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1st September 2011 Written Update (Episode 256) Misha and Panchi saves Piya from Neil with the help of Danish

The Vampires do rituals to end Dipanita's life
Episode 256 starts with Misha sitting on her Cot and thinking of setting up a new girlfriend for Kabir. She says, 'He needs a good girl... he needs some innocent sweet girl...Let me think! (She leans to the pillow) sweet... innocent...(Misha sits upright) Alina! What an idea... I mean Alina is perfect...She is a little plain jane type... So what? Will tell Pia and buy some new clothes. My sister is a make over specialist. Once she is done with her Alina would be all prettiness. And then Kabir'e entry will happen and the rest would be chemistry, physics...muh muh...muh... perfect! (Misha makes a call from her cell phone)

Alina is at Khurana House. She is walking in the room and sobbing. Alina's mobile phone rings and she looks into the caller identity.
Alina: Misha? (Alina picks up the call)
Misha: Alina... Hi! I have to...
Alina: I am sorry Misha... I am very sorry Misha...
Misha: Hey! What happened? Why are you crying?
Alina: Please forgive me Misha... I am really sorry. They look her away... Pia... (Misha is startled) I tried to save her Misha but  I ... I am sorry... (Misha gets up from the bed)
Misha: Hold on! hold on! Alina... Tell me clearly what you are saying... (Alina suddenly realizes her mistake and tries to cover it up)
Alina: Nothing... Nothing at all... You tell me how are you?
Misha: Listen! You told something about Pia... What happened to Pia?
Alina: Look Misha... I have to go now...Okay... (Alina cuts the call)
Misha: Listen to me... (Misha finds the call cut and says, 'Damn it! Pia...' Misha runs out of her room calling Pia's name)

At the Khurana House Alina says, 'Oh No! What have I done? I spoiled everything by opening my mouth in front of Misha'. Misha calls Alina again. Alina's mobile rings but she disconnects it. She says, 'Misha's phone is coming.What will I do?' Misha is angry at Alina for not picking up her call. She says, 'Damn! I am going to kill you!'

At the Police Station, the Vampires are doing some rituals for taking Dipanita's life. She almost becomes still but suddenly a beam of light falls on her reviving Dipanita. Chand and Hasina turns towards the direction from where the light came from. They remove their hoods from the head.

Misha comes running to Pia's room calling her name. She looks around and does not find Pia. She says, 'Where has she gone? What nonsense Alina was talking? God I hope Pia is alright...' Misha dials a number. She says, 'Come on Pia... Pick up the phone'. She does not get any response from the other side. Misha makes a call to Panchi. Panchi is driving the Car. She picks up the Call.
Misha: Hello!
Panchi: What's it? I am reaching home? Is Mom shouting? I am driving...
Misha: Panchi, Just shut up okay? I have not called to find out where you are flying... I am worried about Pia man... I don't know where she has gone... Alina was talking some nonsense as if someone has taken her and gone...
Panchi: What rubbish! Pia would have gone somewhere out. Just check with her... call her! Or ask Mom...
Misha: Are you mad? Mom will get hyper... We have to find her ourselves...
Panchi: But how will we search her and where?
Misha: You reach Khurana House... let's talk with Alina... We will find out what she knows...Okay?
Panchi: What? Alina?
Misha: Yeah...I don't know ... She was talking some rubbish... don't know she was talking some nonsense... then she got scared and kept the phone down... I swear it... I will squeeze her neck in such a manner that all the words will come out...
Panchi: Okay, okay... Just calm down!  I will reach Khurana house as fast as possible. I will see you there...
Misha: Cool! See you there... (Panchi thinks, 'Pia... Where are you?'

Pia is in a Car boot. She struggles and removes the cover from her face. She thinks, 'Who are these people? Why they brought me here? What are they doing? I have to get out of here.' Pia is inside a red color Car. She removes the plaster fixed on her mouth. She shouts, 'Anyone there? Anyone there?' She knocks at the boot. She finds that the trunk of the Car is open and tries to get up. She sees Neel on the road and calls his name. Neel comes running towards her.
Pia: Please help me get legs are tied...
Neil: Not so soon little Pia... (Neil puts the plaster back on Pia's mouth. He ties her hands also. Pia tries to make noise but could not because of the plaster) Just stay there... (Neil closes the trunk of his Car and looks around)

Abhay is facing Chand and Hasina.
Chand: What are you doing Abhay? What happened to you?
Abhay: No Dad! Not today. Tonight can't be her last night . I need her! We have to keep her alive...
Chand: Kill her! Do you know what it means to leave her?  I say finish it off...
Abhay: I said nobody will do anything...
Hasina: What are you doing? These wolves have kept us in fear for thousands of years...And today... today we cannot leave this opportunity. We have won Abhay! And with Dipanita's death our victory will be completed.
Abhay: This is my decision. This is the decision of the leader of the clan.
Chand: I will not let you do that! (The other Vampires run to Abhay and stands behind him) I know why you are doing this. (Dipanita opens her eyes) You are doing it for that girl Abhay... You are doing wrong! You are cheating on your clan! (Dipanita turns and looks at Abhay's direction. Abhay suddenly gets visions of Pia with her mouth plastered)

Misha and Panchi pushes open the door of Khurana house and enters. They call Alina's name. Misha sees Alina sitting near the fire and the sisters rush to her. Alina is crying and on questioning she tells that her brother took Pia some where.  Alina gets up and goes from there. Panchi assumes that the Brother Alina mentioned is Neil and tells Misha that he has done it to take revenge on her.Panchi is angry. Misha tells Panchi to call him and speak to him nicely. She tells Panchi to ask Neil where she can meet him.
Misha : It is time for some acting
Panchi : Okay, fine!

Neal is standing near the Car on the Road. His mobile phone rings and he is annoyed looking at the caller identity. he thinks, 'Now what does she want? ' Neel picks up the Call.
Neil: Hello!
Panchi: Hello Neil! Hi! Where are you?
Neil: Does it matter to you?
Panchi: Neil... Please don't be so harsh... Don't talk so harsh to me... You know what Neil? I want to confess something... Today when I reached home, I was alone... And I realized that I really miss you. Neil, Can't we give our relationship a new start? Can't we have a fresh new start? I can't be without you Neel. I love you, (Misha signals 'super') Please meet me!
Neil: Fine Panchi...
Panchi: yeah... I want to apologize to you... If you cannot come... you tell me where you are...I will come...
Neil: I am towards the Jungle at Road Marker 43, You come...
Panchi: Okay Neil... I love you! I will see you soon! (Panchi cuts the call. Misha smiles. Neel thinks, 'Today finally Panchi is coming to me...for me! I love you too Panchi!')
Misha: Wow Panchi! What acting man... I am impressed! Come on let's go!
Panchi: No no no! Wait Misha... We cannot go there alone.  And I know who will help us. Just wait a second! (Panchi dials a number) Hello! Danish... (Misha is shocked) Don't ask any questions. Just reach near exit 43. And yes... Bring some weapon...See you soon! (Panchi cuts the call)
Misha: Are you serious?
Panchi: Misha, calm down! Please just trust me... Danish will make everything right... Come... Let's go! (The girls get out of there)

A Car comes and stops on the Road. Abhay and Dipanita are in the Car. Jeh runs towards the front passenger seat and opens the door calling 'Mom'. Abahy gets out of the Car. Jeh helps Dipanita to get out of the Car.
Jeh: Mom, You are okay?
Abhay: Jeh... Where is Pia? You had told that if I bring your Mom you will leave Pia... Then why are you behaving like a sly wolf?
Jeh: Oops! I am sorry! I told a lie... You got my Mom here alright...great! But this is not over! You will have to withdraw all the charges on Mom of Tyagi's murder Abhay, Get it? All this blame would be on someone else head Abhay... (Abhay rushes to Jeh who meets him half way)
Abhay: What do you mean?
Jeh: It is very simple Abhay! Someone else will have to take the blame of the murder on their head.
Abhay: Who will take the blame on his head?
Jeh: I don't know! The way you got that girl get someone ... And if you cannot get anyone...take the blame on yourself. You can do at least this much for love Abhay... Love makes people do many things... so will you not do this for your love?
Abhay: Alright! I will take the blame on my head.
Jeh: Good! I knew that you would not say no... So go to Police Station and Pia will reach her home...
Abhay: I am going to Police Station... But this time no games... Send Pia home...
Jeh: Listen Abhay! For the last time... My enmity is with you not with Pia... So move! Come on! (Abhay goes from there. Jeh closes his eyes as if he is hating himself for doing what he is doing)

Danish thrashes Neil
Neil is slowly walking near his Car. He thinks, 'Today Panchi told everything which I had always wanted to hear. What to do? Finish the game and accept her or make her suffer a little more time? Maybe she will come to value me more'. A Car comes and stops near him. Danish, Misha and Panchi gets out of the Car. Neil gets confused. He thinks, 'This Danish, Panchi and Misha together?' Danish runs to Neil and catch holds of Neil's collar. Panchi stops Misha who was also charging towards Neel.
Danish: Where is Pia? tell... (Neil pushes him away)
Neil: Get lost! (Danish again charges at Neel and hits him up badly)
Misha: Danish just kill him man...
Panchi: Misha wait... let him handle... ( Neel is hurt on the head and is bleeding. Misha and Panchi shouts Pia's name)
Misha: Come on Danish... Ask him where is Pia... (The girls keep shouting Pia's name while Danish is beating Neil black and blue. suddenly Misha hears the noise coming from the Car Boot and the sisters realize that Pia is in the Car boot. The girls tell Danish to get the far keys. Danish frisks Neel and throws the keys to the girls who opens up the boot. The girls finds Pia there and help her out after removing the tape on her mouth)
Misha: Neil I am going to kill you man
Panchi: Are you alright.... you okay... (Misha hugs Pia. Panchi also join. Danish is still beating up Neil who is hurt badly)
Pia: Danish... Stop... Just leave him...
Panchi hugs Pia

At the Police station, the Inspector is questioning his subordinates regarding Dipanita Khurana vanishing from the Police Station. He scolds them. for letting go a murder suspect. The Inspector makes a call to someone and tells that Mrs Khurana's Photograph should be there in all the Police Stations of Uttharanchal. He gives orders to find Dipanita. Abhay comes to the Police Station. He says in mind, 'Pia...I can do anything for you. Jeh has his eyes on me. And if I do not do this he may hurt you. This is for you Pia'.
Inspector: Mr Raichand... you here?
Abhay: Inspector, I have come here to surrender myself...
Inspector: What?
Abhay: Yeah, Tyagi's murder was not done by Dipanita Khurana but me... (The inspector gets up from the chair)
Inspector: Mr Raichand... This is Police station not a place for jokes. Till yesterday you were accusing Mrs Khurana. And now she has vanished from here. We have to find her at any circumstances... guilty or not guilty... She is a culprit for us ( The Inspector take the Phone receiver to make a call, Abahy goes near him and takes it from his hand)
Abhay: I told you that your culprit is standing in front of you. If I would not have done the murder, I would not be standing in front of you.
Inspector: How did you do Tyagi's murder?
Abhay: That is not important... what is important is who is the murderer...
Inspector: Mr Raichand I will give the answer of what is important and what is not... I will decide, okay? How did you do Tyagi's murder and why? (Pia come there)
Pia: Inspector... (Inspector and Abhay looks at Pia) Abhay is telling lies...  (Pia walks towards Abhay) He did not do anyone's murder (Abhay goes near Pia and catches on her arm)
Abhay: Pia, You are alright? (Both look into each others eyes. Abhay recalls some of his moments with Pia. Pia also recalls some romantic moments with Abhay) Episode ends.

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