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20th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 269) Abhay Raichand saves Danish Singh at the Hospital

Abhay heals Danish
Episode 269 starts with Kabir coming into Panchi's room and telling about Danish Singh. On hearing that Danish's condition is critical Panchi becomes hyper and Misha, Pia and Madhu tries to console her. The nurse comes to the room and gives sedatives for Panchi to calm her down. Pia, Misha and Madhu comes out of the room. Pia makes Madhu sit on the chair outside the room.Pia: Misha... What is this all? (Pia walks along with Misha)
Misha: Danish and Panchi had an accident and... Danish saved Panchi's life by using his body as a shield. And that is why he is in the ICU...struggling for his life. You know Pia... why Danish and Panchi were together? Because Danish had planned a romantic evening for Panchi. He still loves her! And I feel that somewhere Panchi still loves him too! Even after break up Danish has always wished for the good of Panchi. And I think Danish is like a support system for Panchi. Poor Panchi... I mean... first Sid...then Neil and now maybe Danish...Pia, If anything happens to Danish I don't think Panchi will be able to take it. She would be devastated. Poor Girl! (Misha turns and walks from there. Pia thinks, 'Oh God...Danish has to become alright... He can't go like this').

Chand and Abhay are talking.
Chand: I know what's on your mind Abhay! But you cannot do that.
Abhay: What can I not do Dad? (Chand looks at Abhay)
Chand: Abhay, You cannot save Danish. There is a balance between life and death...and you can't rock that. What will happen if you save him? There will be miracles here. People will get suspicious of us and we can't afford that. Do you understand?
Abhay: Dad, whenever we needed Danish... he was there for us.
Chand: I know that! But don't forget that he is a human...and erasing human weaknesses are not our job. We can't afford to expose our clan... So my advice to you... Let go! Forget it!
Abhay: I will... But how can you forget that Danish had put his life on stake to bring news to us? Not once... but several times he has helped us.
Chand: I am also worried for Danish. That's why I am here. Go away Abhay! (Abhay walks from there. On his way out he passes the Dobriyals. He overhears Misha telling Pia, ' Panchi was given sedatives so that she can sleep. But if Danish does not become alright I do not know what would happen Pia'. Abhay walks from there and Pia notices him going. She goes behind him)
Abhay tells Pia that he can do anything for her
Abhay is coming out of the Hospital entrance and Pia catches up with him.
Pia: Abhay! Abhay Please...We need you... Please don't go now.
Abhay: Pia, What are you saying?
Pia; Abhay... Abhay you know what I am saying. Abhay, you also saved my life. I remember everything Abhay.... Abhay please... Please save Danish Abhay... (Abhay nods No) Please Abhay...
Abhay: No Pia... I can't do this... It is too dangerous. (Pia holds Abhay's hand in her hands)
Pia: Abhay, whatever happens... Danish and Panchi love each other. Abhay, they cannot live without each other. Panchi has suffered a lot in love Abhay...I don't wish that anything more happens with her. Abhay please... You will be saving just not Danish but Panchi's love... Abhay please... Please save Danish Abhay... Abhay, For the sake of our love... Please save Danish... What happened Abhay? Will you not give an answer?
Abhay: How can I give an answer Pia? I can't do this. Try to understand my helplessness.
Pia: But Abhay... What can be bigger than saving someones life? And what is that helplessness that you can't save Danish's life?
Abhay: It is my father Pia... He does not wish that I do it. He says right... Who am I to give anybody life?
Pia: Abhay, You are not giving someone life... You are saving someone's life. It's just a matter of how you think. Just think about it... You will not be saving just Danish's life... You will be saving two lovers from getting separated. And you will not only give life to Danish... You will also save Panchi's love. And this is that Danish who worked for your Papa loyally for 2 years... It is this Danish who saved me from being kidnapped... And Abhay... Is saving Danish some crime?
Abhay: Pia please... Don't say like that... Please...
Pia: Abhay, Please save my sisters love... Please Abhay... (Abhay holds Pia's hands reassuring her. he then places one hand on her arm)
Abhay: When you look it me with those eyes like that... how can I say no? (Pia leans towards Abhay and puts her head on his shoulder)
Pia: Then don't say Abhay... Say yes... for my sake...for the sake of my love Abhay!
Abhay: I can do anything for your sake... And  for the sake of your love I can make the impossible also possible... (They look at each other) I love you Pia... I love you!

Arnab consoles Madhu
Arnab, Misha and Madhu are waiting impatiently at the Hospital corridor. Madhu is sitting while Arnab and Misha are walking to and fro. Abhay dressed in surgical green clothes enters the Hospital with a file in hand. He nods at a nurse who greets him and walks towards the ICU. He looks around and then enters the ICU. Abhay goes near Danish who is lying unconscious on the Hospital bed. Abhay says in mind, ' Danish, I want to save you... that is why I have come here to save you. For one moment I got carried away...I was about to do a big mistake... I forgot that what you have done for me and my family this is nothing compared to that. For what you have done for me and Pia... for what you have done for my Dad...for what you have done for our Company... you never asked anything in return...And I was going from here without saving you...I am sorry Danish! I made a mistake... Today Pia has send me here for you... to save you... and I will not let anything happen to you... Doctors have said that to save you a miracle is needed... I will do that miracle Danish... I am here to save you'. Abhay sits on a stool next to Danish. He places his hand on Danish's head with the thumb in between the eye brows to heal Danish. As Abhay progresses in his healing with closed eyes, Danish starts breathing vigorously and the monitor starts beeping. Danish slowly starts breathing steadily.

On the Hospital Corridor, Madhu who is sitting on the chair is crying. Arnab sits next to her and holds her hand.
Madhu: Arnab, Danish put himself in danger to save our Panchi. I was so wrong about them. That boy... You told that there is something between Danish and Panchi... If something happens to Danish... How can we face Panchi? (Arnab puts his hand around Madhu)
Arnab: Nothing will happen! Have faith in God... Everything will be alright Madhu... (Misha looks at Kabir who is sitting in a chair looking shattered and goes and sits next to him. She puts her hand around Kabir)
Misha: Kabir, I promise you... He will be alright. He has to become alright...
Kabir: Misha...Danish is my Brother and how badly I have treated him... Just look at him now... He gave his life for our forgiveness. (Pia comes and stands in the corridor)
Misha: Hey... He has not given his life, okay? Don't speak like that Kabir... You got to have faith. I mean he will have to become alright... he will get alright... (Pia says in mind, ' Do something Abhay, save Danish!')

A nurse comes running through the Hospital Corridor and informs 2 Doctors that the ICU patient has regained consciousness. She goes from there to fetch Doctor Awasti.

Abhay disguised as Doctor
At the ICU room Abhay (in disguise) and the two Doctors are standing near Danish. Doctor Awasti comes to the room along with the Nurse.
Abhay: Doctor, I was checking the Patient...and now he is regaining consciousness...
Dr Awasti: This is a wonder... Nurse check the Monitor... (As the Doctors check Danish, Abhay withdraws from there)
Sister: Yes Doctor, He is responding...
Dr Awasti: Good! We need to inform his family...

Dr Awasti comes to the Hospital Corridor and informs that Danish has regained consciousness. Chand is startled to hear the news.
Dr Awasti: He has responded to our Medicines (Arnab, Madhu, Misha, Kabir and Pia are happy hearing this. Misha and Kabir hugs).
Chand: How?
Dr Awasti: It is the power of almighty. To tell the truth, we had lost hope. But the way the condition of Danish improved it's a miracle... (Pia smiles and says in mind, 'Thank you Abhay! Thank you...'She walks from there. The Doctor tells the Dobriyals and Kabir that they cannot meet Danish only after sometime and goes from there).

Panchi is happy Danish is Okay
Madhu, Arnab and Misha comes to Panchi's room and informs her that Danish is alright. Panchi is happy and insists to let her to see Danish. A nurse comes there and Panchi requests her also. The nurse agrees to take her to Danish. Panchi thanks her.
Madhu: Go dear... Go and meet your Danish... (Panchi hugs Madhu and smiles. Arnab smiles at  Panchi and Misha gives her a thumbs up sign).

Pia thanks Abhay for saving Danish
Abhay is getting out of the Hospital. Pia runs behind him calling his name. She goes and holds his hand.
Pia: Abhay... Thank you so much Abhay...  (She leans on to his arm) Abhay, I knew that you would not disappoint me. Abhay you know... you know how important this is... Abhay today you have not only saved Danish but you have saved the lives to two lovers. Abhay, You have saved my sisters first love Abhay... Abhay, inside there no one knows who is the angel who saved Danish's life. Abhay, You have always given only... and never left anything for yourself...You did not think about you at all Abhay...and that's why I love you Abhay... (Abhay looks at Pia who look at him with dreamy eyes)
Abhay: Pia... Whatever I did I did for our love. If at least some humanity remains in me it is because of your heart beat.
Pia: To keep this love alive one beating heart is enough Abhay...
Abhay: And now... that heart is mine...
Pia: I love you! (Episode ends)

PreCap: Abhay puts his hands on Pia's shoulder. A Car comes a stops in front of the Hospital and Jeh gets down. Abhay looks at Jeh and Jeh walks towards them.

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