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16th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 267) Danish Singh and Panchi Dobriyal meets with an Accident

Jeh fights with Kabir
Episode 267 starts with the Teachers Day Celebrations where the Students and Teachers are Dancing on the dance floor. Pia is dancing with Jeh while Alina follows Misha's instructions and does some weird dance moves with Kabir. Alina apes Misha's bending move with Kabir. Suddenly Jeh comes there and separates them by pushing Kabir away from his sister.
Jeh: Stay away from my sister, Okay?
Kabir: Relax Dude! She came to me...
Jeh: She came to you? You did not go to her? Am I blind... Can't I see? I thought you were a friend and you... (Misha comes near Jeh and catch hold of his hand)
Misha: Jeh... Jeh... Jeh... Please!
Jeh: Misha, Just stay out of it! He is talking bad of my sister and I am not going to take it... About my sister... She is not coming after you Moron!
Kabir: Mind your tongue Jeh... First of all, I have no interest in your sister. Secondly, She came to me... In fact I was feeling uncomfortable...If you want to give lecture, Give it to your sister... not me! (Kabir pushes Jeh. Jeh gets angry and charges at Kabir to punch him)
Misha: Jeh...(Jeh is about to hit Kabir when someone catches Jeh's hand. Kabir and Jeh looks at Abhay who had caught Jay's hand. Jay and Abhay stares at each other. Jeh is angry while Abhay is cool and composed)
Abhay: Stop it Jeh... Do not touch Kabir!
Jeh: This is a matter between me ans my sister... so step out of it! Who are you top talk in between us?
Abhay: I am nobody. But in this College you will not touch Kabir...
Jeh: You do not know what he told about my sister... So just move it!
Kabir: Guys... Now you both relax okay...Abhay, Please be calm... Forget about it...
Abhay: I am warning you Jeh...
Jeh: I am warning you too Abhay...What he told Alina you do not know... So just step out of it...
Abhay: Really? So suddenly you are worried for your sister... Where was your concern Jeh when you kept her locked in a dark room for these many years? (The students watch confused) Yeah? Where did your concern go when your Mom treated her like a slave? You people pressurized her so much that till now she never told even two words in front of any one. And now when she dared to enjoy and dance with someone... you felt bad? (Ruhi and Angad are happy seeing Abhay stand up for Alina. Pia looks at Jeh in disbelief. Kabir and Misha looks confused. Jeh is angry and tries to punch Abhay)
Alina: Jeh stop it Jeh... Jeh... (Abhay moves swiftly and holds Jeh's hands from the back barring his movements)
Abhay threatens to expose Jeh's secrets
Abhay: Ssshh Don't even think about it...All the secrets will be revealed...(Abahy pushes Jeh away. Jeh walks from there. Pia, Misha and Alina looks at Abhay)

Panchi asks for help to the mysterious Lady
Danish disguised as Driver is driving the Car. Panchi tries to get a glance of the drivers face. Danish pulls the cap a little more down. Panchi gets a glimpse of Danish's eyes at the rear view mirror. Panchi is happy and says in mind, ' Danish... So cute! Making a fool of me disguised as Driver?'
Danish: Madam, There is wine for you in the Wine Box...
Panchi: Really? That's nice Driver... But I want to go home...
Danish: But Mam...
Panchi: I told you... I want to go (Panchi once again catches a glimpse of Danish's face and thinks, 'I can see clearly... This is Danish only. I will teach him a lesson now...')
Danish: But Madam we... that Lovers Point...
Panchi: Driver, Don't argue! Take me home...(Panchi smiles)
Danish: Yes Mam... (Panchi sips the wine and smiles. She takes her mobile and dials some number and talks, ' Hello! Hi Baby! Yeah...I am about to reach home now. Some loser planned a date for me...I can't even tell you how cheesy it was...But don't worry... I love you and only you! (Panchi sips the wine smiling and Danish looks at her through the Car mirror)... Yeah, I will meet you in 15 minutes, Okay? I love you! (Danish is disappointed and Panchi smiles seeing it)
Panchi: Tell your Agency people that that Panchi Madam did not like the preparations at all. Not this Car... not this wine... But the Song was okay...(Danish looks disappointed. Panchi tries to get a glance of him) But you know what? When this song was playing I recognized you... and I came to know how sweet you are Danish... (Danish stops the Car. He takes his Cap and turns to look at Panchi who is laughing)
Danish: You knew? (Panchi nods) All this time?
Panchi: Yeah...
Danish: Panchi, Why did you not say then?
Panchi: Because i love to get you irritated. (Panchi laughs. Danish smiles)
Danish: Really? You know what Panchi? When is laugh... you look very cute...
Panchi: Thank you! (Suddenly flash lights fall on them. And Danish raises his hand to block the light and Panchi screams. A Car hits on their Car. Someone from that Car gets out and walks towards Danish's Car. That Lady (Only below knees and hand wearing a Diamond Bracelet is shown) opens the door of the Car and looks at Panchi and Danish. Danish is unconscious and injured. Panchi has injuries on her face. She slowly opens her eyes and says, 'Help! Please help us! Help please...)

Pia sees Abhay wiping Alina's tears
Ruhi is impressed by what Abhay did for Alina and is praising him in front of her friends.
Ruhi: How he fought for Alina in front of Jeh was really impressive man... (Piya is sitting on a chair with some gifts in front of her writing something. She looks at Ruhi's direction) And that Jeh...How stupid he is ... He was so near Kabir that I felt he would punch Kabir... And Kabir got into an argument with him just like that... How badly he behaved with Alina also... I did not like it at all. It was nice that Abhay taught him a lesson. If my Boyfriend was like that hero type... how nice it would have been... Alina is such a lucky girl... Imagine... Abhay is so protective... (Pia is uneasy hearing it) How romantic...
Skipper: You feel Abhay and Alina could be a couple? (Pia lifts her head and looks at the girls hearing it)
Tracker: Of Course! It can happen... I know heroine is a little bore type...and hero is interesting... But in love Heroine also can be interesting... I am very sure! What a story, right? Pia... What do you think? Abhay and Alina can make a nice couple, right? What say? (Pia sees Abhay leading Alina through the door opening by putting his hands on her shoulder. Abhay and Alina are facing each other and Abhay has his hand on Alina's shoulder. Abhay lifts his hand and wipes Alina's tears. Ruhi comes and puts her hand on Pia's shoulder) Pia...tell....They will make a nice couple, right?
Pia: Yeah Tracker... Both will look nice together...
Ruhi: Yes... I knew it! (Pia looks at Abhay leading Alina from there by putting his hand around her shoulder)

Alina and Abhay are walking together.
Alina: Thanks Abhay! Really... Thank you so much... What all you have done for me and today how you spoke for me in front of everyone at College, It was just amazing. The way you increased my confidence in front of Jeh (Abhay and Alina stops walking and faces each other)... fought for me with him... Thank you so much!
Abhay: I will drop you home?
Alina: No Abhay! Already there is so much tension... even I do not want to go home but...if I go with you then Brother would be even more angry. And there is no use increasing tension like that...
Abhay: Why don't you fight for your right at home? First your Mom... and now your Brother... They behave badly with you... ill treat you... but that does not make any difference to you... And my fighting with Jeh today will not change his behavior towards you... And I also know this... This was not happening from today... this was happening from many years... Your family kept you locked in a dark room for months...they did not let you meet with your family...They did not even let anyone know that you even exist...
Alina: Abhay,  It's late... I feel I need to go home now...
Abhay: Alright! But always remember one thing Alina...Whenever you need me, I will help you (Alina smiles). And what I did today I did not do to fight with Jeh...I did it for you! I did it to support you...(Alina thinks, 'How clean and pure your heart is Abhay that you made place for me too there. I wish I could say to you that I have fallen in love with you Abhay...I love you Abhay!')

Chand passes that way in his Car and sees Abhay and Alina together. He stops the Car and look at them. He thinks, 'What is this Abhay doing with Alina?  Has my son finally understood? Is he trying to break the weakest link in Khurana family? Good Job Abhay! Alina Khurana is a way to get into the Khurana Family... to get into the house of those wolves... I am proud of you son! Our revenge is also not complete...'. Chand starts his Car.

Danish tries to wake up an unconscious Panchi
Danish opens his eyes. He sees Panchi injured and unconscious. He tries towake her up by shaking her and calling her name.
Danish: Panchi, Say Something... Panchi, open your eyes Panchi...Panchi.... Please! (Panchi does not respond. Danish struggles and gets out of the Car. He falls down but steadies himself). He come sto Panchi's side and holds her) Panchi... say something... Oh God...What should I do... Panchi please... Open your eyes Panchi... Panchi please open.... (Danish hears the sound of a Car coming through the road. He stumbles out of the Car and stands in the middle of the Car with blood stained clothes asking for help. Chand stops the Car and sees that it is Danish. Chand gets out of the Car)
Danish: Sir, Help please...
Chand: Danish, What happened to you? (Chand helps Danish get up)
Danish: Panchi... She is not telling anything Sir...
Chand: Come! (Chand assists Danish and they go to the Car)
Danish: She is not telling anything Sir...
Chand: Don't worry... (They reach near Panchi)
Danish: See Sir... What happened to Panchi... Please do something (Danish and Chand together carries Panchi to Chand's Car. They put Panchi at the Passenger seat and Danish sits along with Chand in the front).

At the Dobriyal House, Arnab is sitting and watching Doon news. Madhu comes there and sits next to him. She tries to talk with him but Arnab is concentrating on the news. Madhu takes the remote and switches of the TV to get his attention. Arnab takes the remote and switches on the TV. Madhu tells that she is trying to say something important to him and again switches off the TV. Arnab again switches on the TV and tells her that she can tell after the news is over. Madhu is irritated and angry and goes to the TV and shuts it off. She then stands in front of him and questions Arnab about supporting Panchi. She tells that she is worried for Panchi as her 3 engagements have broken. Madhu tells that Panchi should not be eating like that and should maintain herself otherwise she would not get a good boy to marry her. Arnab recalls seeing Panchi and Danish together when he and Madhu had returned from Khurana House and tells Madhu that Panchi already has got a boy. He tells Madhu about Danish but Madhu is skeptic.

At the City Care Hospital Panchi and Danish are taken to the ICU. A Doctor comes and asks Chand Raichand if he is a family member.
Chand: No!
Doctor: Look! Till any of their family members does not come... we cannot do the Operation... Papers have to be signed.
Chand: Doctor, I have informed their family members. Now will you start doing it? (The Doctor nods and goes from there. Chand is walking and a nurse passes him with Blood bottles in hand. Chand's eyes falls on the blood. He brings his blood stained hand towards his face. Chand says in mind, 'Control yourself Chand. Don't think about the blood. I cannot do this. I will have to make a call to Arnab'.

A Car comes and stops at the Accident spot and the same lady gets down from the Car. She walks towards Danish's Car and pushes it from behind with one hand. Car Car goes rolling off from there and says, 'Here goes the Proof...'. The Car falls down the slope and burns. (Episode ends)

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