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14th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 265) Misha tries to bring Kabir and Alina Khurana closer

Jeh kisses on Pia's hand
Episode 265 starts with Abhay's and Jeh's Cars coming from opposite directions. As the Cars passes by Jeh and Abhay looks at each other. Abhay's Car goes off. Jeh looks at Pia who is lost in thoughts.
Jeh: Pia, Where have you gone?
Pia: No where... (Pia looks away as if by guilt. Jeh picks up Pia's hand and kisses on it. They look at each other and smiles)
Jeh: You know what Pia? Pia, I love you very much. I really love you Pia (Piya smiles). And I am very happy with you. You are happy with me Pia? (Pia smiles and nods. She then looks down) What happened? You won't give me an answer?
Pia: No Jay... Nothing like that...I am also very happy. (Pia thinks, 'What am I doing? How can I tell him that my happiness is not given by him... nor is for him...God! I am being so unfair!')
Jeh: By the way... You know what is going to happen in College today?
Pia: What is going to happen?
Jeh: Pia, We have been preparing for it for the past one week... Come on!
Pia: What is going to happen? I don't know...Tell me Jeh... What are we suppose to do? What is happening?
Jeh: Not so easy!
Pia: Jeh tell me... Come on Jay, Don't play games!
Jeh: Okay! Let there be a little surprise Madam...that is where the fun is...
Pia: Okay! (Pia smiles)

Kabir holds Misha
Misha halts the bike. She takes the helmet from her head and turns her head from side to side. Kabir reaches there and looks at Misha. He imagines red rose petals falling on Misha. Misha shuffles her hair by looking into the mirror. Kabir watches her open mouthed. Misha sees Kabir and smiles at him. Kabir still keeps looking at her direction open mouthed. Misha gets down from her bike and looks around to see whom Kabir is looking but finds none.
Misha: hey Thakur... Are you sleeping?
Kabir: Ahhh No... flying...I am going to College...what else Misha? (Misha walks to him smiling)
Misha: You are unbelievable man...Oh God... Dude... You have serious issues man... Anyway... Come with me on the bike.
Kabir: Misha, Leave the bike here... let's go in my Car, come...
Misha: Don't be a sissy man... Come on let's go! (Misha puts her hand around Kabir's shoulders and leads him to her bike) I mean seriously Kabir... Don't insult my bike.  You know how fast my bike can go your car cannot...
Kabir: Yeah... Okay!
Misha: Kabir.. I wanted to ask you something for many days...
Kabir: Ask me Misha...
Misha: Since when have you become so boring?
Kabir: Yeah? I have become boring?
Misha: Hmm...
Kabir: Where are you catching me and going this early in the morning? (Misha laughs)
Misha: That's a sad joke man... Anyway... We have to go to Alina's House and pick her up.
Kabir: Why?
Misha: Hey Man come on... Her Brother is dead...She is in a sad atmosphere and we are her friends... Come on sit on the Bike. (Misha sits on the Bike. Kabir sits behind and hugs her from the back putting his head on her shoulder. He thinks, 'How much she cares about her friends!'. Misha pushes him away) Thakur... Why are you sitting and holding me like a girl. Are you feeling scared that you would fall down? You are long like a camel... nothing will happen to you. (Misha wears her helmet)
Kabir: It's just that Misha that I do not trust your driving skills at all... (Misha lifts her helmet glasses and looks at him)
Misha: You do not have trust in my driving skills? Fine! (She puts the helmet glasses down) Hold me and sit... full on tight...  (Kabir happily holds her and puts his head on her shoulder) because I will drive... I will drive in such a manner that you would fly... Misha starts the bike).

Jeh makes fun of Abhay
Jeh's Car stops at the Mount College Car Parking lot. He gets out of the car and opens the car door for Pia to get down. Pia gets out of the Car and walks along with Jeh. Abhay's car comes fast and stops next to Jeh's Car. Abhay gets out of the Car and walks towards the College campus.
Jeh: We are going to have fun today... It's teachers day... (Jeh turns and notices Abhay behind. He and Pia stops walking) Hey Abhay! (Abhay stops and turns to face Jeh. Jay puts his hand around Piya) How are you? There is a question I have always wanted to ask you (Jeh removes his sunglasses from his eyes and puts them above the button hole of his shirt) Why do you always wear black clothes? Is that some family uniform? Actually my Mom says that the heart of those people who wear black clothes mostly are also black, is it true?  (Abhay keeps silence. Jeh walks towards Abhay. Pia walks along with him) Waht happened Abhay? Why do you always have a grumpy face? I don't understand. I only asked because if you do not have clothes... I have...I can send it to add a little bit color in your life... (Abhay still does not respond) He does not have any answer. He doesn't open his mouth. Anyways, He is a loser...
Pia: He is a waste of time...
Jeh: Come! (Jeh and Pia turns and walk away from there. Pia turns and winks at Abhay. Abhay smiles).

Alina sandwiched between Misha and Kabir on Bike
Misha stops the bike at Khurana's House. Kabir's hands are around Misha's waist holding on to her. Kabir and Misha gets down from the bike. Misha looks up and shouts for Alina. Alina looks down from upstairs.
Misha: Alina... You go with us to College... (Alina nods no)
Alina: No Misha... I am not in a mood to go to College. I don't want to go.
Kabir: Okay...okay... You relax... (Kabir says to Misha) Look... she does not want to come... let's go!
Misha: Shut up Kabir! Alina, Listen! Enough of this sad face... You are going with us to College... that's it! Now come on... Hurry up... We got no time... we are waiting... (Misha sits on the Bike. Kabir thinks, 'What are you doing Misha? Why are you putting bone in the meat?' Kabir tries to get behind Misha. Misha tells him to wait as Alina would sit behind her. Aline comes there).Alina, actually today is a very special day at college...that's why we are insisting that you come along...
Alina: What is it?
Misha: You will know when you reach college... (Misha asks Alina to sit behind her on bike. Alina sits behind) Kabir, Darling... Hold on to Alina tightly. You know I drive fast... so just to keep her secure...(Kabir climbs on the bike behind Alina. Misha thinks, 'Wow! Some body should make me write the book of romance'). Ready? (Misha drives the bike from there)

Mrs Das Gupta comes to the Classroom and straight away goes to the Black Board and writes, 'Theory of Evolution'. She turns to the Class and is shocked to see that no students are there. She is angry seeing the students do a mass bunking. Another Teacher comes there and tells that it is the same plight for her class too. Mrs Dasgupta tells that they should complain to the Principal and they both gets of the class.

A group of Teachers including Mrs Dasgupta are walking through the College Corridor. They are shocked to see the empty corridor. The Principal passes that way and the Teachers stop him. They tell him that the students have done a mass bunking of class.

Pia comes to the College Car Parking lot. She says in mind, 'What the hell? What was Jeh doing? What is he trying to prove by rudely talking to Abhay? I have to do something. I have to teach him a lesson'.

Pia comes to a Cloth shop and asks the Lady Assistant for colorful Men's shirts. The Sales Staff brings a bunch of shirts and shows to Pia. Pia looks at the shirts and then picks up a red shirt. Pia imagines Abhay with the red shirt. Pia tells the Assistant that she would take the red shirt. The girl packs it and give it to Pia. She asks Piya to pay the bill at the counter.

Angad is standing in a stage which is decorated and has a 'Happy Teachers Day' written on the background. He tests the mike and finds that the wire is cut. He asks a Guy to fix it up. Abhay goes up and wakes up kabir from his thoughts by breaking the baloon Kabir was blowing with his mouth.
Angad: Kabir... What are you doing? There is a machine lying there. Blow the balloon with the machine.
Kabir: Why...Why should I do?
Angad: Because in your love there is so much air that it would not take much efforts... (Misha notices Kabir and looks at Alina who is standing along with some girls)
Misha: Alina, you fill confetti in all these balloons, okay? (Alina nods. Misha goes near Kabir) Kabir, What are you doing? You leave this and go and help fill confetti in the balloons... (Kabir goes near Alina who smiles at him)

Ruhi is instructing some girls regarding the food placed on the table. She teklls the girls that she did not sleep and was sitting and making sandwiches whole night.

Jeh and another Guy is standing and working on some banners and posters. Misha comes near him and asks him where his girlfriend is.
Misha: Come on Guys... everybody ask him ... where is his girlfriend? (The students repeat after Misha. Abhay and Jeh stares at each other)

The Students and Teachers are walking through the empty college corridor.
Principal: In my whole life I have not seen such a behavior. All the students in the College are absent. It is bad... I will see what can be done... (Suddenly they hear an announcement, 'All our dear Teachers and principal Sir... Please come near the Auditorium. Come fast... It is an emergency'. The Principal and Teachers rushes from there).

The students welcome the Teachers and Principal by cheering and throwing confetti on them. They then wishes Happy Teachers Day and lead them inside to the hall. The Principal and Teachers are happy. Ruhi gives the food for the teachers and tells that she made with her own hands. The Photographer comes there and is about to take a photo when T interferes. T and her bimbos stand in front of the Teachers and pose for the photograph. Principal scolds Tanushree. Misha asks the Teachers to take their seats. The students pushes Tanushree from there. Abhay is about to enter the room. Jeh stops him and goes before Abhay. The teachers sit on the seats arranged by the students. Misha and Angad goes and stands on the stage.
Misha: Teachers and respected Principal...Today is your holiday and it is our duty to entertain you...
Angad: Good evening and welcome... respected teachers and honorable principal sir... (Misha and Angad takes a bow) Thanks to you from all of us. (The teachers are happy) We all know that the place of God is above all. Who comes after God is the Teachers. Today we have put efforts to convey to you that because of you how our lives have changed. What ever we are is because of your hard work and dedication. I hope the efforts we have put in this function... you all will enjoy very much. Thank you! (Misha and Angad bows again. The students and teachers clap for them)

Ruhi comes with paper plates full of eatables and offers to the Teachers. The History Teacher tells Ruhi that she made such a nice sandwich that she became full with one itself. Ruhi offers the sandwich to Mrs Dasgupta who reluctantly takes it. She takes a bite and literally throws off because of the bitterness. The students laugh and Ruhi vanishes from there in embarrassment.

Abhay gets a message from Pia, 'Meet me at back Stage... I am waiting!' (Episode ends)

PreCap: Jeh and Kabir is having a fight.
Misha : Jeh please... Calm down!
Jeh: I am not going to calm down Misha...about my sister... She is not coming after you... you moron!
Kabir: Mind your tongue... Just mind your language Jeh... First of all, I have no interest on your sister... She came to me... in fact I was feeling uncomfortable...If you want to give lecture give to your sister not me! (Kabir pushes Jeh. Jeh charges at Kabir to to hit him)
Misha: Jeh... (Suddenly a hand catches on Jeh's hand. Jeh stares at Abhay who caught him) 
Abhay: Don't touch Kabir!

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