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26th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 273) Chand Raichand and Hasina arrives at the Dobriyal Party along with Guests

Abhay and Alina makes an entry to the Dobriyal House Party
Episode 273 starts with the telephone ringing at the Raichand House. Abhay Raichand picks up the phone and keep it to his ear. The person on the other side says that someone would be attacked at the Dobriyal House Party. Abhay is stunned hearing this. Hasina comes there.
Hasina: Whose phone was it Abhay?
Abhay: Mom, I don't know who was it. But whoever he was he was talking about the prey. Mom, I told you ... there is one among us who is thirty for human blood. And he was telling that he would attack some human at the Dobriyal's Party. Today night in our city in our presence a human is going to be killed.
Haina: No Abhay! That can't happen...
Abhay: That is happening Mom... Someone among our clan is cheating on us. (Hasina gets lost in thoughts. Abhay thinks, 'I have to go to this Party. I have to stop this from happening. I have to stop them!' Abhay goes from there. Hasina is worried).

Alina is walking to and fro in front of Raichand House door. Only her silhouette is seen from the other side of the door. She thinks of how to face Abhay.
Alina: Okay Alina... Hi Abhay... what's up? Oh No... Abhay, How am I looking? No Elina... What are you doing? Okay... Just take a deep breath... Now will say... (Alina rings the Calling Bell. Abhay opens the door.Only Alina's back is seen by the viewers)
Abhay: Ali... (He looks surprised and surveys her head to toe) Alina...
Alina: How do I look?
Abhay: Gorgeous! You look Perfect! Ready for the Party?
Alina: Yeah!
Abhay: Let's go! (They walk from there)

Many Cars are entering one after the other to the Dobriyal House. Misha Dobriyal is walking towards the Security counter. She greets Guests on the way.  She looks around the beautifully decorated House and surroundings and say, 'Wow! This is a Dobriyal House party man... These many bodyguards with muscles and all...When ever Papa throws a Party he makes a blast. Anyway, time to get to work'. Misha goes near the Security and says showing a photograph to the Security Guy, 'Look at this Photograph carefully... (She gives a photograph of Tanushree and Barbie) Do not let these girls into the Party. It's an Order!'
Security: Okay Madam...
Misha: Great! (Misha's phone rings and she picks up the Call from Panchi and walks towards the House. Panchi asks Misha where she is and Misha tells her that she would come to Panchi's room)

Kabir is driving the Car with Danish seated on the front passenger seat.
Kabir: Danish... How do I look?
Danish: You are looking great! (Kabir smiles) By the way, foe whom all this is for?
Kabir: What for whom? What are you asking?
Danish: Just like that... ut the crap and Say the truth!
Kabir: Let me tell her first...after that I will tell you...
Danish: Anyways, Tell Misha fast... (Kabir is startled) Don't be late...
Kabir: Hey! How do you know it is Misha?
Danish: Dude... Even a blind man can tell... And I am your Brother...So now go and tell her...
Kabir: How do I go and tell her just like that? She is not any girl... She is Misha...Remember, Misha... If I mess with her she would make small pieces of me, wrap me and throw me away. I would not be in a condition to be even recycled... so dude...forget that and tell me how should I go about it...
Danish: Look Kabir! What you had to do, you have done... You have fallen in love and now you have to go and tell her... God forbid! someone else grabs her...and you would sit and watch... Look! This best friend's bracket is very dangerous... Let her not think think that you would stay her friend forever...So please...go and tell her!
Kabir: I am telling you dude... Who can understand her better than me? In fact no one can love her more than me.I am the man for her... I am telling you dude... I am the man...
Danish: Okay...okay... Don't tell me... Tell her! She is your childhood friend... And you Guys have been through so much... Go tell her... and I am here to support you... That is the least I can do for my Brother... You just chill out, Okay?
Kabir: Are you telling the truth? I will go and tell her now! Basanthi... Veeru coming! (Danish laughs)

Panchi hugs Misha when she says that she would not leave Panchi's side throughout the Party
Misha comes to Panchi's room and calls her when she does not find Panchi anywhere around. Misha sees a red scarf on the cot and tries it. Panchi comes there wearing a red long dress and sits wiping her tears. Misha is concerned and Panchi tells her that the party is special and that she is very nervous. She tells that Madhu and Arnab has planned for her engagement with Danish in the Party. Misha is excited hearing it. Panchi tells that she is so stressed out as her luck is so bad and is worried anything bad might happen. Misha reassures her and then tells Panchi that she would stick on by her side throughout the Party so that she would not feel nervous. Panchi is happy and hugs Misha. Misha tells Panchi to correct her make up and meet her downstairs. She picks up the red scarf and goes from there.

Barbie passes the Security area and the security guy stops her telling that her name is not on the Guest list. Barbie tells him that Guest invite is for Guests and she is like part of the family and Misha's friend. The Security Guy still refuses to let her in. Barbie then sees Misha and hopefully waves at her. Misha comes near the Security and pretends that she does not know who Barbie is. She further instructs the Security Guy to throw the girl out of the Gate. 

T is getting ready for the Party and has worn a white long gown. Barbie comes there and tells her about Misha insulting her. T tells her that she has an idea to get into the Party and asks Barbie to follow her.

Raichand's make an entry along with their Guesta at the Dobriyal Party
Chand and Hasina makes an entry to the Party along with the Guests. Arnab and Madhu go to them and welcomes them.
Chand: Thank you so much for inviting Mr Dobriyal. It feels so strange that we have brought along our Guests with us.
Madhu: What is there to feel strange in that? The more the merrier! What you people have done for Danish and Panchi we can't thank you enough for that.
Hasina: You have kept a big Party... What are you celebrating? Anything Special?
Arnab: You can say so... Danish and Panchi's engagement...
Chand: He is a bright lad... one of the best I have...
Madhu: Thank you so much! We are also so happy that we got such a nice boy for Panchi... (Arnab and Madhu leads the Guest inside. Hasina asks Madhu where Panchi is. Madhu tells Hasina that she should be somewhere around. (Madhu sees Panchi coming to the Hall with Pia and Misha on either side holding her hands. Madhu calls Panchi . The Dobriyal sisters go and stand near their Parents. Angad and Tracker imitates the Dobriyal sisters walking style thinking that it is some new trend. Panchi goes forward and stands with Madhu. She greets the guests. A Guy with beard tells Panchi, 'Nice meeting you! You are very beautiful!' Pia and Misha feels odd seeing the Raichand Family Guests.

T and Barbie who are dressed like Rajastani Dancers are stopped by the Security. T and the Security gets into an argument.Danish and Kabir interferes and the Security Guy lets them in. T and Barbie runs into the house.

Kabir sees Misha standing alone and tries to get her attention. Misha takes the drink from the table and drinks it. Kabir is nervous and hesitates. He then walks to her determined to confess his love for her. Misha sees Kabir and greets him. Kabir asks Misha if she would go with her as he has something important to say. Panchi and Pia comes and stands next to Misha.
Panchi: What you want to talk? Tell us also...
Pia: Yeah tell us!
Kabir: No... Why you three are standing together like that?
Panchi: Why? they are my sisters... We 3 want to stand together... You have any problem? Tell what you want to talk...(Kabir waves and turns to walk from there)
Pia: Kabir...Tell what you wanted to talk...
Kabir: No nothing! Forget it...I wanted to talk to Misha... I will talk later... (Madhu comes there and takes the Dobriyal sisters from there. Danish comes there and scolds Kabir. Kabir tells him that he could not talk as the sisters were together. Danish tells Kabir that he has a whole evening and to get the courage to confess his love for Misha he should have a couple of shots. Kabir hugs Danish and orders for drinks at the Bar Counter).

Tanushree overhears the conversation of the Brothers and is shocked to know that Kabir is in love with Misha. T throws abuses at Misha and tells that she will not leave Misha for seizing her Boyfriend.

Dobriyal Sisters looks at Alina who is with Abhay
Angad and Tracker goes near 2 girls. Tracker asks the girls how she looks and tells them it took 2 days to get the dress ready. When she asks again if the dress is good the girls nod. Tracker sees the Dobriyal sisters and waves at them.
Tracker: Panchi... How beautiful you look! I mean you are looking slim and trim... What is the secret of your diet?
Misha: Yeah the diet is Pia-Misha...
Tracker: hello! I am a vegetarian...
Misha: Dumbo! I am talking about diet camouflagia...right? (Suddenly Tracker jumps and screams excitedly)
Ruhi: Oh my God! Look at them! (Ruhi points to Abhay Raichand making an entry to the Party with Alina Khurana. Alina is looking pretty in her red short dress after the makeover. The sisters looks at them in surprise) Oh my God! Look at them! (Alina has her hands around Abhay's arms and looks around confidently. Pia is jealous while Panchi likes them together) They look like a perfect couple... (Abhay has a blank expression on his face while Elina is smiling happily). Episode ends.

PreCap: T and Barbie are dancing in their Rajasthani attire.

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