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23rd September 2011 Written Update (Episode 272) Jeh approves Alina’s love for Abhay Raichand

Abhay tells Pia that her name is written in his every heart beat
Episode 272 starts with Kabir opening the cupboard and telling Danish that he can use one rack. Danish asks Kabir, 'Are you crazy? Only that much space?' Kabir lifts Danish's bag and tells him that he only needs that much space for the contents of the bag. Seeing the bag Panchi talks of going for shopping for Danish. At first Danish refuses but then gives in to Panchi. Misha goes to the cupboard and attempts to clear stuff for Danish and a dairy falls down along with the clothes. Misha is excited to see it but Kabir takes it back from her. Misha takes it again telling Kabir to let her read it. Kabir takes the diary back again from her telling that touching his personal diary is not allowed. Danish and Panchi watch their arguments with a smile.
Misha: Really? Is this all your friendship is? Is this your best friend contract? (Misha grabs the diary back) Man... what is it that I do not know about you? Come on man... Show me! (Kabir grabs the diary)
Kabir: Misha... No means No... please!
Panchi: Mish, I smell something fishy... The way he is saying no... looks like their is some girl...Kabir...
Kabir: Whatever... (Misha thinks, 'Kabir and one girl... should be Alina. I hope it is Alina. I need to check'. Misha takes the diary from Kabir).
Misha: What if it is about some girl...Come on  (Kabir takes the dairy and hides it inside his Jacket)
Kabir: Hey Misha... No means No (Panchi and Danish smiles)
Misha: What do you think?... I can't find out your secret? Keep it to yourself... (Misha walks to the cupboard and lifts bad to take out Danish's clothes. Kabir goes near her)
Kabir: I will help you Misha (Kabir holds the bag while Misha takes out the clothes. He recalls seeing her  coming the the Coffee Shop for their date and him catching her when she stumbles. Misha snaps her fingers to bring Kabir back to reality. Kabir looks at Misha open mouthed)
Misha: Loser! (Danish and Panchi smiles. Misha walks from there. Danish thinks, 'Oh dear. I do not need any diary. Kabeera, You are gone! The consequences of this love only a fire brigade can answer. But I am very happy. I will take the responsibility of a Brother and Brother in law too...Why did'nt anybody see this happening all these years?')
Jeh tells Alina that he would accept Abhay for her happiness
Jeh opens the door of Khurana house and enters followed by Alina. Alina thinks, 'Oh God! Today Brother will kill me. He will be very angry'.
Alina: Brother (Jeh lifts his finger indicating to stop)
Jeh: Sshhh... (Jeh turns to face Alina) Let me talk Alina... Okay...Listen Alina... I know Mom has been very rough with you in this house. But we have lost Mom. Mom is not with us. Our Brother is dead. We do not know anything about his murderers. We don't know anything. If I have anyone in this family, it's just you Alina. I don't have anyone else with me. I have no one...And I am not that bad as think of me Alina...
Alina: No Brother, When did I say that? (Jeh places his hands on Alina's arms)
Jeh: I know Alina... You never said anything but I am just scared... You are my baby sister... You understand that I am scared for you. I don't wish that in our fight anybody hurts you. I just want you to be safe... that's all... I know very well that when Abhay is with you I cannot tolerate.  I can't tolerate. But Abhay has stood by you always...I know it... and he made a place in your heart...Alina (Jeh hugs her) I don't know but If you are happy with Abhay I am no one to interfere between you. If your happiness is in Abhay, for my sister's happiness I will accept Abhay (Alina looks at Jeh happily).
Alina: Really Brother? Are you telling the truth? (Jeh smiles and nods yes. Alina is happy and hugs Jeh) Thanks Brother. Thank you so much for understanding me... for understanding my feelings... (Jeh says, ' Abhay Raichand, I am two moves ahead of you. Nothing is hidden from me'). Jeh asks Alina to go and sleep and she goes from there. Jeh thinks, 'You have made this mistake Abhay...Now Alina would be with you with her brother's blessings.Alina would be with you and bring you to my home. And it would be fun getting the enemy in my territory'.

Misha gets annoyed that Elina loves Abhay and not Kabir
Pia and Misha are lying on the bed. Pia asks Misha what she is thinking. Misha tells that she was thinking of Alina and thinks that if they make Alina hot, Kabir would fall in love with her. Pia tells that the basis of any relationship should be truth and if any boy has to love Alina he should love her heart and not her face. Misha argues with Pia that it is easy for her to tell as she is hot.
Pia: Shut up!
Misha: No man, seriously! I mean nobody can't see Alina's face, they only see her helplessness. Let them know how beautiful and sweet she is. I mean, it is very single. If her face is seen then only someone would be able to reach her heart. Look... our product is good... but advertising is needed. (Pia laughs. Misha tells Pia that Alina and Kabir are her new projects and to make them fall in love is her new mission. Misha's mobile phone rings and she informs Pia that the call is from Alina).
Misha: Hello... what's up?
Alina: You know what happened yesterday?
Misha: Oh... gossip... one minute hold on (Misha puts the call on speaker phone and tells that she on on speaker phone and she and Pia are listening to her)
Alina: You know yesterday I and Jeh had a conversation. And he was so understanding you know...
Pia: really... that's so sweet!
Alina: Yeah Pia... You know Brother told that if I wish I would hear to my heart's voice.
Misha: Wow! All Brothers should be like him... But what do you mean by that?
Alina: Misha, It is not what... it is who... Brother told that if I love Abhay, he will not come between us (Misha is confused, Pia is startled hearing it) You know Misha... I feel that Abhay has also started liking me.
Misha: Alina... wait wait wait... Abhay... Raichand... When did this happen?
Alina: from forever Misha...He has done so much for me...only a true friend and well wisher can do that. Misha, You will have to give me a makeover... Please I need your help... I want to show him that I can be his friend and companion...Please! (Misha cuts the call telling that she would call Alina a little later. Misha gets frustrated because she needs to find a new girl for Kabir and goes to search the College year book for some suitable girl. Pia is worried thinking how Abhay will explain to Alina that he cannot love her).

Arnab is sitting by the fire place. Madhu comes there and shows Arnab the ring for Danish. Arnav praises her for already getting started on the wedding. Madhu says she is doing it for Panchi. It is her fault that she tried to push Panchi towards Neil. Arnab says it is not her fault but that of the circumstances. Arnav suggests throwing a party for Danish and Madhu tells him that they would have a rocking Party.

Pia and Misha is looking through the clothes thrown on the cot for an appropriate dress for the Party.  Misha takes Alina's measurements.

Arnab and Madhu are getting ready for the Party and Madhu asks Arnab's opinion on which earrings to wear.

Somebody is helping Panchi with her makeup and hair. Panchi is happy with her looks.

The Dobriyal House Hall is decorated beautifully and the servants are busy with the arrangements.

At Kabir's House, Kabir and Danish are getting ready for the Party. Kabir compliments Danish on his looks.

Angad and Tracker looking in the mirror
Ruhi and Angad is ready for the Party. Angad is dressed in white while Ruhi is in black. Ruhi is happy that they are looking good together.

Pia is putting nail polish for Alina.

Panchi is looking through the clothes. First she picks up a yellow dress and then discards it for a red one.

Tanushree looks at the mirror is dressed in white and looking beautiful. She thinks that Kabir would be impressed by how beautiful she looks.

Pia puts the face pack for Alina. She suddenly remembers something and goes from there telling Misha to take care of the face pack. Misha comes near Alina and sees that the face pack is already put. So she takes the hair drying and starts applying heat on the curls.

Madhu asks Arnab if he invited the Raichand's and suggests that they should invite him for the Party as it is  Chand Raichand who saved Panchi and Danish. Arnab agrees and invite Chand over the phone. Chand declines the invitation and tells Arnab that he has guests at home and won't be able to attend the Party. At Madhu's insistance Arnab extends the invitation to Chand's Guests also. Chand agrees to be there for the Party. Madhu is happy.

Pia warns Abhay
Pia is walking with a Cake in her hands. She sees Abhay walking towards her and stops.
Pia: So, Abhay and Alina...
Abhay: Dad's instructions...
Pia: By the way... I feel that you and Alina will make a nice couple.
Abhay: Right! You think so too?
Pia: Yes.
Abhay: In fact I also think so that such a couple has never been seen before. Alina and Abhay... Double A. Sounds so perfect, right? (Abhay grins at her. Pia frowns and goes near him. She grabs his collar)
Piya: Abhay Raichand, if you even look at another girl.. that day, you will see a very dangerous face of Pia Dobriyal.
Abhay: Warning, huh?
Pia: Warning a vampire... I'm not scared of you. (Abhay holds her hand)
Abhay: Pia...You know what? In every beat of my heart, your name is written. Do you really think I can ever cheat you? You think so? If my heart beats... it is only for you... because I love you. I love you a lot. (They smile gazing into each others eyes) Episode ends.

PreCap: Abhay tells Hasina that someone among them are thirty for blood and would be attacking someone at the Dobriyal's Party. Hasina is startled and saying that it cannot happen. Abhay says what he is telling is true.

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