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27th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 274) Chand Raichand asks Abhay to get closer with Alina Khurana

Ruhi compliments Alina Khurana
Episode 274 starts with Abhay Raichand and Alina Khurana making an entry to the Dobriyal's Party. Alina looks pretty wearing a short red dress and hair open. She is wearing contact lens instead of her spectacles and is without braces also. Abhay is wearing black and black with a black tie. Elina has her hands on Abhay's arm. Dobriyal Sisters watch the couple. While Panchi looks surprised and happy seeing Abhay and Elina together, Pia is unhappy seeing them together. Many girls sends approving glances towards the pair. Tracker is excited seeing them together.
Ruhi: They look like a perfect couple... (Alina holds her head high and smiles confidently) Misha, Come... let's go to Alina...(Misha moves forward to go along with Ruhi but Panchi stops her by reminding her promise of staying with her through out the Party. Misha tells Ruhi to go on as she is stuck by Panchi's side. Ruhi excitedly runs towards Alina and Abhay calling Alina's name).
Ruhi: Wow Alina...Look at you! You have changed... There is so much difference in before and after. You should give an ad. Yeah... like... first I used to wear heavy glasses and now (Ruhi goes and stands next to her) I can see everything clearly... (Alina laughs) But how can you see? There is no specs..
Alina: lenses...
Ruhi: Oh, Yeah! My God Alina... You know Alina how you look... First you used to look like an ugly duckling and now you look like a swan... (Abhay looks at the Vampires gathered together with his Parents) By the way, I tell you something? You and Abhay look perfect together as if you are made for each other (Pia is unhappy hearing the statement and types a message for Abhay on her cellphone and sends it. Abhay's mobile beeps and he reads Pia's message asking him to meet her alone). Are you two girlfriend and boyfriend? (Alina looks at Abhay. Ruhi also looks at him as if expecting him to answer)
Abhay: Yeah Ruhi... That's true! (Ruhi is stunned) Alina...

Abhay admits to Ruhi that he and Alina are Boyfriend and Girlfriend
Alina: yeah?
Abhay: Excuse me...
Alina: Okay... (Abhay goes from there)
Ruhi: Oh my God! Alina you are so lucky... (Ruhi leans on to Alina and Alina steadies her laughing happily. Ruhi hugs Alina)

T and Barbie dressed in Rajastani Dancing attire is walking through the Hall and talking.
Barbie: What I heard... did you also hear? How is it happening? Super hot stud Kabir loves Misha? Misha... yuck!
T: Yeah... T will not tolerate this, understand? He has dumped a Diva like me and roaming around with a dumb? I feel that K's mental condition is not right. I think he has lost it completely. Misha... really? That girl? That dumb... I mean all this friendship drama...Thakur, Champ and hi five and all that... Please! I knew that Misha has a personal problem with me...and that's why she used to poison Kabir against me... Isn't true? Tell me... (Barbie nods) I told you... Everyone is jealous of T... That Misha turned to be a very good actress... I mean... all this time she used to stick by Kabir as friend and she had problems with me... No wonder! You know... She has betrayed me... she is such a snake... and T will not leave her... Misha is going to be dead meat! (T sees Misha coming towards her) Babe... It's time to put out plan to action. (Misha is walking and says, 'I need a drink'. T puts her feet on the way of a Waiter who is coming with a tray with drinks in his hand. He stumbles almost falling on to Misha and the glasses falls down. T and Barbie waits for the response suppressing their smiles).
Misha: Relax Buddy... It's okay... Happens! If there is too much crowd walk carefully  (Misha pats on his shoulder) Don't worry, Okay? (The Waiter nods and go from there. Misha also goes from there. Barbie are disappointed that it did not make a difference to Misha)
T: Babe... This is just a start... See what happens later...

Piya is walking through the Hall. Alina calls her from behind and Pia stops and faces her.
Alina: Pia... I wanted to say Thank you to you... I mean you taught to be confident... gave me so much courage Pia... (Alina holds Pia's hands) today everyone is giving me compliments at the Party... It's just because of you Pia... I really can't tell you how happy I am. The Alina who was always scared and silent... Pia you gave her so much confidence that I on my own went to Abhay's house and proposed him. Can you believe that? Pia, In life first time I feel so good... Today all my dreams have come true Pia... And I feel... (Alina smiles) Pia you know... Abhay held my hand...and I can't tell you how it felt... You know when we were in the car and my hair was falling on my eyes in the breeze... Abhay moved it from my face lovingly...  (Alina smiles shyly and gets lost in thoughts. Pia snaps her fingers in front of Alina bringing her back to present)
Pia: Elina...Where were you lost?
Alina: Pia, I am so sorry... I know I am behaving like a mad...But I think... This is called first love... where everything feels perfect... It is so beautiful Pia... Pia, I am so happy today...  Thank you so much!
Pia: And I am very happy for you Alina... Actually I was going for some work... I need to go...
Alina: Yeah...

Tracker is standing alone wondering where Angad is. The Guy with the Beard who is Raichand Family guest comes near her. The Guy comes and stands behind Ruhi.
Guy: Pretty girl! (Ruhi is startled and looks at the Guy) How are you?
Ruhi: I am good.(The Guy moves his head closer to Ruhi and she moves back scared)
Guy: You smell great!
Ruhi: Who are you?
Guy: How do you know Dobriyal?
Ruhi: Misha is my childhood friend... best friend! Who are you?
Guy: I came with Mr Raichand. I stay in their house. Mr Dobriyal invited us... (Ruhi turns and the Guy places his hand on her neck. Ruhi is scared) Whom did you come here with?
Ruhi: What are you doing? (The Guy brushes of something from Ruhi's neck)
Guy: There was something on the neck... I was removing it... (Ruhi is terrified by the Guy and walks from there)
Ruhi: Angad... I am coming... (Abhay is watching the Guy from a distance. He thinks, So he is the one...who has made himself thirsty for human blood. I have to keep an eye on him'.

The Dobriyal Sisters are standing together talking. The Music starts and T and Barbie dances in their disguise. While dancing T stumbles on Misha's feet or hits her intentionally many times. The dance ends and the Guests claps.

Chand Raichand asks two of his Guests if they are alright. The Guy with the Beard answers.
Guy: We are alright! The Party is very good... (Chand looks at Abhay and Alina. Alina has her head on Abhay's shoulder and hand around his arm but Abhay has a blank look on his face).
Chand: I am sorry I had to drag you here. But coming here was necessary for me.
Guy: No Problem! We told you... We are enjoying the Party very much... (Chand looks at Abhay and Alina. Alina is talking something by keeping her head on Abhay's shoulders. But Abhay does not seem to be interested. Hasina comes and stands behind Chand. Chand says in mind, 'Abhay, you obeyed me... but why do I get the feeling that you will spoil the entire plan?')
Hasina: What happened Chand? Is everything okay?
Chand: I do not understand what happened to Abhay. I had told him to trap Alina in love... opportunity is there but he is not taking advantage of it... I don't know why... (Hasina also looks at Abhay and Alina. Alina is talking nonstop by keeping her head on Abhay's shoulders and Abhay is standing there silently with a blank expression on his face. Alina caresses Abhay's shoulder).

Pia comes to the Hall. She types another message for Abhay and sends it. She thinks, 'What happened Abhay? You don't have time to respond to my message also...'. Pia sees Alina sitting and talking with another girl. Pia walks towards where Alina is sitting. She thinks, 'I have to talk to Alina. I need to know what is happening... Why is Abhay doing like this to me?' A girl comes near Alina and takes the girls away from there. Alina forgets to pick her mobile. Pia goes there and picks up Alina's mobile and sends a message to Abhay asking him to meet in the Garden and keeps the mobile back.Pia says in mind, 'Now let me see Abhay... whom you care for most...me or Alina...'.

Abhay asks Pia not to be angry
Abhay comes to the Garden near Pia.
Abhay: You called me? What happened?
Pia: So you can come to meet her and not me...Why are you doing this Abhay? You told me that this is some game your father asked you to play. But you... What are you doing? Why you came to meet her? You like her? Abhay... You cheated on me... because you found someone else...Why did you do like that to me?
Abhay: No... no...
Pia: I loved you... and what did you do? You cheated on me and broke my love? I hate you Abhay... I really hate you... (Abhay places his hands on Pia's arms)
Abhay: Pia Pia sshhh Pia Pia, Don't get this much angry... What do you think? Can I love some one else? Can I? Pia... I love just you... I love you... I love you a lot... I only love you and not anyone else... (Pia's mobile rings and she pushes away Abhay's hands)
Pia: This is not over Abhay... Now I have to go... But I will come and talk to you... If you love me then don't hurt me like this... (Pia goes from there and Abhay stands there with a helpless look on his face. Chand comes out of his hiding place behind the bushes and looks at Abhay. He thinks, 'What is this Abhay doing here? Why is he not with Alina?' Chand walks towards Abhay).
Chand: I gave you one instruction... one! You can't even do that... What is wrong with you Abhay?
Abhay: I was with her...  I came out here for a little time... How does it make a difference?
Chand: It does make a difference Abhay... Stop running behind Pia Dobriyal... Get closer to Alina... We need her...damn it! (Abhay is angry. He turns and looks at Chand and goes from there)

Misha is walking along with Panchi.
Misha, Madam, if your nervousness has ended... Can I go? I mean I am fed up...standing here and greeting the Uncle Aunties... (T and Barbie comes that side. On seeing Panchi and Misha they walk from there)
Panchi: Cut the crap! Tell me one thing... Who called these dancers to the party?
Misha: I don't know man... But they were damn weird...I mean in the whole dance performance they were dancing on my feet more instead of the dance floor.
Panchi: Okay...let's go and confront them (Misha and Panchi goes looking for the girl. Panchi spots them and stops them). Hey! excuse me... Who are you people? (Kabir and Danish also looks at them) And who called you to this Party? And who are you to bother my sister? Who are you? (T leaves the hand from her head piece and talk in Rajastani accent).
T: You don't know who I am... My name is Chirmi Bhai. I have come from Rajasthan... (Suddenly Angad and Tracker passes from behind T. Tracker by mistake pulls the head piece of T exposing her. Tracker takes it and is about to give it back when she sees that it is T who is dressed as the Rajastani dancer. Misha, Panchi, Angad, Ruhi, Danish and Kabir are startled to see Tanushree in that avatar.
Panchi: T?
Misha: I don't believe this...
Panchi: Ridiculous...
Angad: T...
Ruhi: Mam... (She gives the head piece back to Tanushree) Chirmi Bhai... (She and Angad laughs. T puts the head piece on her head)
Panchi: To what extent you can go? (T is angry and takes the head piece from her head. She also pulls the head piece from Barbie's head)
Misha: Like that's going to help?

Alina thanks Abhay
Abhay comes near Alina and gives a drink to her hand.
Alina: Thanks! (Alina puts her hand on Abhay's arm and keeps her head on Abhay's shoulder) Abhay, Thanks! Thank you for bringing me to this Party. I am very happy today Abhay... (Jeh enters the Party Hall and looks around. Alina is leaning on Abhay's shoulder and talking. Abhay spots Jeh. Jeh also sees him. Alina sees Jeh and removes her hand from Abhay's arm. Jeh walks towards them.
Jeh: So Abhay... I believe you and Alina are enjoying the Party very much... Isn't it? Good! You know what? Alina likes you... and I can't really do anything about it... My happiness is in her happiness. And as her Brother I can do at least that much for her. (jeh smiles at Alina and she smiles back)
Abhay: I must say... That your heart is really big...
Jeh: Look ... Just forget all this. There is only her for me in my family... my sister... I can do anything for her... Take Care of her... mind it! Nicely...
Alina: Thanks Brother!
Jeh: You are happy, right? (Alina nods) I am happy for you...
Abhay: Don't worry Jeh... I will take care of Alina well...
Jeh: Well... I trust you! I will take your leave... you people enjoy! (Alina puts her head on Abhay's shoulder again. Pia sees it and is unhappy. She wonders what Abhay is doing and why he is encouraging it. She thinks, ' Does he love Alina? No Pia... You have to believe in Abhay... He told that he is helpless. God... I need to deal with this...')

Alina has her head on Abhay's shoulders.
Alina: Oh Abhay! I am so happy... Brother accepted us Abhay (Abhay thinks, 'Jeh definitely has some plan. Otherwise he would not accept this that fast...What are you thinking Jeh? What are you up to?') Episode ends.

PreCap: Jeh comes and stands behind Pia who is watching Alina and Abhay together. Jeh smiles.
Jeh: They look good together... (Pia turns to face Jeh)
Pia: Jeh... You don't have a problem with this relationship?
Jeh: Not at all Piya. In fact I have realized that all this anger is enough now . I believe that my anger is unreasonable... it  is of no worth. And she is my sister... I have only her in my family...I don't have anyone. And I think people have thought me wrong... and Alina also...

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