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30th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 277) Pia kisses Abhay at the Kiss and Dare Game at the Dobriyal House Party

Damish and Panchi gets engaged
Episode 277 starts with Madhu showing the engagement ring to Arnab Dobriyal.
Arnab: Well, Ladies and Gentleman... finally we are ready for the ring ceremony. Danish and Panchi... Come here please... (Danish and Panchi goes and stands next to Arnab and Madhu. Madhu gives the engagement ring to Danish who puts the ring on Panchi's finger after taking the approval of her parents. The Guests and family members clap. After that Panchi puts a ring on Danish's finger and the crowd claps too. Danish and Panchi look at each other and smiles. Danish pulls Panchi closer).
Danish: Panchi, I really love you! And I wish to spend my whole life making you happy... and I promise I will do that...
Panchi: I love you too... and I am very happy  (Arnab asks for Music to be played and Danish and Panchi dances to the music. While Danish and Panchi dance, Abhay and Pia look at each other. Pia says in mind, 'Look much love there is here... But you and me and separated from each other. Why Abhay? Why can't we announce our love in front of everyone? Why can't we celebrate our love with everyone?  Why this distance Abhay? Why?' As she looks on to her sister dancing with Danish, Piya goes to the dream world. She imagines Abhay going on to his knees and putting a ring on her fingers and saying, ' Pia, I love you very much and will always keep loving you. I will spend my whole life making you happy. And front of everybody I proclaim that I love you...' Abhay kisses her hand and gets up from the floor. Arnab comes there and clap. he puts his hands around Abhay and Pia and says, ' Today I am very happy that my Pia got her Abhay. I know that Abhay only can keep Piya happy'. Arnab then asks everyone to dance. Pia and Abhay dances as the same crowd claps for them. Pia tells Abhay, 'Abhay...By having you... all my dreams have come true...Love you Abhay!' Jeh snaps his fingers in front of Pia bringing her back from her dream world.
Jeh: In which dreams have you lost? I am here only... (Jeh looks at Danish and Panchi dancing) You know what? Today where Panchi and Danish are... I promise... One day you and me would be this... (Pia smiles at Jeh and he holds her closer)

Misha goes to Arnab and Madhu and asks them to go from there as her Party is about to begin. Arnab and Madhu goes from there on Misha's insistence.

Misha shouts, ' Okay Guys everybody come on... come on... the real party starts'. One by one the couples come and takes the seats arranged in the Garden. Danish goes near Kabir who is sitting along with Angad and Ruhi and tells him to play a tune for Misha on the Guitar.
Danish: Hello Guys... Guys... My Brother Kabir has got me an engagement present. He will play a very nice tune for all of us. So everyone... let's cheer for Kabir... (Every one claps and cheers for Kabir)
Kabir: This one is for you too! (Panchi who is sitting with Danish smiles. Misha is also smiling. Kabir starts playing. Pia looks at Alina who keeps her head on Abhay's shoulders. Misha is obviously not liking Kabir's tune. She goes near Kabir)
Misha: Thakur...(She takes the Guitar from him) How much will you get us bored? What happened to you? The old people have gone...This slow type songs are for them (Danish and Panchi are laughing). Come on man... get with it. (She keeps the Guitar on the seat) So Guys... let us forget the boring Kabir and do something interesting...let's play truth and dare...Hold on... actually kiss and dare... (Every one cheers. Misha grabs the liquor bottle from Angad telling that they need it).

Chand Raichand and Hasina are returning home in their Car after the Party.
Hasina: Today what happened at the Party was very stressful. Abhay is very close to the truth... He will soon find out who among us have pushed ourselves into the darkness. You have to do something. Our truth is coming in front of all. You saw right? How Arnab was questioning...
Chand: I know Hasina... But don't worry... I have a plan...We will deal with it...
Hasina: Chand, You are not understanding how dangerous this is... You have to stop it... If you do not stop it then our whole identity would be in trouble...How long can the living dead who drink human blood can survive? You have to do something...
Chand: I know Hasina... That's why I am saying... I have a plan...Wait and watch! I know what I am doing...

The youngsters come to the Garden where seats are arranged nicely and take the seats.
Misha: We are going to play spin the bottle. You Guys know the rules but I will repeat. I will spin the bottle and the two people against whom the bottle points they have to kiss in front of everyone. Misha spins the bottle and runs to occupy her seat. Kabir occupies the seat opposite Misha after asking Ruhi to go and sit opposite Angad. Kabir prays in mind asking the bottle to point to him so that he can kiss Misha. The bottle stops by pointing towards Pia and Abhay.Jeh is unhappy seeing it while the others happily claps and shouts, 'kiss.... kiss... kiss...'.  Tracker is sitting along with Alina.
Ruhi: What do you think? Pia will kiss Abhay? Hey, wouldn't you be jealous?
Alina: No... Why would I be jealous? It's just a game... (Pia gets up and walks to Abhay and kisses him on his cheek as everyone except Jeh claps on. Jeh is angry. He gets up from his seat and goes near Pia)
Jeh: Pia... To hell with all this...What are you doing?
Pia: Jeh come on... it's just a game...
Misha: Jeh just relax... It's just a game...
Jeh: Misha... Keep out of this please... (He turns to Pia) Just because I love you does not mean you take advantage of me...(He turns to others) Guys just grow up... It's a stupid game... Let's go home please... (jeh walks from there)

Kabir and Danish are back home. Kabir goes to hang his jacket on the cupboard while Danish is sitting on the Cot.
Danish: Kabir, my Brother... Today I am very happy... Panchi has come back to my life... Our lives have changed now. You know by staying away from her I was not able to recognize myself... But thank God... Everything became alright... and I got back my love...
Kabir: Stop it Brother... Why are you applying salt on my wound? You got your Panchi but I have no clue if my l;ove will come to me or not. She does not even know how I feel about her.
Danish: Oh Hello Dude! Show this innocent face to someone else...not me.... You are the stud of the College and you need to know till you tell her she would not know what you feel for her.
Kabir: Danish... She is Misha... not just any ordinary girl...and (Kabir sits on the cot) I should not forget that she is my friend first...I am scared... if she says no...our friendship also would be in trouble...I don't understand if I should tell her and how to tell her... I just don't understand...
Danish: Kabir... Go tell her... If you don't you will remain frustrated like this...What are you doing? Be a man! Kabir, Go and tell her...
Kabir: You are right...I have to tell her... I will tell her...(Kabir gets up) In fact I was thinking that I will tell her tomorrow itself. Yeah... tomorrow is the day... Thanks Bro!

Madhu is standing outside Misha's room and shouting, 'It is 8'0'clock. Don't you want to go to the College or not? (She knocks the door) Get up Misha... I have a lot of work... Misha...' The door opens and Madhu is surprised to see that Misha is ready to go to College.
Madhu: You got up this early and got ready too? (Madhu goes near Misha) You got some exam or what?
Misha: Momma relax... If it was an exam I would be pretending fever... Today there is something important in College... (Pia also comes to the room ready to go to College)
Pia: Wow! Look who is ready so early... (Madhu goes from there to get the breakfast ready. When she goes Misha takes some photographs and show to Pia)
Misha: Pia... Look at these photographs man... I will print pamphlets of this photographs and circulate...T would die of shame...
Pia: Misha, Just get with it... Just forget it...
Misha: Are you my sister or T's? Come on man... Don't ruin my day...I have got up with so much hope...
Pia: Okay... Let's go... We are getting late... Come on!

Abhay tests Mahesh
Abhay enters his house with a pouch of blood from the Blood bank. He thinks, 'With the help of this blood from the blood bank I would find out who is that Vampire who is thirsty for human blood. I will expose him today with the smell of this blood. And after that... he would have to face me'. Abhay opens the blood pouch and put it on the sofa and sits beside it. The bearded Vampires passes the Hall.
Abhay: Mahesh...(Abhay points to the phone on the table) Pass my phone please... (The Guy picks up the phone and gives to Abhay. He then goes from there. Abhay thinks, 'The human blood smell did not have any effect on him? How can this happen? He is normal. It looks like he is not thirsty of human blood at all. If Mahesh is not that bad Vampire... who is it? And how will I find out? I need to find this...' Abhay goes from there leaving the blood pouch on the sofa. After he moves from there a male hand moves towards the direction of the pouch).

PreCap: The blindfold is removed from T's face. A Vampire wearing hood catch holds of her and bites her on her neck. T falls down dead with the bite on her neck.

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