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12th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 263) Abhay tells Pia that they should hide their love from everyone

Kabir catches Misha when she stumbles
Episode 262 starts with Ruhi is walking to and fro in Misha room. Misha comes there wearing a short dress. Tracker is happy seeing her transformation while Misha is irritated. Misha tells Ruhi that she hopes Kabir likes the style.
Misha: Think about it Tracker. If Kabir likes this dress on me he should like this dress on Alina also, right?
Tracker: Of course!This is nothing. We first put the dress on the mannequin and if it looks good then will put the dress on the heroine.
Misha: Hold on! Who are you calling mannequin? You don't fly on the air much. You are forgetting that inside this dress is a rock chick. If you talk more nonsense I  will hit you(Shows a punch)
Tracker: Oh Misha Don't talk to me like that. Especially wearing that dress don't speak like a boy. It will be an insult to the dress. I waited whole day near that stupid tailor for the dress.
Misha: Why? You fell in love with the Tailor or what?
Tracker: As if... That Tailor looks like a last century dinosaur. (Misha makes fun of Tracker. She then makes a phone call to Kabir. Kabir happily picks up the phone. Misha asks Kabir to meet her outside Cafe Irish Creme in 20 minutes. Kabir agrees and puts the phone down. Misha and tracker are happy. Misha tells Tracker that the mission is not over yet and the girls go from there)

Kabir is getting ready for his date with Misha. His father comes to the room.
Kabir's father: Wow son! You are looking dashing... Who is that?
Kabir: Dad!
Kabir's father: I hope all this you are not doing for T. I thought that chapter is over.
Kabir: Of course Dad... Totally... Over and out!
Kabir's father: Good! I did not like that girl at all. But you know what? She was hot...
Kabir: Yeah Dad... She was hot... But my lovely Dad (Kabir pulls his fathers cheeks) loves someone not looking at hotness but looking at the human heart.
Kabir's father: Good one son! So the matter has reached till love... (Kabir smiles. His father pats on his cheek fondly) Who have you fallen in love with? (Kabir puts his hand around his fathers shoulders and walks along with him)
Kabir: She whom I should have fallen in love with earlier... You know Dad in life those things which comes first we get last. But Dad I had to finish this round circle of life.
Kabir's father: Son... You have become a half baked poet. Be careful... This is a very dangerous thing.
Kabir: Be very careful? Dad... Dad...relax...I know it and you be rest assured. Dad I promise you this... The girl I like you will also like...
Kabir's father:That's great!
Kabir: So come on Dad give your blessings (Kabir bows and touches his father's feet. Kabir's father blesses him)
Kabir's father:Always with you man... Just go for it!
Kabir: Alright Dad... (Kabir goes from there)
Kabir's father:Yoing love...Beautiful!

Abhay's Blood tears
Abhay and Pia are walking through the Jungle. Abhay stops when Pia calls his name but does not turn his face. He stands with his back facing Pia. 
Pia: Abhay! Abhay, I know what you are and who you are
Abhay: What am I Pia? (Abhay turns to face her) Tell me Pia... Who am I? What am I?
Pia: Vampire... Abhay, What did you think? I will be scared of the truth? Abhay, I accepted you earlier itself. So what did you get by keeping me at a distance from you Abhay? 
Abhay: You ask this question to yourself. 
Pia: No Abhay! I want to ask you.You did not trust me? This was our love?
Abhay: Love? Love happens between equals
Pia: Who told you this Abhay? Who made boundaries for love? Who set the limits Abhay? I love you. I love you in every form Abhay. (Abhay gives her a sad look. He goes near a tree and stands with his back on her. Blood tears rolls from his eyes) The form of a monster... a dead human... who is wandering among the humans for the past 200 years? Pia, I am a dead human... a monster...
Pia: This was not your decision Abhay (Abhay wipes his blood tears) You cannot decide who will stay in the relationship and who not...
Abhay: No Pia...This relationship was not a relationship... it was a mistake. Pia, I am dead and you are still alive. You are an alive human. You and me can never unite. How will you spend your life with a dead human? (Pia goes to Abhay and turns him towards her)
Pia: I cannot live without you too Abhay... I have always loved you. You erased my memories... but this love... this love you could not erase at all. You know why? Because reducing this love is not in your control at all Abhay. Abhay, my heart has always loved you a lot. You controlled my brains... erased my memory but you could not control my heart. It loves you Abhay. My heart only knows to love you.
Abhay: Pia, You know who I am? Such a body from which life has gone. I am the shadow of the night. Such a darkness who engulfs everything. Who when crying sheds blood tears...By staying with me you would only get death... What answer will you give yourself when you cheat on your life? No Pia... You cannot love a dead person.
Pia: I do Abhay. And now it is too late. Maybe that is my fate. And now I cannot make my heart understand.
Abhay: It is not late Pia... Go away from here... Do not be stubborn. Our love is not for this world. Nobody will accept this love...nobody... (Pia comes closer to Abhay)
Pia: I am ready to accept this darkness Abhay. If not in this world... in our world... it is acceptable to me Abhay... To be together with you... that is my dream...That is what I want Abhay...
Abhay: No Pia... This cannot be true...We can never be together... We can never be one...And our love can never be complete... (Abhay walks fast from there. Pia follows him calling his name)

Misha tells Kabir that she wore the dress for him
At Irish Creme Cafe Ruhi orders two Coffees.
Angad: Ruhi my love... Can you tell me what we are doing here?
Ruhi: We have come here to do romance... (Angad tries to hug Ruhi, she pushes him away) Idiot! Misha has planned something for Kabir... It is a little twisted, but it is good.
Angad: Misha has planned something for Kabir?
Ruhi: Yeah...
Angad: Are you sure about it Ruhi?
Ruhi: Yes Baby...
Angad: You mean surprise?
Ruhi: yeah... yup... (Angad thinks,' Great going Kabeera... The girl whom you have fallen in love with is trying to impress you. She has made such a plan just for you...How lucky you are'. Ruhi snaps her fingers in front of Angad waking him up from his thoughts).
Ruhi: hello! Did you hear what I said?
Angad: Hey Ruhi... I don't listen to even my Mom's talk this carefully like yours...
Ruhi: Really? So what I was telling... (Ruhi suddenly sees Kabir and waves at him calling his name excitedly. Angad also greets him excitedly. They all exchange greetings by hugging)
Kabir: Guys, what is happening?
Ruhi: Nothing...
Angad: Nothing... just coffee... (Angad and Ruhi laughs. Ruhi points at Misha who comes there. Misha is wearing the short dress and gives a pose by keeping her hand on her hip. Angad and Ruhi watches her with a smile while Kabir watches Misha open mouthed. Kabir looks at her as she walks towards him. Misha stumbles and Kabir catches her promptly. Misha steadies herself)
Misha: Tracker... I told you not to make me wear this heals...You spoiled the entire scene. (Angad comforts Tracker by keeping his hand on her shoulder) Thakur, How do I look?
Kabir: You are looking very nice Misha... (Misha and Ruhi are happy and looks at each other)
Ruhi: Really? That dress suits her, right?
Kabir: Actually... You are looking very very nice Misha... (Ruhi jumps in excitement)
Ruhi: I made it... I made it...
Misha: Hey! Don't take the whole credit, okay?
Kabir: But Misha... What was the need of experimenting like this? (Misha touches Kabir's cheek gently)
Misha: Everything for you Thakur... All for you... (Kabir touches the cheek Misha touches and goes to a dreamy world)

Abhay accepts Pia's love and hugs her back
Abhay is walking fast trough the Jungle and Pia is running behind him.
Pia: Abhay... Please stop... Abhay... stop! Abhay.... stop... (Abhay stops walking but does not look at Pia)
Pia: How can you do this? After all this happened... how can you turn your face and walk away from me? Abhay, How can you take the decision of my life? How did you do it? How did you decide that I will stay away from you Abhay... Abhay, In love there are always two lives. Why you are ignoring my life? (Abhay turns to face Piya)
Abhay: Pia you...
Piya: No Abhay... You cannot take all the decisions... You cannot keep me away from you... I love you Abhay... and that is my decision... You cannot keep me away from you... I won't let this happen, I won't...
Abhay: Enough Pia...please? Don't I love you? Of course I love you. But I do not wish to pull me along with you to the darkness.
Pia: Abhay... Abhay, If you are with me there is no danger for me. All darkness will go away from us Abhay.
Abhay: No Piya (Abhay turns his back on her again)
Pia: Just stop it Abhay... Now I will not listen anymore... Just please trust me... Trust me Abhay... Abhay, we both cannot live without each other. You be with me... rest everything will fall into place on its own... (Pia walks towards Abhay. Abhay turns back to Pia again. Pia hugs him and he hugs her back) Abhay, Please don't keep me away from you...
Abhay: I love you Pia... I love you... (Pia lifts her head and looks at Abhay) Pia...Can a prey and a hunter be in love?
Pia: It can happen Abhay... If the hunter has the willingness to be destroyed in love...then... (Abhay cups her face with his hand)
Abhay: Pia, We would have to hide our love from everyone... You trust me? No body should know about this...otherwise it will bring big dangers for you... and I would not be able to take it... (Pia nods)
Pia: So that means... I can talk rudely to you? (Abhay smiles and nods yes)
Abhay: Yeah... (Pia smiles and they hug again. Abhay and Pia are surrounded by red hooded creatures when they are lost in the hug)

PreCap: Jeh warns Abhay that he would harm Pia if he does not stay away from her.

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