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9th September 2011 Written Update (Episode 262) Abhay gives Pia her memory back

Abhay is sad that he has to give back Pia's memory to save her
Episode 262 starts with Arnab Dobriyal searching for a reference book. Arnab gets angry and shouts at the servant who comes there with Tea for him. He searches in a lot of places and finally finds the book he was searching for. He sits and turns the pages of the Book and finally finds what he was searching for. He finds a page with  a picture of a man with bite marks on the neck. He reads what is written in the book, ' When a dead human attacks someone he drinks the blood and leave a mark like this...the mark of the tooth'. Arnab recalls seeing the same type of mark on Neil's neck. He thinks, ' Oh God! My fear has come true. Once again there is an attack by dead human in this city...their terror... and one dead body (Arnab leans back to the chair and then suddenly sits upright) A Vampire killed Neil Khurana. Jeh... I have to tell Jeh about this. I should help Jay. Yes, I should do this.'

Piya is still undergoing past life regression therapy. She twists and turns saying, 'Don't kill Abhay...Don't kill Abhay...Don't kill Abhay... don't...'
Doctor: Pia...
Pia: Abhay... Abhay.... (The Therapist catches Pia's wrist and realizes that her pulse rate has increased and she cannot go beyond that stage)
Doctor: Pia... (Pia pushes away the Doctor's hands)
Pia: Don't stop me... I am near my destination. Abhay can never be yours.
Doctor: Pia, That night Abhay dead? (She repeats the question again)
Pia: No! Abhay did not die. Maybe I died... Abhay... Abhay...Abhay...

Arnab tells Jeh about the vampire bite on Neal's neck
Jeh and Arnab are sitting together at Khurana House Hall.
Jeh: Tell me Uncle, What did you want to tell me?
Arnab: Jay, I do not understand how I will tell you this. It is very difficult to make you understand. It is really weird. But...
Jeh: It is okay Uncle. Tell me what is it.
Arnab: About Neil...
Jeh: About Neil? What about Neel Uncle? Uncle, Do you know who killed him?
Arnab: Yes, In a way...
Jeh: Who was he? Uncle who did this? It is important Uncle, I need to know. Who did this?
Arnab: Jeh... I saw a type of mark on Neel's body...near the neck.
Jeh: What type of mark?
Arnab: tooth mark...
Jeh: Tooth mark? So you are telling that some animal killed Neil.
Arnab: No... Not exactly...There were some marks on his face for sure but this mark was of a different type. This mark is very particular. It is known as the Vampires bite.(Jeh is shocked for a moment but conceals it)
Jeh: Vampires?
Arnab: Jeh I know that this sounds very weird ... This doesn't sound real but from ancient times there were dead humans or Vampires in this city. When I was very small I had experienced them. But a lot of time has passed that I thought they went away from here. And for a long time nobody really felt their presence. Now I am convinced that either they have come back to the city or never went from here. In my opinion we should tell about this to the Police. I know that they may not believe in what we say but still... This involves Neil so I thought I will take your opinion. What do you think Jeh? (Jeh thinks, 'So Arnab Uncle knows about Vampires. If he tells this to Police they would make inquiry. And if they find out the Vampires it will not take them much time to reach us. All the secrets would be in the open. But still...') Jeh... You did not answer me... What do you think? Should we tell the Police?
Jeh: I think... yes Uncle... Go ahead... (Arnab nods)
Arnab: Okay...Jeh trust me... This is for the best...
Jeh: Yeah...
Arnab: I will take your leave...I will be in touch with you. (Arnab leaves from there. Jeh gets up from the chair and walks a few steps ahead. Alina comes near Jeh and she notices Arnab Dobriyal leaving)
Alina: Jeh... What I heard... Is that right? What are you doing Jeh? If one secret comes out all the secrets would come out. You know that this would destroy us.
Jeh: I know! But before finishing us they would finish Abhay. If one time Abhay gets caught, Arnab Dobriyal would be behind his life. After that Pia would lose him forever and the story would be over. End of it! (Jay leaves from there. Alina stands there lost in thought)

Pia is twisting and turning calling Abhay's name.
Doctor: Enough Pia enough!
Pia: Abhay, Stop her...
Doctor: Pia, Get up!
Pia: Abhay, stop her!
Doctor: Pia, That's enough...Get up Pia... Pia...Pia get up! Pia, don't do this to me (Pia faints)... Pia come back... God... what do I do? (Doctor checks Pia's pulse and goes from there)

Inspector Questions Abhay regarding Neil's murder
The Inspector and Constables arrive at Raichand's House.  Abhay is about to climb the stairs. The Inspector calls him.
Inspector: Mr Raichand...(Abhay turns to face the Police team)
Abhay: Tell me Inspector...How come you are at my house (The Inspector removes his cap)
Inspector: No Mr Raichand. I have to ask you some questions.
Abhay: Tell me!
Inspector: Where were you yesterday?
Abhay: Why? You feel your Police Station empty without me?
Inspector: Mr Raichand... Please give the answer.
Abhay: Tell me!
Inspector: I want to talk to you about Neel. (Abhay suddenly senses Pia in danger as he sees flashes of Pia lying unconscious. Inspector thinks, 'He definitely knows something...that is why he is reacting like that')
Abhay: Sorry Inspector... you were telling something...
Inspector: Yes... I want to talk to you about Neil's death.
Abhay: What? Neil Khurana is dead? The elder son of Khurana's?
Inspector: Yes! The same Neil... Mr Raichand,  where were you yesterday night?
Abhay: Wait a minute... What are you trying to tell me? Are you going to tell me that I did Neil's murder? If you want to say that I do not wish to say anything. (Abhay turns to go)
Inspector: Mr Raichand... (Abhay stops climbing the stairs and walks back to the Police) There is some tension going on between you two families...and they are your Business rivals also... and some days back they charged you with murder...
Abhay: Exactly Inspector! There is an open rivalry between us and the Khurana's but that does not mean that we would murder. What do you think? I will murder someone for my Business? On what basis do you do your inquiries? What proof do you have that I did Neil Khurana's murder. Tell me Inspector. You people are good for nothing. You people could not do anything when the Khurana's put the false blame of Tyagi's murder on my Mom...nor when they kidnapped Pia. You have no idea Inspector what is happening here... You people only guess and send arrows in the air...and then come to put the blame of murder. First go... and then come with some solid proof to me. (Abhay's mobile rings and he tells the Inspector that he needs to attend the Call) The door is near you (The Inspector puts back the cap on his head and leaves there with the Constables. Abhay attends the call and is shocked to hear the news from the other side. He tells the caller that he is coming immediately. Abahy runs through the Jungle in supersonic speed and then stops. He says in mind, ' What is this you have done Piya? Why have you gone there? Why are you doing like that? Pia... I am coming! Nothing will happen to you. I am coming').

Abhay gives Pia her memory back by kissing her
Abhay rings the door bell at the Doctors place. The Doctor comes and opens the door.
Doctor: Abhay...
Abhay: Yeah
Doctor: Please come! (Abhay goes and sits near Pia. He says in mind, 'What has happened Pia... What have you done to yourself?)
Doctor: Pia came to me for Past life regression therapy. She wanted to know about her past. And we tried to cross such a boundary which we should not have done. (Abhay gets up and faces the Doctor)
Abhay: Why did you do this?
Doctor: Please...I had warned Pia that this can be dangerous... anything can happen... it can leave a bad effect on her brain...But Pia was stubborn to know about her past life...and understanding whatever happened before losing her memory...
Abhay: You are a Doctor. How can you take such a big risk? How can you believe a patient? Patients would never know their limits. How did you do? Why did you do?
Doctor: Look! There is no use of these talks. Sometime what we think the opposite happens. Pia did not listen to me at all. She wanted to know about her past life. She was just taking your name. When she went so far she forgot everything except your name. I saw your name in her Cell and called you. Now look... You need to help me. We have to do something. (Abhay sits beside Pia again. He says in mind, 'Pia...How stubborn you are...Why did you do this?'Abhay holds Pia's hand in his hand)
Abhay: Doctor, Please leave me and Pia alone for some time...
Doctor: But Pia... we need to shift her to the emergency room...
Abhay: Doctor, Nothing will happen to me... She will be fine... Please leave us alone...
Doctor: Okay! Your decision... (The Doctor goes from there. Abhay says in mind, 'Pia... I had kept your memories away from you. What is this you have done Pia? Now I have to bring back your memories. I have to make you remember everything. I have to show you my biggest secret.The reason because of which I kept you away from you, I have to erase that reason'. Abhay bends and kisses Pia near the side of her eyebrows and memory returns to her in flashes. Pia sees Abhay saving her from fire in his Vampire avatar. Abhay kisses Pia on her eye and she gets flashes of her confrontation with Mythili. Abhay kisses Pia on her cheek and she gets flashes of Abhay interfering to save her from Mythili. Pia gets flashes of Abhay telling her that she has to forget him before going to the ice grave. Abhay tells Pia that he will erase all her memories of him using his powers and her pleading to him not to do that. Pia gets flashes of their final meeting before Abhay goes to the ice grave. Abhay kisses Pia on her forehead and she opens her eyes and gives him a dreamy look. (Episode ends)

PreCap: Abhay is standing with his back facing Pia. Pia tells Abhay, 'Abhay, I know what you are and who you are'
Abhay: What am I Pia? (Abhay turns to face her) Tell me Pia... Who am I? What am I?
Pia: Vampire...

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