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2nd September 2011 Written Update (Episode 257) Jeh decides to kill Alina Khurana for cheating on their clan

Jeh and Neil are angry at Alina for spoiling their plan
Episode 257 starts with Pia coming to the Police Station and telling the Inspector that Abhay is innocent. Abhay: Pia, You are alright? He did not hurt you...
Pia: Abhay, I am alright... But what happened to you? Inspector, Abhay did not do anything. Neel Khurana had kidnapped me. And he had put the condition in front of Abhay that he come here and take the blame on his head oherwise he will not leave me.
Inspector: You people have made a mockery of law.  Where is Mrs Khurana?
Pia: That is what I want to know what made Abhay do that. Why did you do such a thing?
Abhay: How did you escape from there?  Pia's Flashback : Danish is thrashing Neil. The Dobriyal sisters stop him. Neil is lying on the ground bleeding from his head and mouth.
Panchi: Neil... You owe me an explanation. Why did you do that? Are you not happy taking revenge on me that now you are after my family?
Neil: Panchi, Whatever I did I did for my Mom. 
Misha: Mom? What do you mean by that? (Danish pulls Neil up by his shirt)
Danish: Don't talk nonsense... Tell the truth!
Neil: I will tell... All this happened because of that Abhay. He prepared witness against my Mom. And he proved that the murder was done by my Mom. And we did not have any other option other than Pia. We thought that we will hold Pia captive and get Abhay to change the statement.
Panchi: What nonsense are you talking? Why would Abhay do that? That girl has given the statement, we heard it...
Neel: Panchi, How much time will it take to buy a witness? And he did the whole plan to put the blame on my Mom.And everyone knows that Abhay will tell the truth to save Pia. Abhay will do anything to save Pia. And I did what I was supposed to do. I was right Panchi. Abhay has gone to the Police Station to change his statement. And now he will say that he did the murder.
Misha: What? But Abhay has not done any murder... He is innocent! (Neil nods)
Neil: I know... we all know that Abhay will say like that because Pia is with us. (Pia is dumb struck)
Panchi: Neil you are so disgusting. Don't you feel ashamed? For your own benefit you played so many games? (Pia thinks, 'I have to stop Abhay. I have to go!')
Pia: Abhay!

Neil Khurana is limping and walking through the Forest. He falls on the way. Jeh runs behind him calling his name. Jeh reaches near Neil and sees his condition.
Jeh: Neil, What happened? Who did this? Neil...What is wrong?
Neil: I will tell...Jeh where is Mom?
Jeh: Neil Mom is alright but who did this... tell me that
Neil: Panchi, Misha and Danish...
Jeh: What?
Neil: Danish is responsible for my condition. They also freed Pia... I had to tell them that where Abhay is and what he has gone to do. I think Pia is gone there. (Jeh is angry)
Jeh: No no no Neil no! (Jey runs to a tree and pushes it down in anger. He shouts) Can't you do even such a small thing? Abhay would think that Pia is with me that is why I send Pia with you. Neil, what's wrong with you? Now what will happen to Mom? Pia will go there and she is going to save that.... (Neil limps and walks toward Jeh)
Neil: Wait Jeh wait! Calm down Jeh. Jeh calm down and don't worry I took all the blame on my head. Pia does not know that you are behind this.
Jeh: yeah exactly! And with that everything will be alright? What is wrong with you Neil? Have you gone mad?
Neil: I am sorry man. What could I have done? Danish was mad with anger. And trust me Jeh I tried a lot but he took Pia...
Jeh: Who told him? How did he know? You told... Neel...You called Panchi, didn't you? Tell me!
Neil: Jeh listen... listen... I swear I did not know that Panchi was playing double games with me. Yes... she called me. She wanted to meet with me. She wanted to apologize. She was telling me how much she loves me. (Jeh keeps his hands on head in frustration) Jeh once again I believed in her like a fool. I did not know that she would bring Misha and Danish with her Jay.
Jeh: You fool... It was a plan. She just made an excuse to meet you. She knew everything! You are such a fool... But how did she know?
Neel: Only you, me and  Alina knew about it. I have not said it... you have not said it... do you think Alina?
Jeh: Yes, Neil you are right. It is Alina...I am not going to leave her Neil... Come!

Pia and Abhay are walking through the road. Pia thinks, 'For my sake Abhay was taking on the blame on his head. Why? How? Why does he stay away from me? Why?' Abhay turns to the side and walks fast as if he heard Pia's mind talk. Pia stops him.
Pia: Abhay! (Abhay turns and looks at her) Abhay, ehy did you take such a blame on your head for my sake? Abhay even now will you tell me that there is no place for you in my heart? That there is no love for me in your heart? Abhay, why is this distance between us? Abhay, why can't you accept me?
Abhay: Because I cannot accept you. Piya, Why don't you understand? We cannot be together...We can never be one...
Pia: Abhay, don't you think that I deserve a better answer than that? You cannot accept me... that's not enough... (Abhay notices an injury on Pia's hand)
Abhay: Pia, who did that?
Pia: What difference does that make to you Abhay? You don't care for me. There is no love for me in your heart. Then seeing my injury why are you feeling the pain Abhay? (Abhay turns his face)
Abhay: I don't feel any pain...
Pia: Then you could have let me die Abhay...
Abhay: Just shut up Pia... Pia we never can be together. Nothing has changed... neither have you changed nor has the time changed. Nothing has changed Pia... This is just a dream, the truth is something else Pia... And that truth is that we are not meant for each other. We can never be one. (Pia walks towards Abhay. Abhay also moves towards her. They hug. Pia thinks,'You are telling something and your eyes are telling something else...Please make me understand why we can't be together. What is it which has to change? Who are you Abhay and who are we? And why is it so hard... our story of love...')

At the Khurana House, Alina is sitting and reading a book. She closes her book and thinks, 'I hope Misha and Panchi managed to reach to Pia. I hope everything is alright'. Jeh pushes open the door and enters the room followed by Neil.
Alina: Neil...What happened to you?
Neil: Jeh... Alina is worried about me (Jeh comes near Alina and takes the book she was reading)
Jeh: So Alina... (Jeh reads the name) The last laugh... The last laugh Neil... So after getting out of Mom's jail you started reading novels... Interesting! (Jeh throws the book) But you know what? Where is Pia... Panchi knew... Strange, right?
Alina: That is strange! How did she come to know?
Jeh: I don't know... Ahh wait... Did you tell by any chance?
Alina: No... I did not know where Brother is.
Jeh: Right! She did not know where Neel is...  But you knew wherever Neil is Pia is with him. Why did you say? Why? (Alina gets up)
Alina: I did not say anything to anyone. You are asking me such questions... (Jeh raises his voice)
Jeh: I asked you a question Alina... You are having a problem answering that... Why did you say? Tell!
Alina: I don't want to say anything to anyone. Just leave me alone! (Jeh changes his tone of voice and speaks softly)
Jeh: I can't leave you alone Alina...(Jeh comes from behind and places his hand on her shoulder) I am sure you did not do this deliberately. I can understand how much you were pressurized, right? Otherwise you would not have told anything against us... How much you love our family... You cannot say anything against the family, right Ali?
Alina: I did not say anything to any one Jeh I did not say anything (Jeh turns Alina towards him. He raises his voice again)
Jeh: If you did not tell anything how did they know that Pia is with Neil?
Alina: It was not my fault... They warned me... They were scaring me...
Jeh: Alina, The girl who does not know where her sister is... how can she warn you? You don't need any warning... cheating is in your nature. You cheated your family... that too for others... You know what? I am done!
Neil: Alina... I can't believe you Alina... Such big cheating... Alina, if you were not my sister the punishment for this cheating would have been only death.
Alina: I am sorry Brother. Forgive my mistake...
Jeh: Not at all Alina... This time you will not get forgiveness. You will get the same punishment everyone gets. Because you have joined with them all and cheated on us. You have cheated on your family one more time. If Mom would have come to know about it, she would have killed you.  You know what? I will do Mom's work... I am not going to leave you Alina...You are not going to be spared... (Alina runs from there) Run Alina... run! Let me see how far... (Jeh runs behind her)

At the Dobriyal House Misha is talking to Panchi.
Misha: What Neil did with Pia today... he crossed all limits... (Pia enters the room) He proved how much bif @#$%^ he is
Panchi: Seriously man!
Misha: Pia.... How are you? Where is Abhay?
Piya: Misha, now I will ask the Questions... Abhay is alright. But I need a lot of answers from both of you.
Misha: Okay fine... let's sit! (Panchi is sitting on the cot. Misha and Pia also sits)
Pia: You know what? Abhay was willing to take all the blame on his head for my sake, why? What is Abhay's truth? And what is my truth? And what is it that you both are hiding from me?
Misha: Pia the thing is...
Piya: Misha, don't tell lies...
Panchi: Misha, tell her... tell her the truth...
Misha: Okay, Fine! The truth is that Abhay and you used to love each other so much. You guys were in love. I mean...Nothing in the world could separate you. It was like you Guys were made for each other. And Abhay used to always try to keep you away from him. I mean he had some secret which he wished no one gets to know.
Pia: Secret... what secret?
Misha: I don't know...we don't know... only you knew Pia...
Pia: I knew it?
Misha: Yeah... And you loved him in spite of that...You always used to defend him. But that night... don't know what happened... your accident... you losing your memory... we don't know. It just did not make sense in... Pia, I am sorry but that time we felt that we should not tell you anything. Because you were so weak. We did not want to give you further stress...we didn't confuse you... So we did not tell you anything... that's all I know Piya...

Alina reaches the Forest after running from Khurana House. She thinks, 'I have to get out of here... Otherwise Jeh would kill me... Alina runs from there and comes in front of a running Car. Kabir stops the Car. Alina gets into the Car and asks Kabir to help her.
Kabir: Yeah... But who are you? What happened?
Alina: I am Alina... They are coming... Hurry up! Please take me away from here... The wolves are behind me... They will kill me... Please... please... Please let's go away from here...
Kabir: Relax...relax...relax... This jungle is full of wolves and they are in the jungle. They will not attack on anyone's Car...
Alina: You don't know that wolves...
Kabir: As if you personally know them. Chill... you are just scared... Relax...okay... Chill!
Alina: Please take me away from here... Hurry up (Kabir drives the Car from there)
Kabir: Nothing will happen! (The eyes of a wolf glows in the darkness)

Pia talks about Past life regression therapy
The Dobriyal Sisters in conversation.
Pia: Secret? What secret? What are you Guys hiding from me? Guys, I really need to know.
Misha: Pia...Trust me... I promise! That's all we know.
Panchi: Believe us Pia we don't know.
Pia: Panchi, it's enough... don't tell me any more lies...
Misha: Pia, I promise you... Just try to understand. We told you lie because we were worried for you. Now when the lie is hurting you more we have come clean and there is nothing more to tell.
Pia: You know Misha, I feel so helpless. How did I forget such an important part of my life? How did it happen? Why?
Misha: But what can you do Pia?
Pia: Misha...
Misha: What?
Pia: Past life regression
Panchi: What? What is that?
Pia: That is a therapy with which you can bring back memories of your past.
Misha: Oh hold on! Only freaks do that... They want to know about the past... It's so creepy!
Pia: Come on Misha! If it can bring my memories back why not? Why can't I try? And this is what I wish...I know somebody... I read it in a magazine...You know what Misha I feel that if I solve this mystery I will get all the answers of my life. It feels like in my past memories all the answers to my questions of now are hidden. Guys, let's please do this come on... (Misha and Panchi looks at each other)
Panchi : Okay then...
Misha: Okay!

Arnab is driving the Car. He is talking over the phone to Madhu and tells her that he would reach home in 20 minutes. Suddenly Arnab's Car breaks down at the Jungle Road. Arnab lifts the bonnet and looks into it. He then recognizes the problem and fixes it up. Arnab suddenly feels something different at the jungle and walks into the jungle in curiosity. Arnab witnesses a strange sight of a group of hooded creatures walking at the forest. He stands behind a tree and watches them.

PreCap: Jeh in his wolf form corners Alina and Kabir who both are terrified. Suddenly Alina lets out a loud scream.

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