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15th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 266) Abhay stops Jeh from hitting Kabir

Episode 266 starts with Abhay reaching backstage to meet Pia.
Abhay: Pia, You called me? (Pia turns to face Abhay)
Pia: This is for you...
Abhay: For me?
Pia: Yeah... It is just a small gift. Why are you so surprised? Didn't anyone give you a gift in your 200 years of life?
Abhay: No! (Pia laughs)
Pia: That's good then I am in your life otherwise how boring your life would have been (Abhay smiles. Pia takes the red shirt out of the box and gives it to Abhay) This I got for you (Abahy looks at the shirt).
Abhay: You felt bad hearing Jeh's talk?
Pia: Of course! Don't know what all he was talking and I could not do anything about it too. I know that this shirt will look very good on you. As a fact you helped me to choose this shirt.
Abhay: Me?
Pia: Yeah... You! I imagined how you would look in this shirt (Abhay smiles) and you were looking really nice.
Abhay: Pia, You are really my life. I am sorry that we are having to stay away from each other...  (Pia's mobile rings and Pia looks into the phone)
Pia: Oh God... It's Misha's call. I need to go... I will see you... (Pia goes from there)

Misha Dobriyal pokes her head through the curtain gap on the stage.
Misha: People... Hello hello... Listen up! So now Mount College's number one couple will perform for you all. So Teachers and Students please welcome this college's hit, happening and good looking couple (Angad and Ruhi shows all their teeth as if expecting that Misha would take their name)... Have to be a Dobriyal...Put your hands together for Pia Dobriyal and Jeh Khurana (Abhay is unhappy hearing it. Students clap and cheer for Jeh and Pia. Jeh and Pia dances on the stage. In between their eyes clash with Abhay whose eyes are fixed on them. As Jeh and Pia dances the plug falls out of the junction box stopping the music. Jeh and Pia stops dancing. Many students like T shows thumbs down sign at them. Jeh stares at Abhay. Angad runs to the stage after falling on the way. Angad reaches the stage and apologize for technical problem and tells the audience that the dance would start again. Angad closes the curtain saying , 'soon soon coming back after a break').

Jeh goes near Abhay.
Jeh: All this was done by you, isn't it?
Abhay: You know what Jeh...You should concentrate on your life more...because your observation is becoming an obsession... Get a life!
Jeh: Really? I have a life Abhay...with Pia... which you are not able to take...That is why you are doing childish acts like switching off the music system. Now you know who needs a life?
Abhay: You are very paranoid... and you have forgotten that in order to bring Pia closer to me I do not need to do such kiddish acts. That's your style...

At the Dobriyal House, Panchi is sitting by the fire place and looking through the menu cards. She says, 'I am so hungry... what to eat? Indian? Na not in a mood... Italian? too fatty...Pizza? Guess I will order a Pizza'. Madhu comes there and takes the cards from Panchi. Madhu tells Panchi that she cannot eat Pizza and would eat the salad made by her.
Panchi: Momma... What's the problem? Why don't you let me eat? Why are you after my life now? And I do not want to do any dieting... And anyways, there is no one in my life whom I have to impress.
Madhu: Panchi, Don't  be stupid. Health is ours... Not to impress anyone... (Madhu sits on the chair next to Panchi) understand that... (Arnab overhears the mother and daughter talk and goes and sits on the arm of Madhu's chair)
Arnab: Leave her! Let her eat what she wants to eat... Eat... No problem! (Panchi is happy)
Panchi: Thank you Papa...Order for me also...
Madhu: Enough! Whenever I try to tell her something you come there to support her. Can't do anything about Misha. Panchi was a bit better and you are spoiling her too...
Arnab: No body in this house is disciplined ...remove that misunderstanding from your mind. All of them are spoiled (Panchi laughs) . And anyways, it is my job spoiling these people and your job disciplining...This was decided earlier itself.
Panchi: I love you Dad (The calling bell rings and Panchi goes and opens the door. A Delivery Boy gives Pizza to Panchi and tells that the payment of the Pizza for her is already made. Panchi happily accepts the Pizza. She thinks, 'Who read my mind and send me Pizza? Yum... (She looks at her Parents who are arguing) I am going away from this Mahabharat and eating this... (Panchi goes from there. Arnab tells Madhu that it is diet Pizza.  Panchi opens the Pizza Box and finds her favorite cheese pizza with a heart made on top. She is happy. She says, 'Some one has made a heart also... How adorable!' She sees a note in the box and reads it, 'I care about your every wish...I love you even today. Want to meet at your favorite Coffee Shop?' Panchi says in mind, 'What? Who is this? I am curious... I have to go...'. Panchi smiles.

At the stage Misha stumbles on the plug which fell down from the plug point.
Misha: Guys...Guys...Guys... Problem solved, okay? Music is going to be right back. (Misha puts the plug back in place and the Music starts playing again. The students remove the benches to the side) There you go! Come on every body on the dance floor... (The students and teachers start dancing to the Music. Angad dances with Mrs Dasgupta and Pia dances with Jeh. Tanushree and Kabir are dancing alone.  Abhay looks at Pia who is dancing with Jeh. Pia looks at Abhay and says in mind, 'I know Abhay...You are angry... But what can I do? I was helpless'. Abhay answers her mind talk, 'I know Pia...I understand that helplessness. But Pia... How can I see you in someone else arms?' Kabir looks at Misha who is dancing alone a little distance away from him. Tanushree comes near Kabir).
Tanushree: hey... hey... would you like to dance with me?
Kabir: Dance with you T? I am so sorry... my habit of dancing by being a puppet to you has already ended. You know what? I need to dance with a real woman...
T: Oh Really K? You know what? I don't care... Get lost! (T turns and walks from there)
Kabir: Okay... I will get lost happily T... (Kabir goes to Misha and asks her for a dance hesitatingly. Misha says in mind, 'I will dance with him and tell Alina to learn how to dance with Kabir. I am too smart!')
Misha: Yeah... wait up okay... (Kabir is happy. Misha runs to Alina)
Misha: Alina, I am going to dance with Kabir (Alina nods).Listen... You watch me dancing... See my dance moves, Okay? And you have to copy them... I am world's best dancer.
Alina: But why?
Misha: God... Alina...Why are you asking these many Questions... Shut up! Listen to me... (Alina nods) Listen to my instructions. Watch my dance moves and copy... (Alina nods. Misha goes to Kabir and starts dancing around him in jungli style. Kabir watches Misha in awe and is happy. Alina watches Misha in shock as she apes the types of dance moves that normally Guys does. Tanushree also watches Misha dancing. Kabir watches Misha as if he is mesmerized and imagines her dancing alone with rose petals falling on her. Misha suddenly acts as if she stamped on her own feet. Kabir runs to her calling her name. Misha tells him that she would manage and asks Kabir to continue dancing. Kabir follows Misha. Misha goes near Alina and pushes her towards Kabir. Alina literally falls on Kabir who is taken by surprise).

Panchi stops her Car in front of Irish Cafe. She thinks, 'He called me here only? God... I hope it is not some loser this time...Got to take my chances...' Panchi gets down from the Car and walks towards the Cafe. she says in mind, 'God... I hope he is a decent Guy'. Inside the Cafe Danish asks the staff if he would make a heart on the  Coffee. Panchi walks in and looks around. Danish spots her and says in mind, 'You are so beautiful Panchi!' The waiter keeps coffee in front of the girl who was sitting on a chair near where Panchi was standing.  Suddenly the girl says, 'yes... yes... yes...'. Panchi is taken aback.
Panchi: Excuse me? Are you alright?
Girl: He proposed me... (Danish smiles) through the Coffee... So sweet!
Panchi: How wannabe... (The smile on Danish's face fades) What is new in that proposing with Coffee? But anyways, carry on Guys...(The waiter comes near Danish and asks regarding heart on Coffee. Danish tells him to leave that and asks for writing pad and pen. Danish writes a note and tears the paper from the writing pad)

Panchi is sitting at the Coffee Shop and reading the Note which says, 'Outside a Car is waiting for you my Princess...I care for every wish of yours because I love you so much'. Panchi smiles.

Panchi comes out of the Cafe. Danish who is disguised as a Driver in White Uniform opens the Car door for her.
Panchi: Wow! This is so cool... Thank you... (Panchi gets into the Car and Danish closes the door. He then gets into the driver's seat and drives the Car from there) Listen...Who send you?
Danish: Madam, Agency send us...
Panchi: Oh! (Panchi thinks, 'Who is he and where am I going? God... I am so crazy that I got and sat into some vehicle just like that. But it is so romantic'). But where are we going?
Danish: Madam... we are going to that Lovers Point... (Panchi smiles and thinks, 'Romantic...'. Suddenly Danish plays the Music. Panchi laughs)
Panchi: Oh my God...This is my favorite song (Danish smiles). How do you know?
Danish: madam...This CD was given to me to be played. (Panchi is happy. She looks at the note she found on the Pizza Box and the one she received at the Coffee Shop and smiles. She reads in mind, 'I know your every like...because I love you...'. Panchi thinks, 'Who is he? Who can this be? But how does he know what all I like?' Flashback: Panchi recalls sitting in the front seat of the Car with the same song playing and her asking how he knows that she likes the song. Panchi puts her head on Danish's shoulder. Danish replies, 'Panchi I love you so much... and I know every like of yours.

Misha signals Alina to dance. Alina is feeling uncomfortable but starts dancing Misha style. Kabir is taken aback. Tanushree also looks at Alina dancing. Misha is happy. Alina bends Kabir the same way Misha did. Jeh comes there and parts them by pushing Kabir. The students watch the drama.
Jeh: Stay away from my sister, Okay? What are you doing? She is my sister...
Kabir: relax Dude... I was only dancing... She came to me...
Jeh: You were dancing and she came to you and you did not go to her? Am I blind? Can't I see? I thought you were a friend and with my sister you... (Misha goes near Jeh)
Misha: Jeh Jeh Jeh... Please! I mean... Why are you behaving like an age old Chimpanzee? The times have changed. Just look around you. It is college dance and everybody is dancing ...
Jeh: Misha stay out of this... He was eying on my sister...I am not going to take this...
Misha: Jeh... Please calm down! (Jeh raises his voice)
Jeh: I am not going to calm down Misha...About my sister... She is not coming after you... you Moron!
Kabir: Watch your tongue Jay... Just mind your language, okay? First of all, I have no interest on your sister. And secondly, she came to me. In fact I was feeling uncomfortable. If you want to give lecture, giove it to your sister... not me, understand? (Kabir pushes Jeh who almost falls back. Jeh gets angry and charges at Kabir ready to hit him. Suddenly someone catches Jeh's hand and stops him from hitting Kabir. Students watch in awe. Kabir and Jeh looks at Abhay who is holding Jeh's hand. Jeh and Abhay stares at each other). Episode ends.

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