door).

Arnab stops Doctor and gets into a conversation with him.
Arnab: Doctor, sorry I wanted to ask you something.
Doctor: Yeah, tell me...
Arnab: You people had left hope for Danish and then suddenly he recovered... that's quite unbelievable...isn't it?
Doctor: Mr Dobriyal, I don't understand what you are trying to say... and isn't it a good thing that Danish became alright?
Arnab: That is there... definitely! But does this thing not bother you that Danish recovered miraculously...
Doctor: Mr Dobriyal, I am a Doctor. In our profession many times human courage and prayers work better than our medicines. I know that we had left hope... but still the miracle happened... It was as if Danish got the strength to fight from inside... and his body started healing when he started accepting our medicines. But Mr Dobriyal, I am happy about it not astonished.
Arnab: yeah, Of course! I was just thinking because for the past few days some strange incidents are happening in this city... quite unexplained, you know...
Doctor: Yeah Mr Dobriyal...I also read news. But those strange incidents were related to someone's death... but here it is the question of some one's life... This is a miracle in someone's life...(Arnab nods) And secondly, for us what is important is to save a life... How it is saved ... if I saved or God saved ... I don't question it.
Arnab: There is no doubt about it. Danish's life is saved and that's the biggest thing. But miracle... that word is scaring. Good Day Doctor! (Arnab goes from there)

Misha pushes Panchi in her wheel chair. Misha sees Arnab and stops. Arnab comes near them. Panchi tells him that she and Misha is going along with Kabir and Danish. She tells Arnab that since Danish is going to stay for some days at Kabir's place she thought that she would make him comfortable by preparing his room. Arnab gives permission and asks them to come back fast.

Chand and Abhay reaches home. Alina and Hasina who were sitting on the sofa stands up.
Abhay: Alina, what are you doing here?
Alina: Abhay, I.... actually Brother is not at home so I was feeling scared. You know how dangerous this place is... So I thought I will meet you... After all, you are my only friend. You understand me... so I thought... (Abhay goes near her)
Abhay: Good! It's good that you came here.
Chand: So nice to see you here Alina...Come more often...think of this as your own house... (Alina smile. Hasina is startled)
Alina: Thanks!
Hasina: Chand! (Hasina walks from there)
Chand: You look after her Abhay... (Chand follows Hasina)
Abhay: Come... I will show you my House... (Alina walks along with Abhay)

Hasina and Chand are in a room.
Hasina: Chand! What is this happening? Alina? You know from whose family she is...
Chand: Hasina... Calm down! She is from our enemy family... I know... But you saw... She is so interested in Abhay... I have seen them together at College. I think she likes him.
Hasina: And you would not stop it... you would take advantage of this matter, right?
Chand: And I am not going to ask Abhay... I will tell him that he play the drama of love with Alina.
Hasina: And then... the revenge is ours...

Abhay and Alina are climbing down the stairs.
Abhay: It is good to see you. I am happy you came here. (They come to the hall)
Alina: Thanks Abhay! Abhay, your Mom-Dad are very sweet. How nicely they welcomed me... 9Alina looks at the watch) Brother might have reached home... I should go home...
Abhay: Come, I will drop you...
Alina: Thanks! (Chand and Hasina comes near them)
Hasina: Alina... You are going?
Alina: Yeah...
Hasina: I wish you treat this your own home and come here often.
Alina: yeah, sure...
Abhay: Come... (Alina goes along with Abhay as Chand and Hasina looks on with a smile on their faces)
Jeh threatens Abhay of the consequences of meeting Alina again
Abhay is driving the Car with Alina seated on the front passenger seat. They look at each other. Alina smiles. Some strands of hair falls on Alina's face.
Abhay: Alina, your face is very beautiful. (Alina smiles) But this hairs are reducing its beauty. I don't like it. (Abhay lifts his hand and removes the stray hairs from her face) You know what Alina? I have always dreamed of a girl like you...And you... You are the one for me... (Suddenly the Car stops and Alina snaps out of her dream world. Alina looks at Abhay)
Alina: What happened Abhay? (Abhay signals her to look at the road. Jeh is standing on the road leaning on to his Car. Abhay and Alina gets out of the Car)
Jeh: Alina, Sit inside the Car.
Abhay: Alina... I will leave you home...
Jeh: Didn't you hear what I said Alina? Sit in the Car...
Alina: Abhay, Please let me go home... (Alina walks to Jeh's Car and sits on the front passenger seat. Jeh walks to Abhay)
Jeh: Loser! One time you do not understand anything... I have to repeat again and again... Didn't I tell you Abhay to stay away from my sister? This is the last time. If I see you anywhere near after now  I will  (Jeh signals at Abhay's face) damage it all. And remember, you had it!
Abhay: Would love to have it...
Jeh: Ahh... Wait for it then...
Abhay: Very soon! (Jeh gets into his Car and drives from there)

Pia comes near the window and parts the window curtains. She looks at the Moon with a smile. She says in mind, 'Abhay, You made me so happy...Today after so much time you are with me. What more can I wish? I am so lucky that  you are with me'. Pia recalls her hugging Abhay and asking him not to distance himself from her and Abhay telling her that he loves her. Pia turns from the window. She thinks, 'Today for my sake you saved a human... and did not even let anyone say thank you.You took such a big risk for me and went with a smile. I wish I could say in front of everyone that my Abhay saved Danish's life. But you don't want that. (Pia walks in the room) Maybe I cannot tell anybody but can tell myself... Abhay, my happiness is with you... I love you!' Pia smiles. She makes a call to Abhay. Abhay who is sitting on the Hall picks up the phone with a smile.
Pia: Abhay...I love you Abhay... I love you! I love you (Abhay is smiling) I really love you... Abahy, What you did today... I wish I could tell everyone how good you are...
Abhay: Pia, You are the only reason for everything...If you were not there I would never have been able to do this. And you taught me to love... (Abhay hears footsteps) Pia, I will talk to you later...
Pia: No! First tell me that you love me... (Chand is coming down the stairs)
Abhay: Pia...
Pia: No! I will not hear anything... First say you love me...
Abhay: Okay...
Pia: Tell me... Come on!
Abhay: I... love...(Chand comes and stands behind Abhay)
Chand: Finish your conversation...
Abhay: I love you Pia... (Pia smiles happily)
Pia: I love you too! (Abhay cuts the call)
Chand: Who were you talking to? Anyway, It does not make a difference to me. I have come to tell you something. (Chand sits in the chair next to Abhay. Abhay looks at him)
Chand: You have to do something for your clan. You can't refuse...
Abhay: What Dad?
Chand: You would not talk matters of love with anyone else... but Alina...
Abhay: With Alina?
Chand; Yes!The same Alina whose mother you stopped us from taking revenge...same Alina who is the heir of our age old enemy... You will have to play a love drama with Alina. We need a friend in Khurana House... who will enter the house as a friend...and keep the illusion of friendship... Do you understand?
Abhay: But Dad...
Chand: I haven't finished yet...Since when have you started respecting human emotions? One human... Pia... she has made you crazy...Abhay, Our clan is very angry with you. You let the enemy go... they are angry.
Abahy: Dad...
Chand: I am still speaking...It does nort make any difference to me who is in your heart. But from now on there should only be Abhay's name in Alina's heart.
Abhay: Dad, Alina is really a weak girl...and if she find afterwards, her heart will break... 9Chand looks at Abhay and gets up)
Chand: Abhay, Don't forget that we are Vampires. I told you earlier also there is no place for human emotions between us. Why do I get a feeling that human weakness is coming inside you? Why are you forgetting who we are. You have to fall in love with Alina. Give her the impression. Make her fall for you... Get into the Khurana Family... End it! (Chand walks from there. He then turns) And this is not a discussion... This is an Order! (Chand goes from there. Abhay thinks, ' How will I do this? Cheat Alina and give pain to Pia also? What will Pia be able to understand? Will she understand that where ever I go and whom ever I am with ... my love will only be one... And that is Pia...') Episode ends.

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